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October 12, 2012



Danube. You are the best. I've said for several months. Obama is TOAST. Obama is going to be SHITCANNED.
Americans still love America. For now.


Ask me what the Cardinals can do. Sheesh. The Nats can commiserate with the Rangers.


Sue, the Cardinals have some sort of DIVINE PROVIDENCE!! I hate it, but the St Louis franchise is blessed.


Just in from a nightime walk looking an an amazing Borealis.

The Lawyer neighbor called and said it was booming outside, so I buttoned up as it is 31 degrees, grabbed the dogs and stepped outside. A third of the sky, starting just above the rooftops and stretching way up high and way off in the distance, is glowing a bright neon green, and at times the whole thing is shimmering exactly like a moving curtain.

We got our Chinese neighbor out and she was very excited as she had never seen them before, so now we had 5 dogs running up and down the cul de sac, until we got our neighbors from Hawaii, totaling now 6 dogs. Very chilly, very much fun, and the sky still ablaze as I pop a beer and start catch-up. I am fortunate to have good neighbors.

Dave (in MA)

I sent that Axeltweet to my brother who pays little attention to politics, and he replied "He means grinning and laughing like a retarded monkey for no apparent reason?"

Bide a wee grin-eating shit.

Some days Syria seems THIS big.


I changed my mind. I too think it's "coke". And they still didn't send me a check!

Andujar twin Rag-U-Nad.

Blessed at home, not blessed in the Twin Cities.

A vintage chez.

Blessed @ Busch, unblest @ Minn-SaP

Far out.

Joan Feynman correlated Nile River levels with aurorae boreales.


Biden may have blurted more than Owe-bama wanted him to----just like the same-sex marriage episode. Sorta like Seinfeld with Biden, and that jerkstore http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwfioD-ING8# calling Joe.


Saw this on the Twitter:

"When a wise person debates with a fool, the fool rages and laughs, and there is no peace and quiet." Proverbs 29:9


And yet, Ignatz, embellishment is provided:

Michael Bellavia, 43, an animation executive from Los Angeles, and Chris Mecham, 46, a university student in Idaho, separately came up with the Million Muppet March idea

You thought a 30 year old law student who wanted the federal government to force a priest to buy her birth control was dopey? Here's a guy a full generation older who wants the government to borrow millions from China to feed into one of the great merchandising successes of our age in order to generate the sort of educational acceleration which has given a fan like Chris Mecham the hope of completing his undergraduate studies within the first five decades of his life.



I have the distinct feeling that this march will be a mistake.


Catholic Bishops respond to Joe Biden's Inaccurate Statement Of Fact On HHS Mandate Made During Vice Presidential Debate

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) issued the following statement, October 12. Full text follows:
Jim Ryan

Me like cookie. Cookie good enough for me.


Koch is pronounced as Coke here in ATL where they are the proud owners of Ga Pacific. I sat in a presentation the GP Foundation was pushing last May and wished they could hear what their philanthropic admins were pushing.

I have been mulling this idea that the Left truly believes that the terms of the funding to states and localities will still take down the America we love and economic freedom and individualism as it was designed to do even if RR prevails.

It will take a great deal of knowledge and respect for what the true drivers of freedom and prosperity to dismantle this. It cannot just be eager young people unaware of the role of The Nation or what the Frankfurt School hoped to do.

Captain Hate

Sorry for any other Nat's fans out there but I want them to lose because it appears Jay Carney likes them.

Just shut up, tarhole.

Captain Hate

It will take a great deal of knowledge and respect for what the true drivers of freedom and prosperity to dismantle this. It cannot just be eager young people unaware of the role of The Nation or what the Frankfurt School hoped to do.

The eager young people will have to have a thirst for knowledge about that which the state run indoctrination centers haven't leached out of them.


This is just silly.

Obama and Biden decided to invade Libya without the Congress. They overthrew the government and installed a puppet regime.

Now all of the sudden they know nuttin' bout no Libya?

Obama/Biden own Libya, its their broken baby. Why isn't Obama as up to speed on his Libyam operations as he supposedly is on Afghanista?


