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September 27, 2012


Cecil Turner

Learning curve much like the economy . . . flatlined.

Soylent Red

I think Axelrod has him coloring in between the lines now and his lips only move when he's sounding out big words.

Sad part is that Barry is the brains of the ticket.


Geez, Soylent. Think what you did for my headache with that post!


At Am Thinker - Akin, the Standard-Bearer

"Congressman Todd Akin has a solid conservative record. Furthermore, he has been at the forefront of the effort to arm MEDEVAC helicopters, an issue he took up following reports from Michael Yon and two articles that appeared at American Thinker."

"Go out and support Akin, and if someone challenges that stupid statement he made, ask him about the "bump in the road," America's "57 states," or any one of the long list of other astounding Obama/Biden stupidities. Ask your challenger if he still supports those idiots."


I think this is worthy of mention:

I had a question about Mayor Michael Bloomberg, so here in Guangzhou, China I entered into the google search block, "Mayor Bloomberg".

Immediately the word "Bloomberg" became highlighted in yellow. Below the link was a yellow block containing Chinese words surrounding "Bloomberg," No links appear below the yellow highlighted box. Translating to English the words say:

"We've observed that searching for [bloomberg] in mainland China may temporarily break your connection to Google. This interruption is outside Google's control. Edit search terms Search anyway"

I have now "edited search" a dozen times and "searched anyway" as well, but no matter how I enter it, the instant the word "Bloomberg" comes up, in whatever font I type, the search is denied with the same yellow message. If I enter "Joe Bloomberg", or "Twas bloomberg and the slithy toves... " same thing.

Surprising, because this exact instant I have Bloomberg TV on my Hotel room TV in front of me. Weird.

If I purposefully mistype in "Blooomberg news" (extra "o") it avoids the yellow boxed warning and does allow the standard listing of Google links below, with the header, "About 36,200,000 results (0.15 seconds)", but upon clicking on any of the first 10 of the 36,200,000 google links below, it gives this:

"Safari can't open the page."

So just thought I would mention this as an instance of how easy it appears to be for a regulatory entity to completely censor a particular search item on the internet.


On the bright side, the closer it gets to becoming 1984, the closer I get to being only 29 years old again:)

How young are you guys in George Orwell's America?


It is only because he cannot find a worthy teacher...


jimmyk & anyone else familiar with Kondratiev and economic wave theory-question posed on previous thread.


"Love Dale Chihuly. Had a major exhibition in Orlando at the Museum of Art in 2004."

Am just starting catch-up, but I have to say I got no use for Chuhuly at all.

Seriously, what is the matter with you guys?

Has Chihuly dunked Christ in a vat of urine?


Has he made a painting of Mother Mary smeared in elephant dung?


Has he depicted Jesus as gay or married or pornographic or in some homoerotic scene with his mom or Mary Magdalene?


Yet you guys like him.

Geez. What a bunch of unsophisticated rubes I've been wasting my time on here at JOM. You guys obviously wouldn't recognize bad art if it stuck a Robert Mapplethorpe bullwhip up your....

Melinda Romanoff

@flynn1776-"Quite simply, and apart from past years, the media have decided to weaponize the polls."


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Ideologues never learn. They have no need; they already have it all sussed out.

That's why they always seem to be having "teachable" moments, even as their students are ditching class, but they never seem to have any learnable ones, no matter how monumentally ignorant they are.


Chihuly's great. Like Caro he studied at the University of Wisconsin. Just saying.


I think Jonah Goldberg is a fairly good writer. He can come across as a little geeky on TV, and he is certainly nowhere near as articulate as say, Steyn, or the late Hitchens, but he makes a good point once in a while.


"ESPN reporter credits iBama with ending ref strike."

If Romney had done this the media would be harping on the fact that heartless Romney had just made hundreds of replacement Ref's unemployed.


daddy, I am pretty sure President Romney will know his proper place and not get involved, unlike our current meddler in chief.

But your point is true.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Posted on the old thread accidentally.
Cool site with some nice OT subjects;
New comet next Dec possibly brightest visitor to the solar system in last century.

