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November 15, 2012



how do you post pictures?

Captain Hate

Naturally Clarice was more succinct than I.


Well that didn't seem to trouble Holder, much, I know it's not the same thing,

Melinda Romanoff

Neil Barofsky adds some heat to the fire that was the financial crime of the century.

Good piece he links to, in his tweet.



Melinda, Iron Dome engages very short range rockets. Patriot can engage far more complex threats, such as SCUD type missiles.


What snobbish bullshit. Of course there are Trappist monks in the Ozarks who make and sell fruitcakes. Monasteries all over the country make and sell wares to keep afloat. Make fun of Williams-Sonoma all you wish, but please keep the "redneck monks" carp to yourselves. Really, for shame - I thought JOMers were better than that.

Ralph L

I always consider fruitcake as an inland version of the dead fish in "The Godfather".
"Luca Brazzi is gay!"?
Speaking of which, did anyone link to the shirtless FBI photo. Kinda silly, but he does show a little boxer-brief. LUN
Coincidentally, my s-i-l's late father, who was in the FBI for a few years, was a NY shirt model to help pay for law school (before WWII).


I think they mean it as a warning, like the Ballerina/Israeli commando, used to message.

Rick Ballard


What's the downside for Russia supporting a Kurdish PKK led independence movement? Who would stop Russia from gobbling up Georgia and Azerbaijan and setting up "Free Kurdistan" as a client?


Oh, dear, I meant no offense quoting that it from the catalog critique. It's all over the top you know to match the florid writing of the text.

NJ Jan

OT -- just read census data for my town. It compares data to state. You can select your state, then insert town and county to bring up data.



What a mook,


Captain Hate

I understand where Porch is coming from but that mock catalog was probably the funniest thing to happen at Deadspin since they were taken over by those Gawker imbeciles. Very telling that it wasn't about sports.

Jim Ryan

If you would like to hear Mr. Shearing sing It Amazes Me then click. Bring a hanky.


Pickering said that Americans’ lack of familiarity with Islam –and not Islamic terrorist attacks on Americans— fuels hostility toward Muslims.

I already know enough. They don't educate their girls and women. The men blame the women for their own sex drive (lust). Women aren't free to have male friends. Women get stoned or killed if they don't please their husbands and are divorced and have to return to their families, who drive them away. The real savages behead enemies. Or bomb innocent shoppers in the marketplaces. They basically despise the U.S.

I used to have a Muslim tennis coach in London (who was an attorney in Iran but had left Iran to play around,about the time the shah was deposed--Ahad was wealthy, played tennis, pulled the girls, etc.) I had a friend who had gotten a divorce, and I teared up about it one morning when he scolded me for not working hard on my serve. He laughed at me about marriage. He said, it's nothing but a contract, and he told me, that all he had to do to get rid of a woman in Iran, was make a statement she wasn't a good wife, and kick her out. the marriage was over. He wasn't responsible for her anymore. Who knows if he was telling the truth, but it goes with anything I've ever read about the way Muslims treat their women.

Why do we need a diverse population of Muslims that will grow and engulf Christians? they are tasked to kill the infidel.

As long as they are in the minority we are safe, wait until their birth rates outpace us.


My son-in-law's first deer of the season. He got it with a bow and arrow. He told the butcher to donate it to the food pantry. Our church had a day of service and he said he got in the spirit of 'giving' and wanted to do something on his own. :)

My daughter's family uses the meat. They have some ground, some made into sausage, and there is something that is supposed to be like steak, and I call it back strap, but I think it is really called something else, can't remember what the name is, but think it is a tender piece of meat (probably after marinating.)

I have no idea what Glenn Beck thinks.

This is what Glenn Beck thinks:



oh, shoot, I forgot to put in the link of my son-in-law and his deer. couldn't figure out how to post the photo.


