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November 29, 2012



There is a movie coming out of those 3 authors called"Kill the Darlings"

Tommie Tree

Can we stop with the yoga, already? Most overrated thing next to running.


I disagree. If Yoga relaxes you it is a good thing. People have a lot of stress in their lives. That is bad for your health. Yoga can relieve some of that.
TM: This is kind of a successful health thread. Well done!


Thanks Maryrose, I just googled and read the plot line:

"A murder in 1944 draws together the great poets of the beat generation: Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs."

I still think my plot line for "Monty Python and the Ice Breaking Ferryboat reads better:

"Two US Senators get Federal Funding for a guy named Guido to build an 80 Million Dollar Ice Breaking Ferry Boat in Ketchikan, the home town of one of the Senators. But then its discovered that there aren't any ferry terminals in Alaska so they decide to give the Ice Breaker away for free to South Pacific Islanders in order to beat paying taxes."

You be the judge.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--we know beyond doubt that sedentary lifestyles are literally killing us, and driving up health-care costs along the way.

Posted by: bunkerbuster | November 29, 2012 at 05:31 PM--

Of course! Sitting on the couch drives up health care costs which clearly effects interstate commerce.
Congress should act now to institute mandatory calisthenics nationwide; we can call the daily version the Two Minute Weight while Michelle can lead our annual Weight Week and we can sing Weight Songs against those fat slackers in Eastasia.

All right thinking fiscal conservatives can get behind this cost saving plan, I'm sure.


The luncheon speaker at a seminar I attended in the 1990s was a tall, fit, elderly gentleman who didn't believe in all of this intense exercise fitness stuff. His recipe for a long stress-free life was, "If you don't have to stand, sit down. If you don't have to sit, lie down." Seemed to work for him.

Charlie (Colorado)

Burroughs, Kerouac, Alan Ginsberg, etc.

Too bad -- Alan really was one of the great poets of his generation.


I love yoga.


'The Ministry of Silly Boats' you may steal liberally,

Jay Stevens

I figure that knees are good for 70 years or 70,000 miles. I am high mileage. After a military career, I have two bad knees and a bad hip.

My running days are pretty much over.

RichatUF (at my secret, undisclosed location)

Charlie (CO)-

Great effort and hope you have continued success. The facebook idea seems pretty good too (although I am loath to use it). Maybe I should look at doing something like that for my training regime for my west coast expedition.


cigarette smoking, why some people get cancer and some don't....it may be genetic and related to activity of an enzyme breaking down compounds from the smoke (not nicotine) into carcinogens

link here



[The role of aromatic hydrocarbon hydroxylase in the pathogenesis of lung cancer].
[Article in Polish]
Pilarska-Machowicz A.

Oddziału Ftizjopneumonologii Kliniki Pneumonologii i Alergologii IMW AM w Lodzi.

Aromatic hydrocarbons hydroxylase (AHH)--an enzyme of monooxydases group--catalyzes hydroxylation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons yielding compounds of the direct cancerogenic properties. Inducibility determined genetically is a characteristic feature of AHH. Inducibility of AHH in patients with cancer of the lungs is higher than that in healthy population. According to some authors general population may be classified into three groups of : high, moderate, and low degree of AHH inducibility. A significant increase in the incidence of neoplasms related to an exposition to PAH was noted in patients with increased AHH inducibility. These neoplasms include: carcinoma of the lungs, mouth and larynx, cancer of the pharynx and leukoplakia. Moreover, the onset of these neoplasms is earlier than in subjects with moderate and low inducibility of AHH.


Benefits of nicotine links....what?

just one minute.....

by the way I do not smoke and like to exercise







why is cigarette smoking so damn cool?

It may be explained by signaling theory, advertising genetic fitness and robustness why doing something apparently dangerous....ie. my genes are so strong I can smoke and still look this good....therefore you should mate with me to get some of these awesome, super tough genes...good for the kids you know.



Information Exposure: Signaling Imperviousness

Excessive risk taking is another behavior that may seem irrational, but when viewed as a signal, can be seen as a way of claiming a high level of fitness. From lion-hunting Masai warriors to cigarette-smoking, drag-racing American teenagers, people (often young) perform risky acts to prove that they are so fit or skilled that they can afford to be daring



even second hand smoking is cool,

from The Onion


WINSTON, NC—Americans have known for years that smoking is a direct cause of coolness. But a recent study funded by R.J. Reynolds, Philip Morris and several other cigarette conglomerates proves conclusively that the cool effects of smoking are not limited to the smoker.

In these photos provided by the Tobacco Institute, an average-looking nobody (inset) becomes a really cool guy, simply by sitting near a smoker.

According to the study, secondhand smoke is a leading cause of coolness, and is only slightly less cool than actual smoking.


I'm 48 and I use an eliptical three or four times a week at 30 minutes at a time. I burn about 400 calories and my bpm are about 140. Works for me, my bp is generally about 118 over 78. And I don't have any leg/foot/knee problems or pain.


"Whenever I get the urge to jog, I sit down until it goes away."
-- Some comic in the 80's

Jarno Rasimus

For me it is good that you always walking everyday and i think you have a point that we need to avoid so much exercise because sometimes it make's us unhealthy it is better that you are in a moderate mode.In Helsinki Finland many personal trainer suggest to go daily in gym and take an hour for an exercise which is really a good amount of time for me for exercising.


Hello Jarno in Finland! Here's my favorite exercise, and smoking while dancing :)


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