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September 08, 2012


Mark Folkestad

Two cities are named in honor of Daniel Greysolon, Sieur du Lhut, and both change the spelling of that French name. I remember a great story of a trucker who arrived in Minnesota's Duluth, and who couldn't find the business his deliver was slated for. Then he checked the bill of lading, and the company was in Duluth, GEORGIA!

Mark Folkestad

Porchlight, even the light rail disaster along University Avenue didn't manage to kill off Midway Book Store, and the nice little shops around Dinkytown are still there. You have to come home more often.

Frau Indianerherz

"Her (Warren's) spirit guide."

John Redcorn wouldn't touch her.


You're right, Mark, I do. Next summer I hope to make a 2-3 week visit. The kids need some real lake time.

Frau Indianerherz

I miss all the grand used book stores that used to flourish. Long Beach had "Acres and Acres of Books" which kept annexing neighboring stores to accommodate the increasing inventory.

The Drudge 49-45 really bummed me out. Thank goodness Porch came to bring some cheer.

Innocente 128

Omigod, I just told Peter Bocking's Lincoln Continental joke over at Judy's and mwg came back with 'Now he is a Y(o)ugo!'



SEMINOLE, Fla.—Campaigning in a state that has long drawn retirees, President Barack Obama on Saturday promised to fight the privatization of Medicare and Social Security, the popular health and retirement programs for seniors.

In making the vow, Mr. Obama appeared to be implying that his Republican rival, Mitt Romney, supports Social Security privatization, which he doesn't.


Glad to help, Frau. I also posted my dad's take in the "Bitter Controversy" thread, which might cheer you up if you haven't seen it.


Now, that's DOOM.

Posted by: MarkO | September 08, 2012 at 02:54 PM --



More sherbet from the ARG poll I linked to earlier - see what this tells you about the demographic makeup of this year's electorate:

Obama leads Romney 50% to 46% among voters age 18 to 49 (49% of likely voters). Among voters age 50 and older (51% of likely voters), Romney leads Obama 52% to 43%.

Romney leads Obama 50% to 46% among likely voters interviewed on a landline (83% of likely voters). Obama leads Romney 48% to 45% among likely voters interviewed on a cell phone (17% of likely voters).

Romney leads in the largest groups, and Obama's margin in the smaller groups is not very large.


Porch, FWIW I was in the over 50 landline grouping at about beer #4 when ARG called. It was a prerecorded push a button poll. I answered while looking at empty chair outside the window. ; )


Awesome, henry!


that book was written by Barney Fwank, daddy. It is a part of his "Myth Womney" series on the history of the United Sthates.

Ralph L

I think that was the name of the song
"Bring him home" is probably the one you're thinking of.

Can Russell Crowe sing?

In "Carmen Jones", the only principal who wasn't dubbed was Pearl Bailey. Harry Belafonta wasn't up to snuff for Bizet.



Didn't Larry McMurtry have his store not too far from you? He had a huge auction just recently that should be stocking used book stores throughout the Southwest.


Here is audio of Sen. Carl Levin makin' s*#t up & saying Romney has to prove him wrong.

Sen. Levin was the scumbag that fed a story to the WaPo's Walter Pincus. The WaPo had to print a big correction.

" References to Feith's office producing "reporting of dubious quality or reliability" and that the office "was predisposed to finding a significant relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda" were from a report issued by Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) in Oct. 2004."

That Pincus used Levin's talking points rather than the real Pentagon's Inspector General report was laughed off as just ol' messy Walter Pincus. Hhahahahhhaaa...ol' Walter is a real slob.


I'm not sure if "Acres" is still there, frau, but before Querida put her foot down and Amazon used books came along I was a regular denizen. Strand was awesome in Manhattan, and Foyle's (new) as good until it just got too damned expensive.

I love Foyle's for it's huge history, anthropology, and culture sections and all of the just plain weirdness it offers.

Toting books home in B class was one of the few perks of the travel.

hit and run

For those keeping score at home -- we are not getting 58 mph winds nor any hail at this point.

