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December 09, 2012



Of course, we must not speak the truth--that would wreck all our moral fantasies.


Well it's interesting because they seem to conflate the aggressive interrogation of several figures, Ould Slahi, whose client complained to Jess Braven at the Journal, part of the original Hamburg network, KSM, the young lad Quahtani, for whom Durbin cried crocodile tears, it's a detective story, somewhat like the Kingdom, which until the end, was possibly the most accurate of the films of the WOT.


You mean everything Jane Mayer, Carol Rosenberg and Scott Shane wasn't entirely true, this is my
'surprised' face.

Now I know who is underwriting this, so I smell a macguffin,

Jim Eagle

There is serious consideration that the Islamists are so doctrinaire that they can be broken easily using "enhanced interrogation" whereas the guys in the Hanoi Hilton had something other than religious fidelity to keep them in tact - an exceptional love of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Not an insane devotion to a suspect sect of unforgiving Islam.

BTW, Skins score 5 yd pass from RG3 to Josh Morgan.

Hail to the Redskin
Hail Victory
Skins on the warpath
Fight for old DC


Going further back the last thread, leads to Isikoff who once upon a time, set this meme in motion;


One can just imagine the effort that Maya is somewhat like Claire Danes character in Homeland, coming up with these scraps of data,
and the authorities, typified by Pannetta played by 'Tony Soprano' telling her, no we can't use that information, you have to get it another way.


This was the first marker on the Road to Abbotabad,


Of course we ended up finding out about him, last, in the RS review, they dub the prisoner,
Amarr, which is actually the name of one of those given up by KSM, al Baluchi,

Jim Eagle

Alfred Morris, 1 yd run for Skin's TD.

Hail to the Redskins
Hail Victory
Skins on the warpath
Fight for old DC

Skins 14 - Ravens 7 (1st Q)


This was the cover story put forth;



And it's entirely possible, that he might have with a different judge, been freed;



OT, my nephew's company will be hosting JEF Monday, along with their governor---Rick Snyder--who has said he'll be signing the right-to-work legislation passed last Thursday on Tuesday.
Michigan requires a five day wait between vote and signature.

He's looking forward to having a ringside seat for that encounter!


The LIBTARD/COMMIES have co-opted the language.
Farting in church is TORTURE, if they say it is. Scaring someone is torture, if they say it is.
Waterboarding is NOT torture. Looking at Michelle Obama's ass is.

Jim Eagle

Boy, is the Skins pass defense porous or what. Tied up 14 all.

OT: Our guys still do a lot of things right even under "old Gutsy".

Ask Dr. Joseph!

Barry Dauphin

Hail to the Redskins
Hail Victory
Skins on the warpath
Fight for old DC

A song even Elizabeth Warren could love.

Danube of Thought on IPad

"Quaint" is indeed an apt term for the Geneva Conventions on war, inasmuch as all concerned know that the enemies of the civilization that enacted them have no intention of observing them in any way.


You mean Hamas and the Taliban don't provide the prisoners with cigarettes and the opportunity to form orchestras and bands? Wow!


Has anybody here covered the Friday drop of the EPA declaring Carbon Dioxide under the Clean Air Act?

I have read the cited USGCRP reports as well as the NRC and they are nothing but speculation and modelling and conferences about theories.

As much basis as declaring Vygotsky's sociocultural theory the focus of American education to avoid putting the emphasis on individual thinking.

Through the Looking Glass at the bottom of the Rabbit Hole after following a deliberately created false map to our destination is what this feels like.


Yes they do Clarice. It's the TALIBAND. You should hear their remake of Sympathy for the Devil.


Fridays are deadly for all the news Obama needs to cover-up. Later when people express surprise and outrage he can say"But we released this information on a Friday..."


For some reason all my names and emails and website got cleaned out overnight.

Resuming my old acronym.

Jim Eagle

Skins miss a bullet.

BTW, Chrissy Matthews gets a new tingle but not necessarily in his leg this time:)


Exposing the credulous nature and bias of the editors, Yahoo publishes this obvious hoax as if it were true.http://news.yahoo.com/intelligence-institute-study-shows-fox-news-viewers-iq-034622242.html

Jim Eagle

Well, Clarice, what does it say about the readers of Yahoo News, who unlike you probably do believe it is NOT a hoax?

Danube of Thought on IPad

A person with an IQ of 80 is in the ninth percentile. Do you suppose the editors were aware of that?

I believe it would be nearly impossible to find a group of 5,000 people with an average IQ of 80 who watch any news at all.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The comments at yahoo were precious.
There should be an entire platoon of people concocting hoaxes like that just so the rest of us can watch condescending twits lording it over the supposed bumpkins among them.


The Russians are coming, take 2.

Just awoke, flipped on the Tube for a football game, and caught an ad for a new TV Drama show to premier in January, "The Americans". It is about 2 undercover married Soviet spies living undercover in Washington next door to Clarice and Janet during the Reagan Administration. The Ad shows a nice suburban white house with a huge hammer and sickle painted on it.

Then I see that Insty links to Roger Simon and Lionel Chetwynd, tearing apart Oliver Stone's new Showtime Series, "The Secret History of America", which paints Lenin as a great Peacemaker.

I add those in to the new BBC Series I've been watching in my overseas Hotel Rooms, Re-examining Marx "Was Marx Right?", and their new series critical of Capitalism "Why Poverty," and I have to conclude that the new push in on to make any ism other than Capitalism, (ie) Marxism, Socialism, Leninism, Communism, cool.

