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September 20, 2012


Jim Eagle

Who cares? I'm a Red's fan. Always have been since the Dodgers left Brooklyn and the Giant's Queens.

Met's? Meh. Is Marv Thornberry in the HOF yet?


Go Braves!

Gibson ERA.

Marvelous Marv.


If Jane, Dave, Rocco, TC or MAM did a live blog of the Mass debate tonight, please point me to it on whatever thread it was on.

Somebody give TM a shot of Ritalin quick before he posts a new thread again.


The Mets thought Booby Valentine was a good idea. (Before the Red Sox did). Just the sort of team to go broke because of Madoff...

Go Braves.

Jim Eagle

Final 16 to 1. First time in Met's history they gave up 8 runs in the first inning at home. Even when Marv Thornberry played but then he wasn't a hapless pitcher.

Stick to those marvelously streaking Yankees, TM. Those guys make everyone within reach of WFAN proud.


*Ahem.* Marv Throneberry.

Jim Eagle


Going to Lecture Like a Rock Star.

/your navigator

Dave (in MA)

I heard about half of the debate on the car radio while running around doing errands.

Apparently Fauxcahontas wiped the floor with Brown:

Dave (in MA)

My favorite line that I heard was when he called out her hypocrisy when he referred to the optional higher tax rate that MA residents can choose to pay as "another box she could have checked".

Howie Carr mentioned today that she has two speaking styles, condescending and scolding. Both were used to a great extent tonight.



Thanks JiB,

On my way now.

Dave (in MA)


Elizabeth Warren 54.38%
Scott Brown 37.45%
Neither was particularly good. 5.69%
Both wowed me. It's going to be a tough choice. 2.48%
Total Votes: 10,305



Interupting Sports for a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!


Captain Hate

HB CC from another member of the Buckeye state.

Danube of Thought

The ship be sinking.


Dave,that's a vote of Boston Globe readers, right? If it's even that close, Fauxcahontas in heap big trouble.

Dave (in MA)

jimmyk, correct. And here I was thinking that Brown won handily, until I saw those boston.com and universalhub pages.

hit and run


Thank you for picking up the slack Ann. I'm so behind this week and what with the crappy internet at my hotel.


Happy Birthday CCal!!


Excellent point made by Ambassador John Bolton whom I just caught on tonight's rerun of Gretta's show.

Re: The video provoking the Libyan attacks: Bolton said, ok just for argument's sake, lets actually take the president's fairy tale as if it was true. Let's assume that, given what we all know about the huge numbers involved in the attack, the weapons, etc, we are now to assume that instead of the long term planning and coordination an operation like this would normally take, these guys instead are able to whip things up involving these weapons and these numbers and this complexity at the drop of a hat, thereby showing that instead of winning the war against AQ as pronounced a few weeks back, instead these guys are getting a heck of a lot better at it than before.

Bolton said it in better language and with better particulars, but that was the gist of it and it certainly is a compelling point in my view.


The phillies seem to be trying to make up for the 1964 team by starting the season sucking worse than the Mets, then reversing course when it appeared they could do no more damage to the team's record.

hit and run

The shuttle does a flyover (on the back of a 747) through the San Fran Bay Area tomorrow.

Some may think that that is just a coincidence for JOM Meet Up Day.

Some think all sorts of crazy things.

In other news, Romney coming to the Bay Area, specifically the town of Hillsborough, tomorrow.

I was not sent to town to prep for that event. I promise.


Howie Carr has a very fun write-up on 'Ted Kennedy's Senate Seat---Round 1.'

That's my headline grabber BTW. Howie's is A note to Granny: You’re not in Oklahoma anymore

"Granny Warren is described in one of her bios as a “legendary high school debater in Oklahoma. She’s not in high school anymore. The kid from the poor side of town handled her with ease, landing one blow after another."

Good laughs and good comments throughout.


Too bad your show wasn't on tomorrow. Then you could talk about the debate and Dick could say ,"I didn't watch it 'cause they're all alike."



They usually put us up down at the Wharf, so this time of night if still thirsty I hustle on over to Fiddler's Green. Where you imbibing this evening? (or do you have to work?)

hit and run

Fiddler's Green? Now you tell me, daddy!

I'm imbibing in my hotel room tonight with my PBR's. And I'm working. A winning combination!

