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August 13, 2012


CANDY CROWLEY, CNN: We’ve already had this debate. All they have to do at Obama Reelect is open up the files because this debate has already happened. They just bring it back, it goes, it is, you know, what they talk about. But I think the other thing that’s worth pointing out is not every Republican has signed on to this kind of, I mean, they will publicly. But there is some trepidation…

GLORIA BORGER, CNN: They're afraid.

CROWLEY: ...that this might be, looks a little bit like some sort of ticket death wish. That, oh, my gosh, do we really want to talk about these things? Is this where we want to go when the economy is so bad? We could have stayed on that.

I'm confused as to what Crowley says unnamed Republicans think is death-wishy about the Ryan pick. What is the antecedent of "this debate" and "these things"?

JM Hanes


Congratulations on your absolutely spectacular meteor photo! It really is an unbelievable shot. Have you ever seen what I think was a Science Channel program on the guy who takes pix of lightning? He could sure sympathize with you about the difficulty of aiming his camera in the right direction and timing the shutter release. He must take a gazillion shots for every one that actually captures the moment, so you done good!


Ex-you have no idea. What I was working on this morning actually said in the conclusion what most of us had guessed.

We need to change the minds of Americans so they will interpret the Constitution differently.

No. We need to put the melanin content of your skin or who your forebears were off limits as a matter of govt still stepping in to "make equal."

Only in a govt run state can you make real differences equal. The emphasis on equal outcomes means none of us are free.

JM Hanes


"They really shouldn't even be in contention for a debate moderator slot based on that alone."

I was sort of assuming that if the debate is on CNN, they would be in a position to restrict the moderator to one of their own anchors. On second thought, though, I don't recall PBS sponsoring the debates that Gwen Ifil and Jim Lehrer moderated, so I think I'm probably wrong about how it's handled.


I am in need of help and advice. Tomorrow is the CT primary. The Republican choice for senator to replace Joe Leiberman is between squishy Chris Shays and Linda McMahon of Professional Wrestling fame, who makes conservative noises but is frankly a little scary and strikes me as Ahnold in a skirt--it's more about her than the party or the principle. McMahon is carpeting the state in money, just about all of it her own (no less than 3 flyers a week in the mail, daily phone calls and radio and TV commercials everywhere) and is probably going to win the primary anyway. I would ordinarily consider Shays to be more "electable" in the general in a squishy place like CT, but there is very litle to distinguish him from the phonies competing for the Dem nomination, he won't fight very hard, and he sounds like a wuss. I think I just convinced myself, but I could use some help here.


Only in a govt run state can you make real differences equal.

As an Italian-American, I know this more than most. Why after The Godfather came out, many people looked at us as unequal gangsters from the 30's, not like "all those other presidents on the dollar bills."

Only a benevolent government can heal that gaping, swollen, oozing wound.


Vote for McMahon. She should have won against the fake Vietnam war veteran {who said he was in country when he wasn't}Shays is a wuss who often voted with the dems in the House.

Jane - talk is cheap!

I'd vote McMahon too. I can't stand Chris Shays.

JM Hanes


"What is the antecedent of "this debate" and "these things"?"

I don't know because I didn't watch the show, but I have a good bit of respect for Crowley and think she's got a bigger rolodex than a lot of the other crew at CNN. Casually suggesting that she was probably trying to sell her own opinion in the guise of phantom Republicans just seemed unwarranted to me.



JM Hanes


"I'm ok with Palin not speaking at the convention as long as she gets Interior or EPA."

The Dept. of Energy wouldn't be a bad spot either!

Captain Hate

Vince McMahon creeps me out, a LOT, but he's supported the troops more than most high exposure people and voting for Linda over Shays strikes me as an automatic.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

I would not be surprised if Crowley's information came from a RINO. I suspect most RINO's see Ryan's pick as a death wish for their political ambitions. I fervently hope it is. Fortunately for our point of view, I don't think many of them will vote for Omama.


LINDA! it is. I just needed a little pep talk. Thanks.

Danube of Thought

Chris Shays makes my skin crawl.


OT, after watching the Closer for seven years, it will be a little poignant for it to end tonight starting in an hour.

