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November 06, 2012



The Obama camp, so sure of CA, probably didn't bother to do voter fraud there :) I'm laughing my ... off, with Obama's voice droning in the background with his speech, and here I am plotting a CA win which would overturn the election :)


So what's the next shoe to drop with our entrenched administration? Who or what group will they punish first? How will we be made to pay for refusing their most excellent authority?

I can almost feel the icy grip of an iron fist squeezing us into submission.

Again, like Dems did in 2004. They were so excited and they just couldn't believe that people would turn out in big numbers to re-elect Bush.


Last Saturday, Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen discussed this phenomenon as well. They were trying to decide whether 2012 would be a repeat of 1980 or a repeat of 2004. In both instances, the president was unpopular. The difference was in the strength of their opponent and I would add an international embarrassment that the media could neither cover up nor ignore.

Pat Caddell felt that without some major "break out event" for Romney, Obama would win. He also believed that Romney should have pressed Obama harder on Libya rather than letting it drop after the second debate.

With 20/20 vision, both Caddell and Schoen look rather prescient. Unlike Reagan, Romney did not break out with at least a 5 point lead in the closing days of the race despite overwhelming crowds and enthusiasm for his campaign. In the final analysis, I have to reluctantly quote Hugh Hewitt's maxim, "If it's not close, they can't cheat." Well as it turned out, it was too close for comfort, and yeah, and they did cheat. Can I prove it? No. Will anyone try? I doubt it.

Now we're stuck with a president who does not value a single thing about America. In his second term he will continue to brutalize the Constitution, diminish the middle class, endanger our country and continue to make the world less safe. We're also stuck with a buffoon of a vice president whose mental faculties are on a par with a lump of silly putty. What a mess.

Dave (in MA)

How nice that old lady Tierney got out of the slammer in time to stand next to her husband tonight.

Marcia in Phoenix

Let's not go from the magic that JOM has daily offered for these many years to a total Meltdown Mopeathon. That would be crazy. We're all paralyzed and on the ledge right now and trying to remember the directions to Jane's Island. It's hard to type, and it's hard to breathe.

This completely unique community has kept me sane for years, dating back to the posters who started at Roger L. Simon (forever grateful to Rick Ballard whose posts got me through the 2004 election and to all of you whose posts have inspired me each day since--yes, there is a definite contingent of Ballard Groupies around here).

A startlingly honest, good, and decent man just lost a hard-fought race, and the decisions that were made which will be picked apart tonight, tomorrow, and for the next few months would have been hailed as brilliant but for the difference of a handful of votes. Let's honor this great and good man and his fine family and devoted voters and fans by not fracturing this important blog--this island of sanity amidst
an unexpectedly roiling sea. Very interesting times lie ahead, so everyone please stick around!


I guess I will take solace where I can find it. Romney leads in my county by 5 pts. with 28% of the vote in.


Marcia, I couldn't agree more.

Marcia in Phoenix


And I with you. Especially on your insight re that disturbing comment on Fox News Sunday last weekend re: let's see when the votes are counted.

JM Hanes


Don your bitter mourning then, and be gone. Sorrow can be overcome. Cynicism and despair are the true enemy in our midst.


Listening to Obama's "Victory Speech", one would think this was a different president than the one who has been serving these past four years.

Having to put up with the unending lies is just too much.

Here's what I expect for the next four years . . .

JM Hanes


LOL. That pretty much nails it.

Dave (in MA)

When does More Flexibility kick in? Do we at least get the weekend?


Fine comment Marcia.

Romney was not my first choice but I have nothing but praise for the man and his family. Thank you Mitt for the enormous effort you put in trying to rescue our country.



I understand the feelings you expressed, and I despair in much the same way tonight, as I am sure many feel across the nation. Reluctantly let me disagree with jmh, whom I admire greatly. With apologies to jmh, may I paraphrase the comment to read:

Look upon your loss this night in the hour of your despair, yet come the morn', shed your bitter mourning, and return to thy purpose and the allies who support your cause. Do not go away, for sorrow can be overcome. Cynicism and despair are the emotions of this day, and a reaction we must fight. Those who would destroy this great and good country are the true enemy in our midst.


I'm so tired of just surviving. Yes, I will survive, as will all of us, that is what survivors do. But, damn I'm so tired of just surviving. I truly believed that Mitt offered all of us, the whole country, a new beginning and a way out of just surviving and back to living. Now, I just feel tired.


Big hug, Sara.