On another completely different note. Why do the media, left and right, think that Biden made a good argument that because Ryan had requested stimulous funds on behalf of constituents, that somehow makes him responsible for all of Bidens bad management decisions??

Did we blame all people who took out loans during the S&L scandal for the crooked doings of the S&L managers?

Do we blame all GM owners for bad desisions made by GMs management?

Did we blame people who took legitimate loans out at banks, for the banks other bad investments?

Are Medicare users not allowed to complain about the 100 Billion annually in Medicare fraud because somehow they bought into the system, now they not allowed to critize the overseers of the program.

Would this BS work the other way around?

Obama and Biden constantly complain about the lower taxes on the rich...but did they not take advantage and pay the lower rate? Does that not make them huge liars and make them lose the debate that they should pay higher taxes? Should they not have continued to pay the higher rate or not complain about the new rules.

Just because you used a service/pogram/process does not mean you have to agree or sign off on all of its managers decisions.

If Romney/Ryan tried to make such an argument, the press would laugh in their faces...kinda like Biden was doing.


I certainly discovered much more about the high level of Soros' meddling in prog astroturf long before the progs ever tried to tie the Koch brothers to spontaneous tea parties.


((There are millions of Hillary supporters))

the so-called PUMAS who were going to save the day last time? that was one of the biggest con jobs in election campaign history. I think the Obama organization delights in setting up false notions through "ops" who seem to be on our side, but aren't. Like "Steve" not long ago trying to stir up some collegial racism on JOM.


It distresses me to hear about all the Obama ads in Ohio. Are there not as many, if not more, Romney ads? What about the line that Obama was going to be out of money and Romney would have tons to spend in the final weeks? it doesn't appear to be be playing out that way. Romney ads monopolized Drudge yesterday, at one point there were no ads on the site except Romney ads. That seemed like a rather odd ad buy, whereas right after Romney's speech to the cadets an Obama ad played saying Mitt Romney was a liar, which seemed like a brilliant ad placement. I hope the Romney campaign is placing ads that effectively.


Morning walk sign report.
Three miles.

12 RR 1 OB

Again, in a neighborhood that virtually never has had signs
out for the Presidential election in the 28 years I've lived here.

Thomas Collins

Russia says nyet to renewing the threat reduction program that has resulted in the dismantling of over 7,000 strategic warheads from the old Soviet Union. See LUN (via Instapundit). The reset by Obama of relations with the Russkies, including the betrayal of Eastern Europe on missile defense and the substantial reduction in our nuclear arsenal promised by Obama in the New Start talks, is emboldening Russia.


on second thought, perhaps ads aren't everything, perhaps the best advertisment for Romney is the sense of anxiety everyone has about the Obama economy.




AP piece today: "Twelve years after leaving the White House, Bill Clinton is campaigning as if he's in the political race of his life."

Clintons using AP to remind BOzo that what is freely given can quickly be taken away.


so ... Obama is getting friendly with Russia, but unfriendly with Syria who is Russia's good friend? how confusing ....

Rick Ballard


Crossroads is putting money in down ticket, targeting another eight Congressional districts. The Romney Campaign is expanding the GOTV effort in Pennsylvania and Michigan in an effort to force OFA to use money withdrawn from Florida and Virginia outside of Ohio. Romney is also pushing harder in Nevada, (Colorado is pretty much in hand).

Obama's waxed cardboard firewall in Ohio is smouldering nicely - we should see full combustion sometime next week.

Start looking down ticket - the more the merrier in the Senate.


Btw, from the last thread, it turns out Eastern Libya, Cyreniaca, is itself 4 times larger than Syria, that was insight the Solon of Scranton, somehow missed, in his 36
years in the Senare.

Syria has been a longtime Russian proxy, they never broke away from the Bear's embrace, like with Egypt, under Adham, the
'good' Saudi spymaster, who was the real godfather of Camp David.Increasingly, they have been more a branch office of Iran, through Hezbollah.


That Russia news reminds me how glad I am Lugar lost. He let Sen. Voting Present co-sponsor his weapon reduction bill without actually doing anything, giving BOzo undeserved foreign policy creds during the campaign.


