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December 23, 2012


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Every one of these guys has a history of bizarre and threatening behavior.
There's no constitutional right to be a maniac.
How about a plan for maniac control?


Uruaguay, bad idea maybe? See all those drones?
I think a cop is just what is needed and they can be hired cheaoer,like reserves or something. There should be one in every school. They can do all kinds of work. America was toi cheap.

Happy holidays and loik out for creeper cars,especially before meetings. ; )


If you notice, there's a tiny 'kink' in the narrative, only after the cafeteria bombs failed, did they go on the shooting spree.


Frau Nie wieder

OT - Via Insty "Moving from emboldened left in 2012 to a legal insurrection in 2013."

Rob Crawford

Why does anyone care what Tennessee Tuxedo "thinks"? What has he done to merit any attention?

This is a more informed and thought-out piece on guns than anything Coates will ever pen.


That much category error, creates a singularity,
on the other hand, speaking of plans;


Rob Crawford

I hope Prince Harry likes our helicopter.


Sometimes they think themselves too clever by half;



Much as I'd like to stick it to the Hollywood lefties, I'm not so confident about cause and effect. If teenagers want violent images or role models, they will be able to find them. Who knows whether for some the games and movies are outlets rather than inspiration sources, so if they weren't playing games they'd be torturing kittens?

I suspect the bigger issue is parenting, or lack thereof. That's the bigger cultural problem. I don't have an easy solution, beyond holding parents more responsible for what their kids do.


Well I had my own whack at that dead horse, with Jane 'Blackface' Hamsher's c.v. until I noticed the source of the Mother Jones piece, as with all diagnosis, it's not one single element, Occam's Razor is not that straight,

Jack is Back (Again)!

Clarice's Pieces!

Two inspiring stories for Christmas season.

Jack is Back (Again)!


Your spot on. Guys like Charlie Starkweather didn't have video games but they did have Hopalong Cassidy and Roy Rogers shooting up the neighborhood:)


I thought Bob Beckel made a good point on THE FIVE and the other talking heads didn't quite catch it.

Someone pointed out that Washington DC has very strict gun laws and yet their is huge gun violence. Beckel said thats because Virginia is close by so they just go their to buy guns.

BUT WAIT BOB...if the GUN is the problem, then the violence should be in Virginia??
The guns aren't relocating themselves to DC are they??
They aren't invading peoples brains and making them bring them to DC are they? Is their some power these guns have over the people in DCs minds Bob?

If the guns are the root of the problem, then the problem should be far worse in Virginia and not gun free DC.

How does one explain this?

Jane - Mock the Media!

While you are it, how does one explain this: smolong?

I think murder has been mainstreamed. When I was a kid, murder was so unheard of that it was disturbing. Now it seems to be an every day event in a lot of places.

When one happened in my town my mother told me only mentally ill people commit murder. To a certain degree I think that is still the case.

The liberal push to preserve the rights of the mentally ill leave parents helpless. There was very little the killer's mother could have done even if she wanted to. He was over 21 and she had no right at that point to infringe on his freedom. The ACLU has spoken - and so far has gotten no pushback on their campaign to make sure CT did not pass AOT laws a couple of months ago.

It's not the guns. It's the bloody liberals.


Beckel admitted that people are the problem. He knows that the DC thug culture is the reason for the DC murder rate.

The (honest) lib position is, we can't change the culture (or the fact that some people are mentally ill and beyond help), so let's at least take away the guns.


You mean the hip hop, drug and hollywood cultures that our liberal media love to push on us might be an issue?

Wow, why might that media not want to address those issues??


Jane and Porch:
You are both correct. They are uninterested in funding mental health plans or allowing worried parents to intervene by having their disturbed children hospitalized.


Walked by the gun shop in Walmart today.

Had no urge to kill anyone and the guns were completely silent and didn't move or relocate themselves. None of the guns spoke to me or were even mildly violent towards me in any way.

The guy at the counter wished me a Merry Christmas and he seemed joyful. Obviously his first day behind the gun counter and they hadn't gotten to him yet.


"""Much as I'd like to stick it to the Hollywood lefties, I'm not so confident about cause and effect.""

Not the point. The point is the Hollywood lefties and their media friends all glorify GUN violence. Especially against innocent people, not the old fashioned, good guy bad guy stuff.

People like Tarantino have made the bad guys the 'cool' guys and the media has gone along for the ride.