(have I mentioned how crappy the wireless signal is in my room? grrrrrrr)

I stayed at a hotel at the Wharf last year -- but that's 2 miles from the convention center. Worked out well: from all I ate and drank a four mile round trip hike each day was much needed. I only wish I had Fry Fry to make it with me!

This year I'm much closer ("Thank God for Bush" [see previous thread]) but I've found myself wandering up to the Wharf the last two nights out of habit.

The two nights before I've wandered China Town for hole in the wall dives, and have been richly rewarded. They're setting up for what appears to be a big celebration in the next week or so. Would love to be here to see it.


"I've wandered China Town for hole in the wall dives, and have been richly rewarded."

That's probably the best way to do it. Speaking of Fry, he just asked me to take him out for the nightcap. Excuse us for a bit...

hit and run

Grrr. If I could locate the place I found two nights ago I would happily promote it. But google maps is too much for my connection.

I had the turnip greens and pork soup and then the scallops in black beans with veggies for the entree. Both were excellent.

Two nights ago wasn't literally in China Town, which makes sense since it was a sushi joint. Akkikios on Bush street. Small place that I got to early and was the only person in the joint. Had the server recommend items off-menu. Wonderful. Bloody expensive, but absolutely splendid.


The New York Giants rallied on Sunday to avoid an 0-2 start, but tonight they face a whole new challenge: Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton.



I'm going to go way out on a limb here and guess that the Giants might just pull off a victory over the Panther, 36 - 7.

"turnip greens and pork soup and then the scallops "


No doubt about it, you need to schedule a visit to A(nother) Bub's pad in Hawaii. She and Rom will hors d'oeuvre the carp out of you, then run you down to a Chinese place where the Hong Kong chef will whip up amazing dishes of scallops and spinach and Peking Duck, and you'll be so stuffed from the appetizers you won't be able to eat a bite. That's living!


Brown - Warren debate.

Listened from another room as my wife watched it. Warren kept on repeating herself appealing to to redistribution crowd. Brown said he was the most non-aligned senator in Washington.
Brown did get a few zingers in at Warren by pointing out how much she made for teaching a single class. He also pointed out that she could always pay more taxes if she wished. She did not take that option, but wants others to pay more.
In my opinion, he was less effective when he was asking her to release her job application to Harvard to see if she claimed to be a minority.
If you find a recording of the debate and review it, remember the crazed crowd that both are addressing.


Anyone else noticing Tom has dropped Saint George Zimmerman as a lost cause?
Can Willard be far behind?
What's that? He's been dropped too??!
Well, you still have, um, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. Oh, and Sarah Palin. She's rested and ready for 2016, I'm sure...

Thomas Collins

Happy Birthday, cc.

Congrats to the Reds and Nats and their fans. And hoping you're back in the dugout soon, Dusty Baker.


Bobby V. really was a pretty good manager when he managed the Mets.
And Tom has started at least a dozen Zimmerman threads. Do you really want another one?


Happy September 21st. It's the last full day of summer. Happy Birthday to jazz drummer Chico Hamilton, who is 91 today. How is it that so many jazz musicians live well into their 90s?

Captain Hate

How is it that so many jazz musicians live well into their 90s?

I doubt that the rate is any higher than the rest of the population. I can give you a fairly lengthy list of jazz musicians who died early in life through poor lifestyle choices or otherwise. I believe playing music keeps your mind active but unfortunately it didn't keep Max Roach from getting Alzheimers despite being very creatively active late in life.


Happy Birthday, centralcal! Lots of love to you!


Happy Birthday, CC


Happy Birthday,centralcal!

Melinda Romanoff

Happy Birthday, c-cal!


Happy Birthday centralcal. Have a wonderful day.


Happy Birthday, CC


Happy birthday, cc.

Jim Eagle

Happy Birthday CC.

Romney when he is elected POTUS needs to do one thing and that is name Sarah Palin Ambassador to Australia.

Here's why!

Old Lurker

Yay CC!


Oh? Is today CC's birthday? How was I to know? :-)



Thank you, everyone!

JiB - "cranks and crazies" - sounds like he is the one who is a crank and crazy, to me. No sense wasting Palin's talent there.

Old Lurker

CC is our Garden Gnome still on the bench in case we need him?

Rick Ballard

Happy Birthday, Central-Cal.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, C ♥ ♥ ♥ (I stole Ann's hearts!)

