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November 17, 2012


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Natural Born Citizen.
Anything else?


Warren Buffett shut down a Manassas newspaper. He contributed 105 to the unemployment lines. First Gephardt at Hostess, now Buffett. Lefties always stand up for the little guy -- unless they have to pay for them.

Danube of Thought on IPad

Many thanks to all who sent their greetings to My Beloved. All four of her kids and all six grandchildren were here. We're all headed up to the La Costa resort to hang out today and spend the night.


We were in Santa Cruz last year as part of a vacation in California and Nevada. It was beautiful and the beach was fabulous. Have a great trip with your family.

Agent J

I am against abortions. but have you listened to the Progressives Insurance add's on Radio..Flo' should go..

Leaving tomorrow AM for another road trip to WY for Thanksgiving with two Great Grand Daughters (age 3 & 4) that are helping with the house cleaning, for Papa Jake..

Much sadness an disappointment this past year within this household but much to be thankful for, namely one Grand Son who now can say he served in Afghanistan an returned.

I know this is an early bird special, but to my enlightened friends on JOM, Thanks for all that you have done for me..An may all of you experience the great joy of a wonderful time with your loved ones. Bless each of you..


Believe it or not I was surprised Thompson and Allen in Virginia lost. Is it that repubs didn't want to re-elect re-treads?


Somehow since abortion was front and center in the dem platform it is now open season to celebrate abortion. My theory, because now more than 50% oppose abortion interestingly a lot of young people the dims have to try and make it hip again.
Have a great trip with your family and please thank your grandson for his service to our country.


Oh frabjous joy, yet not unexpected;



maryrose, Thompson only got 1/4 of the votes in the primary with 3 other candidates backed by various Tea Party groups. He definitely was considered a retread by WI R voters. That said, he lost because 500k Obama voters showed up at the polls (and didn't in the recall) and most of them also went for the lefty favorite Baldwin. Voter ID will help in the future, as will the reality that the GOP elder here is now Sensenbrenner and not Tommy.


Do they start drinking early over there, it's a rhetorical question;


Agent J

maryrose - my point which was truly obfuscated was that I wished Flo's Mother had participated. I will share your thoughts with my GSon as soon as the Army lets him come home from his base camp, apparently they have to go through debriefing first.

Captain Hate

maryrose, my other daughter, the ship's cook, used to live there so I'm already familiar; but thanks for the good wishes. Maybe we can meet up over the holidays.


maryrose-I would say my children's generation is more conservative on abortion than my generation is.

I find it quite interesting.

Agent J-have a great trip to Wyoming and enjoy those grandkids. I can remember when Red and her brother first saw the herds of bison.

Of course I remember when the bears would come up to cars in Yellowstone because my parents were terrified I would roll down window to get a better look. I had just turned 5 and remember a good bit of trip. Things my parents wish I'd forget like leaving me alone in motel room near Death Valley when younger brother took ill.

So never assume the 4 year old will not remember. The Diva claims to remember a trip when she was 3. I think she remembers her siblings teasing me later. Who knows.

I do know though that the traveling becomes part of who they are in important, lasting ways.


Have a great trip, Agent J, and I thank your grandson for his service.


Agent J-the mom of a marine who was over there for 9 months said part of the debriefing actually has to do with taking the reflex actions back of the trigger point. That they do better if there is a gap and even then the families were reminded to beware the reaction to sudden sounds.

As I said I found the Marine more outgoing when he returned. I was used to grunts when he came over to visit before. The experience actually seemed to bring out sense of humor.


So happy your grandson is home safe, Agent J. Please thank him for his service. I hope you all have a wonderful trip.

Captain Hate

Best wishes, Agent J.

Manuel Transmission

Agent J. IIRC you ended up in Gillette last year. If so, I have an old grade school buddy that is a preacher there.

Agent J

MT-Yes it is Gillette..an I thought I had your phone number from this summer that Mark gave me, but not..I will reconnect with Mark and call you.

Jim Eagle


Many happy trails to you as you travel to one of America's great states. Gillette is coal country and there is some methane gas projects going on. Your grandson deserves a nation's gratitude for his service. Now he is returning to another war - the one on coal and other sources of fossil fuels. Gillette will be a bullseye for the Obama Regime, unfortunately. But there is hope in that Warren Buffett owns a big piece of BNSF which has major business interest in hauling that "low sulfur" coal out of the high prairie to the east.


be safe, J.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Hope your hat has a drawstring Agent J; the wind will be howling.


a new blessing is born :)

may the wind always be at your back, and your hat always have a drawstring

Agent J

Again thanks to all for the well wishes..as for the wind it is foretasted to be at my back all the way.

