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December 19, 2012



Man of the year. It isn't quite what it used to be.


Now, this award to an old white one-percenter might not work for the TIME audience (IS there a TIME audience?)

Too funny!


What is Time Magazine?


Now, now TM,, your anti-Obama slip is showing.


There's no loop in rigatoni.

Danube of Thought

No, there is no TIME audience.


True Extraneus - no loop, but tubular with ridges!

TM is correct about TIME - who knew they still had an audience?


Let us not forget that Hitler was the Time man of the year in 1939.

Well, actually, since we have all forgotten Time magazine, we can forget that too.

Honestly, except in barber shops and other places that stock their waiting rooms with magazines, does anyone read TIME?

Thomas Collins

Hate to say it, but Jim Messina is my Man of the Year (under the standard that it's the one making the greatest impact, even if I don't like the crater left by the impact). He built on David Plouffe's use of social science techniques in elections, and pulled out a second term for a failed POTUS. Time for the GOP to stop worrying what went wrong and start convincing Adelson and other moneybags to fund a geek project that will blow away the Dem algorithms.

Old Lurker

Funny how many weekly/monthly mags I used to receive that arrive no longer.

Good riddance to all of em.

And I am dumping several others that I used to enjoy. Popular Science has gone so green I cannot read it. Forbes has become the People Magazine of money. Business Week became the journal of Big Government and Crony Capitalization. Except for the Editorial Page, the WSJ is nearly as bad as other papers. Moving to broadcast, fair and balanced at Fox gives us Shep and other offensive idiots and even the "good guys" do not consistently sound very conservative to me.

Since the election I have read a lot more books and listened to a lot more music.

Captain Hate

Chris Stevens was unavailable for comment.


Amen, OL


TC@11:24-- all true. that BIG data mining got enough voters out to re-elect a failed POTUS. BIG media chipped in by doing just enough to smear RR as the rich guy.


Man of the year. Words fail!


And a big part of that data mining is coming from the social media and the tech companies who have been told they get essentially to co-plan and redesign the economy.

It is stunning how consistent the future visions are coming from a wide variety of directions. I got tickled to get a link from a site in India overnight discovering it's not just them with a problem.


Henry Luce, while not doing capoiera in the other realm reconsiders the whole project, Brit Haddon concurs.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Pressing on, my nominee for Man of the Year is the fellow who has set the United States on the path to energy independence...--

You mean the path to burning tap water, smoldering soybean and corn fields and exploding houses.
Matt Damon says so, so it must be true. He's like really smart or something.

Rick Ballard

"Fracking will change America and the world more than two (or even three or four) of Obama's pretty speeches."

Yeah, Bakken Reserve estimates were bumped again today. The field just keeps growing.

Thomas Collins

Meanwhile, the legal scholar of his generation has rejoined eternity. Rest in peace, Judge Bork.


Ditto, TC, and the twit who helped defame him, sits in the Naval Observatory

Mark Folkestad

R.I.P., Judge Bork, one of my heroes.


For at least the next decade ShaleGas and Debt will be the headlines. So many great opportunities in this world for US prosperity, and our political elites try their best everyday to eff' it up, because they get nothing out of general prosperity. It really is tyranny in its most cynical form. I hate DC and Blue State capitals with a passion.


Man of the Year?



Look at any subject that comes up with the Obama regime. The answer is always the same.
One word, four letters, LIES!


Tyrone Woods was unavailable for comment.

Tom Maguire
...no loop in rigatoni.

Hmm, maybe I am not cooking it right, but my friend raved to me about Mobius Rigatoni and it does taste pretty good.

Well, you say 'tubular', I say 'looped'... maybe it's me that's looped.

hit and run

TM, you're just bitter that Obama repeated as Man of the Year before you did (your first coming in 2006, of course).


Tubular or Looped? lol.

It is yummy, though.

Melinda Romanoff


You have mail.

hit and run

That's a loophole.

The terminology is taxing.


Hit@12:40 heh..HEH!
I have to say, I do get a kick when TomM joins in on the comments. he's really a very witty guy. CC's visual enhances the witticisms.


--In addition to the Higgs Boson, Prof. Gianotti invented the process that puts the loop in your rigatoni.--

I can't find anything to confirm that Fabiola Gianotti (who is a 'she', not a 'he') has anything to do with putting loops into pasta, rigatoni or otherwise.


Isn't it "Person of the Year"? That seems more fitting for the spineless, soulless, unprincipled narcissist than "Man." And yes, Hitler was MOTY, but even he was more consequential (albeit negatively) than the community organizer in chief.


- lungi
- tubi
- forme speciali
- per minestre
- repiena

Not finding any pasta loopi. So I think we should contact Clarice to coin the term legally, concoct a recipe, and add it to her Scams-R-Us boutique.


jimmyK@12:53-- Hitler was MOTY in 1938, he didn't get rolling as a real monster until 1939. Give BarryI some time, he may well surpass Hitler in the negative consequences department.


Only relatively, NK. Judging him at the end of 1938 alone he was pretty monstrous. Ask the people of Austria, Czechoslovakia, and the victims of Krystallnacht.


of course, but Hitler was just getting warmed up, Operation Barbarosa and the Final Solution had yet to come. let's just pray BarryI doesn't move on the same sort of tragectory.

Tom Maguire
TM, you're just bitter that Obama repeated as Man of the Year before you did

I didn't win last year as The Protestor? Well WTF, I am protesting now!


I love it when TomM swears... no TM, you didn't win last year as a "Protester", you admit to being a 1%er who was the object of the Protester. In the same sort of way, you are again the object of this year's winner BarryI; he's looking to appropriate more money from you to 'spread around' to his moocher constituents.


Obama edged out Malala Yousafazi, an Afghan teenager who narrowly avoided death after being shot for defending women's rights, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and Fabiola Gianotti, an Italian particle physicist who worked on the discovery of the Higgs Boson.

Obama combines the most notable aspects of each of the other nominees: someone helpless to improve Afghanistan, someone much less capable than his predecessor, someone hell-bent on spreading sharia, and somebody endlessly fascinated with a tiny, dense little thing which people who should know better often describe as God.


bgates@253- does not dissappoint. The wit and sarcasm exceeds Bgates' own usual high standards.

Jim Eagle

Everyday Obama proves how irrelevant the mainstream media is to our lives.

But at least you can now view the Dead Sea Scrolls online. No mention of Obama as of yet.


Perfect, bgates. Had to think about that last one for a second.

Jane:  Mock the Media

LOL BGates!

hit and run

I didn't win last year as The Protestor?

Well you didn't claim victory on that one in a post, nor put anything about being the recipient on the blog's masthead.


Professor Gianotti is a she not a he. Sexist pig!

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