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October 13, 2012


Jane - Mock the Media!

Meanwhile speaking of impotent leadership, when is the Muppet March?


$500 Million Billion dollars...

Syria 5 times bigger than Libya

Captain Hate

Mark Salter is certainly an expert on losing campaigns.


Nov 3, Jane.

As for the next debate I picture the pinhead troika studying the Acme Campaign Strategery Model on how to stack townhalls with your partisans rather than preparing substantively for it.

Dr. Weevil

Interesting choice of words in "crystal meth". Didn't the Obama campaign promise that they would be "tweaking" Obama's performance after his lackluster first debate? Looks like they did exactly that, but with Biden as their guinea pig. I wonder whether his performance will make them more or less likely to "tweak" Obama for Tuesday.


This is what happens with 'cunning, cunning' plans;



Do we think any of the remaining debates will matter to anyone but the talking heads? Romney and Ryan passed the threshold test and that was that. It can only get worse for the one who is just not that smart.

Jane - Mock the Media!

Nov 3

I cannot think of a more perfect date. Have they invited big bird himself? i bet he declines.


I am really looking forward to the next 2 debates - mostly because I think Obama is stupid and operating without a teleprompter shows that better than anything.


((Do we think any of the remaining debates will matter to anyone but the talking heads? ))

I bet they are going to come up with some outrageous personal attack on Romney at the debate, attempting to put him on the defensive. They have just come out with a malicious personal attack ad saying he pays less tax than anyone because his taxes are paid at the lower capital gains rate. Maybe that's the prelude to the debate attack. Someone called into Hannity yesterday saying, "I ain't gonna vote for no rich white guy."


Million muppet march. LUN.


So won't vote for a rich white guy means he vote for a rich black guy if his vote is to have any meaning.

"President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden released their 2010 tax returns on April 18, 2011.

Obama reported $1,795,614 of total income, which consists mostly of his salary as president ($395,188) and proceeds from the sale of his books ($1,382,889)."



I'm sure he can't wait for those big fat speaking engagement checks and his memoirs....

Dreams of my Administration....

Jane - Mock the Media!

I suspect the only thing that makes him want to stay in the WH is the $1.4billion of taxpayer money spent on his personal expenses for 1 year.


Jane, he's a nasty little man.


A little unintentional humor, from someone who doesn't know what they are talking about, yet is still quite confident



Doesn't the president have to claim the million he won for the Nobel Peace Prize joke?

Jane - Mock the Media!

At the time he promised to give it to charity IIRC Ann.

Frau Aussendienst

"At the time he (Obama) promised to give it to charity, to some degree"
FIFY, Jane


Well, since he didn't claim it on his tax return, are we sure he gave it to charity? Seems to me he would of bragged about it and had a huge press conference. Did he?

We should start a rumor that it is in a Swiss account or better yet, the cayman islands.

Jane - Mock the Media!


I doubt it - I assume it's in the Caymen islands somewhere.


Not crystal meth, nitrous oxide. Obviously.


Bath salts.

If you find yourself in a room with him...RUN!

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