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August 19, 2012


Rick Ballard

I'm surprised he didn't stop and try and sell her an OFA raffle ticket for a chance to have dinner with R&R. I understand that's the next fundraising idea from the Pinhead Troika.

Dave (in MA)

But Lemonade has sugar in it. Mooch would never let him get away with that.


Another small business goes pugnacious.


He does not care about people themselves as individuals. Just the People. The ones who cannot get by without government and must be reminded of that constantly.

What a memorable fall this will be.


EPA, FDA and OSHA investigations and IRS audit of little girls on the way.


Long way to go...don't get cocky...but should we be fortunate enough to see the preference cascade topple the Obama admin, what will you toast with?


I have a lot of resentment against the state of Iowa. They got us into this mess in the first place, with their stupid caucus and the ethanol scam now entering its, what? fourth, decade?

Rob Crawford
but should we be fortunate enough to see the preference cascade topple the Obama admin, what will you toast with?

Whatever I have at hand.

If it goes the other way, everything in the house.

Rick Ballard


I've been puzzled about a seasonal decline in the President's approval ratings from around mid-May through mid-October. I finally realized it could very well be due to end of school - back to school indoctrination by the union members who make up the largest sector within the post-secondary degree holders who strongly favor President Obama. I'm at the point where I am quite ready to support a "Fire a Teacher - Do It For The Children" movement.



Just about to put the "Vote for Romney" bumper sticker on my beat up old truck. My Tax Attorney buddy gave it to me this morning, and he said he's sticking his on his beat old vehicle also.

Off with the dogs.


If it goes the other way, everything in the my house.

FTFY cause if it goes the other way we'll be lucky to keep em.


Best comment of the day still goes to Iowahawk (natch)

On Elizabeth Warren riding that motorcycle, he commented via facebook...

Still no evidence that anyone in her family has ever ridden an Indian.


The Original Ms 'tude

I don't know who this is, but I love the way they troll for listeners. Made me think of Sue.

We're LIVE in 25 minutes! "Get Your Sass On!" Join "Southern Sass: Politics With An Attitude" tonight at 9:00 p.m. Eastern/8:00 p.m Central for two hours of politics done southern woman style with host Gina Covell Maddox and co-host Joan Whittaker. Join the live chat discussion with chat moderator Barbara Wanlass. Join us tonight: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/romney-radio/2012/08/20/romney-radio-southern-sass

I want me some of that Southern Sass and Politics with an attitude.


Steph, that man is on a roll!!

The Original Ms 'tude

Coal miners and their families stand in line while waiting to attend a rally at the Century Mine near Beallsville, Ohio, for Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012

It is pictures like this that should have the Obama campaign sweating.


Eeyore here again. Obama's job approval is at 47 (up 4) in Gallup and there's been a six-point swing in O's favor in Raz in just a few days. Now Akin (what a maroon) will suck up the oxygen this week. I feel like every time Romney gets started, Obama catches a break. Reading Niall Ferguson in Newseek, he states that Obama is "comfortably ahead" in the electoral college. Im trying to catch the optimism that I read on JOM, but it's hard! Maybe it's because today I saw a John Tierney and an Elizabeth Warren sticker on the same car. I almost drove off the road. God Help Us if that happens in November.

Captain Hate

One of the more endearing things that GWB did in his 8 years happened east of Cleveland. As his motorcade was coming from something or other (I want to say a fundraiser but it was pretty late in his second term iirc; although it still could've been that) an elderly woman whose birthday it was was sitting on the side of the road on a coach with a sign that friends of hers had made. Bush had the motorcade stop and sat with her on the couch wishing her a happy birthday and just being a good guy, as photos that were in the Pain Squealer revealed. He looked very relaxed and the woman was obviously happy at the attention.

Bush wasn't a political genius but I'm pretty sure he'd have stopped at the lemonade stand.

Captain Hate

on a couch


If only she were selling Kool-Aid.


Not Sandusky, one assumes.


MAM, puh leeze.
Get a grip!!

Bush is a mensh. Of course, he'd have stopped.


