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December 26, 2012



Well you can have your nuclear weapon, the triggers are a different question,


Is this the same fellow;


Captain Hate

...we also think we ought not to execute any convicted child abusers

I don't recall anybody asking my opinion of this.


Don't leave out the psychiatrists that use their degrees to teach and not help. They're in it for the $$$ only.


I know you're shocked, that gambling is going, I mean he's one of Soros's drones.


I'll re-post my link of the other day on the schizophrenia/young male issue LUN. When the military spends tens of thousands of dollars per recruit on psychological and aptitude ttesting it is an indicator that we might want to be careful have certain people placed in proximity to certain potential situations.

As to the intent of the 2nd Amendment, if it is in fact a protection against an oppressive state, then "assault weapons" and 30 rd magazine clip bullet thingies should be required in every home. I noticed Steyn going off on this on Rush's show this morning.


Funny. I have cousins in law enforcement and they think women should have guns if they live alone. They also are quite adamant about treating red lights at night as stop signs when you are alone in the car and essentially alone in the intersection.

On the not needing guns to protect against the govt, I would point out that same government is federalizing the curriculum and creating false beliefs about the nature of the Constitution. About 180 degrees from the truth. It is also actively cultivating a belief that citizens owe an obligation to government instead of the other way around. If all this is being pushed with a 2nd Amendment, heaven help us if they had no reason to fear a reprisal for downright tyranny. We are quite simply viewed now as subjects to provide votes and funds.

Danube of Thought

The only question is where on the continuum of weapons do we begin banning weapons?

This dolt seems unaware that the question was answered in 1934 via the democratic process, when fully automatic weapons were banned for all those not licensed by the US Treasury Department.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I have no doubt schizophrenics commit crimes, even murder, but again, how many, if any of these mass/serial killers are schizophrenic? Any?
Almost every one seems to fall in the psycho/sociopath, personality disorder realm of mental illness.
Those illnesses are about as similar to schizophrenia as tuberculosis is to small cell lung cancer; they both occur in the same organ and otherwise have very little or nothing in common.


Well that was the National Firearms Act, right,
which was then litigated in Miller, and subsequently Dorsey, as to where they found him;
the philosophy dept of Marymount College.

the real good of having a social structure in which individuals give up certain individual liberties in order to become citizens of a society

The the Constitution is rendered meaningless, comrade. Just how you like it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--One would think that if widespread gun ownership had the robust deterrent effects that gun advocates claim it has, our country would be freer of crime than other developed societies. But it’s not.--

Pardon my French, but goddamn it to hell I'm sick of this shibboleth.

These two links demonstrate conclusively that overall crime rates are higher in many western industrialized nations than the US.


Well there you go, getting facts in the prescious narrative, Ignatz;



That is the desired objective, lyle;


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

As an addendum to my 2:07 it's also worth noting that the shibboleth is wrong also because the actual argument is that more guns = less crime in a given country or culture.

As it is irrefutable that race and culture are very determinative of both homicide and overall crime rates the equation more guns = less crime refers to their effect on the crime rates within a particular country or culture.

Thus it is demonstrable in the US as John Lott and others have shown that more guns do indeed = less crime.

And as the experiences of both the UK and Australia demonstrate less guns = more crime, period.

Now because the USA has more guns than say Sweden doesn't mean we will have fewer homicides than Sweden, because Sweden is a very peaceful country.
However most of Africa and the Carribean have many fewer guns per capita than the US and yet homicide rates many times higher.

Burundi could have zero guns and would still have a sky high murder rate.
Sweden could be swimming in automatic rifles, just as Switzerland is, and would have a very low one.
Murder is a problem of the heart and mind, not hardware.


Interesting from McMahan's cv, and his interest in distributive justice, he spent the better part of a decade, at U of I Champagne, that's where Bernardine Dohrn tought right,


Interesting there is almost an inverse correlation between the two groups;



Anyone seen this?



As to my link, I think it's a little "out there." But with these people in DC, the unthinkable isn't really anymore.

Danube of Thought on IPad

The plot thickens delightfully:

"NBC News asked Washington D.C. police for a high-capacity magazine clip to use on Meet the Press, but was denied, according to a report by Washington Post. The information comes amid an investigation into host David Gregory‘s use of a 30-round magazine on the show. 'It’s not clear where the prop used during the show was obtained, or who obtained it,' the report noted. The Post alludes emails from the police department posted online: After the show, people contacted D.C. police asking whether they would charge Gregory with a crime."