The media talk about 'gun culture' being the problem, but gun culture is not the problem, it is the video game, movies and hip hop cultures that send these messages.

People aren't going to NRA meetings, going to shooting ranges, and taking gun safety lessons and spending that time glorifying shooting innocent people or pulling a gun on people.

Look at almost all these spree killers, they are in highschool or college and immersed in pop culture, video gaming, hip hop music, etc. etc.

Jack is Back (Again)!


After you left the Walmart those guns were probably snickering and laughing at how naive you were to think they don't move, drink Martinis and watch Fox News Channel:)


Honest answer:

Lets say for the next five years, we stop all video gaming, music songs and videos, and movies that depict gun violence, ban it all for five years. At the same time, we instead depict knife and sword violence. We have first person sword and knife video games that are pushed by all the media outlets as the hot new games. Only movies that depict knife fights and knife fight heroes, etc. Only songs and videos about gutting that b-tch with my blade, etc. etc.

Does anyone seriously believe that after 5 years, knife/sword criminal acts would not spike and gun violence would not be reduced?



It's interesting you point that out, Pops, turns out the top most violent shows do not involve


I was surprised 'Justified' was not higher up on the list,





Rob Crawford
Does anyone seriously believe that after 5 years, knife/sword criminal acts would not spike and gun violence would not be reduced?

You should probably try to be informed before you sprint out onto that limb.

Mass shootings haven't become more frequent, nor more deadly. Neither firearms nor video games are to blame. If there's an area we need to work on, it's the way we let the violently psychotic run free.

(Music? Who shot a man in Reno just to watch him die? Movies? What's the body count of a John Wayne war movie? ISTR a WWII submarine film where the US sub captain torpedoed a freighter he knew had civilians on board -- yet he was the hero!)


some thoughts on how to curb some of the violence. LUN


They are uninterested in funding mental health plans

Based on their support for universal health care I don't think that's broadly true. However, there is no evidence that psychos like Lanza wanted help and couldn't get it. Lanza's mother was quite well off.

Just because there's help available doesn't mean the needy will seek it, or that it will be of any avail. Charles Whitman was seeing a psychiatrist at the time of his mental break.


Good points as always, Pops.

I don't know if this is interesting to anyone else, but my 15-yr-old son made some excellent points talking to me about this.

He knows I have a bunch of guns and sometimes carry (all locked in safes, btw), but I don't think I've ever gotten around to talking to him about gun rights. Yet, he's been debating kids in school ever since this CT shooting, and he thinks their arguments are illogical. He says the lib students are all parroting the same dumb points over and over. ("Assault weapons are made specifically for killing lots of people. They have no other purpose." Etc.) He says he's countered with "If even one teacher in that school had a gun, a lot of kids would have been saved," and that none of his debating foes has been able to form a cogent response to this argument.

He laughed when I said "It's a good thing my guns haven't ever killed anyone, or I'd be in BIG trouble." Btw, he was surprised when I explained the lib definition of "assult weapons," and is now armed to debate this as well.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention that aspect of the culture war, and how proud I am that my kid can think clearly in the face of a lot of lib propaganda.


Of course I posted that whole thing in a dead thread. :-/


Ooops. Apparently I did talk to him about gun rights. He said "You always said you buy a new gun anytime they pass a new gun law. What are you buying next? An AR-15?" I'm trying to remember the last time I've said that, and I think it was a pretty long time ago. Amazing what they remember. :-)


-- I posted that whole thing in a dead thread--

It's not dead - it's just resting.


Hey, Alice how have you been., actually Bowden gave up the last part of the puzzle, in the Finish, pointing out Slahi, was the first to give up the courier, his lawyer Couch complained,but the Schmidt/Furlow report basically poored cold water on the claim. Slahi had been with the Hamburg cell that included Jarrah, who was on United 93, the plane that Quahtani was supposed to complete the hijacker complement for, so it's logical they would know of the Courier.

'Our old friend' Ali Soufan still insists it was wrong to subject those wayward lads, to waterboarding and the like, but his partner
Gaudin, didn't mind so much,


Ironic thing about this morning;


He was going for a Senator Church thing, who am I kidding, he wouldn't know Senator Church


Maybe Rex Ryan, might need a plan with McElroy, yikes,


Really is that your final answer?


Jack is Back (Again)!

Rex Ryan will be the first to go at year's end. Tim Tebow is coming to Jacksonville and Mark Sanchez? Who knows?

Don't be surprised to see a few college coaches like Chip Kelley at Oregon coming to the NFL.

