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September 06, 2012



Free is good, who doesn't like free? Especially Democrats who seem to think everything grows on trees...

Danube of Thought

Let the record show that I am not in this together with the Democrats. I am against them in every particular.

Captain Hate

I think Slick developed that "philosophy" regarding the girlfriends of others.

Two Legs Bad.

We're all in this together, but some of us are more in to it than others.

Captain Hate

GMAX, they do think it grows on trees. That's why the JEF is so upset with the business owners for not harvesting those profits and hiring others like they did for Reagan. It's not fair.


Marathon Man is now, Mountain Man?

Pics, or it didn't happen.


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It was a short speech, but when Benita Veliz stepped up to the lectern at the Democratic National Convention, she made history. The 27-year-old from San Antonio became the first illegal immigrant to address a national political convention.


Our fact checkers give this 4 Pinocchios. The first illegal alien to speak at a convention did so in 2004.


"We are all in this together" is just code for give us what we want via state coercion. If the Dems truly believed that creed there would be signs of such generosity in their uncompelled altruism when nobody is looking. Somehow that is never the case.

Saying that to a nation that is the most generous consistently in history shows just how much these statist schemers have placed on flowery language never being pierced by logical, factual analysis of what they are really saying.

I'm a little touchy as I am literally in the primordial swamps today of aspirations for the future. I have decided that much of what is pushed is always just an illusion to play on naivete to get coalition of interests to get electoral power to impose any and everything.

The real truth is Dems, like statists everywhere, want to control individual human behavior. They will use whatever theories or language it takes to get there. But it's stupid to take them literally. As Gore shows these are not people who will ever voluntarily stop jetting around the world burning fossil fuels.

It's all just a subordination scheme to be accepted by the naive, the young, the bought off, and all those who are now too poorly educated to actually discern reality.

And that does make for the kind of coalition putting together such a dismal show in Charlotte.


As a Democrat I can't completely disagree with the TM's assessment of our political objective. We aim to make you bleed taxes out of your ass for the next 40 years to pay for those of us who aren't as....... driven.

We're 'Floyd' from the movie 'True Romance'.

Don't forget the uhm-cleaning products!

Voldemort WILL BE defeated !                                Sandy Daze

Threadkiller @ 1327.

I rate your comment four hehs

heh heh heh heh

You should consider shortening your name. . .
drop the Thread, killer.


Clinton/Dems 'we're in this together'... where have I heard that before?... it'll come to me.... ah yes: EIN VOLK! scratch a Prog... just a wee bit....


I do appreciate DD's candor. A lazy thievin' Leetch is better than a LYIN', Lazy, Thievin' Leetch in my book.

JM Hanes

Glenn Kessler fact checks Clinton, more in sorrow than in anger.

Folks with way too much time on their hands can compare Bill Clinton's speech as prepared and as delivered. If nothing else, the color coded copy is an interesting illustration of just how far off teleprompter a gifted politician can go without embarrassing himself.

Fortunately, Joe Biden is not that guy!

Advisers say Biden will tell what he saw from his front-row seat as Obama made some of his hardest decisions. And he'll make the case that Republican rival Mitt Romney isn't suited to make the tough calls.
He'll have to get real creative with part two, but -- fortunately! -- that's where Joe's real genius lies. He didn't have his Affable Uncle face on last night in the gallery, though, so I'm afraid we may see Joe being Joe in a choke collar tonight.

Rob Crawford
Advisers say Biden will tell what he saw from his front-row seat as Obama made some of his hardest decisions.

"Cats. And unicorns. There was a rhino that one time. Oh, and a wombat."


"I do appreciate DD's candor. A lazy thievin' Leetch is better than a LYIN', Lazy, Thievin' Leetch in my book."

That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me.

Jim Eagle

Who cares? No one watched. .09 Nielsen rating.


In case anyone missed this last night...

100% of surveyed convention Democrats are in favor of a cap or outright ban on corporate profits.

Seems appropriate for this thread.


"That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me." I'll fix that for ya':

"That's the nicest thing you'LL ever said to me." That's more like it.

Joe Biden

Advisers say Biden will tell what he saw from his front-row seat as Obama made some of his hardest decisions.

Man, I gotta tell ya, there was a giant doing cartwheels, a statue wearing high heels, and dinosaur Victrola listening to Buck Owens.

And they were all in shackles because of Mitt Romney, ya'll.

hit and run

Biden's not speaking in prime time. Even Sandra Fluke spoke in prime time.

Joe Biden

Doo doo doo, looking out my Barack door.


BreakUpWithObama.com video.