Captain Hate

"cranks and crazies" - sounds like he is the one who is a crank and crazy, to me. No sense wasting Palin's talent there.

That delusional turd obviously lives in an alternative universe considering how the economy has been so gangbusters under the JEF. Maybe he should spend more time worrying about his own country.


Happy Birthday c-cal! Always enjoy your posts. Hope your health is good.


New RNC ad up and running...


And HB to you, cc! :)


Yes, O.L. - I made sure that G.G.'s engraved nameplate was removable (like a necklace), just in case!


Jay Cost is speaking, I suggest you read and contemplate. Porch he makes the point about how late the DNC convention was this year too:




“I’m a believer in elites, and I’m a believer in achievement,” he said. “But the idea that a guy has a million bucks worth of education at Occidental, Columbia, Harvard Law, and he becomes a community organizer. He becomes a constitutional scholar who doesn’t actually teach anything. He has this charmed life. He’s just wafted upwards until a combination of circumstances gives him the ultimate waft in 2008, and becomes president. And he’s someone who, to use an old Rumsfeld line, doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.”

“He has this kind of invincible ignorance, so that when something happens, he goes off and he flies in to Cairo and gives his usual speech, and he thinks OK, that’s it, that’s the Muslim world taken care of, next,” Steyn continued. “And then when it all explodes and blows up in his face, he’s not even interested enough to try and find out what’s going on here. And I think it’s that perfect pampered, cosseted, invincible ignorance. And if you’ve ever been on an American college campus and just tried to plant a new thought in this sort of indestructible faculty-lounge group think, you’ll be very familiar with the way Obama approaches these things.”



Happy Birthday CCal!

Melinda Romanoff

The Zero Hedge twitter feed is sending out a bunch of quotes from EU officials who are saying that iBama Administration has requested a "Do Nothing Until After Nov. 6" with regards to the EU crisis.

Danube of Thought

Minus 9 at Raz today.

Leads Romney by 1.


"Minus 9 at Raz today.
Leads Romney by 1."

You see, it's as if facts, policy, results and murder do not matter to his supporters. It's money that matters.


"September 19, 2012 Fox News reported.

“Obama Slides Taliban Lawyer Into Top Spot At Justice Department”

“A lawyer who came to prominence for his full-throated defense of a subsequently convicted terrorist was quietly promoted to the No. 3 slot at the Department of Justice last month, a post that puts him in charge of the administration’s policy regarding Guantanamo Bay detainees...

... Fox News failed to mention that Tony West represented Obama in a lawsuit filed by retired Commander Charles Kerchner. Commander Kerchner and others have attempted to get Obama to release his records."



Wonderful quote, MarkO.

Melinda Romanoff

Here's the post at ZH, with the Reuters source article embedded.

Europe Finally Comes Out.

Let's see how long this one stays up.

Melinda Romanoff

Maxine Waters skates.




Drudge has a bizarre story up about an Austin man, supposedly an obvious racist for "lynching" an empty chair, with an American flag attached, on a tree in his front yard. The media converged and filmed the rattled man removing the chair. Drudge says the Secret Service is investigating, but I didn't see that in the article he linked. The guy seemed scared to death to me. How could this innocuous bit of political "speech" in his front yard rise to something the SS should get involved in? Did the SS investigate each American who hung Bush in effigy in the many lefty protests during his 8 yrs.?



Michael Graham on the Brown-Warren debate.



PBR's are a favorite down at Revere Beach...for you (Warning Ladies...vulgar language)



FNC just announced that the Congressional Ethics Committee will NOT pursue any further action on the ethics investigation of Maxine Waters!


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Happy birthday, centralcal.
Is Ann your twin, cause you're both my favorites.

Rob Crawford

So, what do ya'll think of the report that only 15% of Democrats think the economy is doing poorly?

I think it reflects their attachment to the parasite class. It's NOT doing bad for them -- government never lays people off to keep from going bankrupt, and their contracts are so insulated from market forces that they get raises and bonuses and golden retirement packages even when a for-profit business would go bankrupt.

That, or they're so blinkered by partisan bullshit that they cannot let themselves believe the JEF is overseeing the opening of a second Great Depression.

Rob Crawford
How could this innocuous bit of political "speech" in his front yard rise to something the SS should get involved in? Did the SS investigate each American who hung Bush in effigy in the many lefty protests during his 8 yrs.?