Rob Crawford

Note that the "Goldwater Rule" was formulated because psychs were calling a man insane because they disagreed with his politics. How it got extended to the point they couldn't comment on the condition of clearly disturbed individuals is an exercise for the reader.


My question for David Gregory is:

Why does anyone need a 30 round clip? ANYONE?

I would also have a question for the Secret Service and Sidwell Friends:

Should the first families children be around people that are so irresponsible to flagrantly violate the nation capitols' gun laws. Has Sidwell Friends disinvited Mr. Gregory from being on the school grounds until we find out if he's a gun nut?

Will the SS interview him to see if he's a danger to society or has any comprehension that the laws also apply to left wing media figures, there not just for the great unwashed.

Well liberal media, think of the gun as a fetus. I may not want a fetus but I don't want to put my views on others, so I'm prochoice.


The best part was on Meet the Press when Gregory held up the 30 round clip he looked away from La Pierre' and off to his left to see himself holding the clip on a monitor.

He knew exactly what he was doing.

Rob Crawford

lyle -- anonymous sources are lies. Anonymous sources making those particular claims are especially suspicious.

Of note is the "my shocking predictions that didn't pan out really did -- you just thought it would be more dramatic than it really was". That's the language of bullshitter.


Now you know, Rob, the purpose of the rule, doesn't matter when the target is significant;



It would be funny if thousands of people started mailing 30 round clips to Gregory's office in DC asking him to hold onto them for him, in case they are made illegal for the rest of us.

Jane:  Mock the Media


Poor David Gregory is not hosting MTP this week.

He says he is on vacation...


Great show planned for Piers Morgan next month:

Piers will interview David Gregory from his jail cell serving one year for violating gun laws.
Piers, in tears, will hug David and ask him pointedly, "Why are you in here, instead of Wayne La Pierre'?".


Point taken, Rob. I probably need to dial back my internet consumption for a week or two. Hey, I plan on doing just that by letting gravity have its way on the slopes of Mt. Baldy in Sun Valley!


And the extent to which this rule is not observed,


I've dubbed Mrs. Wallace, 'Norma Desmond' because her particular observations imparted to Halperin and Heileman, are more indicative of her,


Many links at the link.

WASHINGTON D.C. - A clearly panicked and desperate Barack Hussein Obama, II has dispatched his lawyers to intervene in Montgomery Blair Sibley’s Electoral College lawsuit to stop Sibley’s subpoenas from revealing information which could prove devastating to Mr. Obama. Ironically wearing the veil of the United States, Mr. Obama’s lawyers filed on his behalf their Motion of the United States for a Stay of Discovery Or, Alternatively, to Quash Subpoenas and Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss, to Stay All Discovery, and for Sanctions.

In Response, Sibley has filed his: Response to Motion of The United States to Stay Discovery Or Quash Subpoenas and Plaintiff’s Response to Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss and Reply to Defendants’ Omnibus Response.

Sibley said: “Let me strip away the legal gobbledygook and speak plainly: Obama doth protest too much, methinks. There comes a point when Judge Bates should not be ignorant as a judge of what he knows as a man. Unless everyone wants to behave like ostriches, we cannot ignore the mounting evidence of Mr. Obama’s ineligibility to be President. Simply stated, what is Mr. Obama hiding and why he is so fearful that his 20th Century records will be released? James Madison said: ‘A popular Government, without popular information or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy, or perhaps both.’ I fear we are at Madison’s long-ago predicted Prologue.” - E n d -


Why don't Obama's lawyers procede to trial, quote Ankeny and ECL, and win a resounding victory that no birther would ever recover from?

Jane:  Mock the Media

Sauce for the goose or, home address and phone number of Journal-News publisher



It is also very, very funny to see after the CT school shooting, the media complained that the NRA was silent and wouldn't do interviews.

Now since David Gregory's alleged crimes, Gregory and NBC have fallen silent. Not a peep out of them for 4 days. Gregory won't even send out a tweet, which he normally does regularly.

So all the ridicule MSNBC and NBC and all heaped on the NRA can now all be directed to Gregory and NBC.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It's worth noting also that were US citizens to own actual selective fire assault rifles at the rate they are owned in Switzerland there would be 14,000,000 rifles capable of full automatic fire in the hands of US citizens and yet somehow Switzerland's murder rate remains at about 1/6th ours and about 40% below Australia's and less than half of the UK's, both of which have essentially banned all semi automatic firearms.


