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September 13, 2012



I'm somewhat skeptical of mrs. Sengupta's previous work as well, I don't consider it out of the realm of possibility , but more evidence is needed for xonfirmation

Btw I got an email on my iPhone about the thinkpoint virus , aren't they equipped with strong antiviruses


Since Obama doesn't bother to go to his own intel briefings (because they are mucking up his campaign event schedule), can we have a new slogan:

Obama skyed, people died.


matt, I had a post this afternoon describing what the first protocol at a consulate or embassy is. DESTROY THE SECRETS.


Two words

Mo Ron.


I'm going to post this link again. I hope that every MA JOMer and every VET watch this and also tune in tomorrow to see the full program.



Virginia citizen at Romney event tells the media what she thinks of them... :)


Jim Ryan

Hi, Po.

A trip down memory lane. It was clear already in winter of 2008 that Barack Obama was a bad man.

Jim Ryan

This was said in winter, 2008: "Obama gets paraded about as Mr. Nice Guy. He's not." It wasn't rocket science. What happened? How did we do this to ourselves? What kind of hope can we have if we're so stupid?


That Jay Culter is quite good.


Obama Choomed, we are doomed.


Short answer, the journalist got in the way, they dismissed Obama's decades long immersion in hate and pidgin Marxism, launched every squirrel and mcguffin, there's no doubt version 2.0 is operation now.


Oh, and in case things weren't interesting enough in the world:

Uh oh: Chinese ships sail into Japanese waters near disputed islands

It appears the Chinese have decided to take advantage of Ear Leader's inability to walk and chew gum at the same time.


C'mon lets get real.



Gus that is so 2008, doncha know the new meme is, it is ROMNEY'S FAULT?


Clarice, I think it would be interesting to attempt a defense of Obama's statement. Certainly the position enshrined in federal law is that Egypt is an ally; but as we go through its actions over the past few years it becomes clear that the new government in Egypt is quickly transitioning from ally to enemy.

And as Sandy points out, one can do a similar study here. Certainly the position enshrined in federal law and the Constitution is that the federal government is an ally and helper of the American people; but as we go through its actions over the past few years....


Then after they had dispatched Hillary's challenge, they went mergodical after the only public figurethat really called out his hokum, therer were more than a few daggers made of elephant ivory involved along with donkee hooves

Danube of Thought

There is great pleasure to be had in watching the petulant, whining Jay Cutler lose his temper and composure, and pout. He is a natural-born loser.

Captain Hate

The morons @ AoS are particularly disgusted with McRINO tonight after an appearance on Hannity. Forget Jay Cutler; has Lovie the Dunce done his usual bang-up coaching job?


Well from a certain point of view, as the Jedi put it, you're right bates, Egypt was our ally, but this administration facilitated a coup lest the faction that has been murdering their way into power for about 20 years now. surprisingly they are not appreciative of that assistance. The works of Soueif and Al aswani directly and indirectly refer to that

JM Hanes


I certainly wasn't suggesting that Obama hasn't done tremendous damage, but I'm afraid the idea that he wants murdered Americans to pave the way for the next caliphate is well and truly beyond belief.

Dave (in MA)

According to Google, there are no instances of "mergodical" on the WWW. Now there is one.
No, wait - two.


seriously,maverick, when are you going to buy a clue, back in 2008, you were kissing kadaffi's burnoose alittle too diligently like Larry miler in pretty woman, a solicitousness not seen in other context, then he swing in the other direction


It's a perfectly promulent word, Dave, for ergot , the hallucinatory fungus that induces derangement


Oh no Danube, Jay Cutler is wonderful.
I had the pleasure of seeing his 1st game as a Bear. I have FANTASTIC and I mean FANTASTIC season tickets for the Packers. I wish I could tell you more, anyway, my business partner is at the game tonight. I am at home. But CUTLER'S first game as a Bear was JUST LIKE THIS and IN GREEN BAY.


Since the government of Egypt that was designated as an ally is no more, and indeed the very constitution of that government is no more, shouldn't that automatically trigger a reassessment of their status as an ally?