JM Hanes


Apology accepted, paraphrase, not so much. Name me a battle which was won by crying, "All is lost!"



You fought the good fight and brought your enthusiasm, information and insight to all of us on this wonderful JOM site. Before Mitt Romney really became known and embraced across this country, you introduced us to this good man and his family. I want to thank you for that and for all of your efforts to see him elected president.

America has lost a great opportunity because Mitt Romney will not be our leader over the difficult years to come. We have our work cut out for us. The fight is not over.


this loss is significant.............and has dealt a major blow to conservatism or simply reflects the fact that conservatism is dead.

Try winning the next election as a think people are going to wait in line for hours to vote for a losing cause?


Still no introspection?
But of course. If you were capable of introspection, you wouldn't be wingnuts...


STFU Bunker and for Pete's sake take your meds.

If you were capable of introspection, you wouldn't be wingnuts...

bb, If you weren't so adept a gloating you wouldn't be so insufferable. Actually, I was going to say that you wouldn't be such an asshole, but then I wouldn't want to offend your delicate sensibilities.



Never was a battle won by crying, "All is lost!" . . .
but I only said that Squaredance, and by extension all of us here, should *only* take this night to despair of our loss.

Tomorrow morning, we have to be back to face the battles ahead with all our might.



Thank you for *all* that you did to support Gov. Romney, and for letting us all see the good man that he is, and the qualities he would have brought to the White House.

JM Hanes

Another "fusillade of calumny" from bubu the magnificent? Laff trac needed on Aisle 1!


Thanks Sara,
If you keep doing the same thing expecting different results, you're insane. With that in mind, I fully expect JOMers to keep up the good work generating noise that discredits identity conservatives and white-power conservatism.
Don't change a thing, guys. It's working BEAUTIFULLY!
By your own oft-repeated, much bemoaned admission, your political enemies run the news media and the educational system. Whatever you do, never accept any responsibility for that state of affairs -- just keep right on pretending it's some sort of super-secret conspiracy or unexplained para-phenomenon. You'll keep getting the same results, is certainly the way to bet...


Thanks JM, at least you appreciate sarcasm...


Alan West, Mia Love and Michelle Bachmann all lost


Allen not Alan


Pete Stark (D) Cal. lost after 40 years.

Dave (in MA)
Alan West, Mia Love and Michelle Bachmann all lost
Not seeing that anywhere.

That was from FB a couple hours ago. There is an article up now, like 14 min. ago, that says Bachmann eked out win.


Good morning. My husband wakes at 4am,has coffee and walks the dog.I didn't tell him until this morning about the results.I thought one of us should get a good night's sleep.We had a long talk over coffee.
We are stunned,as are many of you.It will take time to process what the heck happened.
Thanks again to everyone for all the insights.


I guess the Mayans were correct.


I'm with Clarice. A sad, sad day for the country. I cry for my children and grandchildren mostly.


Now I have to go to work and start cutting expenses -- attrition won't do it, I'll have to lay people off. In fact I'll have to lay off more people than the spreadsheets indicate. If I don't cut faster than the economy drops, I can't catch up. Math is ruthless that way. The people I will lay off are good people, with families that depend on them. They will not find jobs easily. They are my friends. For the ones that I can keep: no raises for a long time and health care may have to go. We will continue to innovate and compete for new business, but this will be in a market where infrastructure investment is easy to postpone so the result will be treading water at best. My reward will be higher taxes, increasing audits, and condemnation as an evil capitalist and CEO. Fine. I am one stubborn SOB and will never give in to the crooks and cronies. While I see no light at the end of this tunnel, I will find one. Its what evil capitalists and CEOs do before breakfast.

Captain Hate

I'm with RichatUF; maybe it's time to stop commenting here for a while. I obviously had no insight into Ohio. Plus TM refuses to moderate this already garbage software. Maybe the Department of Internet Compliance will shut him off last.

Thomas Collins

CH, commenting here is one way the 50 percent who see through the BS remind each other that we are a strong force and encourage each other. I hope you and RichatUF reconsider. Or at least remember that "for a while" could mean half a day. If you do stop commenting, who will provide the counterpoints when I praise Belichick and the Celtics? :-))

Thomas Collins

And I hope that those who have de-lurked over the last few months continue your de-lurking.


Folks, let's not despair too much. The facts indicate that it was too late to hope for a different outcome. It wasn't the media; they've always been in the tank for the left. No, it was our fellow citizens who did this, and they didn't do it out of a sense of patriotism.

