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August 16, 2012



It was an appalling statement. Especially since there is a tremendous amount of evidence and express declarations supporting the more accurate statement that Dems have sought to keep minorities in chains via education and other destabilizing policies. And now they are coming after anything that creates independence in US citizens.

Shame at so many levels.


Sununu on FOX giving kudo's to Doug Wilder for saying that Biden's racist comment is racist. Excellent.

Sununu says that the comments were intentional and congratulates Wilder for saying that the comment was intentional.

Sununu says that it is no mystery that Obama is justifying the comments of Biden. Says Obama wants those racist comments out there because he's basically got nothing else.

Nice job Sununu.

Fred Beloit

Reid and Biden, the demonic duo of the Demunists.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

I really hope Obama leaves the ticket alone. But at this point, I'm not sure he can do anything that will help.

Plus Hillary looks awful. No one will notice anything else.


I'm with Sarah Palin on this.

I think they should let go of the really stupid guy on the Dem ticket.

So who do you think Joe Biden ought to have to replace Obama?

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

OMG - Paul Ryan is on TV without his shirt.

Holy cow. Who knew?

Thomas Collins

Paul Ryan without his shirt? Perhaps he and Romney are going to challenge Biden (or Clinton) and Obama to a beach volleyball match.



Just FYI,

You blog is not accepting comments lately. Posted a brief one 48 hours ago and still nothing.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

Wow - I guess I should check, thanks Daddy.


Go home to Chicago, mean, petty, ugly, hateful President-In-Name-Only obama and take your fat, ugly Beard Moochelle with you!


Juan Williams on FOX this instant says he will not denounce the Biden comments. Sez he hears no racist undertones in that Biden comment at all.

Says that Romney mentioning "shackles" sounds the same.

He says "the Repub party is a White Party."

The opposing gal says Juan you are wrong to equate "shackles on the economy" with Biden's "chains" comment.

Juan now says something against Ryan about Medicare and both the Host and the opposite guest both immediately retort and answer that what Juan Williams is saying is untrue.

So just a question of minimal importance today:

Is Juan Williams simply ignorant and believes what he says, or is he smart than that and spouts what he knows is false in order to help his political side?

Me personally, I think Juan Williams is stupid. Without question he is cocked and loaded to spout Dem talking points but I think he is seriously stupid enough to believe what he spouts. So I don't hit him for venality , but I do hit him for stupidity.


Juan Williams on FOX this instant says he will not denounce the Biden comments. Sez he hears no racist undertones in that Biden comment at all.

Juan may be a bit touchy about being labeled as ___-ist after his little episode with PBS. But the real point is that, as you know, liberal Democrats cannot be racist. QED.


The owner of the "Eat My Pie" desert seller was on FOX this morning explaining why she would not accept Food Stamps for her desert pies. Very well spoken, confident and courageous. Sounds exactly like any of you JOM gals here.

Suspect she will take an awful lot of incoming, but she did an excellent job of justifying why she did not want US Taxpayer money used to purchase her desert pies. Said those should be used for more nutritious products, available at the food market she works at, and and where she is legally allowed to accept or to not accept Food Stamps.

Nice job gal. I think Chick-Fil-A has awakened a beast.


What politician would want to team up with the impending trainwreck of Obama 2012? I would think Clinton is positioning herself for 2016 and wouldn't want to have a 2012 defeat blemish her record.


Biden's "chains" remark wasn't a gaffe, like yesterday's "20th century". It was a spur of the moment bit of red meat he tossed out (imo at the spur of the moment) while looking down and to his right at a group of wildly enthusiastic African American supporters gathered there. It was unscripted and stupid, but Obama's "You didn't build that" was scripted and much more stupid.


daddy, I read about that woman, and three cheers for her! Also, J.R., Hillary needs to have a complete makeover before she attempts to run for anything. She looks simply awful--like she has "taken to drink."


daddy: Another story you might like - Biden advance team stops in a small mom & pop bakery, saying the VP wants to stop there on his way to a campaign event. The owner says, "no, thank you," I don't agree with President Obama's "you didn't build that" statement.

After turning them down, politely, the Secret Service returns, thanks him and buys some cupcakes and cookies.


Biden is a gaffe machine, but I've seen no evidence that he is a political liability. It is telling that the talk about replacing him with Clinton comes from the right.


Bet y'all a dollar that Biden is dumped in October when polling shows a significant lead by R&R.....


Good posts, Daddy.
Here's another good Powerline article.


IMO, most of the Obama regime actions could have been included.