To get back to something from yesterday: As dumb as SloJoe is, I don't think he was saying that Syria is 5 times bigger than Libya. He was just mangling his pronouns. I think he use "it" first to refer to Libya, than to Syria.


Yes, Deb, that was a smart move on Lugar and Nunn's part, wasn't it, it reminds me of the toothless Allied Control Commission, that Manchester pointed out failed to keep
Krupp and other firms from rearming.

Btw, we see that Chelian, the 'fixer' behind the Gibson interview with Sarah and most recently Yahoo's political director, who mused about Romney wanting to see black people drown, that by the way was the subtext of Obama's Hampton remarks is now at Politico


Did "Brainless Joe" mean that Syria has 5X the population of Libya, perhaps ?

Don't know why I'd offer anything that helps out that execrable excuse for a human.

On second thought, he DID mean "size."


Roger L. Simon and American Digest's Vanderleun are absolutely giddy about the tsunami they see on the near horizon.


Don't know why I'd offer anything that helps out that execrable excuse for a human.

Because I think it's counterproductive to make a big thing out of a "mistake" that wasn't really a mistake. It distracts from Joe's real lies and idiocy.


In fact, on that Syria vs. Libya thing, I actually thought it was a softball question that Joe was ready for, as if he knew it was coming. He was so prepped for it that he got overexcited and mangled it. But aside from the language problems, it was a reasonable (though obvious) response.


Irony is crunchy, this morning, the left criticized the Bush administration for the 18 month 'Rush to war' with Iraq, even though we had secured congressional approval, because the intelligence may not have been entirely up to date, which they
compressed to 'Bush lied' even though at least some of those munitions are now in Syria, Meanwhile, there was a vendetta against Libya, who had provided logistical intelligence, against AQ, who had in fact
provided the first interpol complaint against UBL. But because 'look squirrel'
Libya had attacked Pan Am 103, and Berlin for good measure, and we had given up their
ops chief in Southern Europe, we had to rush into this ill considered intervention
.without Congressional authorization, on behalf of Islamists like Bel Hadj, Hasadi
and Bin Qumu, just because, then we fail the 'Pottery Barn lesson, to secure the country and the arms, and when that region
becomes a tinderbox, we undermine the govt
that sticks up for us.


When Biden is in 'Full Costanza' it's hard to tell if he is lying or doesn't know the answer, the Spectator pointed out, that piece where he eviscerated William Clark,
a decent and courageous man' with the same sort of tactics, that Couric would use a quarter century later.


TC-this is not my news but I am aware of it. What became known as Outcomes Based Education globally was first discussed at a UNESCO meeting in Moscow in 1968. By 1971 Benjamin Bloom who created Mastery Learning, the precursor of all this, started holding summer institutes in Sweden to train teachers in the affective orientation and away from the transmission of knowledge.

What bo is mandating is basically the long sought goal of using education to shut down minds in the West. The accreditors are on board, the altered measurements were funded by ARRA, the digital literacy substitute is the vocational focus Marx always dreamed of. Etc.

No way Putin is not aware that the West is being destroyed from within through education. I am quite certain of that.

Those sealed archives were opened up for translation into English in the 80s for a reason.

Melinda Romanoff

Dick Morris just brought up Hil's finish line goals of the International Gun Control & International Internet Regulatory Treaties will be signed in the lame duck period and rammed through the Senate.

Where have I heard this before?


'just another day in the neighborhood'


Do they employ these strategems in Modern Russia, rse, that would be the clue whether
Volodya would be aware or not

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I think daddy mentioned this, but the EU wins the Nobel Peace Prize? Really?
Perhaps the Nobel committee was referring to the EU's impending funeral and the peace of the grave.

Millions of real human beings worldwide bravely and in isolation fighting for liberty in the face of brutal dictators and the sclerotic, woolen headed, all consuming bureaucracy of European cultural suicide is adjudged worthy above all others by the Norwegian numbnuts?

I would nominate for all sorts of prizes anyone enterprising enough to dynamite the Nobel committee.


"will be signed in the lame duck period and rammed through the Senate."

What requires that the Senate hold a lame duck session?