It was a gaffe by the President, but I'll cut him a little slack in that "with friends like these..."


Well we still abide by the Kennedy/ kruschev understanding, even though the soviet union hasn't existed for 20 some years. We've come to see the drink rum and coke, otherwise known as Cuba libre, as the little lie


xbradtc, You know something, I've come to a realization vis a vis the disgusting MFM.
The MFM acts as though there is a squabble between 2 children. Their child and Someone Else's child. You know, we all would take our childs side and protect our kid!!!


JM Hanes


In re:

Kerry, blowing enough hot air to power his own windsurfing excursion, called Romney “irresponsible” and “reckless,” among other harsh adjectives. He said Romney spoke without knowing what he was talking about, and that Romney was way out of line.

In the current context, Kerry's Winter Soldiers history is not the half of it. He went to Paris on his own devices to meet with the Viet Cong in 1970 and possibly 1971 as well. Scroll down to Beldar's item IV. I believe there was some question about whether he had actually even been officially discharged from the service at that time, but in any case, those trips came close to, if they did not actually qualify, as trafficking with the enemy and/or violating the prohibitions on citizen attempting any form of negotiation with foreign governments.

Those are John Kerry's credentials for excoriating a presidential candidate who simply comments on Obama's international debacle.


Well there's that , but also the Scott Camil part of the Winter Soldiers operation


JM HANES. Why do you feel it necessary to type, and post THE TRUTH about KERRY?
Isn't it illustrative of the MFM, that KERRY'S anti-American stances, words, actions and feeling, and Kerry's SELF-ADMITTED colaborative WAR CRIMES, were completely ignored and given a pass by the MFM. And furthermore, the MFM, made KERRY'S fellow Navy Veterans, the focus of their IRE, and the MFM changed the ISSUE and SUBJECT from KERRY'S SICK CLAIMS and KERRY'S admitted WAR CRIMES, to focus on VETERANS who served with Kerry, and sliming them??
Doesn't that sound familiar???
Obama and Rodham have been delinquent and abject failures vis a vis our foreign policy and security...So, who does the MFM focus on????



You know JM, as to Sandy's comment, you know with his long history of radicals and terrorists, both here and abroad. With Frank Davis being his greatest influence who's to say exactly what his mindset.

Soylent Red

I think it would be interesting to attempt a defense of Obama's statement. Certainly the position enshrined in federal law is that Egypt is an ally; but as we go through its actions over the past few years it becomes clear that the new government in Egypt is quickly transitioning from ally to enemy.


It was a gaffe by the President, but I'll cut him a little slack in that "with friends like these..."

I would be a lot more inclined to cut Obama some slack if I believed that what he was trying to convey was some sort of nuanced foreign policy signal. He clearly wasn't. MB Islamist Morsi is coming for an official state visit, and Obama has gone out of his way to kiss the ass of the new Egyptian government. There has been exactly zero (to my knowledge) publicly announced change in policy toward Egypt. Everything was beer and Skittles and Arab Spring-like until the mask fell and batshit crazy bubbled to the surface.

Nope. This is a demonstration of Obama's tenuous grasp of basic foreign policy and strategic concepts. He probably thinks a bi-lat is one of the muscles that hurts after 72-holes of golf.

What's worse is that there seems to be no one working in State who has a cut on Obama's campaign speeches to make sure he is not inadvertently sending mixed signals. Despite the fact that they can't find a Russian translator for the word "Reset", or a protocol officer to advise against giving an octogenarian monarch an iPod full of campaign speeches, my assumption is that somewhere there must be someone who has a fundamental understanding of US-Egyptian relations. Johns Hopkins and Harvard certainly produce enough credentialed graduates where one would think the odds would be fairly high.

It's almost like the entire foreign policy of the United States is being run by a bunch of amateurs and political hacks who are just making shit up as they bumble along. Foreign policy is like a box of choc-lates, dontcha know.

Danube of Thought

"DoT-Thanks for the good cheer. Two fingers for the polls."

Rich, it's not my purpose to spread good cheer or bad. I've been reporting both encouraging and discouraging poll reults here at least since Gore vs. Bush.


