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November 22, 2012



Hi Frau, "Wink, wink" from The Evergreen State.

BTW, The other night Gus asked what was my fav beer worldwide and I pretty much concluded it was your Kolsch from Cologne. Do you or hubby have a beer you guys like better?

Dave (in MA)
OMG, Barry looks like a complete dork in that shirt, narc.

Bond? With that scrawny neck and those jug ears he looks like Alfred E. Blofeld.

He looks like he should be busing tables.


Leftovers sent home with children. Kitchen clean. 2nd cold beer. Life's good if only the 'Boys didn't suck. Happy thanksgiving.


Man you guys are brutal on my 'Boys. And even after they let your RG3 look good.

Danube of Thought on IPad

Trouble with the 'boys is, no one can bell the cat. As long as Jerry insists on making the personnel decisions, he will not put a winning team on the field. And he is the only man in the organization--or in football--who doesn't know that.

I love to watch him lose.

JM Hanes

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all y'all wherever you may be -- with a special shout out to daddy and Frau, from Bellingham, WA. Celebrating the holiday with family -- 2 hours north of our Alaskan scribe, who'd a thunk it?

Remarkable drive up from Seattle, Shafts of light in between torrents of rain, rafts of ducks on the water, with geese and swans (or snow geese?) all over the sky, flying every which way, in what I assume were the initial stages of sorting themselves out into their migratory V's. Almost ran off the road a couple of times, watching them wheel.

Jim Ryan

My narcisolator is narcisolating someone who isn't on my trolls array.

You might not know it if this is happening to you.


Happy Black Friday!

The Obama regime has their friends:


You'll never hear a bad word from the Obama regime about the religion that creates this:


Wonder why?


Good morning everyone!

The house sure is quiet since the Diva and Red got their dad to take them midnight shopping while I slept.

I am thinking the Jalapeno Cornbread pudding would make a nice breakfast choice. It was a hit as a yummy alternative to dressing and it needs no gravy.

Jim Eagle

Good morning from the sunny but nippy first coast of Florida.

So, who will be the first to go - Andy Reid or Rex Ryan. At least, Reid doesn't brag about how he is going to win the Super Bowl each pre-season. And it looks like Tebow has two fractured ribs from the Seattle game but they still suit him up "just in case" .

BTW, if you live in Texas near Houston and are expecting a FedEx delivery today, you may have a long wait.


For Janet and other members of the JOM Smokers' Club

I'm reading Sax Rohmer's Fire-Tongue and came upon a reference to Egyptian cigarettes. I had no idea they grew tobacco there and then discovered the most amazing array of places where it can be grown, even Polynesia islands.

And here's the origin of Camel cigarettes!
Egyptian cigarette industry


Bim-Bashi Baruk of Egypt is wonderful, too.


Doesn't look like I'll be breaking my 16-years-since-going-to-a-movie-theatre * streak any time soon: Red Yawn

* Last movie I saw in a theatre was "Shine".


It was 60 out when I got home last night, and is 30 now (today's expected high). My local climate model now shows an upside-down hockey stick with highs reaching -120 by Monday.


Ha ha ha, the first hacker - in the late 1800s:

"Nevil Maskelyne, magician, was born in 1863 to John Nevil Maskelyne. He continued his father's work at the Egyptian Hall in London. He also worked in the area of wireless telegraphy and was a competitor and public detractor of Guglielmo Marconi in the early days of radio (wireless). On one occasion he hacked into Marconi's demonstration of wireless telegraphy, and broadcast his own message, hoping to make Marconi's claims of "secure and private communication" appear foolish." (Wiki)



No one loves to hate Jerry Jones more than me. He riuned my Cowboys. But I still bleed blue and silver. And ache when they lose.


Pakistan plans to suspend cell phone service in many cities to prevent attacks against Shiites

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan's interior minister says the government will suspend cell phone service in most parts of the country over the next two days to prevent attacks against Shiite Muslims over a key religious holiday.

Rehman Malik said Friday the suspension would begin at 6 a.m. on Saturday.

Saturday and Sunday are the most important days in the holy month of Muharram. Sunday is Ashoura, which commemorates the seventh century death of Imam Hussein, the Prophet Muhammad's grandson.

Sunni extremists often target Shiites during Muharram, especially on Ashoura, and frequently use cell phones to detonate bombs.

The Sunni-Shiite schism over the heir to the Prophet Muhammad dates back to the seventh century.

Wouldn't the [P]rophet have had a grandson for every day of the year?

N.B. "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."


Well they do have a fair amount of prophets being martyred, the Benghazi attack, happened on another one, the 25th of Shawwal, as I've pointed out, even Walid Shoebat forgot that detail. The supposed Islam conscious statement missed it as well.


