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December 23, 2012



He advertises his vulnerability. For a man who can't find his actual birth certificate, asserting himself is paramount. OMG, what if the thing he's trying to hide on the bc is that he's not a "he" but a "she."


But enough about me, let's talk about you. What do you think about me?


TomM-- an Imus listener? I was a listener 1973-2007 (excepting times Don had been fired and was in Cleveland, or rehab or I couldn't get him in DC). When he changed stations after Rutgers I never got back into the habit. He's what 73 now, and still sort of alive. Amazing. In 1976 or so I was back in my HS old neighborhood and walked into the Lone Star Cafe late one afternoon as it was opening for a coca cola and burger. Speaking of coke, Don Imus, Kinky Friedman and a bunch of flunkies were at a corner table with a pile of either sugar or cocaine in the middle of the table. That was the NYC of 'Escape from NY' Taxi Driver, Prince of Greenwich Village, and Son of Sam. It really was the wild wild west in those days.


Obama?... a small, nasty man really not worth talking about.


... woops, prince of the city.. and probably the best movie portraying 1970s Greenwich Village when Lone Star opened, Martin Scorcese's Mean Streets. That was a crazy movie about crazy times.


Well it is worth noting that Obama doesn't remember what he was doing when the Benghazi reports and live video of his Libyan Ambassador being murdered were coming across his desk, but it is amazing that he can remember exactly where he was 30 years earlier when Senator Inouye scratched his ass at the WaterGate hearings.

Would be fun to see bgates efforts at writing up future eulogy speeches Obama will give when Bush Senior or Jimmy Carter croak.

"I remember when President Carter was attacked by that rabbit, that it reminded me of my experiences eating dog in Indonesia, and though I was only 7 or 3 or 9 or 15, I specifically recall thinking, as we were 'choomin' in our inner tubes down the Wet and Wild Amusement Park slides in Waianae, that if I was ever President I would ensure that I would have a heavily armed Airforce 1 Canoe to ensure I didn't have to use an automatic paddle to fend off attacks from swimming rodents as I passed Gun Control Legislation."

Danube of Thought on IPad

I have not heard his voice since November 6.


Two things -- daddy@9:28 heh, HEH!

The invaluable Prof jacobson skewers the smug, lying Left yet again- and in the comments an Amy Bishop reference: http://legalinsurrection.com/2012/12/saturday-night-card-game-i-could-not-accuse-salon-com-of-tokenism-even-if-i-wanted-to/


A man from Connecticut died in Hawaii and Obama acquired his Social Security Number. How's that for making someone's death all about yourself.

Melinda Romanoff on Kindle

The Powerline post quoting iBama in mid negotiation is telling. It's a classic South Side technique, all bluster when the money runs out.


A one-day-old baby died in Hawaii on 5 August 1961. Did Obama acquire her bc number? See 5:15 am and LUN.


It was based on Robert Daley's account, one of the last good Times reporters, whose other book,
'Year of the Dragon' Cimino and Oliver Stone, butchered.


But isn't Slate stealing the words of Popeye: That's all's I can take and I can't take no more, with ...

Someone needs to tell Barack Obama—it must get particularly confusing this time of year—that his own birth is not Year One, the date around which all other events are understood.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Read this largely incomprehensible crap about [I think] pop music to understand all that is wrong with America.


but it is amazing that he can remember exactly where he was 30 years earlier when Senator Inouye scratched his ass at the WaterGate hearings.

Too funny, daddy! I don't think he does remember though. He was just making shit up again. Obama Has to Fib Even at a Funeral

LIke the whole 'The Selma marches of 1965 inspired my parents to get together (even though I was born in 1961!).'

A liar.


On second thought Slate is channeling Popeye


MelR-- I am familiar with that negotiation tactic as well-- In NYC we call it "what's mine is mine and what's your's ....is mine."
The OPM money is fast running out (it's already run out in France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Ill, NYS and Ct.; in february the federal debt coffers are empty. Then what? My bet, the Repubs refuse to raise the debt limit, and Timmie G. issues bogus T-Bills which Bernanke buys. THE ULTIMATE PONZI. Spending created by issuing paper valueless paper (the bonds are legally invalid and no one other than Bernanke would buy them, hence they are valueless), which is paid for by the by printing more paper. Spending from NOTHING. Even Seinfeld couldn't have dreamt up this scenario. What value does one place on the Dollar then? Hint... starts with Z ends with O.


He's our Zaphod Beeblebroz, 'anything larger than my ego, I'll have it shot,' and from that slate piece, anyone who calls Ellie Goulding 'cyborgian' has no ear for music, are they always using the Lithwick/Noah standard of cluelessness, I know it's rhetorical.


Why aren't the Republicans publicizing Obama's thuggish--and very specific-- threats about "blame" and saying--we don't care about "blame," we are trying to save our country from fiscal disaster, and the president is more interested in his own narrow political goals. Why is this so hard?