Hit-- I saw that. The repubs have crazy Uncle Ron, the Dems have imbecile Uncle Joe, nether one can be let out of their room during Prime Time.


"Threadkiller @ 1327.
I rate your comment four hehs"

Me too!

hit and run

"We're all in this together"

Is that...

"A rising tide lifts all boats"


"If I'm going down, I'm taking all of you with me."


--I do appreciate DD's candor.--

Concur. Where else do you get a better distillation of the unvarnished aspirations of the gold bricks and layabouts than WeeDavey's repeated ambitions to live off the teats of the productive?
I do however feel a bit of sorrow in letting him in on the sad news that his over-the-top cheerleading for the Arkansan lech and Barry is unlikely to get him close enough to fellate either one of them, which I can only assume, given his history of perverted comments, is the end game of his sis-boom-bah routine.

JM Hanes

Why is it that folks like VeeJay never stick around for the laughter? Do you suppose he was old enough to vote for Theresa & John in 2004? Because they are just. like. him.


since the Declaration states that we:

"all are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"

We each have the God given right to do what we please within the law. We do not have to be in things together but rather go our separate way if we so choose, within the law. That is after all one reason we are a multi party state.

I find it terribly amusing that the recent poll of charitable contributions by red state/blue state affiliation came squarely down with the Red States as the most charitable.

When one considers Biden's and Obama's tax returns with those of Romney, at least, there is no question who is engaged in charity on a more personal level. To then find that Romney has a long and quiet history of other charitable acts for which there are no deductions further underscores the difference.

"We're all in this together" from a Democratic Party perspective means that "we will use government and all of its inefficiency and waste to choose who will receive benefit according to our rules" rather than using free will.

Free will has a history of success in this country of 235 years. Socialism has a history of 40 and socialism ain't working out too well, is it?

Rob Crawford

Go away, VeeJayJay.

Some Guy

“We believe ‘we’re all in this together’ is a better philosophy than ‘you’re on your own,’ ” Mr. Clinton said.

Translation: We understand the Preamble, but ignore the rest of document.

Melinda Romanoff


Bored Pitzer Profs must do something with their soon-to-be-ended tenure time.

Soylent Red

I'm curious if the word "together" includes all of the people who pay no taxes.

I'm also curious if the "this" we're all supposedly in together, is subject to debate, or is strictly defined by whatever special interest groups and grievances are current to the Democrat Party platform.

Dave (in MA)


"So in less than one hour they had a fake Bain employee and a fake Indian. Nice work, folks!"

Rob Crawford
“We believe ‘we’re all in this together’ is a better philosophy than ‘you’re on your own,’ ” Mr. Clinton said.

This is the same guy who tried to deduct his "charitable donation" of used underwear, right?


The Dems say: “We believe ‘we’re all in this together’ -- except of course in racial preferences for college admissions and job hiring, and in the tax rates we pay, and in family connections for immigrant status, and immunity from deportation for favored etnic groups and in crony politician-business deals, you together-- except for things like that.


I'm struggling with a deadline and haven't been able to delve into the ratings links. Can amyone give the lowdown on how many million watched last night as opposed to 2nd night of the RNC? Or just a general ratings comparison?

Danube of Thought

"platform to take treatment options away from tens of millions of Americans?"

Perhaps you could direct us to the language in the platform to which you refer.

Close your eyes and imagine what the nation would be like if corporations were not allowed to make profits. And let every parasitic freeloader know this: if you seized in taxes every single penny over $250,000 earned by Americans, you could fund Obama's government for four months. Four months.


One quick link, sorry if already posted - Dr. Krauthammer says Clinton's speech was a swing and a miss.


Worth your time. The description of Clinton making Obama wait behind the curtain as long as possible is delicious.

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce: Slick needs the JEF to win so he can spend the next four years telling Muffer to get rid of all her mumus, stop taking coiffure advice from the ugly duckling and get a professional hair stylist, and address the extremely small chance she can get elected in 2016.


--This is the same guy who tried to deduct his "charitable donation" of used underwear, right?

Posted by: Rob Crawford | September 06, 2012 at 02:23 PM--

And told us the era of big government was over.
It's also the guy who was speaking in support of the guy who describes his political opponents as his "enemies".

So I'm in it together with my enemies?

Old Lurker

Well DoT, since the latest ranking places the US in 7th place among competitive countries, I suppose any company that can will become a non US company overnight. Those companies that cannot relocate will simply cease to exist if forced to operate without a profit.

Econ 3 at any fourth tier college.

Melinda Romanoff

I wonder if the Walgreen family's history of political donations had any bearing on the Dept. of Defense decision yesterday.