The Category error is strong with this one;



So we see, instead of merely stupid, he's more in the craven department;



Well I do consider, he could be both,


When most citizens then have the ability to kill anyone in their vicinity in an instant, everyone is less secure than they would be if no one had guns other than the members of a democratically accountable police force.

I would have thought that people without guns are more safe when their responsible, law-abiding neighbors have guns, especially if the bad guys don't know who has them (no longer the case in Westchester County, apparently).

And of course the "if no one had guns other than the . . . police force" scenario is a fantasy anyway, so even if it were desirable, what's the point?

Captain Hate

Gregory won't even send out a tweet, which he normally does regularly.

I welcome the silence of the monkeyboy.

Captain Hate

Btw, this "blizzard" that we've been warned about has been lacking the intense winds that have previously characterized that moniker. We're getting quite a bit of snow but it's mainly falling straight down.

Jane - Mock the Media!

That's good to hear Capn'. It hasn't hit here yet and I'm not looking forward to it.


You know I have been around guns all my life. Even got a .22 as a gift from dad before I came home from the hospital as a newborn. You don't even disrespect toy guns in a house that takes guns seriously. You always assume it is loaded even when you know it is not.

The law abiding gun culture in this country could not be more serious about the responsibility they have taken on.

If only the Left were a fraction of that careful with facts or rhetoric.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--If only the Left were a fraction of that careful with facts or rhetoric.--

Then there wouldn't even be a Left.


""When most citizens then have the ability to kill anyone in their vicinity in an instant, everyone is less secure than they would be if no one had guns other than the members of a democratically accountable police force.""

Said the Nazi to the Jewish Ghetto

Captain Hate

Yeah Jane; there's quite a bit of snow but not nearly the blizzard-zilla that had everybody worried. Right now I have nearly zero worry about losing power, for example. There was a blizzard in the past that sounded like a giant vacuum cleaner was on outside; that hasn't happened at all.


Clearly they must be watched carefully, for their own good, in the LUN


"if no one had guns other than the . . . police force"

If only the police had guns, the police wouldn't need guns, now would they?

Danube of Thought on IPad

"everyone is less secure than they would be if no one had guns other than the members of a democratically accountable police force"

Tell that to the people of the UK, who can be criminally prosecuted for using force against burglars in their own homes. Tell that to the merchants in L.A. who defended themselves with their firearms then the police abandoned the field.

And how do you get from 300 million firearms to none? Who will be the last to surrender theirs?

Danube of Thought on IPad

"Why don't Obama's lawyers procede to trial, quote Ankeny and ECL, and win a resounding victory that no birther would ever recover from?"

Because it is malpractice to proceed to trial when you can prevail on a pre-trial motion to dismiss. The defendants do cite Ankeny in their motion to dismiss.


Did Gregory get a concussion too?

Melinda Romanoff

Jerry Nadler (D-NY) weighs in on the "clip" issue and explains your rights to you.

Geithner, the only one whom can make this call, statutorily BTW, says the debt ceiling will be hit Monday.


Well that was certainly 'unexpected', as for Nadler, 'are you going to finish that'


Just summon the Chtauri already;



TomM fantastic take down of an 'academic's' foolishness and vapid thinking.

MelR thanks for that Geithner letter. We are over the cliff, that will raise annual tax collections about 300B (assuming there is no recession-- a big if) about 2.8-2.9T annualy. There you go -- that's the annual amount the Fed gov thas to spend. That s it. No new debt. Period.


More of the good prof's wit and wisdom;



I mean look at the bafflegrab and see if you can make 'heads or tails' of it;



Clearly, the question of the soul doesn't concern him;



And if you disagree, he'll punch you in the gut;



I like this (at Drudge) - REPORT: GOP Sens Won't Confirm Kerry Until Clinton Testifies on Benghazi...

Jack is Back (Again)!


My Dad told me as a young lad to always treat every gun as it loaded even though you cleared the breech. Lots of lives have been lost denying the first principle of gun safety.

We just got done with Boxing Day, 75 people consumed too much Wassail, Prosecco, wine, poached salmon and jumbo shrimp that we don't have too much clean up. Now to start packing for 10 days in Southampton.

jimmyk, and all City folks, feel free to come out and enjoy the solitude of the South Fork this time of year.


