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October 17, 2012



"Anybody else have this feeling?"

Only every day. All day.


The first time age really hit me was after my Mother died, my cousin told me that I had become the family matriarch. My reaction was I'm way too young to be a matriarch, but then I had to admit that actually I'm not too young. Put me into a blue funk for a month.


I don't like thinking how old I thought my dad was when he was my age.


Danube, the older I get, the smarter my Father gets.


Captain. Goodell is filthy filthy rich AND he is married to Jane Skinner. I used to see her in the grocery store. Mmmmm.


My best friend was a regulation sized f-up. At 23 I bought my first house, a duplex, and rented it out for a year. At 24 my friend and I moved out our parents houses into the front unit as I continued to rent out the back.

We were living the bachelor life. Well him more than me. I had become GM at the company I was working for and he was busy quitting his dishwasher job because they wouldn't give him summer off.

As we approached our 25th birthday I noted that his dad just celebrated his 50th. Using quick math, I explained to him that he was the exact same age his dad was when he was born.

::exploding mind::

He moved into a van and headed for the slopes.


I don't feel a day over 23 (in horse years).

hit and run

From Narc's 11:07: "We’re going to do a word count to see whether, as in Denver, Romney actually got more words in even if he talked for a shorter period of time."

Hey CNN, either do or don't do. There is no going to do.

Debate Word Count
Obama 7,605 | Romney 8,174

That's a rush job going through the transcript, taking out each person's name, comments by Candy and the questioners, indicators of laughter, applause, chuckling, etc. It is likely that my count will not match others who are actually paid to do it, but I think it is safe to say that Romney got somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 more words in that Obama did, not including uhs and ahs and ums.


The totals: 44 minutes, 4 seconds for Obama; and 40 minutes, 50 seconds for Romney.

But in number of words, it was Romney who came out ahead. He spoke 7,984 words - 478 words ahead of Obama, who spoke 7,506 words.

From CNN's political ticker blog.

Romney got better word mileage at 195 words a minute. O was at 170.

hit and run

Thanks Stephanie!

So I was over for both candidates. 99 for Obama and 190 for Romney.


I wonder if they didn't count repeated words?

This is Obama stammering, but in a transcript it's funny to see Obama's repeated invocation of his favorite word.

We're we're we're a little off topic here, yeah. Come on. The I thought we were talking about immigration. I I I I I I I do want to I do want to I do want to make sure that ... I do want to make sure that we just understand something.

My word count counts the seven consecutive "I's" as seven separate words.


You're welcome. I was gonna do a joke about whose word economy was doing better GDP/growth rate/something, but the better part of valor was to let it lay there for others more witty than "I." :)

Thanks to you for that WH linkage on the flag draped coffins transcript, BTW.

I was backtracking on the thread tonight thinking I saw that word count on it (it was in another site) and saw your assist from earlier.

The transcripts show that Obama didn't say anything about terror or terrorism or even anything about the cause of death in front of the FDCs just platitudes about the men in them. It was some riff on no better man than he who lies down his life that Steyn reriffed on where he looked like a zombie reading poetry.

However, Hill stuck her foot in the video meme with O right beside her. Dragging him right along. With a sour look on her face. He didn't indicate he disagreed.

I'm beginning to wonder who was stabbing who in the back with the video meme.


For the past forty years or so, I have felt that I only became smart about eighteen months ago. Anybody else have this feeling?

Wise, yes, smart, not so sure. I don't know whether I could do as well on the SATs as I did 35 years ago, or as I might have done 5 years ago, but I'd know better than to do and think a lot of the idiotic things I was doing and thinking. I figure by the time I'm 80 I'll have eliminated the idiocies, but will no longer be able to do high school math.


As Rush has said in other context's 'vainly searching for a thought' , as trite as his other non-telepromptered prose. As I pointed out from the timeline, the day they celebrated the Eid feast, the Libyan ambassador Ausjali was closer on the draw, claiming terrorism, and Pat Kennedy in the subsequent congressional briefing, made sure it was intentional,

However, the culprit that they seem to have settled on, is 'none of the usual suspects', not bin Qumu, or bin Hamid, or another Al Libi,just this guy Khattalah you know,


'Really they are going there' but not saying why.



Debate Word Count
Obama 7,605 | Romney 8,174

As I said earlier, it's much easier to speak the truth, and what you really believe, than to make s**t up and try to figure out what people want to hear.


JIMMYK. It takes the GREAT ORATOR more time to say LESS.


Freepers are all over Octoman. They think they figured out who he is. An occupy Wall streeter:


Legal Insurrection is playing too:



I would love to spend 5 minutes with Bob Beckel. His Dyed hair would be on his tombstone.


For the past forty years or so, I have felt that I only became smart about eighteen months ago. Anybody else have this feeling?

Not yet, and in the best case scenario I start eighteen months from tomorrow.

My parents had been married for a couple of years by 1972, but I don't know if they were trying to have kids yet.

OWG                  Sandy Daze

a good Samaritan -- Bumpersticker

Holly - please try the above link.

Here is the good Samaritan -- yardsign link once again.


A good summary of the Gate, i'm struck though by this focus, on this 'none of the usual suspects' appears in the crosshairs

Annoying Old Guy
For the past forty years or so, I have felt that I only became smart about eighteen months ago. Anybody else have this feeling?

Good thing you're not a programmer. Nothing like working on a project and seeing a section of code that makes you go "what drunk moron wrote this carp?", then checking the commit logs and discovering the drunk moron was you, six months ago.


The rationale for the delay, Obama explained to Ladka, was to make sure that the “intelligence he was acting on was real intelligence and not disinformation....”

Signs of paranoia, feeling isolated, doesn't know who to trust :)


After reading the various Benghazi timelines, I'm surprised no one mentioning this:

"June 6, 2012, in BENGHAZI, under cover of darkness, assailants placed an IED on the north gate of Consulate Benghazi, blowing a hole in the security perimeter that was described by one individual as, 'big enough for forty men to go through.'"


Nothing like working on a project and seeing a section of code that makes you go "what drunk moron wrote this carp?", then checking the commit logs and discovering the drunk moron was you, six months ago.
Nah, the worst is starting some new song and you are learning it, and you realize that the sheet music has notes all over it, in your own handwriting! And you would STILL swear you've never seen or heard it before!
Another Bob

Annoying Old Guy | October 18, 2012 at 08:09 AM...

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, now washing the car with it. Happy those day are behind me.

Cecil Turner

Raz swing state tracking:

Romney 50, Obama 46.

Factoring in the late break for the challenger (75-80%), that comes to 53-47, which is about where I think the electorate is. I also suspect there's a significant Bradley effect in play, manifested in the main by people refusing to respond to pollsters, which accounts for much of the variance in polling.

I'd also note the late application by Gallup of the LV screen caused exactly the "shift" one would expect (about 5+% toward the GOP), and that it's fairly consistent with what one would expect from the RV polling earlier.

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