JIB-Life in Gillette has slowed down somewhat already, the Coal mines are not paying the overtime like they had. The diversifying employment with the oil an gas industry, along with the logistical support necessary has normalized now, but employment is much better there then elsewhere that I have been. DIL an son co-manage the DQ an they still have to pay teenagers $11.50 an hour to work..

If they would (not in my lifetime) approve of the coal generator electrical plant nearby, this would spark employment..


Well, it's the same Amampour/Rubin setup, the latter was in charge of logistics in facilities
like Benghazi



The commenters at that Milbank column, are denser
than he is,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Milbank's head is solid neutronium, so that only leaves black holes, narc; things which light may enter but is never emitted.


True, but they create a singularity, over there, carp. the brainslugs were really in full force;


Jim Eagle


Incest is a crime in most states but not in DC.

Everyone should read that link all the way through and just see what a web of political and media relationships exist in DC. And these are the same people oohing and ahhing over Petraeus and the Lebanese bimbos access to him and McDill.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Jennifer Rubin scorches Barry's skinny ass in the WaPo and cites Milbank's column.


Whatever happened to count every vote, rhetorical question, of course,

Threadkiller (Get off your couch and leave the GOP!)

Safe travels, Agent J.

Threadkiller (Get off your couch and leave the GOP!)

Advantage Danube...

A Vermont judge has thrown out a lawsuit brought by a former Republican U.S. Senate hopeful who claimed President Barack Obama was improperly elected in 2008 because he is not a “natural born citizen.”

Judge Robert Bent, in a seven-page decision filed Wednesday at Vermont Superior Court in Montpelier, ruled that the case brought by H. Brooke Paige of the town of Washington was improperly filed in state court instead of federal court, but lacked merit anyway.

PDF: Read the opinion here.

“Mr. Paige’s lawsuit, interesting as it is for its extensive historical analysis, has no viability because he has no standing and the court has no jurisdiction,” Bent wrote. “It is dismissed in its entirety.”

Paige sought to have Obama’s name removed from the 2012 Vermont election ballot because he was not a natural-born citizen as required of presidential candidates in the U.S. Constitution.

CONTINUED HERE: http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/article/20121115/NEWS03/311150036/Vermont-judge-tosses-natural-born-citizen-anti-Obama-lawsuit





She was the only reason I watched the Real World back in the day;


Threadkiller (Get off your couch and leave the GOP!)



The motion is carried, the point is moot,


Why do all the really close races go to the dem?Is fraud always the answer> I see that Bilbray lost in CA. as well as some other guy? Is Mia Love still in her race or has it been decided?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Why do all the really close races go to the dem?--

"All" might be a little strong.
Bush/Gore 2000?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Aye yi yi!


No, Mia Love lost, so did Lundgren, Matheson her opponent, says she won't vote for Pelosi, in states like Utah and Arizona, the libertarians
made the difference,


Yes, that's the last time, they let that happen, you know about Matheson, he furthered Obamacare through a gimmick.


It's a shame about Mia. Any dem will vote the Obama party line. Ask Stupak about his deal with the devil. No matter what the bill is-they{the dems} vote in lockstep.
Bush vs. Gore only went our way because DeLay screamed "theft in progress" and we doubled down on fraud in Miami -Dade and Palm Beach.


Funny with West's seat we are again dealing with Palm Beach voters or extra-voters.


Good Morning:

Aunt Mary Ellen (my Sis in Law) has Kidney Stones. Just found out on my new E-mail system. She is taking ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy). Older daughter and I discussed this exotic ailment and the remedy of soundwaves being focused to break up the stones. All Sci Fi stuff. Grandma LaLa back in the dark ages used to have them, and she always said they were due to her eating so much chocolate but she wouldn't quit. So daughter and I looked at "What Causes Kidney Stones":

swiss chard
wheat germ
soybean crackers
black Indian tea
sweet potatoes

I don't know what Swiss chard is, but I think in honor of Granny LaLa and Mary Ellen, Clarice needs to post a recipe today composed only of foods that cause Kidney Stones.

Other dangerous foods that contribute to Kidney Stones:

green pepper
red raspberries
fruit cake

See that, FRUIT CAKE.Knew that stuff was dangerous. Especially so I'd imagine when made by redneck Trappist monks in Dan'l Boone country.