Captain Hate

Rove has a good op-ed in the WSJ about the JEF's problematic relationship to the truth and wonders how Romney should point it out in a debate short of calling him an effing liar (maybe I modified it slightly). I think a lesson from the past indicates "There you go again" would be extremely effective.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

From the same site;
Worst death scene ever put to film.
Many other fascinating and eclectic topics.

Rick Roberts

Can’t say if he’s learning, but he is certainly winning. Cannot wait to watch the Republican bloodbath after the election.

Rob Crawford
New comet next Dec possibly brightest visitor to the solar system in last century.

I hope Hot Fudge Sundae doesn't fall on a Tuesdae next year.

Rob Crawford
Can’t say if he’s learning, but he is certainly winning.



Has anyone checked with Prince for his views on this latest charming Islamic behavior?
In the past he told us that Islamic women love wearing burqas. He seems like a big expert.

"Guy who wears assless pants endorses the burqa." ~ Dave (in MA)


You make the best point.
Obama is incapable of "learning" anything.
RR: Obama is winning What?
The war on terror-nope
the economic crisis-nope
war against cigarettes-nope
budget deficit-nope
runaway inflation with high food prices and gas through the roof-nope
green cars-nope
green energy nope
Looks like you are inhabilting an ostrich cushion.
On Nov 6th Obama wins an all express paid for ride on the cheap bus to Chicago.

Jack is Back!


I think a defining moment for all of us is the debates and how he handles Obama. Will he handle him like Bibi sort of handled him at the UN in his speech (so subtle that no one noticed) or a Nicole Wallace/Steve Schmitt soft and furry kind of thanks for being here but I object about your pronunciation of that word kind of debate


Romney should return the favor and say that"Obama is likeable enough".


Somebody is learning:

Frustrated by the lack of progress in fully exposing the conspiracy behind Barack Obama’s fraudulent Certificate of Live Birth, a nationwide group of web researchers, private investigators with access to national databases and individuals with computer hacking skills, led by a team leader now located in California, have been investigating the individuals and sites involved in the creation of the fraudulent document and the disinformation campaign associated with the false narrative of Obama’s personal history.

BB Key

Romney should say he wants to give Obama an opportunity to spend more time with his family

Captain Hate

Stephen Hayes slatters JEF and spinning catamites:


Obama will get softball questions, lie and not get called on them. If Romney spends all his time pointing out the lies he will look negative. It's a dilemma that I hope he is working on. My guess is that he should say Obama is wrong on many things, he has time to only point out the worst of the misstatements because he needs to use most of his time, expressing his own plans and views, but he hopes the audience understands that time constraints, not agreement, are holding him back.

Captain Hate

daddy, your favorite radio guy noted today that Slick and Muffer seem to have traded body types.


" TK nails it with "Harvard seems to be the one thing in common with all that is wrong""

Apologies for so many responses to the previous link on this thread, but Re: the previous comments about how so much of our current situation is being driven by Harvard. Thought it interesting that in my current read tonight I learned that President John Quincy Adams did not take the presidential Oath of Office on the Bible. Instead he took it on a Law book. Had not known that.

I admire JQAdams and have no wish to criticize him, but since Harvard Law was his Alma Mater, I suppose that that 1825 act is as good as any as a starting point from which folks can point to as a moment when HLS made it's first foray into becoming the New Nation's foundational ethical compass, as opposed to the Bible.

Am probably somewhat full of BS on this but thought it an interesting point when I read it today and 3 beers sez hit the "Post" button.


Captain Hate,

I do hope it made you chuckle. I love Dennis Miller but am cut off for about the next 2 weeks. Please keep me posted.

Soylent Red

I'm still not sure why "you're an effing liar" isn't a good approach. If nothing else it would force the press to prove you wrong, and it would have the added benefit of satiating all of his helpful advisors in the public who demand more bloodletting.

The entertainment value of watching the JEF purse his blue lips and stammer around would be priceless.

Captain Hate

Ouch daddy; does he do podcasts? I only catch his first hour because then Teh Tam is on but he is unfailingly entertaining. I will report on the highlights.

Captain Hate

The entertainment value of watching the JEF purse his blue lips and stammer around would be priceless

Or the cold vacant stare when Ryan called him out how erroneous his numbers were during the health care summit.