I meant State Department, although this was true,
as well.


If it isn't one thing it's another. The religion of peace really means what can we blow you up for today.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--As long as Jerry insists on making the personnel decisions, he will not put a winning team on the field.--

After so many years of being the pretender to Al Davis's throne, Jerry is now the undisputed monarch.
The king is dead, long live the king.


In case you are losing sleep over whether you'll ever get hold of another Twinkie or Ho-Ho, Mark Steyn points out that they are still produced north of the border (h/t Blair):

Saputo Inc. (SAP), Canada’s largest dairy processor, has the trademark and brand rights to Hostess CupCakes and Hostess Twinkies in the country and manufactures the products themselves, said Sandy Vassiadis, a spokeswoman for the company.
(from Business Week)


As it happens, I went to high school a block from a Wonderbread factory, and in the warmer months with the windows open the smell of baking bread would waft into the classroom. But the plant closed years ago and is now a casino.


It is the Peace, that was brought to the Yathrib valley, that's what's known as Medina now, or after the Battle of the Trenches, it's rather clear on the point,

Threadkiller (Get off your couch and leave the GOP!)



Red has several close friends in Israel for a Gap Year. So she is up on that Mountain Top that she calls Hogwarts while keeping in touch with them. One had to be relocated after an apartment building two blocks from where she was staying was blown up. Another is on a military base and singing the praises of the Iron Dome.

It is a shame this is not on the radar screen of most college students. To the extent it is, too often the focus is on misrepresenting the realities of Gaza.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Kimberley Strassel makes some interesting points about turnout and minority voters.


Actually it was this one, Ignatz;


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Hmm, if Hillary and Barry get credit for a cease fire while she's in the ME do they get credit for Morsi making himself dictator of Egypt while she's there too?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Thanks narc.


Will the post-mortem/"here's what's wrong with the GOP" ever be over? Has ANYthing new been said in the last 2 weeks?

Jim Eagle


Your link at 1013hrs goes to a Hot Mail sign in page.

OT: Talking about Twinkies and Wonderbread.

25 foods you'll never have to eat again.


No, it's very trite, Alice, they demagogued and savaged us, and spiced it up with a little vote
fraud, and we end up acting like Jerry Seinfeld.

Jim Ryan

I repeat, someone is getting NARCISOLATED by my narcisolator who isn't on my trolls list. It's DoT, for pete's sake. There may be more, who knows. I could see his name on the righthand bar of recent comments, but his actual comment was narcisolated out. If I disable narcisolator, his comment becomes visible.

This is a narcisolator issue that you can't easily notice.


Of course, in the long parade of cluelessness, Noonan wins the Gold, Frum and Parker are in other competitions altogether.


It's not happening to me, JimR. I'd reinstall the narcisolator, and double-check that by some fluke part of DoT's sig does not coincide with one of your entries.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Yeah, I know JiB.
I'm a genius!


Well it's like whrn I've posted something by Google Translate, it gets all confuzzled,

Jim Ryan

I was thinking yesterday that maybe the level of ignorance and stupidity amongst the electorate hasn't increased. Maybe it has been flat for 200 years while the size of the government has increased drastically, giving the ignorance and stupidity a large club with which to beat the economy into the ground.


The form of government was of a design fit only for a virtuous people. Over the last one hundred years levels of ignorance and stupidity increased and so the government malfunctioned.
The form of government is of a design meant to keep the ignorance and stupidity of Man from getting governmental power. Over the last one hundred years the government lost this proper form (became unlimited) and so gave power to ignorance and stupidity.
Not sure which or whether both.

Jim Ryan

Thanks, jimmy.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Will the post-mortem/"here's what's wrong with the GOP" ever be over? Has ANYthing new been said in the last 2 weeks?

Posted by: AliceH | November 23, 2012 at 10:25 AM--

It often takes months to even get the figures finalized and there is still a ton of data at county and precinct level that gets sifted for years.
I agree that the "what went wrong with Mitt's campaign" is pretty wonky and uninteresting.
But I think Strassel's larger point that minority, especially Hispanic, voters represent a great opportunity for the GOP not DOOM! is a vital one.


I don't know where in the cycle, we are Jim, No ome tried to blackmail Marius out of his combats against Jugurtha,so we've devolved past the same form on the Roman scale,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I see in the memorandum sidebar that the NYT has become very concerned about one party rule in the various states leading to partisan legislation.
Does anyone believe the NYT did any similar stories when the Dems dominated the majority of state houses?
Me neither.


Now, this suggest summoning the SMOD, all that much sooner, (the deuz ex machina, that some Ace
partisans are relying on)



'Death tax' a death sentence to family farms, businesses?