Even better Rick would be to take out the administrators in the Central Offices. They make more, cause even more harm, and a substantial number were never either successful students or teachers themselves.

Obama's idea to ask for another $25 billion to aid the teachers is not going over well. That's not who benefits and this group is adamant about threatening the job of any teacher not willing to tow the line with the anti-academic/SEL focus.

I have been finishing Gary Orfield's, Myron's brother if you are from MN, Dismantling Desegregation. One of the points he keeps making is if we force desegregation via metro-wide busing and integrating all neighborhoods, we can change the attitudes. Attitudes mentioned over and over again.

No wonder they want OBE. Besides non-Axemaker Minds, they want the attitudes to tolerate social engineering as necessary.

When you are adamant about not teaching reading, don't then come whining about how lower achievement is due to segregated neighborhoods in the central city. These authors to a person reject any behavioral component to low achievement. Which is truly fascinating since OBE is designed to get at all the behavioral drivers in the typical individual.

I am in one of my "This stuff is hard to read" moods. Except I can tell when Gary is mischaracterizing a SCOTUS decision. And I knocked off Senge's latest book over the weekend too where he intermixes the just saving the envmt goals of Sustainability with is far more radical reimaginings of the Regenerative Future. The typical exec of a Fortune 500 company is getting so played by all this and his suggestions to make the NGOs part of the team.

How can you mention WWF and scientific expertise in the same sentence?


Obama would have stopped if it had been on his teleprompter, but in 1961 . . ..


Thanks Clarice - I needed a slap! BTW Stephanie - my Dad drove an Indian. He was born in Lacania,NH - home of the annual Biker Week.

The Original Ms 'tude

God Bless America

BTW, I don't know if they still do this, but both Reagan and Bush 41 sent greetings to seniors who reached their 80th and 100th birthdays. My Mother got one from Reagan when she turned 80 that was lovely and pleased her to no end.


Make that Laconia, NH!

The Original Ms 'tude

I meant from GHW Bush, not Reagan. I have Reagan on my mind after seeing that quick shot of him in the video I posted.

Dave (in MA)

MAM, I wonder if he gave her a ride in the family helicopter that he didn't notice his wife bought?

hit and run

Sara, is the name change deliberate?


Not really Hit. If it was, it would be "Princes 'tude" :)



It's all going to be okay. Akin will beat McCaskill, and Romney will beat Obama. Look at the Newsweek cover: such an anti-Dem sentiment won't get a cover story for the next 10 years. The worm has turned.


what will you toast with?

The best red wine I can get for $100 at my wine shop. I'm not a champagne gal. But, if my conservative gal pal and I end up watching the returns together, it could end up being something tequila-based. And I'm taking the day off work on the 7th no matter what.


P.S. Also some lemonade in honor of that little girl in TM's link. Also maybe some Slurpees.


Thanks Porch - I feel better already. Dave in Mass - Rich Tisei has a good chance to rid us of Tierney. Then Tierny will have more time to visit his in-laws in prison (where his wife belongs, too!)

Captain Hate

It is pictures like this that should have the Obama campaign sweating.

The JEF has never been popular in coal country. Looking at the entire state it's obvious that his major support was in the urban blue hells with the rest of the state against him http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_election_in_Ohio,_2008

And that was against McRINO's horrible campaign.

poppa india

Iowahawk...LOL x 10! PBUH


"It is pictures like this that should have the Obama campaign sweating."

2,000 rednecks?


hit and run

But, if my conservative gal pal and I end up watching the returns together, it could end up being something tequila-based.

Whoa. Did you do that on purpose?

There are roughly ten thousand two hundred fifty thousand six hundred twenty six ways any response I would make to that would be inappropriate.

I'm going with the law of averages, and not responding.


You mean 10,256,626, don't you,

hit and run

You got it narciso. My calculator gave out.