They're losing this argument. Gun control isn't going anywhere. Only the loons are talking it up, and since they're feeling their oats these days, they're more willing to walk out onto this thin limb. Let's hope they continue to show their true colors.

Obama was smart enough to bury this by passing it off to Sheriff Joe, and every other Joe out there who learns that it took 20 minutes for the police to arrive at the CT school can feel what that means in their bones.

The left's argument is illogical, and only makes sense to sheep.


More forwarding the wisdom, with special imput from Geoffrey Stone;



Narc-- i se where mcmahan is a prof at rutgers. What is it with NJ universities spawning correspondence course 'philosophers' who pontificate as to the nothingness of human life a la peter singer and this character.

Captain Hate

I like this (at Drudge) - REPORT: GOP Sens Won't Confirm Kerry Until Clinton Testifies on Benghazi...

I was hoping they'd say "until Hell freezes over" but if they're willing to wait until Rodham recovers from jock itch (stolen from a fellow moron) I guess that's something positive.


'So Senator, why did you think Bashir, was a sterling reformer then, and now you realize he's
at best a tool of Baathist butchers,'

One could also refer from colummns written by Mary o'Grady, showing his support for the Sandinistas, Colombian rebels 'they have their
legitimate grievances' and so on,

Danube of Thought on IPad

I would also note that Mr. Obama is not a party to the esteemed Mr. Sibley's lawsuit, so the decision whether to proceed to trial is not in his hands. The three defendants are the three electors from D.C. The esteemed Mr. Sibley is asking the court to enjoin them from casting their votes.

They cast their votes on December 17, so their argument that the case is moot would seem to have some merit. In his response to the motion to dismiss, the esteemed Mr. Sibley does not address the mootness issue, nor does he address Ankeny. My guess is that he will have an unhappy day in court.


Each dot on the map represents the name and address of a Journal News employee. With pics, phone numbers and email IDs, for added convenience.


More helpful details at the link.


CEO in the comments:

Gracia Martore
(703) 759-5954
728 Springvale Rd
Great Falls, VA 22066-2904

Captain Hate

Yes narc; I noted that column even though I didn't link it at the time. Quite a string of always being on the side against freedom, no? Just what you want heading up State.


We have not seen one snowflake (yet) but the power just returned after almost two hours. Someone must have hit a utility pole. Jane,how much snow is predicted for your area?


Oh dear,who knew that winter storms now have names?

Jane - Mock the Media!

My weather ap doesn't say Marlene, but the ski areas in Western MA have shut down for reasons that are way beyond my comprehension.


JIB-thanks for your response. The amount of responsibility that has been pushed in households that respect guns would be well emulated elsewhere.

What a lovely party you had.


Honestly, who would vote for this fellow, and still call themselves a Republican;



As I pointed out, rse, 'our friend' McMahan is concerned with 'distributive justice' and population growth, which go like chocolate and peanut butter, His conception of us as 'embodied
minds' is also made to order.


And here's a map of all the David Gregory addresses in Washington, DC. I don't know if he lives there or is limo'd in, though. There are 213 in Virginia, so we need more specificity.

This Google Map address thing seems like a useful activity. How hard would it be to generate a map of all the famous left-wing scum?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Changing gears a little, how many ad references can one spot in Merle Travis's classic, double entendre packed, So Round, So Firm So Fully Packed?
One of the great guitar pickers ever.


Love Merle Travis.

OT for DoT - Mr. Porch is currently in the living room working up the piano to the Stones' "Loving Cup" for the band's New Year's Eve show. Also "Dirty Work" by Steely Dan.

I might actually go to this one - it's probably been ten years since I made it out.

Danube of Thought on IPad

Wish I were there, Porch.

Love that map, Ext. Wahoo!


If these guns are so bad, why did OBAMA and HOLDER give them to MEXICAN DRUG LORDS in a quantity of 2 FUCKING THOUSAND??

I'll wait:


You it's funny about that, (h/t Legal Insurrection)



Liberals Panic As They Lose the Gun Narrative


Chelsea Clinton, Still NBC’s Pretend Journalist

“Family friends and supporters says Chelsea Clinton, who has evolved from a frizzy-haired little girl in the White House to a self-assured public figure in her own right, is ready to play an increasingly larger role in the national debate and may emerge as a pre-2016 surrogate of sorts as her mom mulls her future plans.”