Well, look at how well Scott Brown did against Warren by going right after her Cherokee ancestry lie--but then he moved on to other things. He didn't call her flat out a liar, but he made his point and shocked her by being so aggressive about it.

romney should pick out the biggest, most often used of Obama's lies, and find a way to quickly dispatch them.


It's all unraveling now:


Querida sent me an e mail making the rounds counting the number of executive orders issued since Theodore Roosevelt this morning. I have been deeply disturbed by the imperial presidency regardless of party, but when I read this I was shocked.

932 Executive Orders in 3 1/2 years so far. This, combined with the unprecedented use of "czars" and the roughshod use of diktats by the bureaucracy prompted my latest. Obama's Imperial Presidency. LUN

Be afraid. Be very afraid.....


Speculation about an October surprise starting to bubble up on Twitter:

Cuffé ‏@CuffyMeh
How strange. RT @Reuters: U.S. temporarily withdrawing more staff from embassy in Tripoli, Libya, for security reasons: state department

Melissa Clouthier ‏@MelissaTweets
The sh*t is about to fly in Libya, people. Mark my words. The October surprise will be Obama bombing something.

And an interesting theory from Breitbart's John Nolte:

John Nolte ‏@NolteNC
Obama adamantly refuses to meet with Netanyahu, and same day Soros drops $1 million in Obama super PAC. Coincidence? No. Way. In. Hell.

NJ Jan

I Hope somebody in the Romney campaign is reading JOM. Your suggestion for handling Obama 's lies during debate is just right in reaching viewers without a negative tone.

I don't know what I was thinking praising Chihuly when we have those stellar pieces of carp, oops I mean art you mentioned. Must be my backward joisey background.


Yay, an Akin thread!

As for the actual topic, I don't think it's obvious that Obama isn't learning. Before considering the question, one should first stipulate what Obama has been trying to accomplish. As we all know, his goals have not been what most Americans would think worthy of a president.

Has he learned how to redistribute income, even without raising taxes?

Has he learned how to reduce our influence in the world?

Has he learned how to increase our energy costs?

Has he learned how to foil efforts to reduce voter fraud?

Has he learned how to reward his friends and punish his enemies?

Has he learned how to further his goals without going through Congress?

I'd like to read something by a lefty true believer about Obama's learning rate.


Is that number correct,Matt?


Maybe but will he bomb the right place, the strike at one place, around the time of the Underwear bomber, gave Ansar al Sharia, their excuse to organize, the 1.0 version,

NJ Jan

Lefty true believers don't believe in grading learning rates -- bad for self esteem and hurts feelings.


NRO Editors Weenies Cowards: Instead of focusing on Obama's failures, Romney should focus on Bush's


no, TK, it is not. The correct number is 135, which is still double Bush's in 8 years.

Even on the right, the BS is getting deep. Will have to vet everything now.

Rick Ballard


Have either of you contacted the Massachusetts Bar Association regarding Elizabeth Warren? Ask them for your money back if no license to practice law is required in Massachusetts (presuming you are both members).


Rick - I need some positivity. Can all of these polls be wrong? Everyone and everything I hear is that Romney is losing. Bloomberg, Gallup, Reuters - all have him 6-7 points down and behind in most swing states. With 40 days to go, can Romney really pull this out?


Some are just lazy, but a higher Dem turnout model then 2008, is just ridiculous. Qunnipiac, with 9-11, Washington Post with 10, well you get the drill.


Bret Bair just ran a piece that explains that in 8 swing states that register voters by party, the Democrats registrations are down TEN to ONE over Republicans. In OHIO, the the gross number of drop in registrations was around 500,000 and about 70% of that is in just three counties, Cleveland and Columbus and Cincinnati I would bet as being the nexus of the these.

Has any MSM told you this? Has any pollster looked at that and said, you know the turnout is going to be different from 2008, way different. Not outloud that is for sure.


Obama has learned enough to be much more effective in a second term, especially with the added flexibility he'd have.


GMAX - is the issue that when pollsters call, more of those polled identify themselves as dems?

Soylent Red

Ask them for your money back if no license to practice law is required in Massachusetts (presuming you are both members).

Tweet and email to all of your friends that you are asking for your money back and encourage them to do the same. That should get the MBA's attention.


In America, under the Obama regime it has come to this:

"A judge’s order will not stop the Obama administration from pressing forward in its quest to punish a Catholic family’s business for refusing to comply with the HHS mandate."