"The State Objections Board comprised of Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Attorney General Derek Schmidt and Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer postponed until Monday action on a complaint filed by a Manhattan resident pending review of a copy of Obama's birth certificate from Hawaii.

"I don't think it's a frivolous objection," Kobach said. "I do think the factual record could be supplemented."

Requests were to be sent to officials in Hawaii, Arizona and Mississippi in an attempt to secure copies of the president's birth records."


If they get a copy of the Obama's certificate, from Hawaii, they will be the first to do so.


Soylent, I imagine there are dozens of people at the State Department who are aware of the most minute nuances of diplomacy, but since Obama is obviously smarter than all of them why would he need their assistance?


Soylent. Every thing the Obama does and every thing he says is CALCULATED by Jarrett, AxelKnob, Soros and maybe Plouffe.
If Obama has to speak extemporaniously, much like G.W.Bush did in Florida on 9-11.
If Obama is forced to speak for "himself".
He is an abject clusterf@#4.
Obama is a show horse. He's a blithering moron and Marxist.
His HANDLERS tell him what to say, and what to wear.


Just in from the Dog Walk.

The meme today on the AM Radio News breaks (ABC/NBC) was that US Based Christian Fundamentalists created a derogatory YouTube film, and that that is the reason the listening audience should take away as to why all these Islamic radicals overseas are attacking our embassies. One of the Alphabet networks actually stated that protesters at the Embassies told them that was why they were angry. It was reported in short, easily digested soundbite segments, focusing on the identity of the movie making Coptic Christian, his criminal background and his source of funding, then quick comments by Southern Law Policy personnel stating that he lied about his true identity and that he is a member of 2 Hate Groups.

The Take Away that the casual drive home news listener was to gather today was that all these protests were caused by irresponsible US based Christian Fundamentalists, period. That was the simple meme to remember. The source of all this trouble lies with those who are the natural supporters of Romney.

That established, it was simple to then follow up with bites designed to paint Romney as reckless and irresponsible on foreign policy followed by bits painting President Obama as calm and measured.

That's the MSM's re-elect Obama narrative for the drive home soccer mom's not paying much attention.

Back to catch-up.


Yes Daddy. Sub human degenerates in Libya, who had knowledge and access to KILL our AMBASSADOR on EXACTLY 9-11, got pissed off, and VOILA, had RPG's and acted as Citizens of the World, because of some YOUTUBE video, that they had never seen.

That's what the MFM is selling.


There's a big difference between making a 'flub' and stumbling around a full blown Middle-Eastern crisis like a mentally retarded child chasing a red balloon.

Jesus Mary mother of god, Romney could masterbate on live television and the members of JOM would declare it a politically brilliant move.

These monarchist tendencies are what allowed Bush to destroy the Conservative brand, which in turn led to the nomination of Barrack Obama. It's funny, but it's all coming full circle.


Bedtime pdf:


Goodnight all.


3 Embassies attacked and desecrated ON 9-11. A UNITED STATED AMBASSADOR, murdered and used as a DEATH TROPHY by ISLAMISTS. Obama and Rodhams Egyptian State Department puts out an APOLOGY to MUSLIMS.

This was all very and quite predictable. A Muzztard/Marxist raised, half-wit and affirmative action recipient, is given a job of SERIOUS and EXTREME significance and importance. The HALF-WIT, Affirmative Action recipient, SCREWS UP ROYALLY in all facets of the JOB.

And LIBTARDS continue to slobber over him.


Steyn on Obama’s Las Vegas ‘performance’: ‘Every American should be ashamed of their president’ [AUDIO].


I just read that NBC gave 25% more air time to the Dem convention than to the Repub convention. Is there a way to see if this time was declared by the DNC or the Obama campaign as an in-kind donation?

There's a big difference between making a 'flub' and stumbling around a full blown Middle-Eastern crisis like a mentally retarded child chasing a red balloon.

You should have stopped with paragraph one. It provides a perfect description of Obama's performance this week.

The rest of your comments require a rosetta stone of some inane language to decipher, and frankly aren't worth the trouble.