See my previous comments about fuhrerprinzip; it is forbidden to criticize The Won. To make use of the Voltaire quote circulating today: "If you want to know who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

And, thinking of Bush, I think we see with the left's attitude towards him the opposite of the fuhrerprinzip -- the odd drive to demonize that Orwell dramatized with the "Two Minute Hate" and Emmanuel Goldstein. Could it be that just as they feel the need to put absolute authority in a single person, they need to cast a single person as the embodiment of all evil?


I'd put the damn thing back up and sit in my front yard with some scatter shot and blast the first fool crazy enough to step onto my property. But that's just me. My husband would take it down. And tell them I was crazy.


Happy birthday dear centralcal!


Here's what everyone's missing: this chair incident is happening in AUSTIN.

You know Austin, the bluest town in Texas. Where there almost no Obama yard signs to be seen and only a sprinkling of bumper stickers.


Gmax, thanks so much for that Cost link. His point on the lateness of the convention was much more concise than mine (as was yours).

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--So, what do ya'll think of the report that only 15% of Democrats think the economy is doing poorly?--

You are not of the body. Landru Barry must be obeyed.

JM Hanes


"Do Nothing Until After Nov. 6"

Here's a link to the story in the Chicago Trib.

BLEG to JOMmers:

My personal goal for campaign 2012 is to persuade at least 5 liberals not to vote for Obama. I plan to send out carefully selected links to articles which illustrate Obama's most egregious failings on a set of key topics -- with particular attention to using sources that liberals will find "acceptable," or which have a relatively "non-partisan" character.

On the empty chair front, I want to include a list of major decisions deferred/avoided. Mel's story above is perfect example, as is the President's observation on post-election "flexibility" wrt to Russia. My memory being what it is, I'd be grateful if anybody can remind me of other major examples. I don't necessarily need the links, although that would be great; any examples you can think of would be helpful.

The blegs will probably start coming fast & furiously, because time has suddenly gotten shorter! I'm hoping to post the results over at Quasiblog, for anyone else who feels like they could use a little help too.

Vivat Hive!


Is Ann your twin...

Thanks again for the nice wishes, all.

Aw, jeez, Iggy - wish I were as lovely as Ann, so I would have to rule out "identical" twins and hope for "fraternal" twins. lol!

Rick Ballard

Here's a new Gallup survey to warm the cockles of the coldest heart - U.S. Distrust in Media Hits New High.

JMH made a very good comment regarding overestimating the effect of the MFM Obama cheer-leading and Gallup notes Independents are sharply more negative compared with 2008, strongly suggesting that MFM propaganda efforts are not achieving their desired effect. Independents are choosing to rely upon their lying eyes.

That should put the Pinhead Troika in a tizzy.

Captain Hate

FNC just announced that the Congressional Ethics Committee will NOT pursue any further action on the ethics investigation of Maxine Waters!

But her grandson is taking the fall? Whatever happened to the head of an operation being responsible for what goes on underneath?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm not sure what power the media have anymore but it is heartening to look at the left sidebar and see a headline at Memorandum from Gallup "U.S. Distrust in Media Hits New High".



I would love it if you could share the links you are sending out. My Facebook friends are 99% liberal and I would like to be able to share things they might actually read.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Refresh before posting, refresh before posting.....


Before Obama, I don't remember the Secret Service being viewed as a bunch of sex-crazed, bungling knuckleheads, or worse, as quasi-Gestapo thought-police. I respect Bob Mueller for keeping the FBI relatively untainted during BOzo's reign. I bet we eventually learn he's been asked to do some questionable things the last four years, and he refused. Thankfully, Mueller knows too much for BOzo to fire him.


"--So, what do ya'll think of the report that only 15% of Democrats think the economy is doing poorly?--"

They lie! I wouldn't trust a Democrat to tell me if it was raining where they were while they were standing outside.

Melinda Romanoff


That is sooooo 2008.



I posted that link in aother thread... Here is my take:

Very interesting numbers. Independents' trust of the media is down 10% from 2008. Only 31% of independents trust the media, and only 33% are following political news closely these days. That tells me that there is no way the media can spin for Obama any more. 67% of independents simple refuse to watch their hackery.