'heck of a job, Hillary, any more bright ideas;



Taranto dubbed Plugs - Dr. Strangelaugh

Jane - Mock the Media!

What requires that the Senate hold a lame duck session?

I suspect it will be Harry Reid's last gasp. I think it requires a constitutional amendment to overturn, and I suspect Obama has a lot of these actions planned.


Yes, Ignatz, the Python sketch, about 'the award for the most awards,' comes to mind.

Consider this, a strategy devised by Biden, according to Woodward in 'Politics' that even Aaron Sorkin deemed too implausible
in the 'West Wing' passed thanks to Leeza
Mxlplidk and Scott Brown


Why is nobody in the liberal or mainstream press pointing out the fact that this YouTube video they keep saying so horrible, disgusting and offensive paints the prophet Mohammed as a homosexual?

just what is so horrible about being gay Mr. President?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Dick Morris just brought up Hil's finish line goals of the International Gun Control & International Internet Regulatory Treaties will be signed in the lame duck period and rammed through the Senate.--

They can't even get the Law of the Sea treaty passed. There is no way they have the votes to ram either one through.
The Dems have collectively lost their minds but there are still enough interested in individual self preservation to have seen what happened to the dopes stupid enough to push Hillarycare and Barrycare; the Scylla and Charybdis of Dem political fortunes in the last two decades. Gun control is an even bigger loser.


THE AP decides it time to start letting the faithful in on the secret and let them down slowly. Buy stock in Xanax! Here:

SIDNEY, Ohio (AP) -- The crowds tell the story. As Election Day nears, Mitt Romney is drawing large and excited throngs.

Look to dusty Iowa cornfields, rain-soaked Virginia parks, the muddy fields of the Shelby County Fairgrounds, where a crowd of 9,500 - almost half of this western Ohio town - gathered among the barns and stables on a frigid October evening this week to glimpse the Republican presidential contender.

"Where else would we want to be?" said one of the shivering faithful, Judy Cartwright, a 71-year-old nurse from Sidney. "I want to see the next president of the United States."


You know there are times, this publication earns the approbrium of the Waugh's namesake, but this is not one of them;


Rick Ballard


There is also the slight problem of the Senate rules. Where do they get the 60 votes for cloture? Are there more Lugars inn hiding, aching to commit political suicide?


Thanks, BOzo. Couldn't have done it without ya.


Even sicker is Biden claiming he is prolife for himself but won't impose on others....except if your Chinese, then it's fine with him that the government impose late term abortions and infanticide on you.

Apparently you are not a 'women who can make her own choices' if you have a slight eye slant or a slight Indian accent...


Sorry about the formatting, I'm just 'rolling' today. To answer a question, on a subsequent link by Coughlin, yes they were conducting a coverup.

Danube of Thought

Minus 13 at Raz today.

Trails Romney by 1.


hit and run @3:51: Joe Biden's debate performance reminded me of those old wind-up cymbal-clashing monkeys, you know, the ones from China. Or Japan. Certainly not from America.



This is the Vanderleun link, mentioned earlier, by Clarice;


Captain Hate

It distresses me to hear about all the Obama ads in Ohio. Are there not as many, if not more, Romney ads

There are too many of both of them. After a point I believe people just tune them out. Especially when they're all the same.


Also TK's 'Apocalypse Now' riff, reminded me of Dennis Hopper's crazy journalist as the standin for Biden, or you can take the
deluded French patriarch living up the Mekong, insisting everything is fine.


I believe the Constitution requires a 2/3 vote of the Senate to approve a treaty. No hope in hell (heaven?) of them ever getting enough Republican senators on board to ratify any kind of international gun or internet control to get to a 2/3 approval vote.

JM Hanes


I wanted to revisit the photo posted by Another Bob in the debate thread, because I made two mistakes when I said that Biden's 82 interruptions amounted to almost 1 per minute. I didn't factor Raddatz into the equation. Per Fox News, Raddatz interrupted Ryan 31 times, for a total of 113.

But that's not the big piece I neglected! Ryan wasn't speaking for 90 minutes. Fox puts his puts his time on the "debate clock" at 40:12 minutes, so he was interrupted or cut off an average of 2.8 times per minute. That's almost once every 30 seconds. It's hard to see how he can really be faulted for a lot of missed opportunities along the way.