Watching Greta while dozing off. I swear she said that two of the dead Americans were former SEALS. Until now I had heard that only one was a SEAL.

Is this right?? It sure seems like a lot of the more recent deaths, of Americans, in the Middle East have been very high value targets. In addition, IIRC, rockets, that never hit anything, hit the Chairman of the joint chiefs plane, in Bagram last month.

What are two "former" SEALS doing with an ambassador? Who was the real target??

I am going to vomit right now; something sinister is afoot.



Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri on Thursday released an audio recording hailing the “blessed” September 11 terror attacks as “the greatest blow” America had ever suffered. He also asserted an Islamic duty to “liberate” every inch of Muslim lands, and called upon Muslims to “purify” their countries of corrupt leaders during what he termed a period of “American weakness.”

The last time they called America a "paper tiger" (bin Laden after Somalia) they got "W" and now they know this is their last chance because Mitt Romney isn't going to stand still for their sh!t.


Oops, the last paragraph is not part of the quote, it is my comment. Sorry.


TK. There were 2 State Department deaths. The Ambassador, and a Young I-T and highly educated man. Mr.Smith. The other 2 who were killed, have been described as "former Navy Seals", and the obligatory, "working for contractors" stuff. The former SEAL et al, were in LIBYA. CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS now come into play. Why and for What purpose, would MEN of this PEDIGREE, be in LIBYA for?
It doesn't take a genius, to figure it out.


Sara. God bless you Sara. You GET IT.


Haven't caught up yet, but gotta' say I am bummed from the intermittent news breaks I'm seeing at FOX tonight that pop up and tell us in the 30 second blurb updates that the protestors are angry because of an American made video that was insulting to Islam.

Even on FOX that is the meme being spouted, so that is the simple, memorable point that will stick in the heads of those who don't have the time to pay as much attention as we do every day. Infuriating.

That is why, much as I like Michael Ledeen's post, I have to say he is wrong when he says this at the beginning of his column:

"No serious person believes that an obscure movie shown to less than a dozen people many months ago was the “cause” of the simultaneous assaults in Cairo and Benghazi."

Serious people will believe it if they are not given all the facts and are instead being fed a persuasive meme to answer the question floating around in their head.

What Ledeen mentions IMHO is not what is being put out to the public. What is being put out to the public, even by FOX (which ought to know better) is the simpler, more understandable meme of the day---Protestors are enraged and breaking our stuff because of a derogatory film put out by reckless US based Christians. And if you want proof here's the Protestors themselves saying so on this channel and that channel, and here on another channel is our JCS head telephoning one of the nutty Christian's responsible and telling him to stop it. And now we've got Reuters and probably AP and who knows who else identifying the Christian perps as members of Hate groups, plus we've got our President and Hillary making similar sounding claims, and to top it off, if you actually find out what really happened in Libya you have to be reading newspapers from Britain, not America.

So serious people will believe it, because that meme is going to be drummed in their heads from here on out, effectively enough that they don't need to do any efforts to uncover details about a question that they already have a relatively solid answer for.

MSM Delenda est.



Just wanted a day without the polls. You can quit for a day.

And I didn't realize that the US had blasphemy laws, but here you go:

Attorney General Eric Holder said that Justice Department officials had opened a criminal investigation into the deaths of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other diplomats killed during an attack on the American mission in Benghazi. It was not immediately clear whether authorities were focusing on the California filmmaker as part of that probe.

A federal law enforcement official said Thursday that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55, was the man behind "Innocence of Muslims," a film denigrating Islam and the Prophet Muhammad that sparked protests earlier in the week in Egypt and Libya and now in Yemen. U.S. authorities are investigating whether the deaths of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Libya came during a terrorist attack.

One other thing that Ledeen didn't include in his great article but may be relevant-it is almost the anniversary of the Camp David Accords (September 17th) the peace treaty was signed a few months later March 26th. I could see these riots ginned up and then a terror wave directed at the MFO on the Sinai. They have already had a wave of kidnappings and attacks are not unheard of. Some 700 US military are stationed there.