He seems to be more than a bit confused about
the basics;


hit and run

Posted by: dublindave | August 19, 2012 at 11:01 PM

4 AM in Dublin at the time of this comment.


Government didn't teach us language or math or make the electric light bulb or the transistor. "Society is a product of our virtue. Government is a product of our vices." --Tom Paine

Eric in Boise

Dudu, I lurk here every day but I hardly ever post. It's not that I don't have opinions; I definitely do. It's just that with the incredible expertise and knowledge of JOMers in the areas of law, science, mathematics, engineering, medicine, and a host of other disciplines, I really don't feel like there's anything I can possibly add to the discussion.

Reading your 11:01, though, makes me feel that perhaps there is something substantive I can add to the discussion:

Go fuck yourself, you maggot-infested piece of filth.

Hope that's not too nuanced for you.

Charlie (Colorado)

Reading your 11:01, though, makes me feel that perhaps there is something substantive I can add to the discussion:

Go fuck yourself, you maggot-infested piece of filth.


"Let him in! He's one of us!"

Eric in Boise

Sorry, guys. Even a patient man has his limits...

hit and run

Heh. Glenn linked a very old post of mine.

Here's his post doing so.

Jeremiah Wright putting the Saul in racial solidarity. Without the road to Damascus, it should be noted.

Jim Ryan

Eric, narcisolate. It's never too late.


Welcome Eric.

I was visualizing Doodoo saying that face to face with those miners.


Obama Campaign Sinks To New Low

But would the president actually lie, misrepresent the facts, or manipulate the free election process?

“Yes” is the easiest way to answer the question, but in fairness, let’s look at his record of campaign tactics to see if he has ever cajoled, threatened, coddled, omitted facts, blamed others, or twisted the truth in his campaign so far.

Blame vs. Responsibility

Barack Obama has for the last three plus years blamed George Bush, the weather, earthquakes, and Europe for most of the economic policy disasters he has personally engineered that are now bringing the nation’s economy to its knees. That’s not the debate; that’s the record.

We have all heard the terms “reverse engineering”, “reverse psychology”, and “reverse discrimination”; but now, courtesy of the mind of Barack Obama, a new term has emerged. It is ‘reverse responsibility”; it works both ways whether you did something or failed to do something. You can’t take credit for it.

It is best seen in the cartoon art found together with an article entitled “Built By Obama: What You See Is Not What You Get” over on the wildly popular website called The Peoples Cube. The article, which first appeared in PJ Media, is great, but the picture says it all. In a rendering of Mr. Obama’s head are two sections; one says, “If you’re successful, it’s to someone else’s credit.” The other section says, “If you’re a failure, it’s someone else’s fault.”

If this kind of thinking were found in a high school freshmen, we could laugh it off and forget about it; but in a sitting president, it is frightening. ...More

hit and run

Sorry, guys. Even a patient man has his limits...

Well within your rights. I only wish Boise was closer to Hit Clan Central in the Gem State.

Long Term Planning: 2014 summer meetup in Twin Falls* for lunch? I'm buying.

*Years and years ago my family's station wagon was burglarized in Twin Falls on one of our dozens of summer trips through the mountain west. Forget everything else, they took our movie film that was stored in the center console. Take a blanet, take a suit case, take any manner of things, but the movies really hurt. A part of my youth stolen. I'm not sure my family has ever forgiven the town since, but I am willing to make the first steps toward detente.

Eric in Boise

Hit, love to, assuming I'm still kicking then. Mary and I are in pretty good health but a lot can happen in two years.

Sorry to hear about your experience. I only know a couple of people from Twin but based on what I've seen it's a pretty decent place to live. And if you ever make it to Boise (OK, Meridian) I'm more than willing to pick up a dinner tab.

BTW, did you say that your clan is located north of Victor? I've heard that the country West of the Tetons is amazing - never been but I could really use an excuse to visit. {winking}


"Go fuck yourself, you maggot-infested piece of filth."

Hey-there's no filth on me!

Look, with all due respect Eric from Boize,Idaho,the notion that a couple of thousand inbred rednecks are going to sit down and listen to Mitt Romney speak for an hour and a half about the complexities of public policy issues is completely laughable. What...are they..... I'm laughing here I have to stop...... are they going to weigh the pros and cons of Mitts tax policy..... or is it more likely they'll be weighing to pros and cons of their local titty bar?