Heck...tweet to the unemployed that they can move to Mass. & be a lawyer. No law license required!

Soylent Red

Ha! It's comments like this that make you my favorite Janet!

Captain Hate

Hard to believe the JEF wouldn't rein the chinless wonder in on that. Maybe he figures all is lost and has started on his scorched earth to January choomapalooza. He needs to call Nostradumbass Rick Roberts.


"CBS News: Obama’s Turn To Release Some Documents; Obama Foreign Exchange Student?"


GMAX - is the issue that when pollsters call, more of those polled identify themselves as dems?

Not GMax, but no, the pollsters "reweight" the sample to whatever they deem correct, in principle based on past turnout. So if their random sample is 30% D and they want it to be 35%, they count each D response as 35/30 of a response, and so on for R and I.


In retrospect, the soft sell at the Convention, was
playing by Marquis of Queensbury rules,

Rick Ballard


Where is the President campaigning? He took Wisconsin by 14 points in 2008, why is he wasting time there? North Carolina, Indiana and Missouri were all in play in 2008. They aren't in play today. North Carolina is about to drop kick three Dem House members right out into the Atlantic.

Watch the DCCC House ad buys and drops. They're sliding onto defense.

There's a new Public Opinion Strategies poll on FL-18 (Allen West) today showing him with a 52/41 lead. West is a major proglodyte target (he just doesn't know his place in a truly Progressive society), he's in Florida and he's kicking ass.

How does that fit with a BOzo lead in Florida?


Well he was always the reasonable sounding one, unlike the annoying Josh Lyman character:


MaM First off take a deep breath hold it for 3 seconds and then exhale.

I have been explaining all the problems with polling for a long time. It would take a book and frankly, I am on vacation now and dont have the patience to do a thorough job for this topic right at this moment.

Who is paying for the poll, is always the second question to question, right after where is your methodology and internals. If they hide their work, toss it as its most likely trash. Who is paying for the work will tell you a lot about what bias may be built in.

Our own Charlie Martin does a great job of explaining the statistics underlying polling, and he just got a link from InstaPundit so go look for that.

I believe turnout will end up R + 2 overall and if that happens, and Indys dont change their mind at the last minute after being against the democrats for over 2 years running, this will be an amazingly easy win for Romney.


More, GMax, even if you're on vacation!!


I fully agree, Clarice. Romney should be aggressive. Even Sarah Palin was not aggressive enough in 08. We know a lot more about this con artist. Explain to us, Mr. President, why you wrote in your autobiography that you hung around with Marxist professors in college. Why doesn't anyone remember you from Columbia? If you graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School, why don't you release your grades? How is it you got to go to Pakistan when you tell us you were so poor at the time? Why did you spend millions of dollars on keeping your birth certificate a secret? Why did you tell the Russian president you would have more flexibility after you were reelected? Are you planning on selling the American people down the river? Well, you get the idea. Obamster is being prepped, but he's too stupid to be prepped for a barrage. Throw in the kitchen sink, Mitt!

Jane - Mock the Media!

Have either of you contacted the Massachusetts Bar Association regarding Elizabeth Warren? Ask them for your money back if no license to practice law is required in Massachusetts (presuming you are both members).

After all the Warren stuff I went to the BBO office site and looked up the number of opposing counsel on a big case I'm working on. It came up as some woman who got her bar card decades after opposing counsel (a man) did. Hmmm, I assume it is a secretarial mistake, but still...

I think of the BBO the same way I think of the IRS. It's a weapon in the wrong hands.

I'm pretty happy that the message is getting out about the poll skewing.

And I like Jonah. He's nice and funny - very very funny, and I think he does a good job.


Yesterday, I watched videos of all 3 of Romney's Ohio appearances. I thought the decibel level in crowd enthusiasm was off the charts in Miami, but Miami was child's play compared to Ohio.

A couple of observations:

Romney responds to this enthusiasm. It really seems to energize him beyond anything I've seen so far.

Romney is now saying repeatedly WHEN I am president, not if I become president and the crowd explodes when he says this.

Romney has been adding in more details as he explains his simple 5 point plan. With each appearance, he is expanding his explanations.

