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December 20, 2012



LOL - Jim Ryan!

Jim Ryan

I read there that if you're married with children, then working as a call girl can simply be chalked up as a "mistake."

Melinda Romanoff

Vegas? Clarice, she'd go anywhere in the country and her husband knew about it.


The Dead Sea Scrolls are now digital. This is fascinating, considering the times in which we live:


Melinda Romanoff

Missed that, Jim. Nice catch.


This is how the world ends
This is how the world ends
This is how the world ends,
Not with a bang or a wimper.

Like anyone should take spiritual guidance from a culture that practiced human sacrifice....


Are we still here?


Maybe not, we're still in the 'Bearded Spock' sniverse;


Melinda Romanoff

Sue has an e-mail worm, FYI.

Captain Hate

Time for Sue to change her email password.


Good morning! I've returned from DC to Maine,where it is snowing,just in time for Christmas! DC is bustling with holiday shoppers,the restaurants and bars are full and I said to my daughter,do you realize that in the real world this city is looked at as dysfunctional. She thrives in the environment of DC. This is the little girl who,after her first trip to DC at age 10 told us with total confidence,I'm going to work here someday!
We went to a few outstanding restaurants and one night I had blue crab.So good!



I see that Jake Tapper is leaving ABC for CNN.
And Ed Henry leaves CNN for FOX.
And Katie Couric left CBS for ABC.
And Harry Smith left CBS for NBC.
And Major Garrett left FOX for National Journal, then left that for CBS.
And Jeff Zucker wants Ann Curry, who left NBC to move to CNN to replace Anderson Cooper who left ABC.
And Matt Lauer is probably leaving NBC for who knows where, but further, who the hell cares?

Not a single one of these professional Musical Chair babblers has the balls to ask President Obama a single question as hard as a bunch of Mexican's at Univision who can hardly speak English, and press the sunuvabitch until they get a satisfactory answer, or call him on it when they don't.

I hate our National Press Corps. They completely suck.

MSM delenda est.

It's Bar Time in Dubai. G'nite.


I usually dip blue crap in a mixture of vinegar and Old Bay seasong.

I think that's what Another (Bub) fed me at her house and it was delicious:)


Ok, I don't quite get it, I know Mrs. Venezuela flubbed the question, but still;


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Now--for Iggy and friends--speaking of the grace and poise of a seasoned athlete--turns out one of our very accomplished Olympians, doubles as a Vegas call girl.--

Just for the record, while I appreciate and celebrate the female form as God's crowning creation, I consider prostitution, whether by a married or single woman, a desecration of that creation by all participants in the transaction and consider porn merely another form of it.


I guess this is off topic, but Trevor London points out what every one should already know; we don't need more laws to prevent the tragic events. We need people taking the proper action under laws we all ready have on the books.


"One can imagine there isn’t a Special Education Director who isn’t wondering if they could do more to identify students with mental health disorders. In fact, there are some who know they can do more – *and the law requires them to do it. However, the administrative apparatus of the public school system is managed in a way that restricts access to the supports and services needed by children with mental illness or disabilities."

Meanwhile, we have all these leftist propaganda spreaders attacking the decent citizens of America, not the educators that aren't doing their job.


Well maybe I was wrong;


ditto, that's why the way I hold the the Kardashians in low regard.


Some good news this morning, if it proves to be true - the Marine being held in Mexico will be released today per a report by his mother to Fox radio.


Great news, central, why was he in jail in the first place,

Meanwhile, they are so far beyond parody,



It seems that there is a price for 'dialing to eleven'


(A) nuther Bub

I usually dip blue crap in a mixture of vinegar and Old Bay seasong.

I think that's what Another (Bub) fed me at her house and it was delicious:)

Heh. Next time daddy asks me for a recipe I'm going to write the ingredient list a little more carefully.


Does it strike anyone as the height of chutzpah for Zucker to ask Ann Curry to do anything,

Jim Ryan

We're out spending our kids' inheritance!

Remember that bumper sticker? It was true.

Threadkiller (Get off your couch and leave the GOP!)

He is a Commie?


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Speaking of blue crabs, is Helen Thomas still practicing her craft?

And if that phrase brings to mind a nose-warted hag stooped over a cauldron, join the club.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

As much as I dislike Chuck Hagel it seems surpassing odd that he would be shot down in the Senate but the sublimely ridiculous reprobate John Kerry would apparently sail through.


You were absolutely correct about the non-vote.
At this point I don't really care anymore. When you get to the point that all you really care about is who is going to get blamed then you have stopped doing good for the people who elected you to represent them. Federal politics is dead. No one is capable of doing the right thing. Allen west, a voice of reason and conscience has been voted out due to fraud and redistricting. Leadership is absent at the top,in the Senate and the House.
As for me I will continue my efforts and energy on the local and state level. Ohio is doing better because we managed to get Kasich in as governor. My local rep who I know personally is re-elected everytime.
Life is too short to waste energy crying about the latest Obama outrage. Let him burn out. Then we will pick up the pieces and soldier on.


ROFLMAO....... Boehner humiliated. Brilliant!


Chuck Hagel compromised his principles a long time ago. The latest is a consequence of his actions.
TK; The more we have a whiff of illegitimacy about Obama's eligibility to be President, the increased possibilty of a tarnished legacy is operable.


Benghazi-Obama-Humiliated !


Apparently the Feds have a Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements program database, but it is racist to use it to verify citizenship for voting. Since "racist" is prog for sensible, I expect to see this reform in WI.