According to an article in the Weekly Standard, "... Democrats have until September 6 to formally nominate their presidential ticket which will then be qualified for the 50 state ballots."

h/t Ace



Thanks for that excellent link about the Bakery deciding to not accept Biden's patronage, and the Secret Service boys saying in effect "nice job'. Seems like that meme of bravery is catching.

Even better, when I first clicked on your link it was an Anti-Romney ad criticizing Romney for earning $20 Million from some Bain deal but only personally paying 14% in Taxes---which immediately undercuts Harry Reid's attack that Romney hasn't paid taxes.

I can't currently get the ad to reappear, but if any of the rest of you do and it contradicts Reid's Talking Points, please give the particulars. I will keep trying to get it to pop up again.


At least Biden's advance team sought the bakery owner's permission before showing up. The owner of the IA State Fair beer tent Obama used as an unannounced photo op claims that pr stunt cost him $25,000 in lost business. Obama couldn't care less, as shown by his tendency to pull these stunts and leave without paying.


What song comes on the radio on my drive in this AM, its an O Jays tune: "The Backstabbers."

"They smile in yo face, all the time they wanna take yo place..."

Good Morning, one day closer to firing the incompetent and a bunch of his legislative comrades ( you can still use the word comrade with Obama right?).


Obama does not listen to Republicans so I have absolutely no problem offering him advice to fire the dummy in the VP chair. Its good advice, and he wont follow it. Thats a two fer.


Dumping Biden at this point would be seen as an act of desperation. They could make some medical excuse, but no one would buy it. Whatever damage Biden can cause (probably not much at this point, it's all been done already), replacing him would be worse. Of course he should be replaced for the good of the country, but if Barry cared about that he would not be running.

Rick Ballard

Today's polling laugher

Per exit 2008 polling, the Party ID skew was 44D,37R, 18I. The skew for this poll was 50D, 37R, 12I. In 2008 Independents went for Obama by 58/39. This poll has Independents going for Romney by 46/26.

The poll reports Obama with a 5 point lead in Pennsylvania. Reality reports a tie with an edge to Romney.


WH site on Biden: "Perhaps most telling of all, the President can often be heard muttering, "What would I do without "ol Joe"?" lol


"The owner of the IA State Fair beer tent Obama used as an unannounced photo op claims that pr stunt cost him $25,000 in lost business. Obama couldn't care less..."


2 other examples of Obama living on somebody else's dime and refusing to pay his bills:

1) Newport Beach, California: Obama refuses to pay $35,000 bill for Security for Newport Beach Campaign stop.

An excellent portion from this first link:

Jerri Willis FOX Business News: "I want you to hear something that the President had to say, this was 6 weeks ago complaining about Republican's stiffing him with the National Debt, here's the President:"

Obama: "It's like somebody goes to a restaurant, big steak dinner, Martini, all that stuff, and then, just as you're sitting down they leave.."

Willis "Ironic, he's complaining about getting stiffed with the bill..."

2) Obama for America stiffing Durham, NH for… $30,000. Wait, WHAT?

Par for the course for The Grifter in Chief


Dump Joe? The WS engages in rampant speculation regarding Bam/Joe's neeting today with.... Hillary! I tend to agree with JimmyK, dumping Joe won't help Bam, so why do it...but...http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/today-day_650058.html

hit and run


So who do you think Joe Biden ought to have to replace Obama?

Gave my advice this weekend: Colin Powell

If you thought you could oppose one black guy on the ticket without being a racist . . . well, now we gots two.

"I didn't leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left me"

--stuff Colin Powell (will have) said

All of a sudden, military experience would be the most important thing to have on a presidential ticket. And the media would make sure that you darn well know it.

Sure Powell is 75, but Cheney looked like he was 85 by the time he left office.


After Klein and Maraniss's recent books about the Obama WH snake pit, what rational Dem with future ambitions would take the VP job? Recycled Rinos like Charlie Crist or Chuck Hagen might sign up.


Just a reminder that Biden's stupidity has consequences for real people:

Denied Defector Faces Trial

The Free Beacon reported May 1 that the office of Vice President Joe Biden was behind the administration’s decision to turn Wang away from the consulate, in particular Biden national security aide Antony Blinken.

Blinken, according to administration officials, overruled State and Justice Department officials who favored granting Wang political asylum and working to get him out of China.

The damage these people have done to our country will take decades to repare.


Decades? How much longer till we repair the damage in the mideast that Jimmuh left us?



Works for me. But can Powell talk the Black talk like VP Biden?

Seems to me if you replace Obama with Powell, the only jive talker 'mongst 'em will be SoulBro' Biden, y'all.