Love The Closer. Great characters, kind of a cross between CSI (which I hate) and Barney Miller. They've managed to steer clear of all the political correctness of L&0. I will miss it. But no spoilers, please, as I'm Tivoing it for viewing at my convenience.

Captain Hate

Barney Miller

The world is divided into two groups of people: The first group loves Barney Miller and the second, vastly larger group, thinks WTF.


LOL, Captain, I never did get that show, I was more a fan of shows like SWAT.


I loved Fish and Yemana and Inspector Luger.
The show wasn't laugh out loud funny usually but those guys made it fun.

Frau Dick und Doof

OK - I really loved Barney Miller.

And "WKRP"

And "Quark"

And "Pee Wee's Playhouse."

And other odd ball stuff.

Arghhhhhh! Preezy's lying ad is besmirching The Closer.


the second, vastly larger group, thinks WTF.

We are an elite group, CH. Seriously, I just meant The Closer takes the best of both. Or does well what they did poorly. Or something like that.

Dave (in MA)
The Dept. of Energy wouldn't be a bad spot either!
That should be one of the three departments shut down along with uh, Education and uh, the other one.
Ralph L

I went to college near Mooresville
So did I (class of '82), though I hadn't thought of the KoP in 30 years. Went there in Jan 1980 right after learning the biopsy of a lymph node was Cat Scratch Disease and not TB or worse.

The Navy doctor at Bethesda had said (after discretely asking if it could be syphilis) to see a doctor if it was still a lump in 3 weeks. My mother said, don't wait, go to the campus doc next week; he sent me to a clinic in Charlotte, and it was out within a week. Yeah, I'm all for single payer. (Despite it taking a year for CHAMPUS to pay for it because the hospital misspelt my name).

Did you forget the Peregrine House across the street and their famous "So's Your Mother" pizza, or were they not around when you were there?

Captain Hate

I just meant The Closer takes the best of both. Or does well what they did poorly. Or something like that.

LOL; I was just waiting for somebody to mention it so I could respond. Kind of like the Three Stooges episode when somebody says "Niagara Falls". Btw, people who like Barney Miller seemed to invariably watch "Taxi". At least it seemed that way at the time...

Frau Einzelgaenger

Meet Gar Byrum, "moderate," and face of the Cleo-ization of a town which has gone from Republican to Democrat in 35-40 years was taken over by politicizing *all* elective city offices during the past four decades. I have lived here for over 52 years and have watched the League of Women Voters, the Democratic Club and our local religious left coordinate every election. Please watch a few moments of this person who attends each major convention and helped found their very own American Institute for Progressive Democracy which serves as a platform for about 10 people to pretend they are very important.

Captain Hate

Frau, that's a Pitzer grad, no? If I were on a jury sitting in judgement over some bangers that tuned him up, they'd walk for sure.

(A) nuther Bub

Meet Gar Byrum, "moderate," and face of the Cleo-ization of a town

Anagram is Rub my Rag, which almost seems to fit. He has the face, manner and nasally whine that make you want to beat him up, just on principle.

Frau, you ought to move to Hawaii. We have tens of thousands of Gar Byrums, but you're already used to it, and our climate is better.


My favorite Barney Miller episode is when Jack Soo was making the soup in the squad room.


cathyf, that sounds vaguely familiar, but you'll have to refresh my memory, if you so desire.

And CH, I never watched Taxi, though people I respect loved it.

Dave (in MA)

My favorite Barney Miller episode was that one where Abe Vigoda had a glum look on his face.

The classic Taxi episode was the one where the whole crew had to take a written exam at the DMV and Jim got stuck on one of the questions. "What does a yellow light mean?" 'Slow down'. "Whaaaat doeeees aaaaaa leeeellloooow lliiigght meaaan?"


Soo has a pot boiling in the squad room, and the guys come over and say that it smells like garbage. He objects, hey it's an ancient recipe. Fish heads, intestines... [wheels-in-brain-turning pause] Hey it IS garbage!

JM Hanes

I love the Joe Trippi/Karl Rove polling segments on Special Report. Just in case anybody was wondering.


My favorite Barney Miller episode was that one where Abe Vigoda had a glum look on his face.

I remember that one(s).

I think the show got better after Vigoda left and the Landesburg character came on.

Hey it IS garbage!

Thanks, I actually do remember that one.

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