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September 09, 2012


Ralph L

specifying what level of species
Fur or feathers, must be cute or useful


Spiders are neither, so I don't see the problem. but then again we can afford to give a billion dollars to the Everglades, and apparently block any drilling anywhere in the Eastern gulf, or the Chukchi, unless we don't find oil


so the gregarious pizza shop owner, according to Hoft, apparently visited the white house in july

Captain Hate

We could undo the scientific illiteracy of the drafters of the Endangered Species Act by specifying what level of species we're talking about-and eliminating darters, insects, odd speckled rodents and cross eyed trout from coverage..

Even when they include real animals, they update them about as frequently as democratic voting lists, as my younger Hatette pointed out about Brown Pelicans that were thick as granola munchers around Santa Cruz.


THanks for linking to that Sarah Hoyt story. I'm with her.

Perhaps there is value in constantly being so far behind that I can't read all our threads. Last I recall, the DNC Convention had ended in glittering stupidity, nobody on either side liked Obama's speech, the "Lord" and "Jerusalem" voice vote fiasco had blown up in their faces, pissing off the Arab's something fierce and proving to America that even at the DNC Convention there is tons of voter fraud, and all with the added bonus of causing Anderson Cooper to say that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was crazy. Plus they had to trot out full blown Communists like Van Jones to tell us how great it was, and lastly the networks had to furiously try to bury Cardinal Dolan's fine patriotic "in your face closer" in order to prevent the public from knowing how bad the whole damn thing really was.

Glad I missed all the poll sponsored hysteria.


"Even when they include real animals, they update them about as frequently as democratic voting lists."

The difference Captain, is that the Dem's keep finding dead voters to vote, whereas the Enviro's keep conveniently losing live Caribou Herds numbering over 200,000 because it suits their agenda.

"A vast herd of northern caribou that scientists feared had vanished from the face of the Earth has been found, safe and sound — pretty much where aboriginal elders said it would be all along."

“The Beverly herd has not disappeared,” said John Nagy, lead author of a recently published study that has biologists across the North relieved."

"Those scientists were shaken by a 2009 survey on the traditional calving grounds of the Beverly herd, which ranges over a huge swath of tundra from northern Saskatchewan to the Arctic coast. A herd that once numbered 276,000 animals seemed to have completely disappeared, the most dramatic and chilling example of a general decline in barren-ground caribou."


Nauseating, daddy, btw finished the Kean follow up on genes, good but didn't match the disappearing spoon


Some of these species ,'should just take one for the team' survival of the fittest and all that. I some of this falls underarmendaris'
Crucify efforts



This trip I read Matt Riddley's The Rational Optimist.

I enjoyed that. Tons of information, but Mr Riddley is quite the fan of trade and Capitalism, and anti the Global Warming Movement. (Suspect he'll be booted out of the Science club over there fairly soon.)

Also really enjoyed the first half of Bitter Waters: America's Forgotten Naval Mission to the Dead Sea in the 1840's.

Had no idea such a thing had ever happened, and upon reading it I was amazed at how much I learned about the politics and the personalities that gave us the Naval Academy and The Naval Observatory. I felt like I was reading about DoT's great, great relatives in the period between the war of 1812 and the beginning of the Civil War. Am only half way thru so don't want to go overboard, but very informative.

Thanks for the Kean info.


Yes , daddy, only the Alvin Wormstrum seem to qualify, I have pick that Ridley book up


Chicago's teachers union said it will strike Monday for the first time in 25 years....

A strike culminates months of heated rhetoric between Lewis and Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his hand-picked school board.

Several sources said that sending Emanuel into negotiations to broker a last-minute deal wasn't an option because there was too much bad blood between him and Lewis.



A while back, Mark F. narrowly averted all out war between MN and MI over Isle Royale.

But this article claims there could one day be nothing much left to fight for.

I find myself conflicted...is this The Onion or is it real?
"Barack Obama is keeping his promise to lower the sea levels, and he’s starting with the drought-plagued Midwest where Lake Michigan water is being shipped by the boatloads over to China! By using a little-known loophole in the 2006 Great Lakes Compact, Obama minions are allowing Nestle Company to export precious fresh water out of Lake Michigan..."