Oh, and under ObamaCo, it's only a crime to keep shoddy books and steal $1 Billion in customer money if you're a Republican:

No Criminal Case Is Likely in Loss at MF Global (warning, NYT link)

After 10 months of stitching together evidence on the firm’s demise, criminal investigators are concluding that chaos and porous risk controls at the firm, rather than fraud, allowed the money to disappear, according to people involved in the case.

After all that chest thumping about how important is was to pass Dodd-Frank, turns out that if you're a Democrat, there still are no rules on Wall Street.


" It is telling that the talk about replacing him with Clinton comes from the right."

IMO, it is telling that the leftists are willing to take a chance of having Biden in charge of anything. Has he ever been in charge of anything?



So who do you think Joe Biden ought to have to replace Obama?

Sarah Palin, of course!

Seriously, if they were going to replace Slo' Joe, it shouldn't be with tired old hag Hillary or any other retread. They need the equivalent of Ryan on the Dem side, and I honestly can't think of anyone. Andrew Cuomo is son-of-retread and tainted by the mortgage debacle. Evan Bayh?



The longer I live the more I understand vigilantism.

hit and run

Alice: Democrats have until September 6 to formally nominate their presidential ticket which will then be qualified for the 50 state ballots."

I like all the Biden to be replaced stuff. It's great to push the meme that Obama's campaign is in disarray, floundering, desperate.

But I certainly don't want Biden to leave.

So, I think we need to devise a very substantive-sounding, legal-constitutional (seemingly) based argument that if Biden leaves the ticket past the formal nomination deadline, Obama is required legally to put the person next in line of presidential succession on the ticket.

Obama - Boehner 2012 The Halloween Ticket

(see what I did there?)

Maybe TK could juice up Justia with some faux legal decisions purporting to set some kind of judicial precedent or something?


But can Powell talk the Black talk like VP Biden?

No, but he can shore up the Jewish vote with his Yiddish.


Ranger-- you beat me to it. Here's the link I saw-- Corzine won't be indicted as CEO of grossly and recklessly negligent broker that loses 1.8Billion of customer funds to pay back trading debts. If the article is accurate, the investigation proves Corzine was guilty of SarBox crimes as CEO. So under Bam we have government of gangsterism; the biggest 2008 bundler not indicted for obvious crimes: http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2012/08/15/no-criminal-case-is-likely-in-loss-at-mf-global/?partner=rss&emc=rss


Is Powell Natural Born?

Where's TK?


Well, Rick, first, the link doesn't work, second 'they went plaid' with that sample

Corey Booker did another hostage video, saying
'chains' had no racial connotation, to Biden's remarks,


Narc-- the Obamaniacs must have dropped the big one on Booker to keep his mouth shut.. no.. not only keep his mouth shut, do eaxactly as they say. Pity, I like Booker.


H&R: I am glad you (and so many others) are having fun with this. Go for it.

I don't think it's a serious suggestion myself, i.e. this "Obama replacing Biden" idea is a non-starter - not plausible to me in the least. Then again, I've already made clear that I'm not at all clever about the purely political aspects of these kind of things. I'm okay with that.


I really hope that Romney uses MF Global specificly. I hope that he starts including something in his stump speech like 'It's time to end this era of crony capitalism, where being a major Democratic doner gives you a liscence to steal on Wall Street, and being a Republican doner makes you a target to have your car dealership shut down by the government.'

Captain Hate

Andrew Cuomo is son-of-retread and tainted by the mortgage debacle. Evan Bayh?

The donks are tapped out on fresh young faces; especially once Weiner was shown to be a perv. The JEF was all of it in one package.

Rick Ballard


The Franklin & Marshal link works for me. The Independent split within the poll is interesting. It's the sharpest drop of Obama support I've seen.


I guess O'Malley, from your old haunts, Baltimore, is the fresh young face, I recall
the first time, he came to light was a former
disgruntled Hart volunteer, in Newsweek, after
we were the deprived the services of the Hartpence.

Rob Crawford
Seriously, if they were going to replace Slo' Joe, it shouldn't be with tired old hag Hillary or any other retread. They need the equivalent of Ryan on the Dem side, and I honestly can't think of anyone

Someone as equally out-spoken and energetic?

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz!


It is nice to see "Weiner" and "package" in the same post.

Did I say "post?"


I think Alan Grayson better represents the general skin crawling nature of this admin if Slo Joe gotta go.