The writing on the wall was the polling on the tea party movement, which recently stood at around 30% support. Mainstream Republicans stopped talking about it a long time ago. When a decent, patriotic, grass roots movement dedicated to saving the country from bankruptcy and tyranny polls 30%, it's time to look to our fellow citizens and wonder: are they simply misguided, or is it actually worse than that?

I think the conclusion is inescapable, and consider almost half of the voters my enemies now. Not civic-minded patriots with a different view of how to grow the economy. Enemies.

No sense being sad or angry about it. It's time to get selfish and focus on protecting ourselves from them.


At the Daily Caller Dr K says Obama has no mandate, things will remain as they have and the future of conservatism is bright:

"I think the real story here is that Obama won, but he’s got no mandate,” Krauthammer declared. “He won by going very small, very negative, and we are left as a country exactly where we started, but a little bit worse off. The Republicans are in control of the House, probably a little bit stronger. They are not going to budge. There’s no way after holding out on Obama for two years they’re going to cave in, and Obama doesn’t have anywhere really to go. He governed very large in the first two years.”

Krauthammer cited Obamacare and the stimulus, but explained when he lost control of the House, those efforts to pursue “large” ideas ceased. But looking forward, there is not much for Obama to do, according to the Washington Post columnist.

“What will he do?” Krauthammer continued. “I think he will go back to who he is. People have said he should be a Clinton and compromise, have a second term. But he is not instinctively a moderate. I think he is a man of the left, and he will try to push his agenda through with what he thinks is a mandate. And I think we are going to be exactly where we were a year ago with the debt ceiling argument next year. And the problem is the country will slide right through a second term because I don’t see give on either side, particularly when the president, with a very weak mandate for a second term.”

Krauthammer was easy with his critique of the losing candidate Mitt Romney, explaining that Romney did as well as he could. But he said the future is not as dim for the GOP as it might seem on the heels of this electoral loss.

“Romney was the only one remotely presidential, and he was the logical candidate,” Krauthammer said. “But think of those who didn’t run. There’s of course, Paul Ryan who I think will be a leader in the party. You have a whole rising young generation — Kelly Ayotte, you’ve got Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, the new senator from Texas, Marco Rubio, this whole generation who a just a year or two short in their careers from running this time are all going to be in the fray next time. And I think they are the future. And all the soul-searching about what ideology we are going to pursue is going to come from them. And I think it will be a fairly Reaganite and conservative one. I think the future of the party is quite bright.”


CH- I expect to see you here as soon as this disappointment wears off.


Thank you for that link to Krauthammer. It made me feel better. It is not over unless we give up. I am not ready to give up. Come on everyone. It is time to put on our big boy/girl pants and do what we can to limit the damage.


Greta says Bachman won re-election.

It appears to be confirmed that Mia Love lost.

Allen West is about 3 K behind but per The Hill has refused to concede.


I left here after PA was called. Went to bed to read, knowing we had lost.

My only surprise this morning - and a sad one at that - is Allen West losing.

So this ship of state (aka the Titanic) sails on, with a total incompetent at the helm.

It is like awakening to find California disease and decay has infected all of the other 49 states.

So sad.


a bit from a comment at Instapundit - "The spiral down the drain is irreversible and obvious. The more the government creates misery, the more they create programs to help people cope with the misery they’ve created, and we achieve a perpetual negative feedback loop."


Allen is a warrior, Clarice. I sure hope by some miracle he prevails.


Game Called On Account of Darkness ~ Sultan Knish

James D.

"The ffuture of conservatism is bright"

Put aside what we all know & believe about Zero and the Dems generally.

Iff the American people wouldn't vote them out after 8+ percent unemployment with no improvement over 4 years, stagnant wages, $4 gas, rising energy and food costs, etc - all of which they see in their daily lives - then when WILL they vote Dems out?

If people recognize their lives are worse and their future prospects dimmer, tell the pollsters this, then pull the lever for Zero and Lizzie Warren and the rest anyway...where's the bright spot in that?


Sultan link - "Every time people ask me why the left has such a grip on this country, my answer is because they worked for it. It's the answer that most people don't want to hear, but it's true. The left has been planning this for a while. They have been playing the long game, building the infrastructure and indoctrinating generations. And to beat them, we will have to do the same thing."


Women. Blacks. Hispanics. No way was any republican going to win. This is our future. I guess we learn to live with it.


on FB - "Takers line up! Makers get to work....."