NJ Jan

I found the mocking of the snobby NE Williams Sonoma lovers funny. We have quite a few around here and I was laughing at my mental picture of them loving it and like CH, I thought the over the top writing funny


No, I would say that more of O'Reilly or Geraldo, or Shep,

Melinda Romanoff


Then there's Erroll.

Just a joy.



I hadn't heard about till you posted. Midland is in west Texas and I'm in northeast Texas. I know more about what is going on in Arkansas Oklahoma a d Louisiana than I do west Texas.


It's what was expected;


Melinda Romanoff


Marinate it in balsamic vinegar for at least six hours. Pat it dry. Roll it in crushed black pepper. Preserve the remaining marinade and pepper in a saucepan and reduce by at least one half. Keep warm.

Grill the crusted tenderloins.

Sauce for the drizzle.


Fine, mocking Williams Sonoma is fine ... it just gets old hearing about people from the Ozarks, Oklahoma, and the South as hicks. You wouldn't think it was funny if you had heard that all of your life. I lived away from here for over 25 in three other states and in London and traveled all of the world, but it still amazes me how truly intelligent and wonderful the majority of people in this part of the world really are and how they match up in education, kindness, and honesty with people from all over the country, as well as foreign countries. I've seen a lot of idiots and they aren't confined to the South and Southeast. Believe it or not, there are sophisticated people in small towns all over the world.

Ralph L

deer season starts Saturday at first light ... I think I'll hunt backhoes this year
It's Bambi season--leave John alone.

Jim Ryan

That's a treat, Mel, thanks.


Any guesses who selected him;



Back strap is absolutely delicious. Unfortunately there's very little of it.


Lying under oath to Congess. After Roger Clemens why would anyone worry about something so mundane?


Very 'unexpected'

Melinda Romanoff


My favorite pianist, by far.

Everything is a bit "unique", especially the "Stride".

And he is a ham.

Jim Ryan

Mel, following the link ("Errol's secret") is interesting reading.



Melinda Romanoff

And watch the left hand, here.

Different emphasis than Basie or Strayhorn, and far more interesting.

I've seen a lot of idiots and they aren't confined to the South and Southeast.

Californians - present JOM company excepted - have no right to question the intelligence of anyone, anywhere. Just look at the mell of a hess we are in!

Melinda Romanoff

Already known to fans.

G'night all.

No, I would say that more of O'Reilly or Geraldo, or Shep,

What troubles me, Narciso, is that just about every conservative radio, internet or TV host (including Beck) is always plugging his/her latest book, clothing item, newsletter, tea product, you name it. The self-promoting never ends.

Ralph L

Everything is a bit "unique",
And I'm a bit pregnant.


So, Beck has been more right then wrong, incurring the wrath of the likes of Mark Lloyd
and certain large stockholders in NewsCorp, we see lies obscuring the truth everywhere, and it's well funded, no matter what the potential losses,


Wait. What? Ralph? Something you need to tell us?

Threadkiller (Get off your couch and leave the GOP!)

"Why do we need a diverse population of Muslims that will grow and engulf Christians?"

So Jindal can get 100% of the vote.

Jim Ryan

Ba-doom, CRASH!


On catch-up just saw this pasted by TK on an earlier thread:

"BP will have up to six years to pay the money it agreed to as part of the settlement. Most of that money -- $2.4 billion -- will go to the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, an independent not-for-profit conservation group chartered by Congress in 1984. It is a windfall for the group, whose total contributions and commitments since its founding are just above $2 billion."

Imagine how many Endangered Species Lawsuits that will pay for, and because those Lawsuits are ostensibly "for the Public good", they won't even have to pay any costs if they lose.

FWIW, at the Alaska Resource Development Conference today, Talk Host said that the EPA Lady said she had decided they did not need to raise a Lawsuit challenge about some endangered bird in the Tongass Forest, because officially we are now down to 1 Saw MIll and a total of 309 (that's 3 hundred and 9) total workers in the Alaskan Timber Industry. Ergo the meaning is clear. The Alaskan Timber Industry has been so completely destroyed that there is no longer a need to waste time and effort on Endangered Species Lawsuits.