Here's the clip from Greta last night featuring the Bennetts. My Naomi is down there this Thanksgiving.


Not sure which or whether both.

I think it's more the latter. The FFs were well aware of the limits of democracy and the danger of the "47 percent" and did their best at least to put some obstacles on "the ignorance and stupidity of Man" attaining power. But it seems that there's something like the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics that comes into play over time.


Thanks Janet, the Washington Post is uncommonly
dense, regarding Susan Rice, today, so much so, Eugene Meyer might think twice about having set it up,


Whether AT Tyler, Cicero, or De Tocqueville, the guardrails, have been long established,

Danube of Thought on IPad

Andy Reid will be gone ere the cock crows on the day after season's end.


Nice catch, Jim. You had DoT getting narcisolated until you removed 'jor' from your troll list, right? It turns out I was looking for trolls in places I shouldn't have, specifically in LUNs. The bug surfaced when DoT started linking to a Hot Air article on some kind of coming supermajority. I'll update the official script later; if you're impatient, you can edit your own copy by replacing

userName = thisDataItem.innerHTML;


userName = thisDataItem.innerHTML.replace(/<.*?>/,'').replace(/<.*>/,'');

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--But it seems that there's something like the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics that comes into play over time.

Posted by: jimmyk | November 23, 2012 at 11:02 AM--

$16 Trillion debt = lentropy.

Jim Ryan

Wow, bgates, that's some hellacious Javascript.


Rather then foul this blog with all of the full blown idiocy in that editorial


Jim Ryan

Thanks, it worked.


bgates, from your 11:13, should I infer that if I put "jor" in my troll list I will also narcisolate jorod? That's the kind of thing I was thinking of in my comment to JimR, though I didn't realize the LUN came into play.

Threadkiller (Get off your couch and leave the GOP!)

From the Iggy/narciso WSJ link.

In Florida, 238,000 more Hispanics voted than in 2008, and Mr. Obama got 60% of Hispanic voters. His total margin of victory in Florida was 78,000 votes, so that demographic alone won it for him.

Where do they get these numbers from?? They are correct about the vote margin, but I have no clue where the Hispanic demographic comes from.

The Florida official site is garbage so I found these numbers elsewhere. I am assuming they are correct.

Year. Total Vote Margin %Margin Democrat Republican
2012 8,470,239 73,189 0.86% 4,235,270 4,162,081

2008 8,411,861 236,148 2.81% 4,282,367 4,046,219


It seems to me that Romney pulled in 120,00 more votes than McCain and Obama pulled in 50,000 more votes than Obama. If so many Hispanics ran to Obama what demographic did Obama lose votes in since his total does not reflect a 142,800 (238,000x60%) gain?

I fear, especially in Florida, that this "Hispanic" demographic is pure BS. Don't they have a high "White-Hispanic" population down there? I posted a story several days ago that said the exit polls were going to rely on phone call polling because of how many absentee ballots were cast.

Dubious at best.

Jim Ryan

The FFs were well aware of...

And also:

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."
John Adams

So, it isn't obvious kind of deterioration is taking place.


Well the net total vote, much like the universe of available jobs, was down by 10 million, of those that turned out, we know they tweaked the numbers on Cuban American turnout, off by 20%,


a bit from the WaPo at narciso's 11:22 link -

"Could it be, as members of the Congressional Black Caucus are charging, that the signatories of the letter are targeting Ms. Rice because she is an African American woman? The signatories deny that, and we can’t know their hearts. What we do know is that more than 80 of the signatories are white males, and nearly half are from states of the former Confederacy. ..."

Oh my gosh!!! What a sicking bunch of....

Danube of Thought

Sorry I screwed it up. I have no idea what I did.


Ridiculous, isn't it, Janet,


The Confederacy?????
Maybe the WaPo could do an article on the lying, racist SOBs in the CBC.


Actually, that's not the right word, it borders on obscene, what will they say with an attack on
the US Embassy in Riyadh, or when Iran gets the bomb.


JimR, that's why I said "more the latter," not entirely. But one could interpret Adams as warning that given the presence of immoral and irreligious people, over time the Constitution would be unable to prevent the growth and corruption of government.

I try to be optimistic like Iggy and believe in American exceptionalism, but history doesn't give me a lot of hope. Two hundred years is a pretty normal lifespan for a successful country or empire. We were fortunate that before their own collaps, the British were able to export their best ideas to another continent where they could take root. That might be our best hope. Jane's Island anyone?


This chart really suggests a certain margin of fraud was involved:


when you factor in how the military vote and others, were underrepresented.