Biden Ryan Radditz Debate


Ryan may have spoken for 40 minutes, but Biden was speaking at the same time during at least half of them.

Captain Hate

When Biden is in 'Full Costanza' it's hard to tell if he is lying or doesn't know the answer, the Spectator pointed out, that piece where he eviscerated William Clark,
a decent and courageous man' with the same sort of tactics, that Couric would use a quarter century later.

The real mistake is somehow being sympathetic to the dumbass. He's a miserable POS who never passes up a chance to take a cheap shot at whomever he considers his enemy. He deserves to rot in Hell for the delusional slurs he tossed at the driver who was in the accident that his first wife caused.


Now If I might quibble with Mr. Lake, who really has spoken truth to power, on this matter, unraveling this brouhaha, is he concedes a little too much on his twitter feed, offering up a now debunked Hill piece, but that's a minor point.

JM Hanes

Dick Morris is a groundhog on opposite day.

Melinda Romanoff


"Deem it so" comes to mind.

Annoying Old Guy
There is also the slight problem of the Senate rules. Where do they get the 60 votes for cloture?

I do not understand this comment by Mr. Ballard - treaties require 2/3 approval, so cloture is irrelevant (except that if you can't get 60 you also can't get 67).


Then again, he was in part replying to this,



Hi from the other Maine! We're in Portland,husband is stuck in a meeting on this beautiful fall day.Very surprised to see few Obama signs driving into the city yesterday,although there was some sort of demonstration at Longfellow Square yesterday and Henry Wadsworth didn't look amused.So happy to read about the Clinton machine vs the Chicago machine!Enjoy the day!


How about a chuckle on a glorious Football Saturday. Yes its football season, baseball season is over some of you must not have gotten the memo circulating! From the link of Vanderleun an absolutely funny comment:

I'm still undecided. Not sure if I should vote for Romney or against Obama.
Posted by: OldFert at October 13, 2012 7:08 AM

Rick Ballard


The sixty vote cloture requirement means the ratification vote will never be taken. I was just reminding folks that the "lame duck anarchy" stuff is basically nonsense.


I can't remember another baseball playoff where there was no off day from one round to the next. Yankees have to host Detroit tonight. Thank goodness Verlander won't be on the mound. LUN--Verlander's stats--simply amazing!


Unfortunately, Hersh, hm I wonder, choses to take Barbara Bodine, who blocked John O'Neil from the Cole investigation, as his source

Melinda Romanoff

Wrapped in fiscal cliff wrapping?

We'll see.

Jane - Mock the Media!

So why is everyone ignoring the fiscal cliff? Can we expect the stock market to crash before the election?

JM Hanes


"Now If I might quibble with Mr. Lake, who really has spoken truth to power…."

I have another quibble with the otherwise Pulitzer worthy work he has been doing. I'm a full three articles behind, but in his piece on videos from the "consulate" (newly encased in quotation marks, because that now appears to be a euphemism for CIA HQ, Benghazi), this seems like a logical place to ask questions about what actually happened to Stevens:

The videos were filmed from multiple closed-circuit cameras throughout the compound, and are at times grainy and hard to decipher. There are also some gaps. There is no footage, for example, of Ambassador Chris Stevens going into the safe room where he eventually died from smoke inhalation.
I'm not presuming that any video was deliberately disappeared; Lake does mention various other camera angles and positions. It's the complete lack of curiosity on what seems everyone's part about an important missing piece of the narrative that bothers me.


"ignoring the fiscal cliff"

Obama has been doing everything he can to get us over the edge for years.

Ed Blumenfeld wrote in The New American: “One of Obama’s advisors during his 2008 election campaign was Peter Dreier. …Stanley Kurtz, in Radical-in-Chief, credits Dreier with formulating the stealth plan to destroy capitalism. His plan is to gradually expand government spending until the country nears fiscal collapse. At that point, a public accustomed to entitlements will presumably turn on its capitalist masters when they propose cutbacks to restore fiscal balance.”


Obama has the nation right where he wants it, IMO.