I did manage to get through 3/4ths of my yard before it started raining the damn tractor seized up.

Ugh. Looks like the hit family will be paying little neighbor kid down the street to mow for a while.

It is raining now, and I've moved from driveway to garage. Absolutely lovely rain. The power flickered on and off a few times, but seems to be holding steady.

Janet -- I am really disappointed. You didn't mention the Nigerian dwarf goat in your response to Clarice suggestion about me getting a goat. :(


Been busy today and I know you have all moved on about this, but just in case it was missed - please follow the link for details:

Melissa Clouthier ‏@MelissaTweets

RT @sanuzis: Romney WILL play in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania http://wapo.st/Oi8AHu



It's in Archer City, due north almost up to the Texas-Oklahoma border. I heard about the sale - would like to have gone even though I can barely abide McMurtry these days. My husband's band is touring with his son's band this fall.


Thanks, centralcal! For my money WI and MI are the most exciting states to watch this year and PA, IA, and CO will be interesting too.

hit and run

FWIW I was in the over 50 landline grouping at about beer #4 when ARG called.

I'm on #6 make that #7.

Speaking of calls.

I was in the bonus room this morning when the phone rang. I had no phone near me, but the caller id on the tv said "Ottumwa Courier".


Ottumwa is a town in SE Iowa kinda in between Des Moines and Springfield, IL -- and Ottumwa Courier is the local newspaper.

After googling, I ended up at their website. I notice that a William Folkestad is mentioned in the obituaries, having passed away on Sept. 4th. Mark, I hope he is not a close relative, but if he is, my condolences.


hit, That hoppy goat IS a Nigerian dwarf goat. You can't have Z cause he already has an owner.

JM Hanes

.Hello Minneapolis

Janet - Why does Johnny Depp hate the poor?

Lots of rain & wind here. Redneck tree trimmin'...just let the wind rip the rotten branch off.

Ralph L

Maybe this is where Barry's speechwriters got the idea:
God on high
Hear my prayer
In my need
You have always been there
He is young
He's afraid
Let him rest
Heaven blessed.
Bring him home
Bring him home
Bring him home.

He's like the son I might have known
If God had granted me a son.


JMH - did you find that, or photoshop that?


Hit, I'm only on #5 so far. My lawn is unmown, empty chair looks so happy drying in the sun I couldn't bear to disturb it.

Janet - Why does Johnny Depp hate the poor? pourquoi?


hit and run

That hoppy goat IS a Nigerian dwarf goat.

I'm so glad. So, so glad. I apologize for my lack of faith. I did click on the link - but only saw the title of the vid. Now I can see the text in the description saying it's a Nigerian Dwarf.

Me and my big mouth.


cc, good update on WI,MI and PA.

It is really disturbing to read the comments. They are filled with name calling, hate and lies about our two good men.


It is really disturbing to read the comments.

Wait until they get their prog @sses handed to them in November. You aint seen vitriol like a rejected prog @sshole can dish out.


You need fainting goats. They're like a lawnmower with an on/off switch.


Janet - Why does Johnny Depp hate the poor? pourquoi?

That's good xbradtc! Hah!


You've always been my favorite, Janet!

Frau Dolmetscherin

Janet - it is rude to call somebody a "Depp" in German. It goes all the way from jerk to idiot and through douche.
I wish you hadn't pointed out the 'Che the mass murderer' necklace.

hit and run

hit and run jr and princess hit and run love love love fainting goats. They had a field trip to a nearby farm with fainting goats.

Of course, now they think all goats are fainting goats. Whenever we pass a farm with goats they yell out, "Honk the horn, the goats will fall right over!"

Frau Dolmetscherin

matt, last I heard there was a fire in a section of the "Acres" store. I have no idea if it or part of it is still there. I ordered a book over the phone from them some years back.


Well I made it intact through my first radio interview. Dallas station. I was so nervous but I knew if I did not do it it would take that much longer to get the story out.

And I do believe we had some official lurkers here yesterday that appreciated our well-intentioned advice a bit more than Sara did.


