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August 11, 2012


Jane - talk is cheap!

I'll watch it for CC - no worries.

Frau Gartenspinne

I'll pass on the silkery. We did have 40-some hives of bees in the foothills at one time.My husband actually took care of the bee yard. Then bears were released in the area and an electric fence was necessary. When the ranch was sold, we could not continue. My husband really enjoyed tending his boxes. Beekeepers have long lives and no arthritis." Or so the beekeepers say.

Our son says sarcastically that what our family needs is another hobby. At this time, the only activity I want is to join in on a massive, kick rear Tea Party in D.C. this fall *before* the election-- a peaceful gathering that will stop traffic and cause the preezy to leave town early...again.


Yippee! Between Jane and NJ Jan, I am sure it will be far more interesting to read their report than actually watch it myself! Besides which, it airs during my saw-logs state.

Charlie (Colorado)

Mind? Not really, but I was bothered for awhile until I saw how much Romney admires those who serve(d) and how important he believes the military to be.

By the way, the new HuffPo meme is "Ryan hates veterans."


By the way, the new HuffPo meme is "Ryan hates veterans."



Hit: Boudia won with just barely over 1 pt., but his last dive was a thing of beauty and everyone there knew it immediately.

What do you have against diving anyway?

hit and run

What do you have against diving anyway?

Sheesh, you really know how to take a discussion and try and make it cantankerous.

If my observations about diving and gymnastics being subjectively scored, thus allowing judges to decide the outcome when many others would see it differently, didn't already provide you with enough information to head off directly asking me that question in such a confrontational manner, then I should probably just . . . bow out now.

With a triple twist double flip dismount or something.

Captain Hate

""""HE DID! I heard it from a guy that use to work in Reids office before Reid touched him in a naughty place."""

I meant Vegas...you sickos.....

Please point on the doll map where Harry touched you.

Captain Hate

Where is Captain Hate this morning? I enjoy his Sunday morning talk show recaps.

Sorry cc; I was in transit from Maryland this morning and early afternoon. I planned on leaving on Saturday but then had the opportunity of getting together with a couple friends from college and their families over dinner at Reter's Crab House in Reisterstown. There was zero chance of my passing that up.


Captain Hate! Been missing you all day - where ya been? Having some fun?


oops, you posted before I refreshed. Having fun it was! Wonderful.


I inadvertently happened through NBC news today as they commented on the Ryan selection.

Does it strike anyone as an admission of both gullibility and guilt that they talk about "narratives" using the explicit word -- as if the constructions were news, not contrived blather.


Hit and Run
I'm glad your family is coming home tomorrow. Why do you go after Sara, CentralCal and the others? I've thought several times you were drunk and using this place to relieve your bad humor. Go stick a pin in your nose and leave everyone else alone.

As I recall, Romney's plan is actually a lot more agressive short term than Ryan's. Something like cutting the Federal Budget by 1% of GDP each year for 4 years, so you get back to Federal spending being around 20% if GDP by the end of his first term. None of the "cut the rate of growth", or 10 year horizon carp that people usually talk about when they want to sound fiscally conservative, but really don't wnat to do anything.
Some math of interest... Suppose we start at spending at 26% of GDP, and we want to get it down to 25%. If GDP stays exactly the same (i.e. not in a recession but not growing either) then that means cutting spending by 1/26th, or 3.85%. BUT if we grow GDP by 4%, then we don't have to cut a PENNEY from spending to get down to 25% of GDP. Then the following year, to shrink spending to 24% of GDP without cutting spending, we need 4.1667% GDP growth. The next year, to shrink spending to 23% of GDP without cutting spending, we need 4.3478% GDP growth. The next year, to shrink spending to 22% of GDP without cutting spending, we need 4.545% GDP growth.

The reason that I like this argument is that it points out the tradeoff. Look, if everybody GROWS UP and sees that they can't have everything they want and they have to give up something to get something, then we can use politics to do what politics is good for and politicians are good at, which is horsetrading.

So here are the rules in the new USA where we have to grow our way into producing the OPM harvest that we want to spend. Everybody is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The envirowackos can go sit in the corner and shut up -- or even better, go out and get a real job! The EPA is gone. The OWS wackos can occupy jails, but they better find somebody to send them meals because we aren't feeding them. All of the pre-approvals and years of paperwork to get anything done -- gone, along with the bureaucrats who administer them. If you actually injure people by doing unsafe things then you are liable, but as long as there is an insurance company willing to insure you we are just going to work under the presumption of innocence.

What we need to do is to recognize this stuff as luxuries that we can't afford. And if people do want to spend our scarce resources destroying the economy, then they are just going to have to convince the rest of us to cut social security and medicare to protect snail darters or spotted owls or whatever.

Oh, and I think we should hire Dave Ramsey to get on the TV and sneer at us, "WE DON'T NEEEEEEEED THIS, AND WE CAN'T AFFORD IT!!!!!"


My niece's wedding this weekend. Aren't they a beautiful couple!


Oops! You have to click on the image to view the whole picture including her husband.


I believe, but could be wrong, that myiq2xu is a gal.

I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body.


Beautiful beautiful bride, Barbara. Of course, I'm quite partial to cute guys in Navy whites, in fact, I would go so far as to say I'm a connoisseur of cute guys (and their butts) in Navy whites.


On catch-up I see folks are bummed with FOX News Network.

No general argument from me there, but if you can in any way get access to the FOX Business Network let me highly encourage it. You get Cavuto, cute and sharp Jerry Willis, on fire lately Lou Dobb's, Charles the excellent black financial guy, terrific guests, good looking gals, and the added bonus of almost none of the blather from the usual suspects on the main channel---O'Reilly, Sheeperder Smith, Colmes, Juan Williams, Geraldo, etc.

Pretty much nowadays once I finish with Megyn's Morning Show my background noise is FOX Business channel.


Thank you, Sara! I'm partial to the cute Navy guys in the whites, too.


Under Obama, U.S. Casualty Rate in Afghanistan Increased 5-Fold

CNS News


daddy: Agreed. Love Cavuto and Charles and Lou.
centracal: I don't watch the alphabet news for the same reasons you stated.

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