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December 19, 2012



Exonerating lefties is what the Times does. Since they are lefties as well, exonerating one of their own is just following their business (smirk) model.


henry-- very true.

Jane:  Mock the Media

What exactly was the scandal? Was the guy sleeping with children?

Captain Hate


Rob Crawford
What exactly was the scandal? Was the guy sleeping with children?

I believe the number of possible victims is in high three-digits, possibly into four digits by now.

Saville had bedrooms in children's hospitals.

Rick Ballard


As a serial pedophile/rapist, Saville fit in very well with the general culture at the BBC. By the same token, Thompson's undeniable and proven commitment to three monkey style oversight make him a perfect fit for the New York Times.


The BBC turns a blind eye towards a pedophile and child rapist for 20 years, but it's okay, they're Left and it's all okay with the Left.

Jane, Jimmy Savile, the top DJ/TV personality in the UK for 20 years stalked the halls of girls schools and children's hospitals raping and sexually abusing young girls as young as, I believe, 12. There are hundreds of cases and more coming out every day.

The head of the BBC was informed 25 years ago and did nothing at the time, nor did his successors...for twenty.five.years. It was an open secret.

Savile was knighted by the Queen, which I believe has been rescinded, and was one of the most popular men in the country.


"If that is true then the scope of Mr. Thompson's ignorance has expanded greatly since he began denying knowledge"

IMO, that same statement could be said about a lot of politicians.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--and did not know about the allegations of sexual abuse against Mr. Savile until the report about the cancellation appeared on ITV, a commercial competitor of the BBC--

Can we assume, with him as the great helmsman, the Times will become aware of the main stories of the day after its competitors publish them?
Curious bit of resume for a guy chosen to run a newspaper.


Looks like Thompson is getting pr tips from the Clintons. Maybe if this continues, he'll fall and get concussed and forget he ever worked at the BBC.


There are plenty of people honored by the BBC and the NYT who believe that sex with 9-year-old girls is more than just ok.

Jack is Back (Again)!

I remember Savile as a bit of leacherous old fool when I was living there. He would appear on quiz shows from time to time but I never saw any talent in the old bugger. Now that this has come out I can't say I am surprised. For years the BBC had very little competition and there so-called talent were bigger than life celebrities in the UK and around the Commonwealth.

Just goes to show that you can ruin a lot of children's lives without a gun.

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