What station and who was the host? JD Wells?


Now they've gone and done it. The Rock & Roll industry is now demanding that conservatives immediately stop listening to their music. LUN

Jim Eagle

If you want to cream rise to the top then check out the BMW on GolfChannel. What a leader board!

Jim Eagle

::see cream rise:: Grrrrrrr

Voldemort WILL BE defeated !                                Sandy Daze

Report from Romney Rally @ the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, earlier this afternoon.
First, where were we headed? To see Mr Romney. There was a terribly long queue, perhaps three miles (I kid you not) of cars bumper-to-bumper onthe two lane road. The back-up was so great, that the start, originally scheduled for 1300, did not occur until 1400. Along the way, there were signs we were headed in the right, errr correct, direction:

And you know it is the deep South with bumperstickers like this:

And sure enough, we also had Rev Pat Robertson in attendance, sitting directly behind the podium.

Voldemort WILL BE defeated !                                Sandy Daze

Mr Romney was in fine form. This is the third time I've been to a Romney-Ryan rally in the last three weeks. Was at the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk on 18 Aug, when Mr Ryan was announced. Last week, on 31 Aug, went to Richmond and saw Mr Ryan, while Mr Romney diverted to NOLA. While there, Mr Cantor, in a conversation with Mrs Daze, said this area,Hampton Roads, was make or break for November Victory. I guess that is why Mr Romney came to town today, (and likely why voldemort came to Norfolk on Tuesday 4 Sep).

We sure had a lot of flags, and everyone I talked with was very excited about Misters Romney and Ryan. His speech was VERY pro-military, and in this town, strongly pro-Navy !

Understand he was headed to the Richmond Speedway after the Military Aviation Museum, and then back to Boston tonight.

Captain Hate

This is what the ewok does best: http://minx.cc/?post=332677


Sandy Daze:
Those rallies sound fantastic! I see Obama once again has to resort to lies in Florida about Medicare. I can't wait until Romney flattens him and his lies in the debate on Oct. 3rd.

Frau Dolmetscherin

Thanks so much for the special report from your dad*. I finally found it and had to finish up that thread.

*Lux loggia?


My heart soars seeing all the support R&R are receiving at the rally's, Sandy! Thank you so much for sharing your photos and informative reports.


Sandy! Great report. It is rather boring being in a non-swing state as far as visitors. We did have Condi here to support Mia yesterday.

And the Clinton/Obama ad is on TV here,too. That is a waste of money. Good. Waste away.


Our gracious first lady is now asking you to do...what? - LUN

hit and run

I've held my tongue long enough. I must respectfully disagree with those who said Jennifer Granholm's speech at the Dem Convention was anything but pure awesome.

Best speech, bar none, of any other given at either convention.

I loved it through and through.

Jennifer Granholm Speaks at the Democratic National Convention


*Lux loggia?

I finally got it! :) Thanks, Frau!


The absence of any loud noise on the funemplyment numbers from the press says we are "on plan."

This continues the Obama "LightWorker" strategy (i.e. Obama will run on the only thing he has, his popularity).

Notice that Obama's speech on Thursday night didn't tackle anything difficult (i.e. unemployment nada, entitlement reform nada). His polling indicated that a flat speech was his best plan of attack. He knows that all he has to do is offer the illusion of new programs and stay away from the "heavy lifting." Then merely run on his popularity.

Frau Dolmetscherin

caro- lucky Utah to have *two* grand ladies appearing in the name of victory.

Jane - It's gonna be a Tsunami in November

Romney needs to figure out how to tell people what he is going to do to fix the problems. "I'll work with Congress" is not going to make it - even tho that is precisely what a lot of people are hoping he will do.

The problem is unless you can put it in the context of the crisis people will just think he is the mean guy protecting the rich. And no one has the time to listen to the crisis in context.

Frau Dolmetscherin

Porch - I checked with my Latin expert who tells me your dad is Lux Vestibuli.