There is a pic on FB that says, "Can't we just throw Congress off the fiscal cliff?"


heh republicans are a joke. So serious about the deficit can't even ask for millionaries to help pay it down. JOKE. Utter, complete joke.

Never again will you fools be able to say "democrats aren't serious about the deficit".
Good job gerrymandering the craziest of the craziers into power. You guys didn't even win the popular vote for the house, but are going to screw the country regardless.


This whole fiasco just shows that the Fed. govt. has too much power over our lives. Too big, too far reaching, too meddlesome,...

Government is sucking the life out of the country.

Melinda Romanoff

The New Talking Points Are Out! The New Talking Points Are Out!

Captain Hate

You guys didn't even win the popular vote for the house, but are going to screw the country regardless.

What the hell is this ambulatory colostomy bag talking about?


Excellent link TK! Every single American who voted for Obama ought to be humiliated. The biggest problem with the election is explained in the link Henry put up at 10:25.

There is simply no way to verify how many of the votes for Obama were from American citizens
who were qualified to cast a vote in the 2012 election. We can see from their daily actions that the leftists will lie and cheat about every thing. We have been told of entire busloads of people who can not be identified as qualified voters


We've been told of people who have diminished mental capacity having ballots casted in their name. I believe voter fraud was rampant in 2012 and there is no way one can be sure Obama got the most legitimate votes in the 2012 election.


Good catch, Jim.


Dungeness crab tastes really good dunked in mayo and ketchup with a little horseradish thrown in.


Light on the ketchup and just enough for color.


Captain Hate: If you tally up all the votes democratic house representatives received vs. republican house representatives received, it was something like 51% vs 49% in favor of democrats. The reason the republicans have a majority in the house is they gerymandered the hell out of districts.

I'm not saying the house should be based on the popular vote --- just want to make sure you guys realize how UNpopular the republicans are. You guys need to compromise and stop acting like a bunch of crying little babies. You guys LOST. Get over it.


Right, like Sheila Jackson Lee and Hank Johnson's districts are contiguous.

Captain Hate

Captain Hate: If you tally up all the votes democratic house representatives received vs. republican house representatives received, it was something like 51% vs 49% in favor of democrats.

You act like this number is somehow significant rather than some odd statistical curio that means nothing. And LOL @ you about your gerrymandering garbage; Allen West was gerrymandered out of a job because of a collection of bipartisan dipshits ie. donks and repukes.

Feel free to pile on Boehner though; I couldn't care less about him and his complete lack of leadership.


Maybe, that's what it looks like where we planted the flag on Mars!



I had a dungeness crab sandwich at this place last week. I'd say they can claim authority on the subject, and they used tartar sauce.

It was quite good. So was the chowder.

Mark Folkestad

Extraneous, I ran across an odd thing about chowder a couple of years ago. On my way up to Alaska on my land-scouting trip, I stopped to visit my cousin who lives three miles north of the Blaine, WA border crossing. She treated me to lunch, and insisted that I try a bowl of the chowder. It was tomato-based Manhattan style. She said that the default chowder anywhere in British Columbia, regardless of how close it is to the border, is Manhattan style. In Washington, everyone expects New England style when they order chowder. Go figure. But the Dungeness crab is excellent on either side of the border, of course!


If you tally up all the votes democratic house representatives received vs. republican house representatives received, it was something like 51% vs 49% in favor of democrats.

Uh...what was the popular vote differential for President, genius? Just wanted to make sure you realize how UNpopular Obama is.


True, porch, they are treating this as if it were 54/46, when in truth, it's a 'more selective' turnout.


narcisco: I suggest you take a look at Romney's popular vote total --- it 47%.

No offense fools -- Obama won by a larger margin than Bush II, who claimed a mandate in 2004. Democrats have won popular vote in last 5 of 6 presidential elections.
There was no "selective turnout" --- Obama was leading in average of RCP polls too. You guys lost.

Compromise, re-sell your ideas in 2016. Stop being sore losers.


((heh republicans are a joke. So serious about the deficit can't even ask for millionaries to help pay it down. JOKE. Utter, complete joke. ))

why would you imagine that Republicans share your faulty economic nostrums? could Big government confiscate the entire wealth of the all the millionaires in America, and it wouldn't even touch the debt. Republicans are agaisnt higher taxes because higher taxes depress economic activity. The joke, and it's a bad one, is that the left's economics don't work, witness Greece, Spain, etc. If you in your personal life go out on a spending binge and triple and quadruple your debt when you are already over your head, I feel very sorry for you, just as I feel sorry for all the victims of the Obama economy, most of whom voted for him.


I would so love a good Manhattan clam chowder recipe.


I've looked at state maps of how the election went especially our WA state map.
The state map of WA was almost totally red=conservative. That can be said of our country as a whole.
King county in our state had an 83% voter turnout.
No one who has a brain in their head lives in King county...sorry for my prejudice but that's how I roll.
How in heck did King county in WA state get that kind of voter turnout pray tell. And its the only county that is NOT vote by mail. One goes to the polls unless you're placed on the absentee ledger.


..big government could confiscate


that is a great site, OT.



this recipe was given to me by a friend from Perth, Western Australia. She got it from the chef at a hotel she was managing in Perth which had a popular seafood restaurant.

heavy cream
Worcestershire sauce
lemon juice

just mix the ingredients to taste. The final result is a sort of salmon color.


there's a downloadable mp3 file of Rudy's conversation with Steve Forbes LUN

Steve Forbes discusses what's next as the fiscal cliff approaches


I will try it Chubby. Many thanks:)

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