If so many Hispanics ran to Obama what demographic did Obama lose votes in since his total does not reflect a 142,800 (238,000x60%) gain?

As a wild guess, I would say white males, or whites in general. In Florida, Jews in particular. I presume she got the data from exit polls, but I haven't seen those polls myself. Hit would probably know if he were here, but I think he's off the internet for the weekend.

Jim Ryan

I'm wondering whether there is a more decent society. Ours has reach a level of indecency which makes me doubt that a New Zealand or a Singapore is not less mendacious, less riddled with socio-psychological disorders. The WAPO piece above is an example. This is simply not the sort of speech that counts as decent in a decent society. In this case, it comes from the main newspaper of our society.

But perhaps everywhere else it's as bad or worse.


Happy Belated Thanksgiving Everyone at JOM!
Capt.H; Did your family reach your ultimate destination? I hope so.
I hosted my family and we had a wonderful time. Today I'm just relaxing and may give into my daughter's desore to join the Black friday Madness. My son is working at Target as I post but did not have to report for work on Thanksgiving at 9:00 PM He worked until midnight the day before getting the stor ready.
I am grateful for my life, my health and my family and for God.
Hil's supposed Hamas victory{that's how the media are portraying it,] will be short-lived. They've sent out Rice with further talking points to prep the media before Hil has to testify. Benghazi, ultimately will be on her and Obama's head as they try desperately to run away from it. Their true character has been revealed in this instance. I agree with Another Bob. Emboldened now , Obama will be careless. Therein will lie his downfall.
I love that Bammycare is on the table in the debt talks.


If Rubio was the VP candidate ,does anyone think it would have made a difference? He may have gotten Florida but I still can't figure out other than the black vote how Obama got 100,000 more votes in Ohio. It's funny that that is the number Kerry lost by in 2004. What did we not do now that we successfully did then?


Biblically, there has always been a remnant left.


should I infer that if I put "jor" in my troll list I will also narcisolate jorod?

Yes, but there's a way around that, with something called a regular expression - a form of pattern matching with a pretty sophisticated syntax. Replace 'jor' with


which means "the group of letters j-o-r (unless they are followed by another lowercase or uppercase letter)". That will block jor or jor.0 or jor_is_irritating, but not jorod or jordanian etc.

Sorry I screwed it up.

If that's part of this conversation, you did no such thing. You helped Jim discover something I did wrong - which I think I've fixed.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I try to be optimistic like Iggy and believe in American exceptionalism...--

I wouldn't say it's optimism, jimmy.
I have disputed the 'it's inevitable that we will decline and become a backwater' theme many espouse, but while I don't think it's inevitable neither do I think it impossible or even improbable.

I do gain a little further optimism knowing that America, unlike nearly any other nation, has an exceptional history of personally armed citizen-soldiers who, if it comes to the last resort will, let us hope, still be willing to water the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants.


Jim Ryan:
Don't be discouraged. WashPo has received their marching orders. Dishonest and nasty is the order of the day. Dems love to diss the South. It's in their DNA. But beleive it or not once Bammy is through, I don't think you will get the ginormous black vote for another candidate. I don't think another black person will get the nomination. A hispanic Women or an Hispanic VP candidate may be the key.


I can't get the narcisolator, to work at all, bgates.


Is there a more odious expression than"Rise Above"?


nearly half are from states of the former Confederacy

Three of the past four Democratic Presidents are from states of the former Confederacy.

Every Democratic officeholder ever is from the party of the former Confederacy.

Threadkiller (Get off your couch and leave the GOP!)

Here are the registration stats for florida.



Multi race is new category.

The increased portion in "Hispanic voters" must have had nearly 100% turnout to make WSJ's numbers work.

Rick Ballard


Perhaps time could be better spent examining what went right in Missouri rather than focusing on the death throes of an oligarchy dumb enough to paint a bullseye on Mr. Electable for four years? Turning off the money tap which keeps the urban cesspools brimming appears to hold promise in Misouri, just as it does in Wisconsin.


But that is 'one party, rule,' like the Times warned us about, Rick, that's not kosher,


Rick: I can't give an honest response to that on Thanksgiving Friday.


You were right, Alice, Rove and Cornyn's reactions were as solid as when the Corsican Bros, stabbed themselves, not optimal.

Jane - Mock the Media!

I lived near a wonderbread factory for a decade too Jimmy and remember that smell well.

Today is my b-i-l's 66 birthday. I got up bright and early and went to the store and found one of the few remaining hostess cupcakes (Orange - ick). We stuck a couple of candles in them and gave them to him for breakfast.


Great points, bgates @ 12:18.


Thanks, narc@1:25.

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