Voldemort WILL BE defeated !                                Sandy Daze

If there are Blue Hells, I guess there are also Red Heavens. When I was biking this morning with Mrs D, saw this yard sign:

Given the crowd turnout and reaction today, and yard signs like the above, this must be a (Red) Heaven !

The sign to the left is a bit out of focus, it says:

Obama is an
And you know it.

The sign to the right is a recycle of a 2008 sign. The owner cut a hole where biden's name used to be, added the N in front of obama.

Now, that is that green recycling or what?



"He who every morning plans the transaction of the day and follows out that plan, carries a thread that will guide him through the maze of the most busy life. But where no plan is laid, where the disposal of time is surrendered merely to the chance of incidence, chaos will soon reign."
--Victor Hugo

Ralph L

If you want to cream rise to the top
Shouldn't we shampoo first?

Ralph L

Romney needs to figure out how to tell people what he is going to do to fix the problems
Someone (here?) said he's avoiding specifics to give the Dems less to lie about. But they will make even more outrageous claims without specifics to work against.

I'd like Romney to ask O why he hates dog-eat-dog capitalism.


Dog-eat-dog is unfair competition to Obama-eat-dog.

Jane - It's gonna be a Tsunami in November

I was on my way to the Brimfield Fair this morning to do some Rotary stuff and in order to travel the 3 miles in less than 2 hours I had to take about 15 miles of back roads. I drove by this lovely huge stretch of land, which was beautifully kept. I the front was an old tractor with a campaign sign that was probably 20 feet long and 15 feet high that said "Scott Brown". It was very cool.

All of Brown's TV ads either have a veteran, a fisherman or a democrat endorsing him. Including this:

Malden State Rep. Chris Fallon became the first sitting Democrat to endorse Republican Sen. Scott Brown Friday, calling the endorsement of his "long time" friend an "easy decision" during a Friday morning press conference.

Janet - Why does Johnny Depp hate the poor? pourquoi?

Obama is an
And you know it.

Love that sign.

Frau Fatima die Keusche

Jumpin' Jummah?

Jumah at the DNC Fizzles
Organizers at the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs anticipated crowds at yesterday’s “Jumah at the DNC” event in Charlotte, North Carolina would reach 20,000. Instead, only 300 Muslims showed up for the open air prayer ceremony.

The event had been listed on the schedule of events that were part of the officially sanctioned DNC/Charlotte in 2012 Host Committee’s website. But less than 24 hours before “Jumah at the DNC” was held, nervous officials at the Host Committee quietly removed it from the list of officially sanctioned DNC pre-convention events."

Was there a fringe convention with the Jummahists and Barney O'Belt unleashed? I think the main gig was all about the Dem's crazy wimmenz.


Isn't it kind of amazing that they stuck with Biden?

That was a very bad move. I would have bet money that they'd go with Cuomo as a reinvigorating surprise pick at the convention.

Yes, I would have lost that money, but I don't care what the polls say. These commies are going down.

And as we all know...

Don't Look Now But Todd Akin Has Crept Back Into the Missouri Senate Race

McCaskill enjoyed leads of nine and ten points in a pair of polls taken last month as Akin was being hit from all sides. But the two most recent polls show a different story, with Akin clawing his way back within one point of the Missouri Democrat in the (liberal-leaning) PPP survey and into a three-point lead in the (conservative-leaning) Wenzel Strategies poll.

Slate, no less!

These commies are going down.

Janet - Why does Johnny Depp hate the poor? pourquoi?

Here is his site. Todd Akin for Senate.
There is a donation page & a snail mail address.


Trying to catch up, but think I am losing. Can anyone point me to where Porch's lovely Dad gives his prognostication?

Great news about the Jummah turnout, Frau!

Very tired from doing tons of yardwork and having a reward (Brandy Manhattan), what else of import have I missed today?

Well, I missed Caro, apparently, and that is always of import! (Frau, I don't think that is grammatically correct?) :)


Just to show what a contrary cuss I am I think I would be more excited by an Akin win than a Romney one. I don't know much of anything about him but it just galls me when a guy is pilloried by his own team for one not particularly stupid or even particularly wrong statement, just one that was contrary to the received PC wisdom.
Imagine where he'd be if the savants running the Stupid Party had just ignored it and shoveled him some dough?