Yippee EPA! Now all their guns can be focused completely on the Alaskan Oil and Gas Industry. Yesterday at this same conference it was announced that 46 new Endangered Species are being proposed for the Beaufort and the Chukchi regions.


Oddly there's an repeat episode of NCIS, where a Congressman is suspected in the murder of a US Naval officer, with whom he was involved, and that now quaint rule of the FBI not releasing the details of a criminal investigation comes up,

Danube of Thought

Also, don't put words in people mouths. Beck didn't say flat out that it was a fact Obama knew about the affair, only that sources have said members of the WH knew before the nomination

Funny. On the tape I watched Beck says "the White House knew during the vetting process that Petraeus was carrying on an inappropriate relationship. They knew it."

(He also says--this was Tuesday--that Petraeus was going to testify to congress, but suddenly decided that "my heart tells me I shouldn't," implying that he was being coerced not to do so. Let me know how the oaf backs away from that one.)

So, Beck has been more right then wrong, incurring the wrath of the likes of Mark Lloyd and certain large stockholders in NewsCorp

Many of these self-promoters are more right than wrong or at least have a viewpoint that coincides with that of conservatives. That doesn't excuse the blatant self-promotion we see today.

Perhaps I'm too entrenched in the way that news and news analysis used to be broadcast.

"Hello, this is Edward R. Morrow smoking my special brand or Morrow-borough cigarettes which are available at your local store."


"And that's the way it is. Goodnight, and get your Eric Sevareid coffee cup and tee shirts at www.cbs\newsstuff.com.

Ralph L

A comment at the W-S review:
"I have to believe this is the porn that Martha Stewart masturbates to, the kind where she pulls the 1000 thread count, infant slave laborer picked Egyptian cotton and Chinese orphaned superfluous daughter-spun silk cozy off her sperm whale ivory Rabbit Pearl and goes to town like a 12 year old with his first SI swimsuit issue. Edit "
Took me a minute to figure out what a Rabbit Pearl is.

(A) nuther Bub

I love fruitcake. Please mail all your unwanted fruitcake -- homemade, monk made or store bought (Claxton's is yum!) to (A) Bub on Ha'amaile St., Kaneohe Hawaii.

I keep it in the freezer year round, and cut myself a tiny, disciplined slice (heh) on truly bad days. There are lots of those coming, so I'd like to stock up. Thanking you in advance.


When I was in nothing destroyed moral faster than seeing an officer get away with something an enlisted guy would get busted for.
Selective discipline is worse than uniformly loose discipline.

Very much truth in that Ignatz.

I love fruitcake. Please mail all your unwanted fruitcake

(A) nuther Bub,

I'm (A) nuther lover of fruitcake. I have my mother's recipe and make it every year. I've even tried to replicate the fruitcake that Harry & David sells at Christmas time with pretty good success.

I keep it in the freezer year round, and cut myself a tiny, disciplined slice

I do that as well, but my discipline isn't very good. My younger brother loves Harry & David's fruitcake. We send one to each other every year, and I keep one on hand in the freezer for when he visits so it's off-limits to me.


“Grill the crusted tenderloins. “

Even tenderloins should be aged at leas three days in fridge to be really tender.

There is alternative: pierce tenderloins longvice with long knife and put in some red vine, salt, pepper, cilantro, or whatever is on your mind, just before grilling.


Joan, nice pic of your son in law and his buck. Backstrap is very good eating, and the amount of marinade depends on where the deer is from. By me, deer eat corn, soy, and wheat so taste more like beef. Up in the north woods deer is a little gamier. The non-backstrap (and non tenderloin) meat gets ground into sausage or burgers.

I'm not sure what my neighbor is up to this year, he and his son were sighting in their rifles yesterday afternoon. (think they read JOM and plan a defense of the backhoe?) I've seen a bunch of small doe, and tracks / rubs from one medium sized buck -- they need another year of growing. Who knows what will push through when the fun starts.


