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December 20, 2012


Jim Eagle

I am big Americare giver versus the Red Cross. They, Catholic Charities and The Salvation Army have a great low overhead/admin cost record and they do good - something like 86cents on the dollar donated. When the Tsunami struck they ended up giving more than any other American disaster charity if memory serves me correctly.

But no charity does as much with less than the Salvation Army and at Christmas I always give them all the change I have saved up over the year. I never carry change in my pocket unless it has been given to me. But rather I a basket on the chest-of-drawers and dump it there. This year it was over $70 and I hope it provides for those in need.

Merry Christmas to all.

hit and run

Merry Christmas TM and JOM.

About to hit the road make the pilgrimage home to Texas.


Welcome home to Texas, Hit. The door is always open for ya'.

Jane - Mock the Media!

Thanks TM, that's what I was looking for.


Drive safely and have a great time, Hit.

Add Shelter box to the list of worthwhile charities and Smile Train--both low administrative costs. The first provides emergency --and I mean almost immediate delivery--of tents, water purification systems, stoves, appropriate clothing, tools and cooking equipment . The latter performs facial surgeries around the world for children born with cleft palates and hare lips--a disabiity which in many countries is a death sentence.

Jim Eagle

Clarice reminds me that I forgot a group I have been generous with the last few years - Team Rubicon

All ex-military, mostly medicos but lots of grunts, officers and air crew. They are impressive. Read what they do. I think it was Haiti where I first gave to them. Bravo Zulu guys.


TomM-- thank you for the reminder, giving was brought up in an earlier thread by Jane. I have to confess I am very 'down' this holiday season, BarryI will be recoronated, the tax shenanigans will send my tax bill through the roof (which is neither here nor there, but what infuriates me is taxes go up for NO GOOD REASON-- as the relentless DC sending machine keeps on spending $3.8 TRILLION/year!), Hurricane Sandy and the Newtown madness-- followed by the disgracefully cynical use of Newtown by the Left anti-gun crew. Somehow it's all made me very hardhearted and fatalistic. But your reminder helps me remember that there are a gigantic number of wonderful people in our country who volunteer and give to those who need help, and we have to help them do good. AmeriCares proves that bigtime-- 98% of the money they take in goes out their doors to help. I am a bit down on USO, so if any one has a group who helps military veterans, I'd love to hear it. Merry Christmas, Peace on earth.


Have a wonderful time in Texas with your family!
Thank you all for your charitable giving suggestions
TM: Once again how can we thank you for keeping us all going with your wonderful"JustOneMinute site. You are a great person and the postings here have helped me tremendously.I give thanks this Christmas for all the posters here and wish you all a wonderful Christmas, Happy Hanukah and a fabulous New Year.Though we have experienced some ups and downs this year, we still have each other which is a blessing!


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