JM Hanes

Shannen Coffin with "A Lede I'd Like to See:"

"In response to President Obama’s statement earlier today that Egypt isn’t exactly an ally of the United States, the U.S. Embassy in Cairo put out a statement making clear that that statement had not been cleared by them."


JM Hanes-

Wow, hopefully by 3 AM tomorrow they'll have this all sorted out. Maybe I can give them a score card:

1. Egypt is a major non-nato ally.

2. The US has about 700 military personnel stationed on the Sinai.

3. The foreign aid we give to Egypt is part of the Camp David Accords and Egypt-Israel Peace treaty.

4. Your foreign policy consisted of ushering Mubarak out the door and undermining the Egyptian military establishment.

5. You openly embraced, then stuck in the eye, the MB leadership currently in place.

6. Our embassy was attacked and a film that no one has heard of made by someone no one has heard of and endorsed by someone no one has heard of wasn't the cause.

And I'm hopeless behind on my reading: IOWAHAWK: Need blasphemers located in the USA? Call 1-800-DOJ-HOLDER and leave the legwork to us! #fastfriendlyservice.

Want to laugh, but it pisses me off further.


So is it costing us $1.5 Billion to distract from the abysmal jobs numbers and our miserable economy, or what?


Mitt Romney campaigns in Fairfax County, Virginia on Thursday with a 0.8 point lead in RealClearPolitics average of Virginia polls. A Gravis Marketing poll of likely Virginia voters has Romney defeating President Barack Obama, 49% to 44%.


On the lighter-side...


Your NRO Link lead me to 10 Worst College Majors for Your Career

I'm Number 4! I'm Number 4!

Anybody else have a worse College Major?


Silent Support: Unpolled Spanish Speakers May Have Romney Up in Florida

Despite the fact that the Democrats have had a net gain of registered Hispanic voters — outpacing Republicans in Hispanic gains 4 to 1 — the biggest gainer was “no party affiliation,” with 96,000 new Hispanic voters. Registered Florida Hispanic voters in 2012 are composed of 38% Democrats, 30% Republicans, and 30% independents.

More important than party affiliation, however, is political outlook. According to 2012 Experian Simmons data, only 20% of Hispanic registered voters in Florida identify themselves as liberal, while 40% identify themselves as conservative and 36% say they are middle of the road. Even among Florida’s Hispanic Democrats, only 24% consider themselves liberal.


Presenting Obama as a small-business killer will resonate with Florida’s entrepreneurial Hispanic voters, 59% of whom have aspirations of setting up their own businesses (vs. 37% for their non-Hispanic Florida counterparts).

On social issues, Florida’s Hispanic voters also track closely with traditionally conservative positions and values. For example, 53% of Florida’s Hispanic voters consider themselves “more pro-life than pro-choice” vs. 30% for non-Hispanics. Also, 52% say it’s important to them to attend religious services vs. 40% for non-Hispanics. And they are more worried about violence and crime (81% vs. 64%) than their non-Hispanic counterparts.


Self-identified Hispanics make up about 13% of Florida’s registered voters, and 37% of them prefer to speak only or mostly Spanish, according to Simmons. In Florida, Spanish-preferring Hispanic voters tend to be older — with a median age of 53 vs. 39 for those who are English-preferring — and more conservative, 43% vs. 38% for English-preferring.

The Florida polls are not accurately representing this pocket of Hispanic voters, whose number could range between 570,000 and 691,000, because they simply aren’t polling in Spanish.

Mitt should get his son, Craig, who is fluent in Spanish, to get busy campaigning among this group.


Anybody else have a worse College Major?

Nope not on the list and a bit surprised. Looks like unemployment isn't just for philosophy majors anymore.


So much for my hoped for poll-free day:(


Whoa the al-AP assigned 7 to write up the film maker. Wonder if they have obituaries prepared for him and the unfortunate crew that thought they were working on a film called "Desert Warriors". This is starting to stink more and more.


Prophet Muhommed follower 1 blows up a school full of children.

Filmaker Guy makes movie saying Prophet Muhommed follower 1 is a crazy fascist that kills children.

