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October 13, 2012



funny how all of the Democrat "supporters" of the Church seem to side with the nuns...

And how they have disappeared into the woodwork when it becomes a matter of First Amendment rights.


We're really in Lillian Hellman territory here, TM;


The fact that he is quoting the discredited 2007 NIE, which was mostly based on their curveball, Amiri, who at best was the Heisenberg in this exercise, is another instance


Four new threads? How will we hit 2000 comments?

Cecil Turner

Kessler goes to a lot of trouble to fact-check Ryan's assertions on Iran's nuclear program (concluding he "simplified" things) and finally admitting the sanctions are not working (except to cause "suffering," which isn't the goal) . . . but never gets around to debunking Biden's obvious stupidity about having nowhere to put the material once it's enriched to weapons grade. The closest he gets is saying Biden "confused things" . . . which is considerably more charitable than I'd put it.


They don't even read their own Pravda well enough, CT;



IMO, it is the entire Obama regime war on truth. Can anyone name any Obama Regime official who has told the truth about anything?

Charlie (Colorado)

Oh, Pagar, that's not really fair. Consider, for example, when Biden said "Yes we will raise taxes by a trillion dollars."


The comments at the post fact check are encouraging, at least there is a discussion now about the mess. It seems there is beginning to be some push back against the true believers from a fed up muddle.

My college daughter even called Biden a psycho after the debate.


""Yes we will raise taxes by a trillion dollars."

IMO, there is no way the Democrats dare tell you how much they are going to raise taxes because it will be far more than a trillion.
Abadman, I think your daughter has got it 100% correct. IMO, there are people behind bars in mental hospitals who would not act nearly as deranged as he acted during the debate.


300 years ago, the Proprietorship of the Maryland Colony passed from the Catholic 2nd Lord Calvert to his Protestant son. Religious toleration of Catholics was severely curtailed. One of the new laws was that in order to serve in public office and in the state militia, a man had to take an oath that he did not believe in the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation. Another new law said that since Catholics refused to serve in the militia and in public office, their taxes were to be double.

After the Revolution (where my ancestors were allowed to enlist in the Continental Army without giving up their religion) the country created and ratified a constitution and bill of rights which prohibits religious tests for office and guarantees the free exercise of religion. As Justice Roberts has so clearly explained, Obamacare is a tax. The founding fathers had first-hand experience with imposing punitive taxes on citizens who refuse to act against their religious beliefs, and it's pretty clear that this is exactly what they thought that they were prohibiting in the constitution and bill of rights.


The irony, is Cathy, that on tactical grounds, Biden was opposed to this rule,


Biden is either ignorant of the facts and/or a dirty low down liar. There is no other way to look at his false statements. I am not Catholic but I am a Christian and I am following this closely via texts from USCCB the catholic bishops. This really angers me beyond belief. Not to mention that my family's income will be drastically curtailed by being forced from our current plan that lowers our deductible and super sizes our premiums. All at the same time taxmeghedon hits. Really worried.


Well the real irony is that I'm afraid Biden really thinks that the mandate doesn't apply to Catholic institutions.


Biden really thinks



Powerful new Pro Life ad is out "Who is the abortion extremist"?


Ralph L

2nd Lord Calvert
Calvert was his surname, Earl of Baltimore, AKA Lord Baltimore, was his title. Jeopardy screwed that up a few years ago.


When I heard what Biden said, I turned to my son and said, "Ryan should respond: Are you calling Cardinal Dolan a liar?"

Wanki Hadanki

Joe's Hamburger Head will explode when The Dog Eater is defeated in November. He's been along for the ride since 1988 when he first began running for presidente.

He's always been a first class douche bag. He'll die a douche bag. He'll be given a douche bag funeral.

Il Douche and Il Duce... Joe completes so much of the world political picture. Now, to see the Dog Eater and Moochelini hung upside down in some public square.

Things can't go far enough sometimes.


I'm gonna take a little different tack here. If you are operating a multimillion dollar hospital, that is not a church. You can call your church a church, outside operations are not a church. This is about the Catholic Church attempting to prove it can exert influence on the political system. IMHO, this is not something that we should desire, and, in fact, flies in the face of the separation of Church and State. The Bishops don't want to be separate, they want to be above the state, superior to it. Historically, that has not worked out well.

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