Oh, and BTW, we just got this exciting news:

Kidney Stone Mary's hubby Doug (Agriculture History Prof) will get face time in Ken Burns DustBowl Show on PBS:

From Private correspondence I can now reveal the particulars:

"As for Doug's actual face time footage in the Dust Bowl PBS DVD we now have the exact times of his footage (he received a letter this week from Ken Burn's Florentine Films) and his time on screen is very minimal but they did use a lot of his material from his Dust Bowl book that was published in 1981.

Sunday night - at 14 minutes at 17 seconds
Monday night - at 1 hour, 28 minutes and 49 seconds"

Here's to Kidney Stones, Fruit Cake, and the Dust Bowl!

Good morning!


Swiss Chard is spinach grown big. Loved it. haven't thought of it in years.
"There are more than 64,000 provisional and mail-in ballots — mostly in Salt Lake County, along with Utah, Sanpete and Juab counties — that won't be counted until the official canvass Nov. 20. It is not known how many ballots belong to 4th District voters."


Why, in the name of all that matters, would one concede before the 20th.
This is insane!


Thanks for the heads up, daddy. We'll be watching as Mr. Deb is particularly interested in that period.


I grew swiss chard in my garden last year, it is excellent sautéed with garlic and asiago.


We grow chard too. It is a great winter vegetable here. New this year is komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach).

(A) nuther Bub (AKA Mrs. Squaredance)

Things are getting a little too cheerful here, what with kidney stones and other happy topics, so I'm reposting what I mistakenly put at the end of the last thread.

The bitter pill we must swallow won't come only from the death panels, but from demography too. If/when the Republicans accede further in the matter of immigration, our party's final throes won't last too painfully long, though. I suppose that's a comfort. LUN for Mark Steyn's latest.

Jim Eagle


Is this the Dust Bowl of the '30's or the one coming once the death tax eliminates all the family farms and ranches?

For our Vet's Muster, Mrs. JiB took all the photos and I arranged them to music (a march medley) in a slide show on iPhoto using the "Ken Burns" effect. I wonder how much Apple paid him for that little bit of IP?

(A) nuther Bub (AKA Mrs. Squaredance)

But speaking of bitter pills, daddy, there's one for kidney stones too, which may help Auntie Mary Ellen. Mister had two bad bouts with kidney stones a decade ago and was put permanently on a drug called allopurinol, taken once daily. He hasn't had a bit of trouble since, even though we eat spinach, kale and swiss chard regularly. (And chocolate too, in case Granny was correct, and FRUITCAKE!)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Things are getting a little too cheerful here...--

It's a very, very big world outside of politics and even though parts of it can be heartbreaking sometimes, I still choose not to be depressed.


Well I forgot it was the weekend before turkey day until I went over the bridge over 400. Yikes!! All backed up in those toll lanes. Going to be a slow trip through ATL.

Back roads are your friends.

AB-I did not feel like writing today but next piece will be on just how much the classroom will be highlighting race and class. And a required community around a shared vision. After pushing race and class. I got the same link from 2 different emails in last week. Both natl organizations with clout.



I was giving deep thought to your comment yesterday about the closure of the Hostess bakery in Anchorage and I believe I have found a solution.

You see, Twinkies and Ding Dongs are considered sacred foods by the native American nations of the Northwest. The Twinkie is essential to the potlatch while I believe the Ding Dong is used in the whale/eagle/crow charming ceremony.

If they petition the Department of the Interior they can probably get a writ re-opening the bakery on the grounds that they would be spiritually and physically damaged by a continued closure.

However that bakery may not be allowed to sell these sacred foods to palefaces.

Just trying to do my small bit for the oppressed peoples that Republicans supposedly hate.

Jim Eagle

Insty retweets:

"A.J. Winkelspecht ‏@ajwink
So the first president to eat a dog will be the last to eat a Twinkie? Go figure.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--You see, Twinkies and Ding Dongs are considered sacred foods by the native American nations of the Northwest.--

Does that mean Indians can still shoot wild, endangered Golden Twinkies and make edible war-bonnets out of them?


For Henry, shivering in his deer hunting stand, hoping for game to walk by:

State biologists seek to avoid slaughter of highway-hugging caribou

“Last we heard they were standing on the road.” Fish and Game will decide by Nov 26 whether to make changes to the hunt...
Should a large number of caribou remain easily accessible along the highway, Fish and Game could slow the harvest by limiting the number of hunters..."