Mark Folkestad

Jim, that ridiculous coal slurry pipeline idea would have involved pumping huge volumes of water out of the Great Lakes and through a pipeline to Wyoming. Thank God a stake got driven through its heart many years ago.

Take a good look at a map and tell me which state Isle Royale NP should belong to. There was a series of falling dominoes that started with Indiana demanding a port on the Great Lakes (hence Michigan City, IN). Michigan demanded compensation for the lost territory, and they got the Upper Peninsula. Wisconsin didn't want to get ripped off, so they got part of Minnesota territory. Somehow Michigan wound up with Isle Royale as part of the U.P., despite the distance. Go figure.

PD, I'll give your wife a hard time about not trying the elk when we meet for lunch in three weeks. Tsk-tsk. But she can redeem herself before the trip is over. You will find elk on the menu somewhere else. During every one of my dozens of visits to ranch friends west of Ellensburg, WA, I had elk in some form, and never once was it not good. I prefer caribou and moose, but I'll never pass up elk.

Mark Folkestad

By the way, my father and his kid brother worked on the last logging crew on Isle Royale before it became a national park. I've always wanted to go there, but have never made it.

Manuel Transmission

Just got back from a hifalutin cocktail party on the rich side of the island. Ended up talking to a fellow that I had met briefly a couple of years ago. I would call him a high functioning liberal. I think his early career was a Silicon Valley type with enough clout that he commuted over the ridge from Monterey every day in his own plane. Anyway he is now Chairman of a hospital operation with (I think) the only western hospital in Beijing.

So, obviously politics finally came up after every other subject was exhausted. As a good lib, he voted for Bam last time and might still vote for him again. BUTT, he is willing to wait and see whether Mitt claims anything really stupid. IF NOT, he will vote for Mitt. As silly as that sounds, I think it is the real baseline we are looking at everywhere. As with Reagan, it won't take much to swing it in the right direction. Just don't embarrass them with some claim or stance that causes a knee jerk revulsion.


Thanks, all. I'll tell her it's not to be missed.

And then I'll take a nibble for myself to see what it's all about.

Manuel Transmission

PD, I have a friend with a place just west of Buffalo. He was Simpson's first campaign manager back in the day.

MarkF, that same guy was with me for a day when you and I met last Sept. His son is starting school at Hamline after finishing up at St. Josephs Prep.

Mark Folkestad

Man Tran, Hamline is a good school (or best of a bad lot?). The kid should enjoy this area. I've got good memories of our visit, even though it wasn't as long as I would have liked.


OT, Sorry, Haven't read much today:

Ten days after 9/11/12, Clint Eastwood's new movie Trouble With The Curve opens in theaters across the nation.

Why don't we show Clint some appreciation and surprise the MSM by doing something they are not privy too. Let's fill the theaters like we did the Chick-Fil-A restaurants. Let's throw them a "Curve Ball". Lines out of theaters with signs usually get reported on.

We scare the sh%t out of them, like we did in 2010, and we did in Wisconsin and Texas.

We could even buy names for people in the press we think are on the wrong side. I'll take two tickets for Chris Matthews and his mom he use to mention in his books, lovingly!

They are right about something, if they can't see it, they don't report it.

Let's make them report on them. Oh, with pictures too.!


Happy Birthday to FOX News Reporter Patty Ann Browne!


More evidence of what we suspect to be true:

Harvard law dean cited ‘affirmative action’ in 1993 Elizabeth Warren hiring

“We’re clearly trying to add more women to the faculty,” Clark told the Harvard Law Record in March 1994. “Clark said HLS was engaging ‘affirmative action’ to the extent it was working to increase the number of women considered and interviewed,” wrote the Record’s Greg Stohr. “He also said the Law School would be willing to hire a qualified woman, even if her area of expertise did not fit an immediate need..."

Warren "is the only law school professor there who did not graduate from a top-ten law school. Of the 350 Ivy League law school professors, Warren graduated from the second worst ranked school — Rutgers, ranked no. 82..."