You know, Ignatz, I was really out of the Akin hubbub and by the time I tuned in, I thought he should hang his sorry head and go home.

I shouldn't form opinions when I am not fully INFORMED. ha ha. Karma is a bitch (sez who, how come not a bastard?).

Janet - Why does Johnny Depp hate the poor? pourquoi?

Amen, Ignatz.

Mailing Address:
Todd Akin for Senate
PO Box 31222
St. Louis MO 63131


According to the floor traders at the NYSE -- who are mostly R's -- they watch Intrade to see who's ahead. So that's the poll they watch.

But I'm kinda wondering if Intrade could/is being manipulated.

Frau Fatima die Keusche

From Porch's father:

Here's my dad's response:

I suppose I could figure out the arithmetic, but it seems to me that when you compare 2012 polls with 2008 actual by state and/or voter segment (white, men, young, etc.), Romney should have a four or five point lead. Some of these states like IN, WI, MI have large enough populations to make a difference and have a >10 point swing. Plus big red states like TX, MO and the southeast/south central (AL, GA, MS, LA, KY, TN, AR) are going to produce much bigger Romney majorities than McCain got in 2008. I don’t think big blue states like IL, NY and CA are going to improve on 2008. In fact, IL may be a smaller margin for O. Whites might hit 60% R (.6 x 75% of vote [white share] = 45% - a real base), youth is off 20 points for O. And then there is participation. All the “enthusiasm” polls show a significant swing for Reps. Ras had his first ever lead in Rep party identification. The Dems may be fired up after their convention, but many, many Reps and right leaning independents are going to be really, really pissed after the partisanship and gross distortions that were presented. White Rep turnout will be massive. That’s why I think Raul Rahe is on the right track in predicting a landslide (for me a landslide would be 53% or higher for R/R).

Here’s an attempt to do something like Rove does and gets about the same result. We know the Dems are worried about IA and CO since O has been there several times. The real surprise could be PA even though it has disappointed in several elections. But the coal mining issue could bring a big payoff in western PA and the voter ID plus Romney’s better appeal to suburban voters could limit the Dem upside in Philly. http://blogs.the-american-interest.com/wrm/2012/09/02/polls-tightening/

[in response to my question about campaign ads in MN where my folks are:] I only watch national TV and haven’t seen any local ads. PowerLine says the counter attack the Reps are about to launch doesn’t include MN. More importantly, it doesn’t include WI, MI or PA. http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2012/09/open-thread-what-do-you-think-of-romneys-ad-blitz.php

Posted by: Porchlight | September 07, 2012 at 05:11 PM

JM Hanes


I googled up the jack-in-the-box image, and then grafted "daddy" & "Hello Minneapolis!" onto it in PShop.

I had to do it that way, because I'm not Ann.

Janet - Why does Johnny Depp hate the poor? pourquoi?

Althouse had a post on the speech of Rep. John Lewis at the DNC convention & LI has one too.

Both raise this point - "writers like Charles Pierce at Esquire announced that Lewis’ heroics rendered others incapable of questioning Lewis’ authority:"

I was pleased to see this comment at the Althouse post -

"Wasn't he a major Tea Party slanderer?

Didn't he brazenly lie about what happened on the infamous 'giant gavel' Pelosi strut across the mall in Washington?

If so, he deserves NO respect whatsoever."

Don't forget.


"The owner cut a hole where biden's name used to be, added the N in front of obama."

Nobama: the new "N" word.





Frau Fatima die Keusche

I'm with janet and you, Mr. Ignatz Ratzkywatzky. In *your* honor, I LUN a treat--not a lot of flesh, but more oomph than exists today.


I missed the whole Akin thing,too,being off the grid for over a week. I decided I didn't even want to research his transgression.And I agree that ranks should close around our people.At least in public.

Did something happen Alice while I was gone?


Thanks for the link, Janet. Just sent him a few more bucks.

