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October 20, 2012



Granted there were inequities in the previous system, and I don't doubt some persist to this day, but the likes of Warren and Obama, seem to be to take a jackhammer to the entire institution.


Ah, the kow tow to the Kims, that really worked out, didn't it. It helped that the 'Nuclear Fuller Brush' salesman, AQ Khan
was in the neighborhood.

Re; Makati, he has proven to be less 'Colonel Renault' than was expected,


The full scale of the battery maker scam;



(('Nuclear Fuller Brush' salesman))

LOL, narciso

Captain Hate

The best smackdown of this empty suit I've seen: http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/8524001/a-hierarchy-hypocrites


I'm suspecting blackmail is somehow involved, I too think Fujita was too mild,
like Romney's original statement.

'winning the future'



Houston Chronicle and Tamps Tribune endorse Romney


This quote I suppose displays terminal naivete, probably reading from Lewis and Schamberg but still;


hit and run

American Crossroads ad hammering Obama on Fox pregrame. Woman in kitchen watching an Obama ad. She asks, "Mr. President, where did all the money you spent go? What do we have to show for all that new debt? If we're in a recovery why are we making less?"

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

That is a great article, CH.

Clarice, the image of prancing Code Pink vulvas will haunt me until my dying day. I just can't get it out of my head. The rest of the article is great too.

Jane - Mock the Media!

Is that supposed to be "unlimited" or does Jane know something I don't about old George?

I know something you don't know.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-- He was real popular a few years ago but seems to have fallen off the map;--

CH & Gus,
When our daughter was about one to three years old she was obsessed with country music and would shake her little tush in front of the TV watching country music videos all day if we had let her.
That's where I first saw Junior back in the mid nineties.


Ignatius needs a taxidermist after this;



Notice NBC poll talking about a Late Surge. Gonna be lots of movement talk, cant use a D + 11 sample on the last poll and not look like an absolute fool. So what to do, admit your model was wrong and needs severe correction, or just omit any of that disclosure and chalk it up to "movement" or "surge". Its a quandary I tell you. Lets see if even one of them comes clean or they all adopt the meme...


Thanks, Jim.

Hey. I have an idea:Why don't guys dress like penises and show up whenever the Code Pinkos do their thing?


There's a little thing called shame, involved clarice


hit and run

Obama already does that. He doesn't even need a costume.


I can't wait til we put a cervical collar on the lot of them.

Danube of Thought on Ipad

Gallup LV horserace: Romney 52, Obama 45.

RV horserace is 49-46 Romney.


LOL, hit, I was surprised I didn't remember this;



Here is the Gallup state Party ID poll for Nevada since 2008:

2008 D+11
2010 D+5
2011 D+2
2012 R+4

If this is right, it does not matter what the registration numbers are, 2012 is way different than 2010.

Captain Hate

Jim, Goodell should be shown the door based solely on how he mishandled bountygate. Anybody with eyes and a functioning cortex knew that New Orleans was playing thugball on defense yet Roger's barely trained monkeys who dish out financial penalties when reviewing films didn't say a damn thing. He could've hauled Gregg Williams into the leagues offices and told him to cut the crap immediately or deal with the severe consequences. Now it's a full scale embarrassment to the league which won't go away. Complete failure of leadership.

Rick Ballard


The "last minute surge" is crystal clear. One need only look at the Ras Presidential Approval Trends and take note of the complete disparity of the Strongly Approve/Strongly Disapprove numbers over the years:

10/21/2010 28/42
10/21/2011 19/42
10/21/2012 27/43

As anyone with an eye for numbers can easily tell, this last minute anomaly, which is causing highly respected manufacturers of public opinion to revise their carefully crafted and completely objective turnout models, could not possibly have been anticipated.


I was surprised I didn't remember this

If you're asking us to believe there's something you didn't remember, forget it.


GMAX, the term UNEXPECTEDLY will be used quite a bit post Nov.6.


I noticed in your summary of early voting. hit, that the Obama vote get's 'more and more selective' each day.


well it didn't immediately come to mind, there are times I do have a 404 moment.

Manuel Transmission

Speaking of great music makers, we had friends over last night (very conservative) and ended up showing them one of my all time fav videos: Eastwood's Piano Blues. They had no idea of Clint's music background and were blown away by his obvious joy in hanging with the masters of the keyboard.

Takeaway suggested: get RR to play that vid (or chunks of it) between now and 11/6 to dispell the progs implications of racism!!!


Well, Yahoo "News" is still banging the chicken--they found about 17 McCain voters who are voting for Obama, and it's a phenomenon, I tell you.



Why did Wiehl take exception to the "binders" comment by Romney? She seems smarter than that.


Insty links to this NY Post review of two books on ... er ... Cads. JOM seems occasionally to have visits by such selfish and disrespecting individuals.


Facts not in evidence, PD, plus recall she was running interference for Clinton, during
the 'bimbo eruptions'


PD: Wiehl is an admitted Obama supporter

Danube of Thought on Ipad

"Vote with your ladyparts" reminds me of a story from my youth about Spanish Fly and a four-on-the-floor gearshift.

CH I hope you are watching Skins-Jynts. RG3 is quite something to see.


That still doesn't explain what it was *about the comment* that she didn't like. Anyone know?

Captain Hate

Definitely watching DoT; very impressed with what I've seen. When's the last time a GFL team has featured a rookie QB *and* running back?

Fred Davis out for the year ::groan::


Anyone know?

Obama's behind and desperate?


Works for me.


"voting for Obama"

They found 17 complete idiots.

Frau Hefte-Frauen

An encouraging comment found at the diplomad site:

I'm visiting Athens, OH, right now: a super-liberal corner of the state where I have lived for short stints during the past 30 years. To my wondering eye there are Romney lawn signs around town, a Republican county commissioner who has just been endorsed by the ultra-leftist Athens News, and I'm wondering how many in the traditional media are beginning to see that their torrid affair with our affirmative action president has turned sour. I sense a shift in the wind.

To quote Capt. Picard - "Make it so."

Frau Hefte-Frauen

Iggy, I found a Ladyhawke for you, smarts included -


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