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September 14, 2012


Captain Hate

The only question for 2016 is whether she'll be over 300 pounds.

Ralph L

Hillary will be pushing 70 in 2016. She may say, "I ain't no ways tired," but I bet she is.

Plus Bill has spent their $100 mil on hookers and blow.

Melinda Romanoff

She'll have the "stones" for the job, I'm sure. Sponsored by Diageo.


I've gone back to my earlier guess. When JEF loses, Hil becomes pres. of some college/university, and kicks back while her temporal needs are attended to by a coterie of young lovlies.


Bolton! We want Bolton!


Melinda-watched Ben's announcement and he seemed to not want to make eye contact with anyone.

We will just keep pushing money until economy picks up is ridiculous economics.


Someday Hillary may be able to resurrect her reputation, but I don't think that it will be by 2016. I remain unconvinced that this policy of appeasement was really her policy, and not the Presidents. But, she was the one who agreed to implement it, in trade for her dream job, and the one whose people died because of it, and her failure to make sure that her people were properly protected, including having sufficient armed personnel on hand on the anniversary of 9/11 and making sure that they had the requisite intelligence that was available elsewhere in the government.

Melinda Romanoff


He's serving his client base.


I imagine, it will be Clapper's turn 'under the bus' as it was with Admiral Blair, after the underwearbomber.


"He's serving his client base." Paging Mr. Dimon, Mr. Blankfein, Mr. Gorman, Mr. Pandit, Mr. Moynihan; Paging Mr. Dimon, Mr. Blankfein, Mr. Gorman, Mr. Pandit, Mr. Moynihan!

Rob Crawford
Someday Hillary may be able to resurrect her reputation, but I don't think that it will be by 2016.

I should live so long.

She won't, though.


One wonders since the last crisis, was in part occasioned by one fmr gitmo detainee in the AQAP leadership, the lad who went Norwegian Blue on September 10th, will this be tied to another one of those quarrelsome but well intentioned youts


This lad for instance;



Before Obama blames Hillary for this disaster ,he needs Bill to campaign for him in Fla, Ohio and Wisconsin. As soon as that is done Oblammy will assign blame to all State Dept. people to keep his toga clean.

Melinda Romanoff

German Embassy in Sudan stormed and now burning, because it was closer than the US Embassy.


German Embassy? are the Islamists unhappy with the german female circumcision law? Oh screw it, why do we make excuses for these Islamist bastards?


The Islamists are probably still pissed that the Germans didn't finish the job of wiping out all those pesky Joooooosss!


OT-- CPI Inflation stats-- up .6% in August b/c of food-gas prices (that 7%+/year). BenB says, BAH, food and gas don't count -- there is no inflation. KEEP PRINTIN' MONEY.


Really, that prompts one of Samuel Jackson's more pithier quotes about plain language, with milk at nearly 4.00 gallon, they have some nerve.


Obama is not going to blame Hillary for this disaster because it is not in the admin's view a disaster. Fundy Christians made a movie so the violence is their fault, and Romney made it worse with his ourtrageous criticism of the President.

Admin's hands are clean. MSM says so.


Good thing Hillary has already announced she's out the door after the election. Otherwise, His Majesty would be sorely vexed: couldn't fire the Hillster, but couldn't keep her either.


One other thing: Hillary kept talking about that "3 a.m. phone call" back in 2008, but it's now clear she can't even handle daytime phone calls.

I reckon the ongoing Mid-East blowup has effectively shoot her 2016 campaign in both feet before it's even started. "Unexpected events" are such pissers, aren't they?


The total lack of leadership in the Dim party is quite astonishing. After this election they deserve to reside in the wilderness.

Tom Maguire
The only question for 2016 is whether she'll be over 300 pounds.

Geez, think of New Jersey's Pride Chris Christie running in 2016 as the lightweight.


Whale wars!


How much does Sibellius weigh?
And how come she still has a job?

Melinda Romanoff


I'm largely convinced that all her calls have been *63'd the 1600.

Melinda Romanoff

"the 1600" = "to 1600".



As I posted on the other thread, Hil now knows she should have left this Obama administration sooner. Now her toga is all dirty from the loss of lives and the persistent lies.


Posted on another thread by someone else but here:
Stories Media Will Never Report: President's Tweet as Four Caskets Removed From Planes
Barack Obama

Winter is coming, but these sweatshirts are perfect for fall: OFA.BO/rj5Tns
14 Sep 12 ReplyR


SPRINGFIELD — You’ll hear a lot of numbers bandied around in the coming days regarding the Chicago Teachers Union strike – average salary, anticipated size of the district’s deficit, level of state financial support.

But the number I find most disturbing is: 19.

That’s the average Chicago Public School teacher’s score on the ACT test if they took it when attending high school, according to a 2008 Southern Illinois University study.

Despite all of the bright teachers, there are enough who scored so badly on the ACT that they dragged the average down to 19 out of a possible score of 36.

To put that number in perspective, today every high school junior in Illinois – whether they are going to college or not – is required to take the test. This year their average test score was just shy of 21.


Most the folks in my high school class that went into teaching didn't even score over 800 on the SAT. My college roommate (who went into teaching) was taking remedial math in college and I finally gave up on teaching her to work with adding, subtracting and multiplying and dividing fractions. Totally couldn't get it. Now she teaches elementary school. Scary.


I remain unconvinced that this policy of appeasement was really her policy, and not the Presidents.http://www.goodlookingloser.com/2012/06/21/sizegenetics-routine/

IB Schools in Mumbai

Advantage Hillary has already declared she is out the entrance after the selection. Otherwise, His Majesty would be sorely vexed: couldn't flame, but couldn't keep her either.


President 2016, I really don't think so. What she needs is a hair dresser. She looks like an 80 year old hag. I'm embarrassed for her.

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