"Warren herself seems to have doubted her own fitness to be a Harvard Law professor. “If you’d told me [I would be granted a tenure offer], “I’d simply have laughed at you and said, ‘What a charming thought! I have as good a chance of flying a rocket ship to the moon,’” she told the Record in February 1993...Warren ultimately accepted the tenure offer in 1995..."


Dammit all.

Here I was willing to pay 4,500 British Pounds for a pair of Elvis's dirty stained and unwashed underware, but the UK AuctionHouse wanted 5,000 just for starters.


Oh well, on the bright side, Elvis's Bible sold for 59,000 Pounds ($94,358.70).

Thank ya' veruh veruh much.

Jim Eagle

Good Morning,

Some very interesting news:

Reince Preibus tweets,

Thanks to our grassroots supporters for yet another great month- $111.6M raised w/94.11% of all donations in Aug $250 or less !


Another unexpected benefit of a Romney Win---A Donny and Marie Comeback Tour!

Fun comment from one of the commenters about the reporterette Judith who wrote it:

"Very interesting article, you're a wonderful person Judith. I feel I know so much more about you now, pity about the Donny Osmond stuff getting in the way of your fascinating story." Ha!

BTW, Dick Morris now on Fox & Friends says don't worry about the 49/45 Poll. Says that is inconsequential. He says what is of consequence is what has now come out of the Conventions, namely the 2 key Party re-election points:

1) Are you better off than you were 4 years ago versus

2) We (the Dem Party) are the Party that wants to give you handouts, the Repubs are the other guys who don't want to give you handouts

Morris says under that rubric it favors Romney.



daddy-I am a big fan of Matt Ridley. I especially liked his points about what Tasmania's isolation did to its skills sets over time. That regression is something I believe is starting to happen here with this being the 3rd attempt at national radical ed reform beginning in the 60s. First stopped forward motion. Second left the emotion in charge for many with little facts and poor reading skills. This time it appears to be aimed at taking out the basis for a division of labor altogether.

"I have my certificate, where's my job?" is politically incendiary.


So the WSJ is getting in on the DOOM game.

I don't get it - "very slim margins in swing states" ought to terrify an incumbent in September, especially one with the millstone of a poor economy fastened around his neck.


Porchlight have you seen this morning's Jay Cost column? The slim margins are just that, "very slim" - as you said.


Thanks, centralcal. Glad Jay Cost hasn't lost his mind. Everybody needs to see these last couple of days for what they are: a Dem media push designed to depress the GOP. Period, full stop.

Tom  Maguire
The funny thing is that the people on the professional Left who he's sucked up to for his jobs don't really respect him either -- though the mocke[r]y they level at him (when he's not around, and yes I've drank with these people) is mostly based on his physical shortcomings...

Unless the pics I have seen due them a grave injustice, any criticism based on physical shortcomings must be offered with deep irony.

Folks who's memory goes back to "American Graffiti" will remember the classic line - "Hey mister, your cars uglier than I am!"


Time to study depth charts...if they pump enough water out of Lake Superior, will a land bridge form from Isle Royale to ... MN, MI, WI,... or Canada?
My aunt worked in the NP office in Houghton and once got my brother and I a free trip, so I've been there.


Btw, my brother offers this comment to the water pumping story. No mention of Wyoming slurry. I'm confused, still.

They’ve [nestle] been selling water from some aquifer over in Western Michigan for a few years now. They’re allowed 250k [bottles? Liters? gallons?] a day for bottling. Quite the controversy at the time.

James D.

OT: Dave Weigel is a lying asshole, and as far as I'm concerned he can go die in a fire. Just wanted to say that.

About the polls, etc: I'm trying really hard not to be depressed. It's hard with the constant MSM drumbeat of lies and crap (or carp, smells just as bad, I guess) and also living in an enclave of strong Zero support. I really am afraid that Zero's coalition of the falsely aggreived, the bribed, and the squishy who don't want to feel uncool or be called racists, will be enough for him to eke out a win.

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