Boehner can say "During the negotiations, it was obvious that Mr. Obama wanted this to happen. No matter what proposals we made, even things that had already been voted on by the Democrats in the Senate, he either delayed or refused. If any blame is to be placed, it should be placed squarely on the president. This is his fault and his fault alone."

"Democrats have never met a tax increase they didn't like, or a non-military spending cut they did. It's who they are. This is a dream come true for them, and for many of Mr. Obama's donors and voters. But it's a nightmare for the rest of the country."

He'll get his quotes out there, and anything along those lines would be fine with me. Hopefully he can discipline himself to make his comments count.

Captain Hate

How do you get your ugly mug on FNS? Call conservative Republicans "chuckleheads" like imbecile Steve LaTourrette did, whose politics are so out of touch with the electorate that he didn't even run for re-election. Don't let the door hit you on your fat ass when you say goodbye to public life at the end of the year. Good riddance to another squishy Repuke.


I love your Waldorf and Stadler review, I guess that's a no, Captain, as to watching FNS,

Caterina Sforza, who apparently has gained some fame due to the Assasin's Creed game and books,
knew what to do with a Latourette, or a Lugar,


I guess it's no surprise that I was a fan of the show Wiseguy, besides the guest stars like Joan Severance I mean, and even Anne Beening;



I think I have mentioned that I did not appreciate the aspect of blog as internet search gathering device. Today is one such example. Apparently the argument now is that the dominance of Marxist cultural theory in the post Berlin Wall environment of the West is proof it is inappropriate to keep repeating that Uncle Karl was a false prophet.

They are using their monopolies to vindicate theories that still do not work but hardly anyone is familiar with beyond the post-it talking points level.

No wonder they wanted control of the student loan program. All those credentialled cultivated to be ignorant and emotional about expressing it are actually borrowing from us taxpayers. Higher ed gets their money when student attends.

As an aside, relative yesterday Red's age informed us she was planning to major in social work. No financial independence. Apparently freshmen at state universities are now being pressured about majors during freshmen orientation. I guess to make it based on naive feeling, not knowing.

Happy anniversary melinda.


So, they would be Ok, with more praise of Lysenkoism is Stalinist times, good to know, rse.

As I pointed out, that Mother Jones's piece's authority, flows from a multiple Joyce Foundation
recipient, that sets the template for gun registries of several kinds,


Speaking of dangerous, irrational egotists;


David Christensen

"Oh Come Let Us Adore Me, Oh Come Let Us Adore Me, Oh Come Let Us Adore Me . . .


Why aren't the Republicans publicizing Obama's thuggish--and very specific-- threats about "blame"

Republican politicians just don't make good victims. I suggest they learn quickly.

They should be moaning and groaning .. and please .. get on the same page.


Some notes I jotted down, in the LUN


Hey narciso...that Stephen Hargarten with gun control reminds me of Frederick vom Saal with BPA. He writes the papers & runs the studies...& then gets hired as an expert witness...citing the papers he has written. Quoted in newspapers...article after article...until people start to believe BPA is dangerous..well, because they have read SO MANY articles about it. Then the suing can begin.
It is such a scam.

Jack is Back (Again)!

Skin's score, pass to Santana Moss in the end zone. Good footwork by Moss and perfect throw by RG3.

27-13 Skins

Hail to the Redskins
Hail Victory
Braves on the Warpath
Fight for old DC.

Jack is Back (Again)!

I really think the MSM are all pretending their ignorance of guns and firearm nomenclature in order to confuse all the positive positions in the argument. I mean you cannot be as dumb as Bob Schieffer and still have a job.

Scroll down to the 3rd article on the Face the Nation Q&A with David Keene, NRA President. The ignorance is breathtaking.


Feighned ignorance is their ticket to pushing the agenda of Obama which has been obvious from the get-go. Since Fast and Furious, Bammy wants gun control. Now he mistakenly thinks he has a mandate for it, just like healthcare.
I must say the Left and Obama are feeling their oats now. I can't wait for their comeuppance. I think it will come sooner than most people think.


That comment about Ben Affleck's 'do something' with regards to the Congo, was choice, the first post up;


Jack is Back (Again)!

Reading that WSJ article about how the Fiscal Cliff talks and non-vote failed, you just want to punch that arrogant little prick MEBAMA in the nose and see if he bleeds red blood instead of Soylent Green stuff. He is more than a "nasty little man" he is real threat to liberty in this country unlike anything Putin, the Mad Mullahs or Kim Jong Whoever can provide.


Just another day, ending in y;



I made the remark about Soros and Joyce funding because, well stuff like this;


Jack is Back (Again)!

Na'lens win and the Skins position can only get better if the Gyants lose to Bald'mor.

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