Amidst all the jabber about the Pipeline being detrimental to caribou herds, along with Global Warming etc, it's worth noting that "The population of the Fortymile herd has been growing steadily from fewer than 10,000 animals in 1975 to an estimate of more than 50,000 in 2010."


Daddy, shivering would be welcome -- game might actually move about if it were decently cold. This time I came inside to get some sun screen, its 55 degrees out so I might as well work on my tan.


Pagar, Mia Love is taking a cue from West...she's not giving up just yet...


Matheson was my congressman until he changed districts. Glad to see him gone, but now he's Mia's biggest headache.. ;)


Happy trips to those leaving early. DoT last night friends told me they're still laughing over the W-S catalog piece you poster and I sent around.

If I should kill TK, remember it was done out of love.


Here is Uncle Doug's book on The Dust Bowl.

I can find no evidence that anyone has ever read it, but I did enjoy his The Ohio Frontier: Crucible of the Old Northwest, 1720-1830 (A History of the Trans-Appalachian Frontier)

He really is a fascinating guy, who over a beer can make a super obscure topic absolutely mesmerizing. And very fun to get him describing the bitching in the field between the 2 camps that believe (A) Corn was domesticated only once---in NorthWest South America, and the other faction (B) that claims a second separate domestication in south eastern North America. Hatfield and McCoy stuff:)

JiB, I am pretty sure its the Dust Bowl of the 30's.

A(B), I cannot believe that a lady who can cook as wonderful as you eats FRUIT CAKE. Gad! Does Rom eat the stuff also?

Matt, Fascinating idea, as we ponder this sad development:


If I should kill TK...

I guess that wouldn't be a "natural" death!

Just got an early start on next week and had a piece of pumpkin pie. Yum.


On the Election Recount front, we have 2 nail-biters up here.

A much detested Dem State Senator is up only 58 over a Repub challenger, who as the write-ins are slowly coming in has whittled that lead down from an earlier 254 vote lead.

And the State Representative Race has 2 men exactly tied.

The suspect thing about that contest is that our Elections Lady, Gail Fenumiai, (whom narciso will recall) as she is the lady who said Lisa Murkowski did not have to follow Write in Election Law as actually written in the Statutes, tells us the following about that race:

"Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiai said there will be at least 86 absentee ballots to count on Monday. She said there also is a potential of 26 special absentee ballots and any ballots from overseas that might come in before Wednesday’s deadline."

Anybody know what "Special Absentee Ballots" are, why they are different from regular Absentee Ballots, and why there is "the potential" to count them?


I have no idea what Gail is talking about, I suppose it's like Dean Vernon's 'double secret probation' the brain slugs seem to crashed in Alaska around August 2008, like in that classic
B movie, 'Night of the Creeps'


Thanks for the info on Mia Love's race.
pagar: Don't give up hope about counting votes. We still have provisional votes here but won a victory on the really wacky ones. The mantra here was "everybody gets to cast a ballot" However some of the provisionals were a bit dicey.It did have good records of who had voted and who cast an absentee ballot. I'm just surprised about the turnout. However in Cuyahoga county I could see how some precincts would not have a single Romney vote. But to vote in a pack like that. Can't people think for themselves at all?Our three dem reps in the House are from Younstown, Toledo and Cleveland. Columbus is surprisingly Republican.

Captain Hate

If I should kill TK, remember it was done out of love

Get me on the jury. You'll walk very shortly after deliberations begin. And I *like* TK.

U$C getting trucked by UCLA. Could Kiffin's job be on the line when he faces ND? Is that Al Davis laughing from Hell that I faintly hear?


Can military votes still be counted? What about deadlines in Pennsylvania prohibiting some of them Who decides what the cut-off date is? Is it an individual state thing? If so I say to cure the abuse extend the deadlines in all states.



Doug also penned this one which again I have been too lazy to read:

Indian Agriculture in America: Prehistory to the Present

Surprisingly there is nothing in it about Liz Warren's "Mexican Oatmeal Soup".

(A) nuther Bub

daddy, I'm not sure whether Rom loves fruitcake with his entire heart and soul, as I do, but he does seem to eat it with pleasure, which is kind of an annoyance to me because I'm not big on sharing.

If you could only persuade Missus Daddy to try Alton's recipe for Free Range Fruitcake you'd be her willing slave forever and would never again refer to it as "that stuff." Many fruitcakes are excellent, but his recipe is superlative. It has to be made at least a month ahead, though, cause it must be brandied up every couple of days to reach its full voluptuous pleasure-replete peak.