Prophet MuHommed follower 2,3,4,5 riot at US Embassy.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton attack filmaker Guy who pointed out Prophet Muhommed follower 1's crazy fascism.



I wouldn't get to far out on the film angle. In Ledeen's piece he wrote about how the Iranians and Syrians were able to take the cartoons (and mix in some stuff that had nothing to do with the orignial cartoons) and whip up a frenzy that lasted for weeks.


This story on Stevens and how he never understood he was being used until it was too late strikes me as accurate.


It reminds me of the disarmament naivete where the universities actively sought to convince the students that the Russians were just like us and would never contemplate a first strike. And if we would just show our good faith first with unilateral cuts then they would cease being paranoid and respond in kind.

Stevens understood Islam as he wished it to be not the reality. He was only safe as long as he was useful.


According to website Buzzfeed the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is kicking off their "Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month" festivities by sending out to Employees an E-mail with "the above image of a horse and buggy passing a billboard of the Marxist revolutionary, in addition to a listing of facts about Hispanic culture."

Here's the photo:

I can't vouch for the reliability of Buzzfeed, but maybe someone out there can.


Even the so-called news articles use the term "the Prophet Muhammad." Actually, it's "the Muslim prophet Muhammad," isn't it?

The only way to deal with this blasphemy bullshit is with an orgy of blasphemy. Americans should rise up by the millions and denounce Islam in the most vile and colorful terms the next time they kill one of our people using the blasphemy-provocation excuse.


Click for full size.


Today would be a good day for Romney to hit them with a foreign policy speech.

Captain Hate

rse, that article made clear what the dribs and drabs coming out, with no help from the MFM, were suggesting: That Stevens was a typical State Dept ideologue who regarded the world as he wanted to see it instead of how it really was. It still doesn't excuse the savagery of his killers nor the incompetence of those at the highest level who put him in harms way. Smart diplomacy.


Agreed ch. The naivete seems to run up the ladder. Unless it is addressed it is hard to imagine that this tragedy will be an exception or that it will be another 30 years before it happens again.

Making university education about imagining the future as you want it to be may be coming everywhere thanks to bo and arne as I wrote about earlier in the week. At Tufts and G'town and Hopkins and Berkeley and Stanford and Harvard that tendency has been going on in certain disciplines for quite a while.

daddy-I know someone at the EPA I can ask for verification. Ivy League to EPA. Speaking of the quite a while. Maybe that explains the support for Kucinich when he ran. Yikes!

Sandy Daze

I certainly wasn't suggesting that Obama hasn't done tremendous damage, but I'm afraid the idea that he wants murdered Americans to pave the way for the next caliphate is well and truly beyond belief.

Posted by: JM Hanes | September 13, 2012 at 11:30 PM


Well, short hand on my part and not nearly nuanced. . .it is not he wants specific Americans Murdered/Assassinated, it is just that, in my view, he recognizes that there will be collateral damage in the necessary humbling--bringing to its knees--of America.

The JEF is not worthy of America.

The JEF is not worthy of their service & sacrifice.


Ambassador Christopher Stevens
Sean Smith
Glen Doherty
Tyrone S. Woods

May they all Rest In Peace.

For what is it to die but to stand naked
in the wind and to melt into the sun?
And what is to cease breathing, but to
free the breath from its restless tides,
that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?
Only when you drink from the river of silence
shall you indeed sing.
And when you have reached the mountain top,
then you shall begin to climb.
And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.

-- Khalil Gibran


I note Hillbuzz no longer has a picture of Hillary on their banner and now has a pic of the Capitol building (as in "the Hill"). Heh.

Janet - Why does Johnny Depp hate the poor? pourquoi?

IOWAHAWK: Need blasphemers located in the USA? Call 1-800-DOJ-HOLDER and leave the legwork to us! #fastfriendlyservice.