The sad part about it is there are still Americans who claim they are going to vote for him.

Rick Ballard


The "fiscal cliff" is a joint concoction by Bernanke and the CBO. What value do you put in their projections and analysis? The Fed has been running the "markets" for a few years - will "Mad Ben" give the market a bear hug and leap off the "fiscal cliff" which he created?


I concur with Rick, we are so far over the 'fiscal cliff' we are hanging to the proverbial question mark, like Wile E Coyote, the only thing is we haven't looked down yet.


Al Qaeda leader urges holy war over Prophet film

I'd be up for this, but I want it called what it is on both sides. Not a War on a Tactic, or a contingency operation or anything other than what it really is: a holy war, where one side or the other is defeated at the end. Let's just get it on.

Melinda Romanoff


The whole Fiscal Cliff™ imbroglio had more to do with creating a political "gotcha" by the 13 yr Ole's heading the Dems that proved they only cared about power. Boehner and McConnell bet that the American people would find the ruse as "mis-adult" and affix proper solutions to their electoral muskets.

We've known about this for nearly two years so it's only come as a shock to the low information muddle and the nattering class. 1.3% GDP speaks to them pretty clearly, as did the unemployment figures from the 5th.

Jane - Mock the Media!

All of that is fine, but what exactly will cause the stock market to respond, or not? I have always assumed that if it looks like Obama will be re-elected there will be a major sell off in October, but it seems like there may be one regardless if who is ahead.


You have made some excellent points.I just keep going back to Obama 08 with Joe the Plumber-we want to "spread the wealth around".
If these lib millionaires want to pay more in taxes to fund Big Bird -let them do it! "what's that? "Crickets"


I assume McConnell will do something, but Reid will checkmate him, and offer unreasonable demands, and they will cave.


As the talk moves to Holy Wars, etc. Here is a report to check off how the fighters are put into place by their side, in just one battleground.


"The document, which is classified "secret" and apparently authored by then-Ambassador Eduardo Aguirre, states: "Heavy immigration -- both legal and illegal -- from North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria) and Southeast Asia (Pakistan and Bangladesh) has made Catalonia a magnet for terrorist recruiters. … The Spanish National Police estimates that there may be upwards of 60,000 Pakistanis living in Barcelona and the surrounding area; the vast majority are male, unmarried or unaccompanied, and without legal documentation. There are even more such immigrants from North Africa."

"without legal documentation" remember those words, as they come back to haunt US.


Thanks maryrose! I don't think there is a better example of criminal waste of taxpayer's money than borrowing money from our grandchildren to spread Big Bird around.

The buck stops where?

In the Oval Office as usual -- but no one's seen it since Jan. 19, 2009.


To steal from Rush, this is just like the classic Clintonesque instances of "Hey, the buck never got here!" Bush was blamed for acting on "bad intel," but when Obama does it, it's the fault of the intelligence services--even when those services say "Um, we never told him any of that." November can't get here fast enough.

Annoying Old Guy

I think that if there is any lame duck treaty nonsense the GOP would do better to not filibuster. Let the vote happen - if it can get 67 votes the filibuster was irrelevant. If it's close but doesn't pass you have non-lame duck Senators marked as voting for it, and if not then it's another crushing defeat for the party and Clinton, both of which are good. I suspect for this reason that Rick Ballard is correct that not even Clinton is dumb enough to push the issue.

How many of you knew who the Koch brothers were before you identified with the tea party?
Fell asleep last night and missed the quiz!

I was at the Libertarian Party convention where David Koch was nominated for vice president.

mark l.

the state dept talked to the victims, for six hours, and didn't call the sixth fleet for extraction?

we had a drone, watching?

the kitty genovese rape and murder only took a half hour. none of those bystanders were tasked with defending her life or honor.

the navy knew. they either chose to do nothing, or were commanded to make sure no 'soldier' dies in libya, before the election.

mark l.

one other small point...

six hour conversation. any doubts that it was recorded?

nixon gained infamy for less than 20 minutes of deletion. the wh needs this tape to disappear, not just til the election is over, but for the rest of history.

paging kristen breitweiser.

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