JM Hanes


I loved that Krauthammer visual too! For a little icing on the cake, here's a photo of Axelrod, pointedly tapping his watch while Clinton spoke on and on and on.

Jim Ryan

Why should people working in corporations make a lot of money when someone who didn't graduate high school and can't keep a job gets no money at all? I thought this country was for equality! It's in our Declaration of Independence! Take the money from the rat finks at work and give it to the person who wasn't fortunate enough to work!

Some Guy

It's in our Declaration of Independence! Take the money from the rat finks at work and give it to the person who wasn't fortunate enough to work!

That's from the Declaration of Interdependence, a little known document that the National Archive preserves in a vessel placed in a lightproof cavity to protect it. It's currently up Jimmy Carter's, but once he passes it will be transferred to Clinton's.


Just back from 2016.
There were 3 of us in the theater (1 o'clock show). An older Russian couple & me. The woman was crying when the movie ended. We exchanged phone #s as we left.

The movie is very well done & raises very interesting points.
There are probably points I could quibble with, but why? God bless D'Souza for making the film & raising the topic. Why do any of us have to guess though? I cannot describe the disgust I have for the MFM.


--Philosophy From Bill Clinton.....'We believe ‘we’re all in this together’--

If leeches, tapeworms, lampreys or any of the other multitudes from the parasitic kingdom could speak how would their philosophy differ?

The problem is precisely that we're not all in it together. As Inchworm so nicely put it those among us who aren't quite so "driven" not to live off their neighbors are in it only for themselves while those of us who are coerced at the point of a gun to support slug-a-beds like him are only "in it together" in the same sense that Dredd Scott V Sanford were.



Danube of Thought

Porch, I think it boils down to about 9 Million viewers last night and the same for night two of the RNC, although I may not be reading the figures right.

JM Hanes

If you enjoy the spectacle of pundits going full Vizzini, it doesn't get better than The Not-So-Great Communicator:

Barack Obama’s light Christmas reading back in 2010 was Lou Cannon’s biography of Ronald Reagan — 920 pages on the political storyteller Obama admired most, to the profound annoyance of his Maddow-loving base.

Obama’s aides can’t quite remember whether the boss ever finished it. Even if he did, no one would ever mistake Obama — an electrifying speaker with the rare capacity, at times, to spin emotion and intellect into rhetorical gold — for the Great Communicator.

Harsh circumstance, relentless conservative opposition and, above all, the inconsistency of his own messaging operation have made it difficult for a supremely articulate communicator to articulate the narrative of his own presidency.

A supremely articulate inarticulate communicator! An incoherent intellectual giant, a rhetorical golden boy who mysteriously fails the bully pulpit test.

Even "a veteran conservative operative and Reagan biographer" who is "stumped by [Obama's] failure to establish... a cohesive political identity beyond the change agent of 2008," remains "impressed Obama's talent."

bio mom

I wanted to ask VeeJay to list where Romney's 7 houses are. California, New Hampshire, Boston (a condo now), ???? Where else?


Probably because I read speeches instead of watching them, I always thought Obama was a second rate mind and a third rate speaker. If you spent a lot of time in Black liberation and Farrakhan services where cadence beats content you might differ.


Clarice posted a video last week of the Chordettes singing Mr. Sandman (a favorite of mine since I was a kid). But here's a clever rendition of the tune with a little bit different message...



Thanks JMH, Clarice, DoT. So if it's about even then that means Ryan drew as many viewers as their beloved Ole Bill who is also a former President. Not bad.


JOMers, need yr expertise!

Last night, catching up with the threads and enjoying the Empty Chair Day caper tremendously, I clicked on Jane's YouToo and soon after got 6 or more Trojan fake viruses on a PC, demanding payment to delete them. Instead I put Malwarebytes and Avira to work, deleting 6 of them. Still, it blocked my content. I did a reset and found my content still there.

But then a blank white screen took over, demanding $200 via Green Dot within 48 hours with threats of imprisonment for downloading mp3 stuff -- something I've never done in my life. Oh, and also a fake FBI logo in the top lefthand corner saying they've locked up my registry.

I went to sleep and then drove all the way to the other side of St. Jane's Island to get onto this computer. The infected PC now only has a white screen glimmering on and off, so even if I did want to pay extortion fees (or is it a new Obama fundraising technique), I couldn't access the little boxes for typing in a Green Dot card number!


What exactly is a "Glenn Thrush"? Someone pays him to write this stuff?