CaptH@9:20-- I was thinking about that the other day-- who are the 'young Dems' who'll be national candidates?....???... I guess Cuomo, but as he was client of mine for 18 months I have a natural familiarity breeds contempt disrespect for him. Who else? Hollywood celebrities? They got nothin'.



Thanks for the link to the University poll. He gets 47% support from a 50% Democrat sample. Oy vey.

What is consistent with every other poll is Romney gets more Democrat support than Zero gets Republican support. And this one has a huge Indy disparity for Romney as you already pointed out.

Pity those dead voters in Philly have to produce ID now, aint it?

Rob Crawford

Nah, they're saving Grayson to head DHS.


Not just Wall Street though. The shakedowns with purported immunity are going on throughout the economy.

Did you read my comment last week that Gamaliel and Industrial Areas and others have created a Philanthropy Board that threatens to blacklist philanthropies that do not donate per their wished emphasis? Given everything else on her plate I found ldh's presence and endorsement quite telling on the extent to which her ed pushes which amount to dictating what Common Core will look like in the classroom is merely one element of the "economic Justice" game plan that will devastate all but the politically connected.

They are to be a modern day nomenklatura entitled to live at our expense.

Does anyone think that MF Global and letting Corzine off so blatantly could affect the race in NJ? Simply because of disgust and familiarity with the facts?


Bam's a liar or demented. Seriously If Bam believes anything he says he's demented; personally I think he's a stone cold liar. Either way, he disgusts me, I give you Emperor Barry I "the Uniter": http://realclearpolitics.com/video/2012/08/15/obama_i_dont_think_anyone_would_suggest_ive_tried_to_divide_the_country.html


If you look closely at the Booker video, you will see him rapidly blinking. I am told he is using morse code to send out the international distress signal, SOS. LOL

Captain Hate

I guess Cuomo, but as he was client of mine for 18 months I have a natural familiarity breeds contempt disrespect for him.

There are a few libs I know who hate Cuomo.


Not sure if this is the same Pie Company daddy was referring to, but here's an article by Howie Carr on a pie company from Needham MA who refuses to take EBT cards at the Braintree Farmers Market.



Drudge featuring "private" Obama-Biden-Hillary meeting.

You don't need a Lehrer, Mon, to know which way the lies blow.

Oh, to be a leaf in Joe Biden's arbor,
Twisting, twisting slowly in the wind, in the wind.


Palin's statement is designed to keep the spotlight on Biden. Obama won't replace him on her advice and she knows it. But it certainly doesn't help the Dem ticket to have everyone talking about what a moron the VP is, especially when everyone is already talking about what a badass the Repub VP candidate is. It also counters some of the negative attention on Ryan coming from the Dems.

Lastly, it's a teensy weensy flip of the bird to those (on both left and right) who got the vapors at the notion of VP Palin when she was introduced to the world four years ago.


Replace Biden with George Clooney. Clooney's grasp of history is comparable.


Oh - and one more thing - it's a wink from Palin to the Hillary fans who are still nominally in the Dem party but who have never been particularly thrilled with Obama.


Now I saw this on an Ace thread, re a response to a Coburn question

The Attorney General explained that “non-Westerners” have historically placed little emphasis on people proving who they were through written identification, including when voting. “In Asia, Africa, but especially Latin America,'' declared Holder, ''people have not asked to produce documentation proving who they said they were, even when going to vote…granted the few occasions they were allowed to do so.”

Now JiB, and Matt who have worked in that area, could clairify about Asia, but in Latin America, they have the 'cedula'

Thomas Collins

Re Extraneus' 9:32 AM post: I think what will happen is it will be announced that Biden has requested, due to health concerns, to be removed from the ticket, and Hill has graciously agreed to leave State to run as Obama's Veep. I don't think Biden will go to State. I think it will be announced that Obama has insisted that Biden be available in Obama's second term in a special advisory role. Whether or not Obama-Clinton prevails, the Dems will find a nice sinecure job for Biden. I don't know who will be the new Sec. of State. I can't see Kerry resigning his Senate seat to take the Sec. of State job now, given the uncertainty that there will be a second Obama term. Perhaps Colin Powell will agree to step in as Sec. of State.


The Drudge Report Biden link I think came from WS posting the POTUS schedule. Eh, we'll see. Although about 09:00 I watched through one of my office windows a USMC CH-53 helo lift off from the UN...???... any Mideast news?


Yes, she has always tendered a peace offering
to Hillary supporters, which snapping turtles
like Taylor Marsh have not reciprocated, but then again, she's plain nuts.

