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December 20, 2012



Obama's "discussion"... my ass... it will the 2 Minute Hate. several times per day, every day.


And what is her particular insight into the matter;



Yes, she has a solid grasp on reality;



I feel certain that with properly crafted Federal legislation we can put an end to random evil.

Next up? Random stupidity.


The "French professor" is a woman from Texas (originally) who is a professor of French at Princeton. She and the NYT are waaaay beyond parody at this point. They simply disgust me. They are racialists, and fascists and misanthrops.

Rob Crawford

A country where most of the population has pale skin discovers that most of those suffering psychotic breaks have pale skin.

And still, Chicago's gun control laws produce a Newtown's worth of corpses every five weeks. Granted, they are not all children, but the VOLUME should inspire horror.


It's about the same level of insight one got from the late Molly Ivins, who was Sister school
and Sorbonne educated, don't know if she does the twang as well.


RobC-- what is infuriating about the Left is that they look at the regular unending body count in ChiTown, and shrug their shoulders-- when effective responses to that gun violence have been proven for 18 years in NYC and elsewhere. Stop and Frisk where the street violence guns are. The Left gets the vapors and attacks that effective public safety measure as 'rascist' and 'anti civil liberty'. And when the infrequent mass murderer strikes the same Leftists scream "Whitey did it" and "take all the lawful guns away from the law abiding", constitutional rights be damned. Madness.


Columbine is in Littleton, Colorado. Close but not Aurora. Aurora is where the behavioral ed lab that so aggressively pushed Transformational Outcomes Based Education is located. Columbine was one of the pilots.

McREL as the ed lab is called-short for Mid-continental Regional education laboratory pushes the behavioral sciences to change students from the inside-out by changing their perceptions and values and attitudes and beliefs. McREL is currently aggressively pushing what it calls Second Order Changes in Students.

That would be changes in consciousness to change behaviors to change society in a transformational way. Hard to believe there could be dangerous effects of such intrusions on malleable minds.

After all the documents keep mentioning 15 as the magic cut-off when the Prefrontal Cortex is less subject to manipulation.

There were good reasons I was so upset when I heard there had been a shooting in Aurora. No one slowed down in the least after Columbine. They just renamed what they were doing.

Jane:  Mock the Media

I read somewhere this week that there have been 400 school shootings in Chicago this year. That's a city not a state and none of them have been reported by the racist NY Times.

Jane:  Mock the Media


If you are still down under will you let us know if the world has ended, because it is tomorrow there.


jane- overnight I received an email from Japan, dated friday morning Tokyo time-- I think we're good.


woops-- my mistake it was dated thursday afternoon Tokyo..

hit and run

Yes, Littleton and Aurora are opposite sides of South Denver. We lived in Littleton at the time of the Columbine shootings.


Back stateside, Jane, so I can't reassure you. But check Tim Blair's site. If he's still up, we're good for another day.


This sort of fits the theme of the thread;




Hope you read this because here's the description from the now infamous Bill Spady himself written before Columbine in a book called Paradigm Lost,/i> lamenting the OBE controversy derailing his vision. Unfortunately that did not turn out to be true.

Listen up NC and Maine as well. Page 28:

"The good news is that by the early 90s, thousands of educators and policymakers had been introduced to the future-focused, life-performance approach to outcome defining and systemic change. Districts that had taken the lead with what we call "Strategic Design"--Aurora, Colorado; Mooresville, North Carolina; and Yarmouth, Maine, being clear examples--became the focal point of considerable national interest because educators could immediately see that their strategic curriculum planning had transcended the serious constraints of the Educentric Iceberg paradigm. These outcomes were addressing the whole person and equipping their students with complex competencies and role-performance abilities needed for a successful future"

The role performance aspiration never has turned out well anywhere I have encountered it.


oops on italics

Did that work?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki



There were good reasons I was so upset when I heard there had been a shooting in Aurora.

Are there good reasons to continue to suggest a connection between that ed lab and the shooting given the Aurora shooter grew up in California?


Because bgates, Aurora was a node, of this behavior, and when he joined the graduate department in paychology, he rejoined the collective, the Borg if you will,


Just one step removed from this;


Jim Eagle

I'm surprised at the seemingly lack of study regarding mass murder and/or school shooting. It would seem to me that with today's computational powers, historical data and profiling techniques we could better determining areas at risk and best practice security measures.

Its a hellva lot better to do this than hand-wringing, knee jerking and just banning every thing.

