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December 01, 2012


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I find the repeated links and excerpts from nuts like Donofrio by TK regrettable, particularly when they say nothing new.
I find the snotty rejoinders by DoT just as regrettable.
In fact if TK sticks to posting without comment those regrettable links which I suspect very few read, I find DoT's continued characterizations of them and TK more objectionable than the posts he's responding to and more harmful to the atmosphere at JOM.

In an ideal world TK would post the occasional link to someone with credibility like John Eastman which would necessarily restrict him to more important issues like anchor babies than Saint Jude's favorite issues.
In a less than ideal world maybe TK would only post a link to something genuinely new and if DoT chose to respond he would only do so to point out the lack of merit of the argument rather than the alleged lack of sanity of TK. And if they respond to each other maybe they could both drop the sarcasm and taunts.
The endless catfights are pretty damned tedious.

Ralph L

Clarice should have titled her Pieces "Ledge Dwellers" in honor of some JOMers.

I believe that's supposed to be Queen Hit & Run, if her daughter's a princess.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

HB to the wonderful Clarice and to Claire, who must surely be a saint. :)


...which I suspect very few read...

I am definitely in that group and S.O.B. :)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Sent you an email, cc.


The sad thing, Ig, is that I have not linked to Donofrio in a long, long time. Donofrio has not posted anything regarding what interests me since February.

DoT's strawman building kit is complete if he has you convinced.

The latest link I posted was a cased in DC where the Plaintiff has standing. He is asking for identification documentation only including school and passport records. He does NOT mention the two citizen parent theory once. It is a completly new approach,

You only think it is Donofrio because Clarice and DoT said so.

This happens with anything I link. Clarice took me to task for posting the DNC/RNC consent aggrement. She proclaimed that there was nothing to be found there and that she will go no further because I refuse to learn from her free leasons. DoT sang to the heavens when I was chastised. Glory be!

The truth is she silently changes her position when she read more of the detail. After skipping over my link she proceeds to inform me about something I posted 2 hours before her.

It concludes that the RNC has a real problem with ballot security, a problem so bad that the 3rd Circuit left the Consent Decree in place. The issue is headed to SCOTUS with the RNC in the loosing position, yet the last anybody read was that ol' TK is wrong as usual and Donofrio, Donofrio, Donofrio.

Clarice has made a mistake about the severity of this decree. The court sides with my position.

DC has a code that gives actual standing on eligibility, who cares. The RNC has branded themselves racists, in their own decree, and they have not been able to clear themselves in 30years, who cares.

If this does not count as something new, that I have posted, then I have nothing to post.


TK, I applaud you for staying strong. After all, you are not doing this for yourself, you're doing it for the good of the US.

With Donofrio's sudden cessation of legal activity, I'm wondering if he was an Obama camp operative meant to discredit people who are sincerely looking at Obama's eligibility.

I appreciate your links, including bringing to our attention Justiagate.

The truth still is that (1) Obama spent millions of dollars to hide his bc and (2) the April 2011 bc Obama presented to the world is a fake.

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