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December 10, 2012


Melinda Romanoff

Not withstanding a successful career in terrorist profiteering.

I'm sure the Insider trading rules won't be enforced either.

Jane:  Mock the Media

It is truly amazing how empowered Obama is. He can do whatever he wants, as can his staff and no one says a word. Liberal guilt is amazing.


Tyrants like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, et al don't suddenly appear out of nowhere as the monsters they become.

They gradually subvert and corrupt existing electoral, legal, and governmental systems, incrementally seizing powers, while their populaces quietly acquiesce and meekly do nothing until people suddenly realize they're being ruled by monsters and ask themselves, what happened?

We're watching it happen here.

Jim Eagle

OT: David Schweikert of Arizona responds to the Boehner purge against true fiscal conservatives last week.

He was one of four who got bumped off the Budget or Financial Service Committee. If only Ryan, Boehner and Cantor were as tough with the opposition as they are with freshmen tea party reps we might be going some place other then the abyss.

Rob Crawford

This just in -- Michael Moore "revolting" after Right to Work vote.

Of course, he was revolting before it, too.


What if Benghazi was a Libyan version of Fast and Furious? obama supplied weapons to those who murdered the 4 Americans.

Dave (in MA)

MiniTrue will be all over it just like they were with F&F.

Suzana Johnson

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