Best game next week is Redskins at home hosting the Cowboys.

The way its going now the Giants look out of it and all the Skins need to do is beat the Cowboys next week to take the division.


Ex-we are not surprised in the least at the astute able performance.

Red was telling me today that the online buzz is that the first and 2nd amendments don't matter as barriers because those old guys never anticipated this kind of problem. She also said there was a real interest in emulating the UK on not criticizing online.

"My feelings. My feelings. No one is to undermine my sense of self."

Little hothouse orchids we have been cultivating.


I think the only one they'll keep out of that crew is Rex. I'm not sure that's a good thing, but I'd rather see Tannenbaum and Sanchez go first.

Tebow was interviewed and the NY media tried to call him a liar when he said he didn't know about the Jacksonville thing. Joe Klecko was aghast, saying that Tebow was one of the best, if not *the* best, human beings he'd ever known, and asked how they could go so low as to accuse him of lying. Tebow deserves better.


Well I would say, there's a difference with having an opinion, and just bullying, we still see a lot of that, hectoring tone in every paper
on cares to examine,


So, anyone surprised at this, Bueller, Bueller;



I think the word for chutzpah is 'agallas'



Rob Crawford,

Are you serious?


Typical of liberals,

David Gregory rails against 30 round cartridges while openly vbiolating DCs multiple gun laws.

He either lied to the country about what was in his hand or he violated multiple DC gun laws.

Secondly he complained about the idea of having armed guards at schools while his own children attend Sidwell Friends with 11 security guards, some armed, and many armed secret service agents.


DC High Capacity Ammunition Magazines – D.C. Official Code 7-2506.01

(b) No person in the District shall possess, sell, or transfer any large capacity ammunition feeding device regardless of whether the device is attached to a firearm.

Turn yourself in Mr, Gregory or Piers Morgan will frog march you to Court!!


You should probably try to be informed before you sprint out onto that limb. (Still sprinting)

Mass shootings haven't become more frequent, nor more deadly.
(Didn't say they were)

Neither firearms nor video games are to blame. (Didn't say they were)

If there's an area we need to work on, it's the way we let the violently psychotic run free. (No question, go see ACLU)

(Music? Who shot a man in Reno just to watch him die? Movies? What's the body count of a John Wayne war movie? ISTR a WWII submarine film where the US sub captain torpedoed a freighter he knew had civilians on board -- yet he was the hero!)

(YES!, and we as forming teenagers didn't spend 10 hours a day
, 7 days a week blowing childrens heads off for points while on-line and all are friends are laughing and egging us on.

We understood NAZIs were bad and evil and it was us or them, it wasn't lets kill as many Nazi 5-6 year olds as we can)

But I will concede that war films were intended to make Americans want to kill German and Japanese, AND THEY WORKED!
So why wouldn't being immersed in killing children and civilians and getting points for your best murders also work.

If you believe seeing a WWII victory film affected us when it was a hour long, why not day after daya and week after week of violent immersion in on-line killing?

Jane on Ipad

David Gregory should be fired after today's performance. It was about as unprofessional as I have ever seen.


Let me try to put this another way, everyone, but mostly liberals concede that this violent act not only affected the kids at the school who witnessed it, but those who heard about it or saw news reports. To the point schools thousands of miles away were offering psychological counciling.

So one event, one day, perhaps one 3 minute news cast had THAT affect that counseling was needed. But all day marathon kill sessions of Call Of Duty or kindergarten Killer have ZERO affect? Really??

Rick Ballard


Unprofessional in what sense? Was the propaganda of such low quality it couldn't possibly generate a prog peck and drool response? That's what he's paid to do and the quality bar has been laying on the floor in a storage closet for twenty years wrt prog propaganda.


Evening folks. Going OT for some personal news. I got accepted into George Mason for EE starting Jan22. Just got the news today when I was talking to my dad. They sent the letter on Friday. Wow. Had a great review at work and now this.

Rick Ballard

Congratulations, Rich. I know you've been working towards that goal for a long time.


Oh congrats Rich. What terrific news.

What a great program.


Thanks Rick. It took about a year of effort to get in. Surprised that it happened. Looks like I'll have to take between 56-64 hours to finish my EE. Have a lot of work ahead of me.

Jack is Back (Again)!

Well Rich, we can't wait until someone can finally explain Ohm's Law to JOM:)

Congratulations, Merry Christmas and much success.