Roflmao....ah man that's too funny. An army of low-info goatee beards!!!

Eric in Boise


It's Boise (Boy-SEE), not "Boize". We can always tell out of towners by the way they pronounce it.

More than a few of them are rednecks.


Doodoo: You are a retard, ignorant fool. I've known hundreds of miners and their kids and they are hard working, God-fearing, patriotic men who care deeply for their families, their communities, and their country. You think miners don't pay taxes? You think they don't care about a better life for their kids?

You ignorant leftist. You make me sick with your intolerant crap.


Note to self . . . Doodoo is so scared right now, he can't help himself. He is in the final throws of disappointment that he put his faith in a fake messiah. Pity the man. Pity the man. Pity, pity, pity the poor dumb schmuck.

hit and run

BTW, did you say that your clan is located north of Victor? I've heard that the country West of the Tetons is amazing - never been but I could really use an excuse to visit. {winking}

The family vacation home. My dad's place is between Victor and Driggs. It is heaven on earth to me. We go every year -- one year Christmas and the next summer. Thus the 2014 invite, since this was our summer year. My brother and his family just settled in Tetonia, north and east from Victor.

We'll be up that way for Christmas 2013, but planning a drive of that length in the winter is probably not prudent. Summer of 2014 seems a long way off, but I have a long memory. I just ask that you weigh in from time to time so I know you're still around. Or my email is always available at my LUN in the upper right of my blog.

Eric in Boise

"I just ask that you weigh in from time to time so I know you're still around."

Fair enough, hit. Will do.


Doodoo all alone. Pathetic boy.


Just saw a blurb that director Tony Scott did a swan dive off a bridge in California. Directed Top Gun and some other action adventure stuff. Brother of Ridley Scott. Wow. Terrible way to choose to go.


Pics of last August's BOzo IA bus tour shows the lengthy convoy involved, but no such pics this August. Instead, Obama is shown alone, waving from a bus that seems to be ambling down the highway alone. Self-serving make-believe made possible by a complicit press.

(A) nuther Bub

what will you toast with?

I've been saving a precious bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild for many years, hoarding it for my first great-grandchild's birth. When that occurred, on May 5 this year, my grandson, father of the new baby, said "Let's save it for November 6th, when Obama is defeated. Then we'll celebrate that our baby won't grow up to live in serfdom."

Lord, I love that kid!

Self Inflicted

Todd Akin and his rape comments have handed the Senate seat in Missouri to that clown McCaskill. He has hurt the GOP chances nationwide and may have handed the election to Obama. He must step down immediately and minimize the damage. Otherwise, November will be a disaster. If you don't think so, you are dumber than Akin.

Some guy

what will you toast with?

25 year old Highland Park single malt.

Some guy

If you don't think so, you are dumber than Akin.

I might be dumb, but I know I'm not dumber than that comment.

If elections turned on a single stupid comment, then none of us would have ever heard of Joe Biden, Barack Obama, or anyone named Kennedy.

Get a grip.

Soylent Red

Dearest Moby:

He has hurt the GOP chances nationwide and may have handed the election to Obama.

If you think so, you are dumber than shit.

Beasts of England

'I've been saving a precious bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild for many years...'

Posted by: (A) nuther Bub | August 20, 2012 at 12:46 AM

Which vintage?

JM Hanes

Good grief! Politico's big story is an FBI investigation of some after dinner GOP skinny dipping in Israel "last summer" -- although I must admit to being a little confused as to the date, when one of the participants described it as a dinner in Israel "last year." Maybe the Feds just didn't get around to the probe till after the Cartegena dust-up....

(A) nuther Bub

Which vintage?

Hi Beasts,

It's a 1993 Pauillac, cared for and cellared since its purchase so should be pretty good. I want to drink it with my grandson because he has the family "nose" and is much more knowledgeable about and friendly to French wines than I (understatement). I'm a BIG wine person with little subtlety. For me, opening it on Obama's defeat will be mainly a ceremonial and celebratory gesture. Can't wait, though.

