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October 13, 2012



Joe has telegraphed the same outcome as in Iraq. We leave with our tails between our legs and the country reverts to tribal and ethnic conflict.

He has no interest in Afghanistan. Never did. Never will.

2 1/2 years ago during the president's agonizing over the Surge in Afghanistan, Joe was "the sane one in the room" arguing that we withdraw to bases from which we could launch attacks against Al Qaeda.

The man is dumber than a rock.


And according to Bowden, he was one who was holding off on the Seals takedown at Abbotabad.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Biden - Wars Are Over When We Say They're Over--

If Joe Biden votes for wars in the forest but then claims he didn't, was there ever really a war to be over?


Here is the link I was referring to;


Cecil Turner

The Iraq SOFA negotiation was a travesty . . . and there's little evidence to suggest anything different will happen in Afghanistan. Time for a "reset" button.

Jane - Mock the Media!

I win!!!!!!!

Have Blue

Yes you do.

Have Blue

I already posted that in the top post.

Jane - Mock the Media!

No one even knows what we are talking about Have Blue, which confirms what idiots we both are - and Hit is worse than you and I combined. That we can take to the bank!

Tom Roberts

Long term, there will always be US interests in South Asia:
1. Making sure that the local thugs don't endanger US commerce or diplomats.
2. Making sure that the local thugs don't endanger, too much, US allies in the region.
3. Preventing failed states from becoming terrorist sponsors which threaten the US.

There are several ways to address all three, and arguably these are the reasons why the US militarily intervened in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is also the reason why we try to maintain close alliances with Israel and India (+Saudis, sorta kinda...) But the fairly obvious drift of current foreign policy is to toss the whole area in the waste basket, for no cogently stated reason other than bringing troops home on some arbitrary schedule.

And arbitrary schedules, or policies, will ensure that goals like #1-3 never get met. Think of what happened with the Brits withdrew rapidly from their empire from 1948-56. Some good things and some inevitable things happened. But such arbitrary schedules produced much of the squalor and confusion in Africa in the last 5 decades, for instance. Histories of 2001-2012 will probably read that GWB overreached, but then Obama ran away from dangers known and unknown.


Obama couldn't come to a Status of Forces agreement, because the Iraqi's know Obama is weak. Nothing Obama ever does is in the best interests of the United States. JOZO Biden said that Obama had gotten our foreign allies to respect us again. Could JOZO give just ONE example of a solidified ally?


I was sort of listening to the debate in a bar, with the Yankee game going on, so I couldn't hear everything. I do recall thinking that Biden's repeated insistence that we were bailing out of Afghanistan and that it was up to the Afghans to "step up" was particularly egregious. He seemed to think there was something particularly meritorious about cutting and running. My thought was that even if--or especially if--your plan is to cut and run, announcing it to the enemy and to the rest of the world for purposes of pure domestic political advantage was low, even by Biden standards. I wonder how the families of the guys still fighting over there felt about it.

Tom Roberts

IN re 'Afghan stepping up':
The recent historical record of green on blue murders implies the stepping up might resemble Elphinstone's retreat from Kabul in 1842. We might even see another craven capitulation prior to a hasty march out.


Every family has an Uncle Joe.

Frau Aussendienst

"Every family has an Uncle Joe."

We keep ours out of public display.


I can't think of an Old Uncle Joe in my generation, but my Mother used to talk about her Great Uncle "Ol Uncle Joe, I gots to have me green medicine." He lived with his nephew, whose wife was a teetotaler. She relented and allowed "Ol Uncle Joe" one shot of "green medicine" each night, but only after he read at least 25 Bible verses. And yes his name was really Joe.


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