The best appearance wasn't a traditional rally but a roundtable discussion. It was all about manufacturing and included as a guest the guy who hosts the reality show "Dirty Jobs" and then several small manufacturers in Ohio. I would encourage everyone to watch this particular video.

All I can say is they loved Mitt in Ohio.

Mitt Romney at a Manufacturing Round Table Meeting in Bedford Heights, OH (Full Video 09-26-12)


Ah, the two minute hate, must be kept in mind, he's a two bit grifter, but that's how he got into the program in the first place;

Captain Hate

Damn I finally gave in and participated in a telephone poll. Rather than screw with them I was pretty honest because it was a recorded voice and touch-tone answers. They had a question of if I thought the polling was skewed. The question I wish they'd asked was "If you think the questioner comes from Lakewood press 1".

hit and run

They're sliding onto defense.

Sign at an Obama rally -- upper left.

Obama plays defense in Michigan

Rick Ballard


I'd still ask for my money back. I'm wondering if TK wouldn't be smart to use his GLS achievements to open a combination law/automotive service practice in Boston. I don't see any impediment to him doing so.


Interesting strategy.

Mitt Romney to 'fact check' Obama in debate

Mitt Romney plans to turn himself into a one-man truth squad during the first presidential debate next week, casting President Barack Obama as someone who can’t be trusted to stick to the facts or keep his promises.

What can Obama do if his debate-prep team counsels against lying?


JimmyK, Rick and GMAX - that's why I come to JOM - I get valid info and honestly,it makes me feel better. GMAX - enjoy your vacation. By the way, Ryan is in NH this Saturday. I hope that RR have NH sewn up.

Captain Hate

When Romney was speaking in Bedford Heights, the audience was almost entirely adults from what I saw. The JEF addressed mostly students at Kent State. I doubt that I'm the only one who noticed that.


Really, which poll, Captain, Peter besides the fact it wasn't her job, to filet the candidate, what else did you want her to do, she pointed out the necessity of domestic exploration, the downsides of a mindset that let loose Al Shehri,
and Bin qumu loose, the shortfalls of community organizing, the push against coal mining and electricity prices, She was tentatively for the TARP, but not without any enthusiasm and it showed.

Jane - Mock the Media!

Did anyone see Ryan on Cavuto?

centralcal I just snorted soda all over my monitor, Rick! What an excellent career opportunity for TK!

Captain Hate

It wasn't any outfit I recognized, narc. They were asking a whole laundry list of questions including my opinion of Twitch. HE'S RESTED AND READY TO TAKE ON KASICH IN 2 YEARS. lollerz.


Just got back from the Romney/Ryan headquarters in Fairview Park. The election office is Way more populated and twice as big as 2008.Lots of enthusiasm and Rep Renacci is coming tomorrow. I sense an excellent ground game.
Gmax Cleveland Columbus and Cincinnati are the three areas where dems are heaviest. But as you said earlier those populations have dwindled because[RSE} education is suffering there.
I feel certain Ohio will go for Romney. Kasich and Portman are strong supporters. Now we just have to get Mandel elected to the Senate.

Dave (in MA) The guy from the Islam Sucks video trailer is under arrest.


Submitted for general discussion... My proposal for Romney's closing statement at the domestic policy debate:

Four years ago, when you went into the voting booth to vote for Barak Obama, you didn’t know you were voting to double gas prices. You didn’t know you were voting for higher electricity prices, higher food prices, or 8% unemployment with no real economic growth. You also didn’t know you were voting for a new health care tax on the middle class, or giving almost one trillion dollars to democrat party special interests disguised as a stimulus bill. You certainly didn’t know that federal government spending would be almost 25% higher today than it was in 2008. And you definitely didn’t know that you were voting to cut your family income by over 8%. You voted for change. Barak Obama did change a lot of things. All the things I just mentioned.

But, this November is different. When you go into that voting booth, you know what voting for Barak Obama will mean. It will mean higher gas prices, higher electricity prices higher food prices. It will mean high unemployment and low growth. It will mean middle class tax hikes to pay for Obamacare. It will mean no reduction in government spending, and more money wasted on democrat party special interest. And finally, you’ll be voting to cut family pay even more. The next four years under Barak Obama won’t be any different than the last four years have been because it is Barak Obama’s policies that are driving all of these things the wrong direction.