I should add unions to that list.

And the idiots still blame Bush.


Well, Sue, last night your sceptism proved right. I hand that to you. But I refuse to believe that pessimism is a good strategy for the long run.


Cap, please don't go away. The arguments for Ohio breaking for Romney were rational and reasonable, but somehow something under the radar got missed. That is not your fault, but Romney's advisers did not earn their salaries, imo.



I believed the polls.


I am tired of just surviving, too. Lets be realistic: it is a complete disaster. Need I say more than "wise Latina".
And the Progs will suffer with the rest of us. Only truly rich and well connected will do well, as they always do. Well, in my old county communism was imposed from outside, and here we have chosen it ourselves. Maybe we should have not worry o much about the future of our children, but our own future. The true disaster now is not decades but mere years away. This country is nothing more than a declining former power.

I will perversely enjoy the wars. And poverty to come. My fellow citizens truly deserve it. But the worst is, it will teach them nothing. They cannot connect the policy with results.

Bubu, I have better then introspection, I have experience of what is to come. I hope, for your sake, that you are very rich. Somebody elses money is about to run out.


We control 30 of the statehouses and the Congress.

This is more control of the statehouses than we had since 2000. We have a strong second team and support at the state level from which to build a stronger national party.


Amen Sue. White-power politics is dead and has been for many years at the national level. Perhaps this election will alert identity conservatives to that reality, perhaps it will not.
Unless the GOP can admit to itself that it caters too exclusively to white Christian males, it's doomed.
Probably too late anyway. So it goes...


“You didn’t build that”. That phrase has been tumbling over in my mind since I went to bed last night knowing that a good and decent man would not be elected. It was the phrase I thought (oh how naively!) would cost Obama the election.

“YOU didn’t build that”.

There is no “you” anymore, no “I”. There is only “we” and “us” now. Or “them” - when our new masters ram down our throats the next liberty killing intrusion into our lives wrapped up as a shiny bauble for the masses.

I am heartbroken for what has been lost. The tearing down of the country that I grew up in – one of traditional values, and boundless optimism. Individualism. That country is no more, but for tiny pockets here and there. I hope and pray that I can continue to find them to keep my spirit alive. I think JOM may be just one such place.

Be safe and well, everyone.


I'm ashamed that Virginia went for Obama.


CH: If you go away . . .

Where then, pray tell, would we turn for regular updates on the adventures of Mrs. Hate and the hatette(s) ?


Thanks Kat! Wow, clairvoyance. Presumably you knew, too, Romney was a loser. Why didn't you tell us in advance!
Perhaps you should counsel Clarice. She thinks stocks are tumbling. And what about that Melinda dude that lost his shirt betting Obama would kill the market. He surely could use your special powers too...


Janet the buzz is that Virginia went to Obama because the Obama campaign got in early to bomb the state with an overload of ads that so badly maligned Romney's character that he could not undo that damage. (Palin, Bush redux) Another point is that George Allen was largely outspent, his opponent had a huge war chest.


Sue, I'm never not believing you again.

Love all of you here. We were wrong, but our guesses were based on common sense and history. And it was close in the tough states, even though the EC won't reflect that. I think 2004 is probably the best analogy and that was my fear all along. Incumbents with the media and all the money they can spend are hard to beat.

Barone eats crow. He is a real pro - even in defeat, he digs into the numbers and learns from them. If any jerk of my acquaintance asks me why I thought what I did, I'll provide this piece.


Ahhh, the morning comes. Here in MN the great masses rejected voter id and embraced gay marriage. I am numb. HOWEVER, I am pulling my boots on, one at a time, and taking all the news in stride. I will always believe in the goodness of America - it is demonstrated everyday here at JOM.

Seriously considering selling home here (I might be lucky to get $1.98), and retreating to the cabin at Finley Point on Flathead Lake in MT. The air is crisp and clean, my yard is full of turkey and deer, and even my weekly visit by a variety of bears would be better than the blue hell of MN.

Please keep checking in, all the regulars, you are my inspiration and hope for a better tomorrow. I have not met a one of you, but consider you all good heart-felt friends.


