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December 11, 2012


Mark Folkestad

H&R, you just ruined my day with that #33 link. I'll try to get beyond it by thinking of "linking directly" to Sophia Vergara.



Looks like a typical leftist action to me.


Happy birthday, Iggy!


I feel fortunate to read this blog when the perfessers of practical understanding present their experience.

Mel and those who prompt with good questions are the latest in a long line. Thanks.

Captain Hate

HB Iggy


And as promised (threatened?) BenB and Yellin deliver QE to infinity-- and beyond! $85B MONTHLY in asset purchases added to the Fed balance sheet ($40B MBS and $45B T Bonds). 2013 GDP may not make 2%-- unemployment will stay above 6.5%, even with millions going on SocSec Disability!! Unbelievable-- what a disgrace, the powers that be in DC are cruel and evil mistresses and mad men. Your fuel and food bills go up immediately-- therefore your home values and other asset classes (except Gold/Silver) go down.

Manuel Transmission

OL, these days I simply compensate with Drive Through Wendy's. Then I through the bag away before I get home.

There are some life lessons quietly stated there. How many times do we put up a fight that has no useful outcome. Just sidestep the confrontation and keep the BP down.


Happy B-Day Ig....


MelR, that was beautiful. Would you please transmit it directly to Bill O'Reilly?

Bill O'Reilly couldn't understand that in a million years.


OL is a clever man.

I'm on a very low carb diet after reading Taubes' book a second time and it definitely works.

Chaco makes the mistake of weighing himself every day which can get frustrating but he's lost a lot of flab in a relatively short time from the pics he's posted.


Penn. will not set up a state health exchange. I cannot tell how many states this is for sure but my best estimate is 22 or 23.


Actually it appears to be 21 states, seven considering doing that,, 20 plus Dist of Col agreeing to create state exchanges.Don't ask about the rest. I have no idea.


It is mostly states with Republican governors who are resisting the exchanges. Your numbers seem correct to me.
thanks for your 9:37 post I learn so much from you.
Happy Birthday Iggy. Hope you had a gret day!
I need you to explain your math on the train problem. I could never master the story problems in grade school.


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