As opposed to Cronkite, telling us we had lost at Tet,


Could they be more naive,



Wow! TY, Mel, for introducing me to the incredible Errol Garner.

Jim Ryan

Yes, Mel, the Erroll Garner was a treat. I don't know how to thank you.


Porch, here's the link to the Williams Sonoma catalog article.



Great posts last night, Joan!!

To post that picture...

Copy the address of the picture & paste the address here (JOM comment box).

post like the following: < img src="enter the address of the photo here" >

no spaces though...except between img & src.


Hi folks, sorry for my outburst last night, I didn't realize you were quoting from the article making fun of W-S. As Joan said, anything with "hick" or "redneck" gets old fast.

I've always wanted to make my own fruitcake - guess it's too late to do the brandy-soaked-for-several-weeks version.


Joan - how to post pictures:

< img src="URL ending in .jpg" >

NO SPACES after the < and before the >
(Had to type it that way here for it to show.) There IS a SPACE before src.

To find the .jpg URL, right click on the picture, then click on "properties" and copy the url starting with http and ending in .jpg.

If you're Googling "Images" and if the properties don't show a .jpg url, you can click on the picture and try the version that appears on the page. If still no luck, click on that picture till you reach the site page and try properties again. If that doesn't work, at some point during all this searching you'll see a note on the right-hand side of the page saying "Similar images," which you can try. Hope this helps.

PS - I always get a kick out of the src part - it's my code for Smokers Revolutionary Club :)


No worries, Porch, I raised my eyebrows too, wondering if someone had impersonated our Clarice :)


If Obama-twits get their news from Twitter and Tweets and whatnotall, then we should just bypass the MSM on Benghazi - something nuts like "Benghazi means no more foodstamps."

Jim Ryan

Hostess workers went on strike. Hostess couldn't weather this. It's going out of business.

18,000 workers out of work.

Hostess Brands Inc. had warned employees that it would file to unwind its business and sell off assets if plant operations didn't return to normal levels by 5 p.m. Thursday. In announcing its decision, Hostess said its wind down would mean the closure of 33 bakeries, 565 distribution centers, approximately 5,500 delivery routes and 570 bakery outlet stores in the United States.
No more Twinkies or Ding Dongs. No more paychecks.
"Most employees who lose their jobs should be eligible for government-provided unemployment benefits," Hostess said.

Kevin B (on his clapped out old laptop)
Umm, are those buttons, seams or is it a bit nippy out?

After careful study of the photo, I counted four so if they're not buttons or seams...

Well I know what three mean, but four?

James D.

Ralph, why did you have to quote that bit about Martha Stewart in your 12:13 AM post?

I want your real-world address, because I'm going to need some serious therapy to get that image out of my head, and I need to know where to send the bill...

Jim Ryan


In other words, the labor unions representing 18,000 workers fought the company, and the unions won... A very pyrrhic victory. Sadly, they are all now out of a job as the unionized victory just happened to lead to the terminal winddown of their employer.

As to the future of the iconic brands, fear not: Hostess' numerous brands will be bought in a stalking horse auction by willing private buyers, however completely free and clear of all legacy labor and pension agreements which ultimately led to the company's liquidation.


Rich said yesterday that - How, why are subjects for conspiracy theroists..

Here is an article from Sept. 12th - How 'Innocence of Muslims' Spread Around the Globe and Killed a US Diplomat

Look at the detail. If this YouTube video was on the radar...why wasn't the Egyptian Consulate prepared? What has since happened in Egypt...did they just clean it up & that's that? I don't think it is too conspiratorial to question all these events.

"Within 48 hours of Al-Nas's broadcast, hundreds of protesters were climbing the walls of the United States embassy in Cairo in protest, and an armed mob was setting fire to the consulate in Benghazi. U.S. ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was killed in the attack, the first time an ambassador was killed in the line of duty since 1979, along with three other Americans."