There will be a severe GDP recession by 3rd quarter 2013,full-time job unemployment will increase, as workers are forced into part-time jobs the bond vigilantes will demand higher interest rates on US debt, as Obamacare, skyrocketing energy prices, tax increases and EPA regs strangle the private economy and the ability of taxpayers to repay the $16TRILLION+ debt. The producers in the US economy respond by reducing investment, and maybe even cashing out their businesses to avoid higher cap gains and income taxes by selling to foreign buyers who take advantage of the ever weaker Dollar. The stock market treads water from QE for a while, but crashes when interest rates rise. That's our near term future.


No, bubu, no clairvoyanance. I voiced my fears here before. I simply hoped that American people have more common sense than the others that I grew up with. But I was wrong. People are the same everywhere. Here, the self reliance and independence was finally bread out of people. Nihil novi.


bubu, last night a reporter from IBD reported stocks were tanking . I took her word for it. I don't consider that reliance on someone who has proved credible in the past and who had acxess to such information to be "moronic" but as NK makes clear if they are tanking today, the President has put us on a course where the surely will in the near future.

NJ Jan

Good morning
So Obama won and another storm today in blue hell NJ. I will survive both to fight another day and so will you. Start concentrating on midterm Senate races once all wounds are licked.


One Correction NJJan-- the first issue is the debt limit that is hit in December. NO MORE DEBT!!!!


PS-- if you are in the path of the nor'easter -- mostly LI, Ct and coastal Mass-- especially Nantucket, good luck. TomM may lose power again as the tree limbs fall from some heavy wet snow and gusty winds.


To add to bad financial news, largely underreported China' s economy is not so good as the Chicom official releases indicate. Do not be surprised if China goes to war with either Japan or Taiwan as a "distraction" if things deteriorate over there. Taiwan is pretty much lost.
God, it is going to be fascinating observing this world to disintegrate. Pitty I am in the middle of it. But hey, no gas chambers yet so one should rejoice.

Jim Ryan

FWIW Bill Whittle's advice. Click on "a new beginning." It's an hour and a half. I'm two minutes in. h/t to whoever mentioned this last night.


((Here, the self reliance and independence was finally bread out of people. ))

thieves can be independent and self reliant, so the missing keyword is "morality". Independence and self reliance rooted in tried and tested moral values. Few Republicans or conservatives accept that the left's liberal social agenda has economic coattails but imo a society's social and economic aspects are intimately related, and the moral is the primary foundation of prosperity. yes, a lot of corrupt people make a lot of money, but that only eats away at the society's success as a whole.

NJ Jan



I think it was the Mitt FP that doomed him. People do not want more foreign wars. And we do not need troops statiioned overseas. Mitt was all for going to war against Iran and that is just the wrong policy.


Mitt could not debate all of his issues straight up because there were too many positions that made no sense. Mitt was not for cutting handouts to people, yet he was for tax cuts or whatever it was his tax policy was. I voted for Mitt, but I did not want a budget that balances 10 years from now.

NJ Jan

My town still has areas with no power and schools have not yet opened.
Restoration to these poor souls will be impeded and slowed by today's storm.


NK agree, but the full blown recession will hit by 1Q.


Californians voted to tax themselves more for "the schools" - who will never receive a dime of the money.

Californians voted to continue allowing unions to take money from their members' paychecks.

It is almost funny. Almost.

Melinda Romanoff

Fiscal Cliff being priced in right now.


And the next election will be even harder to win as the spanish increase their share of the population. States have to figure out ways to firewall themselves off from the financial destructiveness of the democrat states.


Try winning the next election as a think people are going to wait in line for hours to vote for a losing cause?

I would rather lose as a true conservative than give up and join the center or left. It might take a while, but truth eventually prevails as long as someone is there to advocate for it. Barry Goldwater got hammered in '64, and that was supposed to be the end of the conservative movement, and 16 years later we got Reagan. The worst outcome of this would be if we stopped fighting for the cause.


OK mea culpa. I was obviously wrong about an r + 2 electorate. I dont think I believe the exit number of d + 4 given it leaves out a lot of states and exit history is sketchy at best, but clearly the results could not have happen with more Republicans than Democrats at the polls.

In my defense, Rasmussen had been publishing a partisan self ID that showed R + for the entire year. Then Gallup confirmed that is what they found too. I cant reconcile it, but it appears obvious why Scott Rasmussen never adjusted to it, somehow he did not trust his own large sample with a small stated MOE. Must mean that his methodology has some bias in it, and he figured it out.


Just a note and them out for a real long time.

The more I learned about Mitt Romney, the more I liked him, a lot.

The fact that the guy who has the skills and abilities to tackle our horrifying economic outlook was rejected by the leech class is where I say, screw this.

