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November 18, 2012


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Since his premise is that people can't think with anything but their wallets, who could possibly understand him?

Posted by: sbw | November 19, 2012 at 12:59 PM--

His premise was (he's dead) that people are rational economic actors and if stuff is free or the true cost is concealed or born by others people will act in their own self interest and want more of it. If they bear the true cost of the goodies they seek they'll want less of them.


When I read the Israeli press I find myself thinking Netanyahu has to deal with a higher percentage of brain dead progs than we do.

My hope for the Israeli's is that in Israel, regardless what the Press says, the citizens are all aware of Reality---in the form of incoming rockets, warfare, dead loved ones, etc. It is not some far away, unreal theoretical notion that can be nuanced and forgotten as it is by our American based Jewry. It is real life and death stuff for everybody living in the country, so regardless what their Press publishes, the citizens take on it is leavened with a dose of Reality.


Treacher, has a good rejoinder here;



Army of David's Question number 16:

16) Why has there been no coverage of the State Dept officials that Woods and Doherty saved?

Damn straight.

We know more about the Top Secret Seal Team that took out Osama (stuff we absolutely should not know about) than we do about the individuals that were saved by Woods and Doherty. It is intentional that we know more about Seal Team 6 than the Benghazi survivors, and that is terribly wrong.


Interesting segment with the VP of WalMart on FOX by Stewart Varney.

Varney asked if Walmart had been contributing to the Sandy Relief effort and the VP said yes, and that they had given over 2 Million in cash and other kinds of assistance to help the victims in New York.

Then Varney said, "Weren't you disallowed from opening branches in New York, and the VP said yes, but then he said that when Governor Cuomo and Governor Christie called they felt they had to go on up and help out anyway.

I thought that was perfect:

"Walmart, stay the hell out of New York... Walmart , Help!, Help! Help! Please, we need you in New York desperately!

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