Now, all this may not matter to you. You may not care what the price of gas or food or electricity is. You may have a good job, and aren’t afraid of getting laid off. And that job may have good health insurance, so you won’t have to pay the Obamacare tax. But if all that is true, then you’re pretty lucky, because most American have to deal with those problems. So the question you have to ask yourself in the voting booth is, do you feel lucky? Well, do you?

Ok, the last little bit is rhetorical flurish. And I will leave it up to Romney to articulate his own plan for the future. But I do think that at some point he needs to come out and say this, so all those "independents" who voted for Obama can feel the absolved for their previous vote.



Just for you one more small nugget, then I am through on this for the time being. Sampling is founded on the principal of one to one correspondence. That means that the universe you are trying to draw a conclusion about, every member of that universe must have an equal opportunity to be sampled.

Now the response rates that pollsters get this days is pitiful. Answering machine with caller ID, busy people, unpublished numbers, cell phones and even unwillingness to be polled, means that for every 100 calls made, somewhere around 3 to 9 calls are successfully concluded.

In my opinion that is so far from one to one correspondence as to be laughable that there is any mathematical about the results obtained.

Chicken entrails might yield the same results.

So even if a poll is carefully planned and flawlessly executed ( neither is a given but that would require another riff another day ), it is more art than anything resembling science.


Matt, I hate to be a pill, but I think all the EO numbers are off.


Ah, so it was the Human Fund, btw, some say it's a good thing;

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

As revolting as the white wash of Barry's past is, I don't think Romney or Ryan should touch that with a magnesium barge pole.
8% unemployment, median income at a fifteen year low, still 4 million fewer jobs than the 2008 peak, poverty rate up, food stamps through the roof, trillion+ deficits, foreign policy a shambles; those crush Barry no matter what his grades in college, or how he got to Pakistan.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Matt, I hate to be a pill...--


Captain Hate

Ah, the two minute hate

They've sealed what the parole violation is? Oh that really sounds above reproach. What a hot steaming pile Stedman has beshatted.

Jack is Back (on his iPad)

Finally,saw one car with a brand spanking new Obama - Biden 2012 sticker.

Compared to the hundreds of RR stickers. And we are a true 50/50 county.

Lots of NE and Mid Atlantic and Mid West retirees. Wonder what they are telling their kids back home?


casting President Barack Obama as someone who can’t be trusted to stick to the facts or keep his promises.

Yeah, that won't be hard. All Romney has to do is bring up the phrase "net spending cut" a few times.


Yes, Maraniss, wrangled up a passel of Columbia students, but didn't come within a yardarm of the
famed thesis, which has been down graded to a special seminar.

My speculation, is his associates were firmly on the Anti Zia side of the debate, which sort of begs a question, how he got in,


I will call my new shop "Car-man Lawyer."

The waiting room will have a Bar.


Go ahead and take the pill TK and wash it down with a little natty lite!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I will call my new shop "Car-man Lawyer."--

How about Ambulance Chaser and Fixer Inc?


Oil changes, wills and Divorces while u wait!


Barak Obama did change a lot of things.

MSM headline: Romney Admits Obama Successful

Jane - Mock the Media!


I think you nailed it. Now I want to remind people that this crisis wasn't too hard to solve - Obama just didn't know how to solve it. ANd now it is much much worse than it ever had to be.


So, this ABC story is interesting:

Some Administration Officials Were Concerned About Initial White House Push Blaming Benghazi Attack on Mob, Video

This little tidbit jumps out at me:

Indeed, as of Thursday, senior State Department officials said that the diplomatic presence in Libya – which was already down to emergency-level staffing – would be further reduced.

It looks like Al Qaeda has us on the run in Libya.


Ann Coulter kicks ass on The View

Including making two blacks voluntarily sound like idiots.

Jack is Back (on his iPad)


You the man!

Rick Ballard


I am firmly of the "showing up is 90% of success" opinion. I also know from reading TK that he knows how to RTFM (although he studiously refuses to apply it wrt law). I also know law is procedure (RTFM) plus the advantageous presentation of fact. I wouldn't have any problem hiring TK to pursue a clear factual matter in law followed by a tune up and brake job.

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