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October 10, 2012


hit and run



Welcome back TomM!!


Let's make this a birther thread!


PS: ... sit right down young man and listen while I give you a piece of my mind about you going AWOL and not using any electronic means to contact JOM....

hit and run

We sure did miss you. Here, have a glass of this Onyx I picked up.

No that's not an RFID chip in my pocket, I'm just really happy to see you.


Thank God you are alright! We were really beginning to worry about YOU, not your technology.


Aahh! I can breathe again.

[Tip of hat to TM] Welcome back.


Sara might appreciate this from the UK Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2215437/Like-father-like-son-Mitt-Romney-follows-fathers-footsteps-road-White-House.html


Todd Akin website.

Captain Hate

We should've figured out hardware/software snafus, which seem to be very frequent these days.


Hooray! saved from carpal tunnel syndrome! All hail TM!

Melinda Romanoff


Go do your job on the previous thread, please.

Thank you.

Jane - Mock the media

That was quite a test TM. WE missed you. WElcome back!


apparently Obama feels he will need to be less polite in the next debate. Can't wait to see the smarmy, sarcastic side of him. That's going to go over very well with the electorate.


Lily Tomlin: I'm sorry. The comment thread you have reached is not a working comment thread. Please check your number and dial again.


Ooh! Ooh!

Free rse!
Free rse!


Matt-- smarmy and sarcastic will go over well with about 33% of the electorate, another 10+% will tolerate it, the rest...?

Dave (in MA)

Apparently a lefty subject of hilarity over the past week is claiming that Romney wants to see Big Bird's birth certificate.
(Or would that be a hatch certificate?)


A TomM test?... kinda like God and Abraham?


Followed the link to the Todd Akin site and found this:




Don't know about Big Bird's birth certificate, but I'll be happy to see the PBS and NPR funding death certificates.

Dave (in MA)

@matt at 01:08 PM, If things aren't going well, he may be forced to unleash the middle finger fake nose scratch!


So happy to see you're ok.


The middle finger nose scratch comes out sometime before January-- book it.

JM Hanes

Here we go again, at last! Welcome back!

JM Hanes

Meanwhile, generic bafflegab from Patrick Kennedy, at the Libya hearing, most conspicuously including a defense of Susan Rice.


But will we ge to the magic 2000 on the last thread?

Jane - Mock the media

Issa is taking no prisoners. It's good to hear.


OT-- (is there a topic)-- CATO Inst. gives Ct. Governor Dan Malloy a 'F' on tax and spend policies. Christie and Deval Patrick get 'B's: http://darien.patch.com/articles/think-tank-flunks-gov-malloys-fiscal-record-c6d2dfdc

JM Hanes

Making up for lost time, TM's got a Benghazi thread, two!

Danube of Thought

Welcome back, TM.


I don't know. One of the big takeaways for a lot of people from the first debate is that Mitt Romney is engaged, polite, and smart. He criticized the president very effectively without snark.

Obama has a history of snark. He likes to demean people who oppose his views. There is that muddle middle who still believe it's better to be polite, and the gloved fist tactics of the Dem Left are usually hidden away from them. This time, we will see. Chicago politics are roughhouse by definition and Obama took a terrible hit last week.

Rick Ballard

Tom Maguire,

Thank you for your effort in keeping this place going. I appreciate the work involved and hope you will be able to continue for a very long time.


Obama has a history of snark. He likes to demean people who oppose his views.

Yes, so it should be very interesting if Barry's takeaway from the first debate is that he wasn't tough enough. Since he can't pull off "engaged, polite, and smart," he will likely come off as clueless, nasty, and dumb.

Jim Eagle

Anybody watching Cspan and the Libya security hearings. Very compelling stuff. Its always the coverup by total denial that becomes the "sweater's loose thread". Issa is pulling it out one inch at a time.


He's alive! He's alive.

Jim Eagle

During the hearing they gave Denis Kucinich 5 minutes to make an anti-war speech wasting time to ask the questions needed to be asked. Can't he just leave sooner rather than later?

Jane - Mock the media

The whole process seems designed to politic rather than get answers - including the ridiculous speeches in the beginning.

Frau Steingehirn

Is Patrick Kennedy able to complete sentences? Why is he still there?


I guess I can now cancel my reservation at the Betty Ford clinic.


Dave (in MA)

Different Patrick Kennedy.


Don't forget, the leftists have been warned.


If he needs to do it I hope he sends out the notices on the 7th of Nov.


Whew! TM's back:-)

Jane - Mock the Media!

And you are too Glasater. I miss you around here!


Whew! is right! That was a marathon.


Thanks, Jane!

I try to keep up but got so far behind because my little photog biz has been keeping me out of trouble:-) As a good friend would say "busy hands are happy hands".

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