The piece is filled with quotes from those family friends and supporters describing Clinton as “incredibly articulate and human…charmingly personal while at the same time substantively deep.”

If true, it’s amazing how none of that manages to work its way into her on-air work for NBC with such programs as Rock Center.

Jane - Mock the Media!

The snow has begun and it's coming down very fast.


Chelsea Clintons real father is Janet Reno.


Comeon this is the network of Mika and Ron Reagan jr, plus Zurawik, is a nutrooter of the first order, so nepotism isn't a primary concern,

Danube of Thought on IPad

I can't help myself. Here's a bit of background on the esteemed Mr. Sibley:

"And we didn’t even mention his work representing Larry Sinclair (the fellow who unsuccessfully sued Barack Obama for denying Sinclair’s implausible claim that he had engaged in a homosexual tryst with him) in a lawsuit against three anonymous bloggers. (DBKP blog, Mar. 14.)

"After years of over-the-top abusive litigation, the state bar finally took action, and he has been suspended by the Florida bar for three years. No doubt, this will result in a new round of frivolous pro se collateral litigation. It took a contempt-of-court citation for failure to pay child support before the Florida bar took action, so this can hardly be considered a rousing success of the bar in policing its own, even for someone as over-the-top as Sibley. (Florida Bar v. Sibley; ABA Journal, Apr. 25; MPGS blog, May 14; h/t S.G.)."


From Narciso's 07:16 link.

"There's a pattern here and it features Mr. Kerry continually on the wrong side of history. Asking Americans to believe that he will be any different as secretary of state is asking them to suspend disbelief."

IMO, a better question is why would we allow a politician who calls themselves a Republican to continue to do so if they vote to approve John Kerry as SOS?

A biography of C2766.

"Americans may like guns because they are reminiscent of the smell of the outdoors, military heroism, the intensity of the hunt, or merely because they are fascinated by the finely machined parts. Maybe the origin of a gun speaks of history; maybe the gun makes a man's home seem to him less vulnerable; maybe these feelings are more justified in the country than in the city; but, above all, many of us believe that these feelings are a man's own business...."

Quoted from Senate subcommittee hearing after Kennedy's death in 'The Gun', by Henry S. Bloomgarden.


What's funny about the liberals' position on guns is reflected in Wayne LaPierre's statement. Why do you call the police when someone threatens a life? Because you want good guys with guns to show up yesterday. They LOVE guns when good guys have them. So why not allow tens of thousands more good guys and gals to be on the scene?

It's like their pretzel logic on abortion. Of course abortion ends a life. That is the whole point of it!


I don't know, Pagar, but then again, the New Yorker's resident Trig denialist, was saying he was being slimed by having his poor judgement,
called out, again and again,

As for Zurawik, he was one of the select, favored with a prescreening of 'Julianne's Bender' for which he gave a glowing review,

Danube of Thought on IPad

The esteemed Mr. Sibley, discussing his nascent medical marijuana business, practices the art of gibberish:

"'As an attorney, I have a problem under the ex post facto clause of the Constitution with Congress saying it's okay to do this and the process getting so far along that D.C. issues permits and then them changing their minds,' Sibley opined. 'I think that's an ex post facto law. Now, prohibition was an ex post facto law. So I think they have the power to do that, but I'm not sure they have the right to do that.'"

We are entering Leo Donofrio territory here.


Yes, he's wrong in every conceivable way,



Right Porchlight. Self defense, waiting periods and background checks -- At the same time Voter ID or proof of residency / citizenship at registration are too great a burden.


McMahan dismisses the argument that Americans need their weapons as protection against an oppressive government; I am not going to interfere with anyone's rich fantasy life by presenting his arguments, but he is right.

All well and good for Mr McMahan to reveal that the American government will not never ever descend into tyranny, but could he give a heads up as to who will win the AFC this season?


"But gun freedom advocates fought back. Using the mainstream media, conservative media and especially social media – we need to understand its huge significance here – gun freedom advocates countered liberals’ bogus “facts.”"

from Extraneus's 8:08. Interesting that the push back has been from the people more than politicians. A few politicians...but not many.


"Who will be the last to surrender theirs?"



See if you can figure what is the common element in all these figure, three guesses, the first two don't count;



Yeah, henry. Libs love endless laws, rules, & regulations for everything except voting, abortion, & immigration.

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