I am going to close my company. I'm going to file bankruptcy, get rid of my house, and by all means I am letting my health insurance go.

The past year has been a nightmare for me. In a couple of days Becky will have been dead for a year. It is tearing me apart, and realizing I have an even bleaker future is something I don't know if I can face.


"Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

We can't let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided!

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

Our country is now in serious and unprecedented never before."

"OXFORD, MS - (WMC-TV) – While you were sleeping, riots were happening on the Ole Miss campus in Oxford, Mississippi.

According to witnesses, the riot originally started on social media and ended with 300 to 400 students protesting on the campus.

The riot blew up on social networking sites overnight. Photos were posted all over Twitter, and a video was even uploaded to Youtube.

Photos show huge group of people on the campus, some even lighting Obama-Biden signs on fire in response to the presidential election results."


Democrats have voted to be able to take money from wealthy people. Repuplicans think it is wrong to take from others. They are anachronistic.


I believed the polls.

Which ones? I think Gallup proved to be the most accurate, and it had Romney up 51-46 prior to Sandy. Before we are too hard on ourselves, up until a few days before the election, there was solid ground for optimism. Something seemed to shift in the last week, and Gallup caught it, but only in the poll that came out Monday. I think we can forgive ourselves for being optimistic even based on the polls, given the confusion and lack of polling the last week up to the election.


Since Barry will continue to push his leftist agenda, I am looking forward to 4 years of gridlock. As long as the GOP kept the House I could live with 4 more years of Barry. Keeping the House in 2 years will not be an issue. I will continue to save, not spend (excluding guns/ammo) and plan accordingly to keep my taxes down. I will starve the beast; the same thing I have been doing the last 4 years.


Well, y'all, Doomsday Preppers is now must-watch tv.


"... It is tearing me apart, and realizing I have an even bleaker future is something I don't know if I can face. ..."

we need to be able to fight for something permanent. I actually think there is no future for republican type of people in the country the way it has become. I think the route is for states to drop out of the union or to have a more EU like structure in the US. Where states with honest, hard working people can keep what they have earned and firewall themselves away from the welfare type of people.


((Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

We can't let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided!

well Donald, the fact is that the liberal social agenda that turns traditional morality upside down, is a Trojan horse, and that if you accept it, which I understand you do, it will bring everything else down with it.


"... As long as the GOP kept the House ..."

But how much longer can republicans retain the house. Obama won a majority of the national vote. Republicans gained no seats in the Senate? Trying to hang on to the country as it has become and which is trending more immigrant every year means you end up with no meaningful representation.


"But how much longer can republicans retain the house. "

At least for 10 years until the next Census.


Donald, I hope you will find a way to keep up hope. We all need to be in for the long haul.

CH, I hope you'll stick around. There's no shame in being wrong, we all were caught off guard, but as I said above, I think there was a shift in the last week that was hard to pick up. The important thing is to stick to our principles and fight the good fight.

Having said that, I might not be around quite so much for a little while as I figure out how to protect myself and my family from the impending economic and financial crunch.

James D.

have a more EU like structure in the US. Where states with honest, hard working people can keep what they have earned and firewall themselves away from the welfare type of people.

Ask the Germans how well that's working out for them right now.

Rob Crawford

It's never pleasant to admit you were wrong, and in this case it's particularly galling. Apologies especially to DoT; I just couldn't bring myself to believe that the incomparably corrupt press was telling the truth when they said the US population was so venal as to wish to be livestock.

I dunno about the rest of you, but I can see the Gods of the Copybook Headings waiting in the wings, warming up. I swear one of them is handing out what appear to be boxes of strike anywhere matches...

So, I'm going to take a break, at least try to. I need time to think about how best to prepare for what I see coming our way.


Democrats may have voted to take money from mythical "rich" but truly rich are immune. They voted to take from their neighbors but they forgot that they are exactly the the same asset to the tyrants as their neighbor.

The blind will not see. It must collapse now. There is no new beginning and no silver lining. There will be wars. There will be poverty. There will be lawlessness. And yes, minorities and women and poor will be hardest hit.

The only strategy is to figure out how to cheat to survive. Unfortunately this stupid country was too honest and too efficient for too long so I don't quite know where to start. In Europe avoiding government dictates is a way of life, here I am still a bit lost. Still, as it is no longere profitable to be honest I have to learn crooked ways. Any good advice out there?


When does the defence industry send out their layoff notices?

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