Ok, so that means electrical engineering, Congrats, Rich, merry Christmas,

Thomas Collins

Great news, Rich. Congratulations.


Thanks narciso. EE -> electrical engineering. Merry Christmas to you as well.


Thanks. Hope it works out well. The program should mesh well with the work and job that I have. On my evaluation, one of the bullet points was to explore ways to complete my EE degree. We are slowing down at work so it should work out well time wise. With all the bad news, I really haven't been able to share and enjoy the good things that have happened for me this whole year. Things have been going great at work, got my own place, paid off my student loans and other debts (took a detour buying a ridiculous car though), getting my teeth fixed (I'm a real snaggletooth), got into George Mason for Spring. Pretty good for a year's worth of work and effort.


You know, books, darn them, can carry such nasty ideas. Naive and innocent children could READ them and get such horrible ideas.

Either we should ban books . . . or teach people to understand the difference between fantasy and reality.

We could start with progressives.

Captain Hate

Congratulations, Rich; that's great news.

Melinda Romanoff

Congratulations, Rich, that's a great work out. I wish you luck and envy the study time.



Thanks. I'm trying to budget around cutting my hours to around half or so. I also won't be a full time student 8-10 hours a semester. Hope to finish in a year and a half.


Given David Gregory stances, you,d think he would pull his kids out of school immediately. There school is teeming with guns and thus must be extremely dangerous.


Pops-- thanks for those David Gregory riffs. So phony-baloney Gregory simultaneously is guilty of a DC felony and gross hypocrisy. Brilliant!

Rich-- congrats on your happy year and to the future.


Perhaps we misunderstand mr. Gregory. All week liberals have been asking why anyone needs a thirty round clip. They have been telling us guns should be banned in school zones.
Then Gregory shows us that Washington liberals both have need to possess those clips, and have schools teeming with guns.
The old, they don't want to live under the laws they want for the rest of us.


Well Tapper is my age, Gregory is a year younger,
the felony was inadvertent, the arrogance is intentional.


When its comes down to the heart of the issue, La Pierre should have explained that the NRA is just like AAA for the automobile industry. The NRA promotes responsible and safe gun ownership and advocates for laws restricting criminals rights/use of firearms.
Its no different for the AAA who promote responsible car use and advocate strict laws for criminal acts with cars such as drunk driving.

So David Gregory, when you have a NRA spokesmen on, the opposite of him is a person or industry that promotes irresponsible and illegal use of firearms such as the Gansta Rap or the Hip Hop industry, or the Movies and Video gaming industry who unlike the NRA promote criminal acts with guns

Of course Gregory will no do that because his network is part of that illegal use promotion industry, no different then his industries promotion of drinking that leads to drunk drivers killing people.

He never has AAA on to ask them to justify illegal acts of their members or people who use the products they promote.

So when you talk of Bans Mr. Gregory, it is only because you don't want to punish the criminals, otherwise you would be for mandatory life sentence for use of a 30 round clip in the commission of a crime. Or mandatory death penalty if someone dies during a criminal act and you have a 30 round clip. That punishes the person Gregories industry constantly pushes gun violence culture onto and he doesn't like that idea.

Again, it is the NRA and AAA that promote responsible and safe use of these products, while it is the pop culture promoted by television, ovies and gaming that pronotes the illegal use of these products.

And it is the NRA that advocates strong criminal punishments for criminal acts with guns, while the left/liberal media argue against those strong criminal penalties for criminals using guns in their crimes.

So David Gregory can smugly violate the very laws he says would work, they didn't work which he himself proves he broke them. If you want to get a 30 round clip in DC where they are illegal, just as a pop culture media whore like Gregory, he can score illegal shit becauise he's cool man.

Then on top of that disaster, Gregory argues against armed men at schools, while his own children are protected by dozens of armed men at their school. Somebody say major hypocrite.

And the lefts ultimate answer to a murder at a school is to call the cops, or that breaks down to CALL A GOOD GUY WITH A GUN. You know those guns we don't there, but we want 1/2 hour away so the spree killer can finish before the good guy with a gun gets there. Unbelievably stupid.


Not to mention, his 'better half' was counsel to Fannie Mae, 'the folks that brought you the housing collapse,' but the whole network to a man and woman, 'perjured'themselves to put an innocent man, in the docks, they worked their magic, to put another one, behind bars.


It didn't matter that Scooter was not guilty because in their narrow little hearts he was.

Righteous wrongness.

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