Mark Folkestad

H&R, thanks for the tendered expression of sympathy, but the William Folkestad in the linked obituary is something like a fourth-cousin of mine, so it's not like the loss of my brother a few weeks ago. I'll pass it along to the other avid genealogist in my family.


Frau, that was a palate cleanser.

And yes, I was so sorry I could not make it to the Mia fundraiser. She has a very tough race against our only Utah Dem rep, Matheson, who is well-liked. It is a new cong. district and he had his choice of which to run in. Matheson is a D who gets to vote against Obama when his vote is not needed. Otherwise, he's 75% behind 404.

hit and run

Did something happen Alice while I was gone?

Yes. The digs at Akin here made her want to step away for a while. She alone amongst JOMers delved into all the candidates for the MO Senate race and had voted for Akin in the primary.

People here decided that the one statement by Akin made him worthy of unperson status -- and her many hours of research were thus deemed irrelevant.

I don't blame her. I miss her.

(in better news, Alice tweeted the other day about a Greg Pollowitz post at NRO's Media Blog about Tito's. GPollowitz and I go way back, so it was fun interacting with him over "the best vodka evah!))


Akin's my pet project this year. I figure if he wins and Brown loses, it's a net gain.

I'd like to see Brown win, too, of course, but I'd be a lot more comfortable with Akin being the deciding vote on anything.

Frau Fatima die Keusche

Yes, caro. AliceH left when Akin was attacked by many sides here and nationwide. Didn't she discuss her primary vote with us all after which she voted for Akin? It was, I believe, her first experience of a JOM food fight. I sure miss her.

Janet - Why does Johnny Depp hate the poor? pourquoi?

This is pretty good -


I have seen a few used bookstores teetering on the brink the last few years. When I was in Hawaii recently, I shopped at the "westernmost used bookstore in the United States" in downtown Hanapepe, HI. It was small, and there were no bargains, but I felt obligated to buy something just to support the owner. LUN


Thanks Frau.
Betty Hutton was absolutely irresistible in Miracle at Morgan's Creek.
Also a big Ronnie Reagan booster IIRC.

Jane - It's gonna be a Tsunami in November

BRown is gonna win.

Ralph L

O's 9/11 statement:
We’ve ended the war in Iraq and brought our troops home.
What a miserable little shit he is! His purple lips just can't say we destroyed a vile regime and beat a cowardly insurgency.

Ralph L

Anyone who's sent money to Akin: did you get more begging letters after that? I gave $100 to Dole in the summer of 96 and got 3-4 letters a week asking for more, which absolutely disgusted me. I'd like to avoid a repeat of that.


Not to add yet another distasteful faux pas, but is there any doubt which side Akin would come down on if it came to a Tea Party vs. Duke and Duke battle next year?


I didn't give him my real email address, Ralph. Nothing in the snail mail yet, and I started giving to him right after the debacle.

hit and run

I didn't give him my real email address, Ralph.

It goes straight to spam at gmail anyway.

Frau Fatima die Keusche

Around Cleoville, there are almost no Obama/Brainless signs up. The one exception is the Religious Left's retirement village. The clueless clerics have marked their compound on all corners with Obama 2012 and signs for a Dem hack (and son of a Dem hack) running for CA assembly. Do they really like being part of a party more interested in abortion than helping people lead good, independent lives?

Pilgrim Place resident F.R. during an Occupy protest. Thankfully, her vulva costume was in the laundry.

Ralph L

Thanks, Ext. I guess he won't be forwarding our addresses to the RNC!

Janet - Why does Johnny Depp hate the poor? pourquoi?

Thankfully, her vulva costume was in the laundry.

Hahhahahaa...oh my goodness, Frau! You are too funny.

Ralph L

Thankfully, her vulva costume was in the laundry
She has it cleaned once a month, whether it needs it or not.

Janet - Why does Johnny Depp hate the poor? pourquoi?

Here's an old link that was such a great idea...Journalism Warning Labels

This could be on every article about President 404.

Janet - Why does Johnny Depp hate the poor? pourquoi?

Very clever....

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