Janet-- I can't even muster a chuckle at IowaHawks post (of course it's hilarious), because it's too true. These fucking Obama gansters and their Journo-Whores are punishing a man in the USA because he's tangentally involved in an episode that is causing them political damage-- and which they themselves are primarily responsible. Stevens and his men were murdered by Jihadis for Jihadi reasons (Bam killing AQ in Pakistans and Yemen). Failing to properly protect Stevens and the Cairo Embassy grounds is Bam's negligence. Bam's an anti-USA #@^sucker, and the media slags trying to drag him across the finish line are lying POS. That is all.

hit and run

Your NRO Link lead me to 10 Worst College Majors for Your Career
I'm Number 4! I'm Number 4!

Number 9...number 9....number 9

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

The latest FWDAJ podcast is up here.

You Too looks different because it's under repair. There was no virus but something needed to be updated.

In the first half (I think ) of the podcast Dick and I nearly had a fistfight. It wasn't pretty. It was about Congress and Harry Reid.

hit and run

So, Mitt did an interview with George Stephanopoulous. George wrote it up. He said this about Romney's response to questions around Obama's "shoot first" comments"...

Romney wouldn't take that bait.

I think George intended it without irony, but he explicitly admits that his interview was conducted with the very purpose to bait Romney.


Romney to Steffy:

""And now the Federal Reserve, it says, 'Look, this economy is not going well. They're going to QE3. They're going to print more money," the former governor said.

"What Bernanke's doing is saying that what the president's saying is wrong. The president's saying the economy's making progress, coming back. Bernanke's saying, 'No, it's not. I've got to print more money."

Jim Eagle

Without reading the whole thread from last night and this morning, this may have already been posted but The Independent (very left wing) in the UK is reporting that the Embassy in Libya was given a 48 hour warning of the attacks. Also, the head of the National Brigade in Libya is still saying it was because of the film but all indications from every reliable intelligence source says it had been planned for months by the Syrian and Iranian entities and factions of Al-Queda. They used the film to gin up the crowds.

Have to run but wanted to post that in case it was missed.


Some good observations and advice from Kim Strassel in the WSJ, "Mr. Romney Trust Your Pants":

Mitt Romney is slipping in the polls because, when it comes to his own policies, he is once again wearing a belt, suspenders, and even some elasticized waistbands. The bold Romney who picked Paul Ryan as a catalyst to run on ideas has been ousted by the return of the careful Romney who wants this race to be about Barack Obama. And America is unwilling to trust a man who seems unwilling to trust his own agenda.

Chris Wallace remains a fool.

Herd Streat

"Mitt Romney is slipping in the polls because..."

Oh really?




JiB-- no surprise the UK Independent Rag is playing this up. They luv AQ and hate military anti-terrorism. But the simple truth is that Stevens was an AQ assasination. AQ have been strong in Benghazi since the Libyan civil war started; they zeroed in mortars and light arms (probably RPGs as well) on the Consulate AND the safe house. They had intel and preped their weapons. Was Cairo simply a convenient cover event to act, or was it all AQ coordinated? That's the only real question left. Oh, and JEF's response has been disgraceful and couldn't have been more wrong at this point.

Jim Ryan

hit, you majored in drama? Wow!

daddy, you and I have same major, fly hang gliders, and listen to Levin. Possibly same favorite color? Mine's yellow.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

Chris Wallace remains a fool.

I couldn't agree more. That Obama bumper sticker on hie forehead should be pasted across his mouth.


OT-- MelR-- Stats prove the escalation of Soc Sec Disability rolls continue. That's were the NONemployed are going when they leave the labor market. JEF is a frikkin' cancer on the economy. http://cnsnews.com/news/article/social-security-and-disability-payments-hit-annual-records-month-left-fy


"A reader wonders how it is that the U.S. had only a few security guards protecting an ambassador in a place as dangerous as Libya, while Valerie Jarrett gets a full Secret Service detail even while on vacation.
Yes. Please do explain why does a woman of no special training or experience who holds a position not mandated by the Constitution or authorized by Congress rates such costly protection. Why are taxpayers paying for Secret Service protection for a Chicago crony while Total Security At Consulate Hit By IED in June, In Al Qaeda Stronghold, On Anniversary of 9/11: 1. Doors with Locks 2. Four -- Four! -- Libyan Guards, At Least One Of Whom Betrayed Staffers? "

(Well, Townhall offers up something that may explain why the Ambassador thought he was safe, he was sympathetic to the rebels and had been our go between guy to them. You remember the tail of the frog who gives a lift to a scorpion..)