Mel, be safe, be warm, be drinking but no driving:)

Melinda Romanoff

The train is my friend. henry and Gus have bigger problems than me. Just face-blasting rain here.

(Just got back from lunch with YL, btw)


Well that would play havoc with the 'narrative' and we can't have that, JiB, a corrective to that Mother Jones report;



bgates-Holmes high school is San Diego was created new to pilot a new model of education that mirrors what was being pushed in CO and all the other factors of what would be cutting edge. It started in 2002 the year he started high school there and I have an accreditation report from year he graduated on just how out there it was.

Then the Pres of the UC he attended bragged about how cutting edge they were in terms of pushing a new version of OBE coupled with descriptions of the precise nature of that particular Neuroscience degree program.

And then he reentered the borg in CO.

Lots in other words.


Doorbell rang. The SD school was again in the upper middle spectrum, high achieving neighborhood, and had eliminated subjects for the most part. Teaching "humanities," communication and a unified science, social and natural. A tech, vocational focus I think was the other. Also had the safe school climate these are the behavioral attitudes and dispositions we want all students to demonstrate they embody. It reminded me a lot of what the IB Learner Profile pushes but it was not an IB school.

No grades so much as demonstrating competencies and skills.


The UC Pres said they were a national model and the most aggressive in UC system in shifting to a learner outcome focus.

And the Neuroscience made a big deal over all the social sciences that were part of the program to marry with the natural.


Well one thinks of that Chayevsky film, Altered States, the opposite of reason and content, is emotion and instinct, that was where William Hurt's character, basically rewired himself some would say devolved,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Didn't the guy in Aurora shoot all those people cause he was a damned nut?


Absolutely Ignatz. But there are common factors in the school experiences of these young men who turn into damned nuts and take it out on innocents by shooting them.

Ignoring that seems dangerous. Ignoring it at the same time those common factors are being mandated nationally is downright foolhardy.

If the common factors have an effect and since their purpose in the intentions of their creators was psychological manipulation, that's not a big stretch, these tragedies could well increase in a few years.

Melinda Romanoff


It makes sense that the more maturely developed lobes would resist, or break with manipulation. Higher synapse count would also factor in to an inability to adapt to the manipulation.

Pretty sick stuff to achieve the long march, but also explains the death of Russian society due to the lower classes inability to adapt away from their training, while a selectively, educated few pillage the spoils.


Half of the cases involved school or workplace shootings (12 and 19, respectively); the other 31 cases took place in locations including shopping malls, restaurants, government buildings, and military bases.

I wonder why they left off liquor stores and banks


rse, McRel "was founded to turn knowledge about what works in education into practical guidance for educators"

They never say what the goal of their education is.


To draw conclusions about mass killings one would also have to look at ones that occurred overseas. Yet, the usual suspects in the MSM and on the left ignore cases involving knives, explosives, and poisons, perpetrated by Asians and Africans, as it simply does not fit their narrative. It seems that in the whole world, only young white males with guns are to blame for these kinds of incidents.


And how many of the firearm homicdes in 2011 involved a rifle, of any kind? 353. 4% of the total. So the murder rate using a rifle is about .1/100k. To make that easier, we'll just call it one in a million.
So they want to ban something that is involved in, at most (assuming all the rifles are semi-auto's which probably is not the case), the death of one in a million people every year.

And the overall firearm homicide rates among the 219 million whites and Asians is about 1.4/100k. (CDC Mortality-fatal injury database). Some of these are justified homicides, so let's make that number easy. About 12 per million per year. One in a million per month. I don't think there are any epidimiologists who would describe 1 per million per month as an "epidemic".


However, take a moment and imagine what the archetypical image of a mass murderer in the United States looks like. Is he white in your mind? This image can only be attributed to the truth of those patterns that have established themselves

How clueless does the writer (and the Times' editors) have to be to let that through? Imagine the archetypal mugger or burglar or rapist. I guess the race you imagine must be due to the "truth of those patterns," huh? Fascinating that the Times is now approving of racial stereotyping.


Time for some words of enduring wisdom that *should* be obvious to everyone - even the gun control acolytes of the left.
Courtesy of Pres. Reagan . . .


Tom, it isn't that there aren't non-white spree killers; we see their handiwork daily.

We just tend to see it under the headline "10 killed at party drive-by; might be gang-related" and the race is carefully omitted.


Venn for those opposed to violence against children...

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