Recipe is linked LUN, just in case you get snowed in and have nothing else to occupy your time.


http://ricochet.com/main-feed/Barack-Obama-s-Pyrrhic-Victory by Paul Rahe is very good.

Agent J

On my travel I am transporting two large home made Rum soaked fruit cakes to be shared with a nephew and his family, an my son and family in Gillette..

I made three of them, have shared one with many of my grand kids on their different visits..comments ranged from "not bad", "different", "I have always wondered", to the best when I spoke up and said that you are not eating, "Grand pa I don't want to throw up on your table".

I have told the kids, that if I turn up missing, not to worry, wait until the snow melts, they will find me seating in my car happily eating fruit cake.

But that won't happen on this trip, hard to snow when it is 61 degrees and warmer the next few days.

daddy- I sent your kidney stone posting to a friend who is suffering from that very problem..She has a wonderful sense of humor..She may laugh so hard that she can finally dispense those foreign objects.


'Imagine if you will' as Rod Serling would say, the Marlins trading five good players, for some
Canadian Blue Jays, of lesser value, so insanity
is contagious.


Can military votes still be counted? What about deadlines in Pennsylvania prohibiting some of them Who decides


I do not know all those particulars, but I do know that in the case of Lisa Murkowski, the actual rules as specifically written in the Alaskan Election Law were thrown upon the ground and danced upon by Gail Fenumiai and Lisa M and then, when Lisa was sued by both the State Republican Party and the State Democratic Party, a Judge that Lisa's dad had appointed when he was Governor ruled in her favor. The Alaskan State rules have since been changed to comply with what she did, ostensibly "to provide clarity" to the election process.

As for the Military Ballots, it is the same raw deal they get nationally every election, except that this election they are getting less lip service than normal from politicians decrying that the system needs to be fixed. I have heard almost no soapboxing about that as compared to prior post-election soapboxing.

Personally I thought it was a gross mistake some months back when Henry's Wisconsin Rep in the State recall bruhaha was screwed out of his seat by obvious verifiable, right in front of our eyes fraud in the Racine recount. It seems that we do not contest these things in order to not be painted by the Media and our opponents as rabid or hate-filled or sore-losers or manic or whatever, and all it results in doing is empowering these guys to continue their fraud. I think it is a huge mistake to not be contesting this stuff more.


Tim Blair's law, about all absurdities merging together, seems to be in effect;



I'm not sure whether Rom loves fruitcake with his entire heart and soul, as I do

I knew I liked that guy!

Alton's recipe for Free Range Fruitcake

So you're saying you want me to get Kidney Stones. Grrrrrrr:)
I wouldn't eat the stuff if it was prepared by Father Damien in Molokai himself:)

Just for fun, are there any JOMer's who are "Moderate" about FruitCake? I have a sense that folks either love it or detest it.

Jim Eagle


Pre-season number one only because Barkley decided to come back. The sportwriters are as biased and as bad as the political writers.


Flyyn's latest too accurately describes the situation, just a chip off the old block, btw.



where I come from, fruit cakes are also called ballast.

Great story in this morning's local paper on how child #2's powerhouse B Ball team was beaten in the state championship game by a buzzer beater by Jeremy Lin.

Our coach says he has never gone back to look at that game film and that he always roots for Lin.


How to make your own Hostess Twinkies. (I know you're desperate for this)



Anticipating overwhelming demand for it..Here's a 2d twinkies recipe:


Captain Hate

JiB, the geniuses that had West Virginia #5 are equally amusing.



Just catching up and came to your link to Warren Buffett shutting down some local Newspaper and adding to the unemployment lines

Interesting to read the comments. Got a nice chuckle out of Gerard Van der Leun's response to Mongo about half way down.

That prompted a memory of my wife and I buying our first house together years back in California. A middle aged savvy Polish carpenter, who grew up behind the Iron Curtain, was the guy who did the excellent job refurbishing the old tiny 100 year old house we wound up buying. Absolutely fine, fine work. We became decent friends, and he said that about the only thing good behind the Iron Curtain was the humor---the snide sarcastic jokes folks quipped back and forth about how frickin' wonderful the Brave New World was.

He was a heck of a hard worker because he said that over here it made a difference and you could achieve whatever you set your mind to. Back home under the party bosses, "Nyet."