Where'd Elizabeth Flock get her detailed info about the video's history just one day after the attack?

Reminds me of how quick info on Atta came out after 9-11...he must have already been under suspicion & had a file & nobody did anything.


Fast & Furious - attack on 2nd Amendment
Benghazigate - attack on 1st Amendment

I get furious when I still read articles describing F&F as a "failed investigation that was supposed to lead to drug cartel leaders." What bs.

Bill in AZ sez it's time for Obama/Holder murder trial in Mexico

Archery elk starts here this morning. I have a shoulder injury so I'm out of it this year, but one of my boys is out right now for the morning hunt.

Fruitcake - Pour a shot of brandy over it once or twice a week, re-wrap it and put it back in the fridge. By the holidays it's cured.


Ah, I have an idea - calling all those decent American spirits who lived in the 40s, 50s, 60s, your country needs you. If any of you have been waiting in the wings to pick up a body, just do a silent coup and kick out the whimps. A little shove will do it, and presto, there you are. Make sure it's a body of voting age.


I think the Egypt "show" was about the 1st amendment or maybe just a diversion.
Benghazi was something else. Maybe Egypt was suppose to be a diversion from what Stevens & the Turkish guy were up to.


...and citizens are in the position of HAVING to ask questions & speculate because we don't have a news media that does that anymore.

BYLINED DEMOCRATIC PARTY OPERATIVES: To Protect Obama From Libya, Media Turns McCain Into Captain Ahab.

They attack the questioner....with the SAME talking points.


Sorry to hear that about Hostess - but, the unions seem to be getting what they deserve.

About fruitcake - unfortunately, there are some truly horrible ones that have given a bad name, not to mention taste, to them. I have had a few that were quite wonderful - most, homemade.

Being a working person, and not much of a baker, I used to buy Mrs. Smith's pre-baked apple pie as a quick dessert for the short people when they visited. They loved it and would take the remaining pie home with them when their parents came to fetch them.

About a year ago I noticed none of our supermarkets carry Mrs. Smith products any longer - instead Sarah Lee pies are the only thing on the shelves. Did Mrs. Smith go bankrupt too?


That's funny, cc, the short people :) I call them the little species.


BR: My daughter named her 2 girls that. Both of my sons are tall and both daughters quite petite and short. So, daughter #2 called her girls the short people as a reference to all the teasing she heard from her taller brothers.

As opposed to Cronkite, telling us we had lost at Tet,

That's what the media does today - lies, distorts and/or just omits important news so that it never reaches the public (i.e. Obama and the mess left by Sandy). Personal opinion is substituted for news analysis and presented as fact. We agree on that.

In addition, however, I have a problem with this new phenomenon in public broadcasting: hosts or commentators who whip up a frenzy about real problems of the day to increase viewers and/or listeners, and then use their air time like televangelists to sell their latest product, books, "concert" or miscellaneous gear. Shysters, all of them.

I have a similar view of pollsters who report data but then make the public pay a fee to see the poll internals. Keep everything on the edge, bombard the public with daily oftentimes conflicting information, then make them pay to determine if what you reported has any validity. Quite a racket.

Somewhat OT:
I've been told (haven't seen or heard this myself) that Beck has now turned to promoting the Mormonism and the Book of Mormon as the answer to all our concerns. That's just around the bend AFAICT.



Well, I shouldn't have said "named," but you get my drift.


I think we still have Mrs. Smith pies at our grocery store, centralcal, but I'm not sure. My mom also swears by them.

Here is a fruitcake even the locovore phood phreaks can get behind - made with local fruit and brandy:


Only $55 for a one-pound cake! :)

But I can testify that June Taylor conserves and fruit butters are absolutely scrumptious and make wonderful gifts.

the short people :) I call them the little species.

We call them the infantry.