Your thoughts?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Even when he makes a decision he defers/avoids.
He decides not to greenlight Keystone but leaves open he might change his mind.
He effectively closes millions of square miles of off and on shore areas to oil exploration but says they'll review it later and falsely claims they've opened more areas.
He cuts the legs off of the Czechs and Poles on missile defense but substitutes a useless puny system.
His whole foreign policy is the same avoidant BS; he plays patty cake with big scary nation states and substitutes shooting from drones at a few dopes hiding out here and there.

NJ Jan

Happy Birthday, Centralcal!


Great posts, DebinNC and iggy.

Mark Folkestad


I would love it if you could share the links you are sending out. My Facebook friends are 99% liberal and I would like to be able to share things they might actually read.

Posted by: Porchlight

Your FB page says you have 372 friends. Only perhaps four of them don't drink the leftist Kool-Aid? I haven't gone over to the dark side, so I'm one of them. But it also says that we have fifteen mutual friends. Have about a dozen of us gone over to the dark side? Sheesh. We don't need to run around with our hair on fire about the hugely-biased polls if a dozen of the JOMO tribe have betrayed us.


Looks like Warren has Brown just where he wants to be.....

Scott Brown: “Her criticism of me is that I’m not gonna raise taxes, and that’s an accurate criticism,” he said.
At another point, he said, “The criticism you’re hearing…I don’t want to raise taxes. Guilty as charged.”


Yesterday, Jane asked about Megyn Kelly segment discussing missing portion(s) of the Romney 47% tape.

Here is the link, Jane, in case you missed it to Johnny Dollar who has the clip. There is still a missing couple of minutes re: 47% remarks, but there was also a deliberate edit of Romney's Palestinian remarks that all the networks ran with.

About the Gallup poll showing 60% distrust the media, I would venture to guess the number is quite a bit larger than that, seeing how we are all learning about Poll sausage being made to achieve better outcomes.


I would rather have 60% distrusting Obama and particularly since all the details are coming out re the reality of what happened to the Ambassador. It is complete mystery to me why Obama is continuing to climb in the polls. Yes, we can say the polls are biased, but are they all?


To tell the truth, I don't care much about polls. But some interesting comments.
Just Repub spin?
No idea.
I do have a sense that the RatherGate attitude has expanded and that there is a MUCH higher level of partisanship, lying and collusion in the media this time around. Can (some) pollsters themselves be involved or at least swayed? Time will tell.
Are many polls biased on purpose?
I generally thought these accusations were kooky, but now a well-regarded Republican pollster is making them:
“The Democrats want to convince [these anti-Obama voters] falsely that Romney will lose to discourage them from voting. So they lobby the pollsters to weight their surveys to emulate the 2008 Democrat-heavy models. They are lobbying them now to affect early voting. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) polls are heavily weighted. You can weight to whatever result you want. Some polls have included sizable segments of voters who say they are “not enthusiastic” to vote or non voters to dilute Republicans. Major pollsters have samples with Republican affiliation in the 20 to 30 percent range, at such low levels not seen since the 1960s in states like Virginia, Florida, North Carolina and which then place Obama ahead. The intended effect is to suppress Republican turnout through media polling bias.”

Mark Folkestad

CC, Happy Birthday!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Intersting article at AmSpec by Tom Bethell on CS Lewis and evolution, science and scientism.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--It is complete mystery to me why Obama is continuing to climb in the polls. Yes, we can say the polls are biased, but are they all?

Posted by: sailor | September 21, 2012 at 11:53 AM--

Is he continuing to climb in all the polls?
If not your question is based on a faulty premise, no?

Rob Crawford
Can (some) pollsters themselves be involved or at least swayed?

The publicly reported polls are paid for by the press. The results of these polls will be whatever the press wants them to be. The polling companies will keep them somewhat close to reality, but they have to serve their customer -- and the customer is not the public, or truth.


Yes, Iggy, I believe so--sorrowfully.

Thomas Collins

Sailor, the Ras and Gallup polls have been going up and down within a pretty narrow range. I think a little swing to Obama now is to be expected as the negatives from the 9/11 attacks wear off and Mitt has to deal with a few days of 47% unpleasantness. As has been pointed out in a previous post (sorry I don't have at hand the JOMer to credit with this insight), when the incumbent loses, the break against the incumbent typically doesn't happen until late in the game.

Melinda Romanoff

Thanks, Jim, forwarded that link a lot.

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