Anyhow, he must be going crazy now, but at least he's got a rich storehouse of sarcastic one liners to draw from.


Btw, Clarice, how did Friday's dinner go,


Every conventional angle you look, our situtation is doomed. You can see Christie and Jindal pealing away from the party as they try to stay electable. The libertarians and moderates want amnesty and more immigration. We are going to be splintered and will not turn out to vote. Secession is the only answer if you want representation in the government of your country.


Our national politicians should be making a big deal about Hostess being shutdown by its unions. Unions should not have the power to put a company out of business. You have a right to collectivize and to strike. But you should not have the right to keep your job.


I don't usually agree with steve, but when I do, it's about secession.


Romney should have campaigned in minority districts. Engage the voters there in discussion and debate. Would have gotten him media attention and he would have convinced some to vote for him. Make the case that government handouts ruin many people by keeping them away from work for too long.


LOL. Ext, 'that's in the most interesting man in the world' vein, Ah Van DerLeun does have a way with words, doesn't he.


Why do all the really close races go to the dem?

It does seem that way, but that would be the sort of thing that a Nate Silver type, if he weren't a NY Times type of guy, could study systematically. If 88% of them, say, are won by the Dems, what is the likelihood of that if it's truly random, as it should be? And what is the probability of all those districts giving 100 percent of the vote to Obama, given the demographics? It may well be that people in those districts would be expected to give Obama 90%, but even then, 100% is pretty unlikely, I suspect.

A serious effort to root out fraud could use statistics to identify "five-sigma" (one-in-a-million type) events and call for automatic investigations.


yes Daddy, we will still have humor.

At last light, a full sized doe standing near the edge of the field / drainage canal 234 yds. Looking at me as I range it and take a picture. At 400 yds on that sight line are a bunch of big white critters with black spots (I'm told they are very tasty) and at 600 yds my neighbor's house. It is the wrong direction to send a 30-06 round, so I'll kill a beer or twelve instead.


you Air Force guys are going to love this, but one of the reasons Obama wants to visit Thailand is to re-establish an American presence at U Tapao.

As to Jindal, not so fast. He is a devout Catholic and pretty conservative. He also has a great mind on health care.

Once again, the Republicans flubbed minorities with the Dems doing their best to keep them on the plantation. Romney never had a good answer in his campaign on this and yet he speaks French and has roots in Mexico.

Enunciating a policy that immigrants should agree with should be a part of the Republican platform as of right now. Jack Kemp knew this in 1980.

Some of the most pissed off at the grifters are the hard working immigrants who have to watch as they sit at home watching telenovellas or Oprah. But when it's open season for free stuff, it makes like difficult because "everyone is doing it".

Todays news is already stating the Dems want to do nothing about reducing the amount of free stuff they are giving away in the "compromise" that is being proposed.

Prepare to watch the Dukes get rolled again.


"... I don't usually agree with steve, but when I do, it's about secession. ..."

yeah, I do not think it has to be a terrible thing. Let states or even counties have a semi autonomous relationship with the national government. The important thing being the feds cannot run deficits which put the finances of individuals at great risk.


You would think they would Clinton as the advance man, on this.


Thank you, narciso--very well , indeed, I think.


Unions should not have the power to put a company out of business.

I'd like to see repeal of the Wagner Act be in the Republican Party platform. I think union membership is only something like 10-12% of the workforce, so that ought to be a winner politically. I won't hold my breath given the cowardice of the Republican mainstream. It should be on any Tea Party platform.


Maine will not create a state insurance exchange--no Obamacare there.



Couple Wagner act repeal with rescinding Kennedy's executive order establishing government employee unions.

The Republicans won't get those votes anyway, so they may as well run against them.


OT, but I've been looking for a Google replacement for internet searching. Bing I didn't care for either.

So far, I'm enjoying duckduckgo -- it feels like the Google of old, and it does not track users' searches. Search results have been good so far.

I've not eliminated Google entirely, but so far duckduckgo has been very good.


I posted this on the other thread.

[I]n the future, in all states and territories of the United States:

(e) refrain from undertaking any ballot security activities in polling places or election districts where the racial or ethnic composition of such districts is a factor in the decision to conduct, or the actual conduct of, such activities there and where a purpose or significant effect of such activities is to deter qualified voters from voting;


If I understand this correctly, "ballot security activities" are forbidden in election districts with large black populations. IOW, what happens in those districts stays in those districts.

To quote that thoroughly repulsive reverend, "America's chickens have come to roost."

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