Ralph L

They knew they couldn't walk on the Sea of Galilee, JMH, they're not Democrats.

Ralph L

CORRECTION: The Sea of Galilee is a lake. An earlier version of this story mischaracterized it.
As what, a diocese?

Self Inflicted

"If elections turned on a single stupid comment"

You mean like George "Macaca" Allen.

People can ignore Akin's ignorant comment, but the media will not. It plays right into their "GOP hates women" story line. Stick a fork in Akin, he has already lost. This wipes out the Ryan momentum. How the voters chose Akin I do not know. No wonder Palin did not endorse him.


I forgot where I read recently that since MO is an open ballot state the demunists pushed for dems to vote in Akin since McCaskill had the best chance against him. Worked like a charm.

Self Inflicted

That is correct Datou. The GOP has until 8/22 to replace Akin. If they do not, McCaskill will win in November, the GOP will have no chance at getting the Senate majority and it will most likely cost Romney the presidency due to the impact on the swing states. The media will ensure Akin and his views stay front and center through November. People need to quit making excuses for Akin and start pressuring the Missouri GOP to boot him. There is little time.


"You mean 10,256,626, don't you,"

I'm not sure narciso.

If Hit meant 10,250,626, then he was simply talking about 3201.6598819987 squared.

However, if he meant 10,256,626, then we're talking about 2-Hydroxy-Oxycarbonylamino-

(wouldn't put it past him) which BTW, is also the complaint number for the 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck.

I'm guessing the second, because it's got both Canonical Smiles and Isomeric Smiles, plus 4 on the floor even if they are slightly dicked up.


"Let's save it for November 6th, when Obama is defeated. Then we'll celebrate that our baby won't grow up to live in serfdom."

Great kid's (A)B. I think I know where they got it from:)

Eric in Boise,

Great to hear from you. Please do chip in more.


This is terrible about that guy skinny dipping in The Sea of Galilee.

It must absolutely shock and scandalize the Israeli's to have to put up with American's doing such a thing in their country.

Why if he doesn't apologize immediately for skinny dipping late at night in the dark, this may lead to One Thousand Israeli's Swimming Nude in The Dead Sea for a photo-shoot by a US photographer.


Hopefully the Press didn't think that was an acceptable thing to do back when it happened in September of 2011. Over to you AP, HuffPo, Star Trib, Reuters, etc who covered it all those many months back.

Full Disclosure: I skinny dipped in the pools of Ein Gedi back in 1975, but so did King David 3,000 years prior so I thought it was okay. (Plus we both drank wine).



This is a photo of at least 1,000 Israeli's angry at our Congressman for skinny dipping at night time in the Galilee.


I'm guessing Jane went for a cruise on Old Ironsides.

She said she needed earplugs, and The USS Constitution fired off a 21 Gun Salute.

Am I right Jane?


Ohhhhhh if that is what she was up to I'm soooooo jealous. Those masted schooners are awesome!


Boy, if I were there in Israel, I'd stick out like a sore thumb.


Too big or too small?


"Too big or too small?"

What does "thumb" suggest, sbw?

Strawman Cometh

daddy's latest suggests a new game show:
Moobs or Boobs


He was waiting for the arugula stand.

Manuel Transmission

Factoid about Indians (motorcycles): it was started by a Swede. As a result, all old Indian bikes are vulnerable at being bought by Swedes and taken back to the home country.

I saw one old timer in the north woods that was so original that I don't think the owner had ever wiped off any dirt or grease.


what will you toast with

Hmmm...a magnum of '99 Phelps Insignia? A 3 liter of '01 Ridge Monte Bello? A 3 liter of Caymus SS? A couple bottles of Scarecrow? '04 Casanova di Neri Brunello Cerreltalto? A mag of '02 Shafer Hillside Select? '99 Sassicaia? '05 Dugat Py Charmes Chambertin?

If it goes the other way, I'm burning down my neighborhood like you're supposed to do.

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