And now for our dose of salt:

Holder: DOJ Was Right to Keep Petraeus Investigation from White House



The infant-ry - oh, now that's really funny!



I hear the sound is quite loud during the showings, so great opportunity, decent spirits, to kick 'em out of their heads and walk out with a new body :)

I just love that song! We will stand tall, together, as they crumble.


Really, I don't own stock in this company :) ...But I do buy two or three of their 5lb fruitcakes every Christmas. Only a few in our family are fruitcake nuts so they last a long time.

From their webpage:
"Grandma mellows this cake with 100 proof bourbon, premium dark rum, and 84 proof brandy. Choose traditional loaf or ring cakes, all un-sliced and gift boxed, or get the 3 lb. ring in a holiday tin..."



Skyfall cover with violin. It is lovely. Sandy linked it on FB.


Republicans fell asleep at the wheel on 9/11/01, resulting in the deaths of 3,000 Americans. They then lied us into a protracted war that cost thousands more American lives and a trillion dollars.

Then they demanded Embassy security around the world be cut by 300 million dollars because they wanted to 'starve the beast'. Such an action left gaping holes in protection that allowed 4 Americans to be killed.

But it's the 'talking points' that elicit their moral outrage.


DD, I suggest you go and see Skyfall soon. Bye-bye.


((In addition, however, I have a problem with this new phenomenon in public broadcasting: hosts or commentators who whip up a frenzy about real problems of the day to increase viewers and/or listeners, and then use their air time like televangelists to sell their latest product, books, "concert" or miscellaneous gear. Shysters, all of them.))

what do you mean by public? I see "public" as government supported and "private" broadcasters as self-made entrepreneurs making their way in the free market system. So how do you propose that free market entrepreneurs who are not subsidized by the government finance their broadcasts if not through advertising?


FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU TO HELL DD-- your Kenyan-Indonesian hero is an incompetent muppet and he got Americans killed and and left them to die in Benghazi. Oh-- and it's quite possible he got them killed because CIA contractors were torturing AQ on behalf of the Triploli gov't. We'll find out soon enough-- Petraeus kept his mouth shut and didn't expose the Kenyan's gross incompetence because he had his own secrets-- now Petreaus has been humiliated, so he'll hurt the Kenyan-Indonesian in the worst way-- he'll tell the truth, and the Congress Critters will leak all over your Kenyan-Indonesian marxist. And then, in all the acrimony, the debt limit won't be raised and the checks stop going out to leeches such as yourself. SO FUCK YOU DD.


Is Petraeus testifying today?


BR - already over. Testimony per Greta seems to have lasted only 25-30 minutes. Was not under oath. Now claims he always thought it was terrorism and his statements were consistent with that. gack! Greta is not buying it at all. Nor is anyone, I suspect.

Captain Hate

Holder: DOJ Was Right to Keep Petraeus Investigation from White House

The chinless skidmark is very adept at investigating himself and stating that everything is perfect.

hit and run

Late to the backstrap party. Here's mine from 2011. From a doe I shot the previous Christmas.


BR - correction, House hearing over, Senate hearing now in session.


What specific questions was he asked? Did anyone ask him if Obama or his minions told him to say it was a flash video phenomenon?


Why isn't Petraeus under oath?


Bill in AZ;

Cured of what?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

In WeeDavey world all the Democrats look like this,

because being a Democrat is never having to say you're sorry.


"The non-backstrap (and non tenderloin) meat gets ground into sausage or burgers"

There is plenty of good meat on Wisconsin deer. I marinate venison (tenderloin or not) for the grill otherwise it is too lean and dry for grilling. IMO any decent deer steak or small roast makes better swiss steak than beef.

With fresh venison the best quick fix is just pan fry small steaks. Done that way it is similar to pan fried baby beef liver (also good). Of course some people think fried liver is icky.


This was the last time I went deer hunting. I can't remember when it even was...(pre having kids would make it 22 or 23 yrs ago)

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