Clarice-that's what that article I linked above said as well. He thought he was among friends he had helped and sympathized with. They used him until he ceased to be useful.


If Stevens failed to understand that once Gadahfi was room temp, the Libyan-AQ allied Rebels would bring in AQ and MB fighters into their Benghazi stronghold, then Stevens was naive in the extreme. The June IED attack in Benghazi made that simple truth obvious.


I saw excerpts of that interview with George last night and he wanted a Gotcha and Romney knew it too. And there would have been no casual correction a la "My Muslim faith." Simply a matter of misspeaking and not worth paying attention to only applies if you insist on an active role of govt in every aspect of people's lives.


*Tale of the frog*
(I need coffee)

Yes, he was naive, so is the Dept of State and the President.



Ramirez, God bless his hands. What a genius.

Jim Ryan

We're headed over the cliff. That half of us will vote Dem again and that our press is in the toilet shows that there is little hope. The only way of avoiding calamity I can see is:

1. GOP takes WH and Senate.
2. GOP Congress and president introduce and pass the right kind of reforms.
3. These reforms come in time and the economy turns around.
4. Muddle and any libs who are not quite insane witness the turnaround, take notice of economic facts and decide to vote for conservatives in the future, giving the U.S. a conservative electorate for the foreseeable future.

I don't see any other path and none of these four steps has a high probability. For all four of them to happen is unlikely. Step 2 has a terribly low probability. Step 4 is important because in 2014, 2016, 2018 or 2020 the left could regain power and trash the economy again.

But we keep our nose to the grindstone. Going to the local GOP HQ to volunteer today. Please turn up at yours for an hour or two.


he was sympathetic to the rebels and had been our go between guy to them.

That's why all the early plaudits of Stevens, as the names of others killed with him went unmentioned, has bothered me. As head honcho, his decisions put them all there that day despite the lax security conditions. It seems likely to me that the two now-deceased former SEALS expressed safety concerns, perhaps directly to Stevens, which were ignored.

hit and run

hit, you majored in drama? Wow!


I was trained to observe the social activity in groups of people. Observation not being nearly exciting enough in itself, I now use that training instead to manipulate group behavior. But only for benevolent purposes, I assure you.

Jim Ryan


Janet - Why does Johnny Depp hate the poor? pourquoi?

In the first half (I think ) of the podcast Dick and I nearly had a fistfight. It wasn't pretty. It was about Congress and Harry Reid.

I think it's at the front part of the second half. You do so good, Jane.
I really like heated debate, so it didn't sound too near a fistfight to me.


A U.S. official told POLITICO: “There’s no intelligence indicating that the attack in Benghazi was premeditated.”

sure....because spontaneous riots against obscure youtube movies are always acompanied by mortar crews with the exact coordinates of safe houses.

Captain Hate

Chris Wallace remains a fool.

His father's son.


JimR-- as usual your opinion is sober and fair. One thing you leave out. Fed and Blue State Gov't bankruptcy (or at least insolvency.) Unless all 4 steps occur, those governments will not be able to meet their social spending promises (the fed hits the wall when the Bond vigiliants attack US Sovereign Debt and interest rates double/triple.) What Gov't insolvency will do will be similar to Greece Spain, cuts in welfare spending and debt manipulation. Personally, I would hope the insolvency will wake up persuadable US voters to the fact that the Dems have lied to them for decades and Ryan is a truth teller. But predictions are hard, especially about the future.

Jim Ryan

Majoring in philosophy is good if the department is Anglo-American style (not Continental), the kid wants to go to law school, and the kid is talented enough to be amongst those law school grads who get a job. Otherwise, no.

The liberal arts college days are over. I'm telling my kids to get a trade and read Hume at night or take a class on Aristotle after work. "Go get a good liberal arts degree," my mom said. Those days are now gone, unless the kid is extraordinarily talented and will get a job willy nilly.

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