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November 07, 2012


Jim Eagle

Today I went to the school mass and was talking to one of the parents before it began. She was beside herself and could not understand what we were doing to ourselves. She has an interesting perspective - she is a Russian emigre who lived most of her life in the ex-Soviet Union.

"I left this terrible socialism for this country and now I am back to where I started".

All I could do was just shake my head. What do you tell someone who has lived a nightmare that you will soon be living yourself?

Thomas Collins

Perhapos states should try legalizing films that satirize The Religion That Must Not Be Satirized. Notwithstanding the First Amendment, the Federales seem to be coming down harder on satirizers of Islam than on pot producers.

Danube of Thought

TMZ says Diane Sawyer was drunk.


Marijuana use is so pervasive today that I believe it affected the election outcome. I have a proposition. Use all the drugs you want, but in order to vote, you must drug test clean.


I would also like to know what happened to the Catholic Church hierarchy in this election. In my diocese, it was crickets.

Thomas Collins

Would doped up or drunk non-Fox news anchors do any worse than sober ones? They might admit more of their biases if high.


JIB: I will tell you what she knows that Americans do not know. It is a simple thing.

The Soviet nomenklatura where not a comical bunch of old men in fur hats with dour faces.

They were just like our democrat's nomenklatura, albeit with poorer tailors. They where media people, academics, labor, "artists', etc. They all had the same unctuous, superior tone. They destroyed Russia.

She can see them coming a mile off, and she knows what is coming; she knows just what they are about. She knows then as she knows every tooth in her mouth or crease in her palm.

This seem to be one of the hardest things to get across to the useful idiots who are not actually communists.


If we fail to learn from history , we are destined to repeat it" Santayana
Yes indeed she knows and my father always believed FDR was a Marxist. So is Obama . Hence he was re-elected. I think what I missed in this election was the uninformed voter, the unwillingness of people to learn about the issues and the staying power of a personality cult. This is the last election of someone of my generation as a viable candidate. That is why I firmly believe Hil will not go for it in 2016. Bill has lost his claim as the only dem re-elected. I find small consolation in that. A rapist and a Marxist...how America has changed.


I am firmly convinced that the only way to change the political environment is going to be a major catastrophe'. All of the devil's brew is still brewing out there and nothing has changed.

Our election was another pause point in the march towards bankruptcy. California just confirmed that it will continue to spiral out of control and refuse to reform its profligate ways.

Greece is still out there and the Euros are still bickering. Spain is still in its spiral.Italy has made some cosmetic changes but has not addressed its structural deficit.

We have the fiscal cliff to look forward to. A fractured,lame duck Congress has to avert a very complex series of consequences in less than 30 working days; crafting, passing and having the president sign a bill.

It was only when Gorbachev looked at the numbers and realized that the Soviet Union was bankrupt that he began to apply Glasnost and dismantle their empire, which fell very quickly once the edifice began to topple.

China looks like it will be lurching back towards the bad old days from the preliminary announcements before the Congress and it's financial issues are still huge.

We're living in a Potemkin Economy and nothing is going to change that. Ryan wasn't blowing smoke.The threats are a clear and present danger.

Good luck, Mr. President. You wanted the job. You own it.

Rob Crawford

matt, I believe Japan is going to be edging closer to China over the next few years. They've seen they can't count on us (we won't even defend our own people!), and they definitely don't want war with China.

My biggest fear is that the Aussies will do the same.

Rob Crawford

OK, my biggest fear in the Pacific...

Jim Eagle

Today on the local news radio I heard some of the exit interviews including several where the voters were justifying their vote because Bush had so damaged the economy no one could fix it in 4 years. Billy Jeff's message was loud and clear and the low information, public school educated, moocher or potential moocher bought it lock stock and barrel.

The JEF will certainly continue to use Bush as a reason for his only piss poor performance.


Yep, JiB. Bush-bashing still working. For now.


The Fix ‏@TheFix

In updated national exit poll, Obama won Hispanics 71-27 over Romney. Holy bazoli

Me: Holy bazoli indeed!


Is that one of the exit polls not done in every state? Or conducted post election by phone?

I see how this is going to go.


Would doped up or drunk non-Fox news anchors do any worse than sober ones? They might admit more of their biases if high.

Mrs k claims that Diane Sawyer is a Republican. I forget what the basis of that was, something about a job she once had for a Republican. But hanging around the miasma of network TV for decades has to have a degrading effect. I would probably be drinking too.


Diane Sawyer spent years working for Richard Nixon.
Her first jog was with his press office, and she went to California with him when he resigned and worked for him until 1978.


News from coastal connecticut which is getting wet snow, but no wind yet from the Nor'easter:

"A transformer just blew up nearby. Huge boom followed by bright flash. Live power wires are down near..."

I may not have power when I get home.... how are you keeping TomM?


wet snow here in Nassau County. Transformers blowing up here. My office shut down by lack of power.

NJ Jan

Lite snow here. Transformer blew up on my daughter 's street. They are using generator again.

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