Captain Hate

narc, that comment @ AoS was a parody


That's her Rocco,

She did great. Nice lady, very sensible, and cares about saving the country.,


You know Captain, it was good, because it seemed plausible for Stedman to say, btw,
the last pronoun was referring to Marsh.

You know, the SRN is shameless, if Joe had used 'whipped' they'd probably go back to Ford, WIN program.

Rob Crawford
narc, that comment @ AoS was a parody

How can we tell anymore?

Captain Hate

I know, narc; Stedman has already said so many delusional things on the record that I was ready to believe all of it. It was a Grassley quote which pegged my BS meter.



Thanks for the link to the angry Special Ops boys.

Will get to it upon wake up. Good Night.


I was listening to Fox & Friends this morning when they interviewed a couple of the military people on the new show "Stars Earn Stripes". I missed a shot of Todd Palin, who apparently has been dubbed "Rambo" on the show, but heard the guy saying here is a shot of Todd Palin walking on mud. The man's a beast. Dang it. I don't know if I missed him on the actual show or not. Going to find out...


Palin is one of the right's most prominent intellectuals, so when she speaks it's probably a good idea to listen to her.

All this is moot because once Team Obama rolls out their new ad with Paul Ryan talking about his plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program and Swiss Mitt claiming he'd sign that shit in a heartbeat(compounded by the new lower Tax rate for Millionaires and Billionaires)...... it's over.

Let Mitt and Paul stumble over what plan they're bringing to the Whitehouse, the only thing the electorate will believe is the Original Ryan scarefest. He's right...we need this debate.

Time to scare the shit out of everybody.


I don't know why the obvious answer hasn't occurred to anyone yet...Michelle Obama will graciously step in to fill Biden's shoes.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!


Your comment went to spam, but I think I rescued it.

You will like today's show, if for no other reason than i did most of the talking.


One has to suspect when the margin is so large in one category;


Minimalist Poster

I don't think Obama will replace Biden - especially not with Hillary. I don't see Hillary running for elected office (or considered for a position requiring confirmation (?)(someone is bound to misconstrue that)). The VP debate is on foreign policy. It would be fun to watch Hillary squirm trying to position herself for 2016 by distancing herself from Obama's foreign policy whilst avoiding The Full Booker. It would be more fun watching Obama trying to deal with questions about why he took Palin's advice. Again.

A Ryan/Clooney debate would be . . . interesting . . . but Maureen Dowd should moderate. Grayson would "win" a Ryan/Grayson debate, not only by Sheen's Standards but because Grayson would not only repeat himself more often, but he would also be louder and more offensive. Isn't that "winning" in LeftyWorld?

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

In addition to Hillary's private meeting, the Daily Caller has this:

Obama, Biden to share lunch after two days of gaffes - TheDC

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

Dick kept saying today that the tea party guy who was supposed to win accd to the polls lost to Tommy Thompson.

I don't recall any of that.


I don't know why the obvious answer hasn't occurred to anyone yet...Michelle Obama will graciously step in to fill Biden's shoes.

Actually, Sue, I suggested it a couple days/threads ago, since Obama was complaining about how FLOTUS doesn't get a salary - and elevating her to VP would cure that.

Thomas Collins

Sue, what happened to Nolan Ryan's Express Train? Derailed by the Bronxies! I hope it's only a temporary setback, and the 2012 will be the Year of the Rangers!


I wonder if they will be having lunch at Katie's Restaurant.


No, I don't think, Hovde was ahead of Thompson, at any time, henry would know

Sabato should just change his name to Vizzini
and be done with it;


Danube of Thought

Minus 17 at Raz today.

Trails Romney by 1.


Hubba...hubba. Stick around for the special ops guys.


Sounds like an episode of NCIS




Well see? Great minds do think alike.


Don't talk to me about them right now. I'm sulking.

Ralph L

The trustee for MF Global sent us a check this week. He says we've been paid 80% of our account, but it's actually 50%.


Push back for welfare abuse and dependency.


It appears that once again, Obama 'didn't know the facts' but decided to comment anyway:

Obama: Gee, maybe Biden could have phrased it differently

Can we question his judgement now?


Of course they get their own cublicle at Minitrue;



The lure of California jobs.


"These are not highly-trained specialists, but what are sometimes referred to as “meter maids” —

Do you think they have to pay that much to entice people to work instead of welfare?


A Yalie says Miami U, is elite, of course they tough him no history at Yale;



" He says we've been paid 80% of our account, but it's actually 50%."

This is the guy they sent to look for the "Vaporized" money? Looks like he is carrying on the "Vaporizing".


If Hillary wanted to be VP she would already have the job. She chose SofS.

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