Happy Birthday Pofarmer!
bgates: According to plouffe on Meet the Depressed Obama said "you can't build that"
I sincerely believe that Axelplouffe are finally beginning to see the light and know deep down they have nothing on Romney to hurt his campaign. They already threw the kitchen sink at him to no avail.
Fortunately, this time they won't have a financial meltdown to put Oblammy over the top.
They had more fake unemployment numbers today. The 4 week moving average guarantees unemployment rate for August won't change much tomorrow.
Then next week they will re-configure the measly 12,000 and give the real number but no one will notice.


" ... This is the same guy who tried to deduct his "charitable donation" of used underwear, right? ..."

I'm suprised he didn't try to get a "charitable donation" credit from a sperm bank for what fell on Monica's blue dress.


I would say that there is very little great rhetoric anymore. Clinton went down so many side paths and byways in that speech he lost the crowd. It's great to hear the ringing tones of a Southern orator but it was mainly a drone interspersed with "Romney sucks" and "Republicans suck" every few minutes.

There was no shining city on a hill or fighting the enemy on the beaches or four score and seven or even there you go again. It was a hollow preaching to the converted.

The same basic subset of the population tuned in with a more heavily Democratic demographic, but the Dems were there to be convinced of the righteousness and greatness of their cause while a very small subset wanted to measure up the competition.
Not a lot of undecideds.

The balance seems to be pretty steady, so it may come down to a major screwup by one of the candidates.

The mass of evidence for change keeps on growing, and Woodward's book sounds pretty devastating. When one considers that the white House guest book contains almost no names of Republican leaders for years, it's hard to make a case for bipartisanship and it sounds like Obama torched his relationship with Boehner. Reagan and O'Neill were at least outwardly genial.

The campaigns get back into gear tomorrow, and the debates will be very interesting indeed. Right now it's even still.


an excerpt from Barack Obama's 2004 DNC speech -
"Well, I say to them tonight, there is not a liberal America and a conservative America -- there is the United States of America. There is not a Black America and a White America and Latino America and Asian America -- there’s the United States of America."

Now how in the world a DEMOCRAT can get away with saying that is beyond me. All they do is try to divide Americans.
I wonder who wrote that speech...

Melinda Romanoff

Judge orders Nidal Hasan to be shaved.

This should go over well, despite its correctness.

hit and run

What in the world is going on with Shep? He actually confronted a dem as to the "No God" in the platform. If the dems lose Shep, who is left?

Rob Crawford
Judge orders Nidal Hasan to be shaved.

This should go over well, despite its correctness.

Anyone have any sheep shears?

No, not the electric ones. Old rusty, iron ones.

Melinda Romanoff


That Mike Rowe exchange over at Ace's is great! "President Ladies' Tee". Hah, too funny!

Soylent Red

Judge orders Nidal Hasan to be shaved.

Could save some time by just sawing off his head. It would be poetic justice and hygiene all in one!

Melinda Romanoff

I unnerstand there's some Brit product called "Veet" that might come in handy for this job.


Question: Will Obama pressure airlines to refund non-refundable ticketholders who had planned to attend Obamapalooza tonight?

Julio B

Is Julia Rodriguez dudu's mom? They both roll their r's the same when saying "RRRRRomney"...


Jane - It's gonna be a Tsunami in November

Drew Petersen found guilty of 1st degree murder.

It's a good day all around.


Mel, you had to remind me of Veet.
Soylent, you are one devil.

JM Hanes


"Probably because I read speeches instead of watching them, I always thought Obama was a second rate mind and a third rate speaker."

I'll be watching this one, though, armed with popcorn, just in case tonight is the night that the man who thinks he's Lincoln, FDR, JFK & MLK rolled into one realizes, mid-stride, that he's less popular than the only President impeached since Reconstruction.


someone should whisper during his speech "but he's not wearing any clothes, papa...."


Good luck, JMH. I'll be reading here frantically as JOM ats are always the most accurate.

Is someone tasked with massaging Jane's fingertips to get her in shape?

Melinda Romanoff


One set of nose plugs and a chemical resistant bucket. One dip'll do ya!


Clarice-did you see the picture of Colin Powell sitting by Farrakhan at the London Olympics? I can't remember where I saw it but excuse me?

hit and run

From an email from Jane...


*JOM accounts*

No, I didn't, but as disappointed as I am with Colin's performance in the Bush administration, I do not believe he is a Farrakhan fan.

Jane - It's gonna be a Tsunami in November


I just took a 10 minute nap. Apparently I am a sucker for all last night's kudo's altho Ralph's cite, (which will not go on my tombstone), was probably the best. If he puts me to sleep I surrender.

In the meantime, today's podcast is up.

Jane - It's gonna be a Tsunami in November

If he puts me to sleep I surrender.

Obama, not Ralph.


The below article in "The Atlantic" amplifies a comment I made this morning, Bam doesn't like Jews and he detests Israelis defending themselves. Bam's love of anti-American 3rd Worlders is going to lead to a war not of our choosing: http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2012/09/intelligence-committee-chair-describes-explosive-confrontation-between-netanyahu-and-american-ambassador/262056/


NK: Bam's love of anti-American 3rd Worlders is going to lead to a war not of our choosing

Bam likely never did his homework on the Balkans to see how easy it can happen. And if it did, do you think ValJar, Axelrod, or Biden could offer advice? Even Hillary can't be depended on to answer the phone at 3 am.

BB Key

Hit, Nice photo (you have mail)


"So far, U.S. President Barack Obama has not received much of a bounce yet in popular support from the Democratic National Convention, a Reuters/Ipsos poll found on Thursday.

The latest daily tracking poll found Republican Mitt Romney still clinging to a narrow lead of 45 percent to Obama's 44 percent among likely voters. Romney had led by 46 percent to 44 percent in Wednesday's poll.

"We're not seeing a sort of glimmer, at this point, of a bump," said Ipsos pollster Julia Clark."


Jane - It's gonna be a Tsunami in November


That was an email from Matt. I wasn't bright enough to open it.


"Mitt Romney has opened a 3-point lead in the pivotal swing state of Ohio, according to a new poll released Wednesday — the Republican nominee's best showing since June.

The Republican ticket garnered support of 47 percent of those surveyed, versus 43 percent for Democrats, according to a poll released by Gravis Marketing. President Obama has led consistently in the polls since June, although that lead has been usually within the margin of error."


Rob Crawford
Even Hillary can't be depended on to answer the phone at 3 am.

Not that they have her number anyway.


100% of surveyed convention Democrats are in favor of a cap or outright ban on corporate profits.

They learned from their leader that profits are part of overhead. And there's that pesky profit-earnings ratio that remains stuck at one.

How is it that the left actually gets stupider over time?

Jane - It's gonna be a Tsunami in November

Today was primary day in MA. There were 3 candidates on the republican ballot: Scott Brown, Jen Cassie (Governor's council) and Todd Smola (my fabulous state rep).

No one was opposed.

Rick Ballard

The coming week:

1. Adequate to superior speech by BOzo this evening.

2. Phonied up jobs report tomorrow.

3. Bump in the Wall Street death rattle rally.

4. Gallup shows "surprising jump" post convention.

5. Rasmussen does not confirm.

That's what the Pinhead Troika is hoping for, IMO. We could see it but I'd suggest staying off the window ledge until at least September 15th. The smoke should be clearing at that point.


Hah! My "Where is Barney Frank" watch pays off...some NYT writer that is in Charlotte apparently isn't really watching the convention!

Nagourney in NYTimes: 'Wednesday Evening, Rep. Barney Frank...Was One of the Prime-Time Speakers.' Nope

Liars reporting on liars.

Rob Crawford
How is it that the left actually gets stupider over time?

Epistemic closure.

(Spell check says that should be "septicemic closure". I'm not sure it's wrong.)

Danube of Thought

It's funny that no one can remember anything the Great Orator said except "you didn't build that."


"... How is it that the left actually gets stupider over time? .."

The smarter ones exit or die off, leaving just the really stupid ones.


Sbw-- the Left-wing Obamaniacs truly believe only Evil America starts 'elective wars'. They will be shocked -- and many innocents will die-- when the Mullahs and/or ChiComs pull the trigger first. Damn Obama to hell.


This is so funny. Google "President Ladies Tee" and the first site that pops up is Obama's website. LUN


Biden's been replaced as prime time speaker by Durbin.

Joe and "Dr" Jill will address the delegates at 9.

They do not trust plugs to read off the teleprompter but he's good enough to stay on the ticket.


Projections for private sector job growth in aug:240,000


"Biden's been replaced as prime time speaker by Durbin."

Clinton more or less fulfilled the VP's traditionally job at a convention.....so Biden's already been bumped.


sbw & rick-I was back in the 80s this morning and it appears there was a clear Marxist handoff that occurred to let feminism take the lead going forward as the means of altering consciousness.

The patriarchy emphasis could then take down capitalism and the rational mind-two bulwarks of freedom. It picks up the Earth first green themes by playing on exploitation of natural resources as patriarchal. Plus the feminist side can play to Mother Earth celebrations that make humans just another species and species just a form of nature. The emphasis on emotion can also be spun as more feminine thinking.

It also explains the continued emphasis on Fluke. And why so many of these female college Presidents dramatically shift formerly fine schools dramatically away from an academic focus. Academics itself, especially natural science, is being played as another form of patriarchy.

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