Hello Van Jones, CNN's new Communist Talking Head. You're getting some very nice media assists in spreading the message from the usual suspects.

Jim Eagle

Holy, Moly.

Skins lose RG3 in the end of 4th Q behind by 8 pts. Bring in Kurt Cousins and he gets the TD and runs in the 2pt. conversion tying it up with 29 secs to go. What a game. RG3 hurt his leg running and taking heavy tackle. He is now in locker room.

But the Ravens have the ball with some time on the clock but they have decided to run it out. Goes into OT.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

In case you missed the pronouncement, bubu informed us a thread or two ago that there are no Marxists to be found in public life anywhere in the US.
That they are even discussed at all is merely a ploy by identity conservatives to avoid defending indefensible supply side economics from brilliant critics like him.
Really, he said that. Really.


Insty links to this Hill story White House could protect middle class from tax hikes if deficit talks falter in which we learn:

The White House has the power to temporarily protect taxpayers from middle-class tax hikes even as upper income rates rise if Congress does nothing and all of the Bush-era tax rates expire in January.

Experts and lawmakers alike agree that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has the power to adjust how much is withheld from paychecks for tax purposes — for all taxpayers or just for some.

By doing so, Geithner could ensure paychecks reflect the White House position that wealthier taxpayers with annual income higher than $250,000 see their taxes rise. Geithner at the same time could leave withholding tables where they are for the middle class, ensuring those workers don’t see a higher cut from their paychecks. . . .

And here I thought we fought a Revolution because of "Taxation without Representation." Have at it, King Geithner.

Jim Eagle

The whole Democrat party is a Marxist oriented organization. Just look at their platform and the fact that they had to gin up a vote to keep God and Israel in the damn thing to begin with.

Jane - Mock the Media!

This morning on Face the Nation Major Garrett said he called the WH and asked for an update on the talks about the fiscal cliff. The WH responded that nothing was happening. He then emailed that it the situation was not unlike the Cold War. And the Cold War went on for a very long time. The WH responded: "The Cold War went on until one side realized they could not win.".

This administration treats Assad better than he treats the republicans.


Thank you Iggy, I missed that. Whew.

I was worried there for a moment about a push to advance Marxism as the new alternative in the Western World, but am glad to find out I was mistaken. It must simply be a complete coincidence for Nielsen ratings.

BTW, is it possible the stinky CowBoys are going to pull this one out?


http://moonbattery.com/?p=22175 is about 6 minutes on the Islamicization of Sweden.

I still find it fascinating that what the US is pushing on the West in education is precisely what Islam would want changed. Deplore the rational. Make it about the legitimacy of all perspectives.

I keep thinking of the UN World Happiness Report making Scandinavia the new model for the West.

Spending cuts first!--jimmyk

Have at it, King Geithner.

And if the tax rates do go up, those who are underwithheld will somehow be absolved of penalties? Presumably by some kind of indulgence? I guess there are no laws, everything is by discretion.


The Cold War went on until one side decided it could not win overtly would be more accurate.

Jim Eagle

Wow, Skins get a great punt return from Brandon Banks and are in FG range for a Sudden Death win. Dallas wins on FG with nothing left coming from 9 pts behind. RG3 back on sideline with knee brace on. If they win its for old Pyrrhus.

Even the Eagles have a chance with 2 secs to go.

Skins win in OT on FG. 31-28.

Hail to the Redskins
Hail Victory
Braves on the warpath
Fight for old DC.

Looks like Eagles are going to win on a last second TD pass from Foles to Macklin. Wild Sunday with 3 last second or OT wins so far.

Jane - Mock the Media!

I was hoping he'd pick Bambi:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, preparing to travel to Cuba for further cancer surgery, yesterday named Vice President Nicolas Maduro to carry out his legacy if he is unable to remain in office.

And why doesn't he get his treatment at home?


Isn't it ironic that Yahoo credulously publishes a hoax about the low IQ of FNC viewers?


Just got to Clarice's excellent pieces.

It brings up 2 thoughts:

1) Where the heck did Syria get Chemical Weapons? I thought Bush lied about that.

2) So Judge Gerber had to approve the GM Bailout in order to find out what was in it? Okay, but sounds vaguely familiar.


Chaco wrote up the Iq hoax:ttp://pjmedia.com/tatler/2012/12/09/study-claims-fox-news-viewers-average-iq-80/


daddy, if Gerber had followed hundreds of years of precedent he'd not have been hoddwinked.



Jim Eagle

Yassar Arafat and the Radioactive Cigarette

Puts a new light on smoking being hazardous to your health.

Rick Ballard


We won't know if Assad really possesses saddam bombs until he drops a few. With a bit of luck there may be UN weapons inspectors available in the target areas to provide very brief reports.

I hope Judge Gerber is named referee for the Detroit BK. He deserves to deal with fiercely dependent locals who may lodge complaints in a manner somewhat different from his GM bondrape victims.


I just read "5 Shocking Truths about Michelle Obama" as reported in a new interview in "US Weekly" Magazine. Here they are, as reported by The Daily Caller:

1. Michelle thinks voting is a good idea. This is a novel admission that we haven’t heard from candidates or their wives, ever.

2. Sometimes she lets Bo sleep in her bed when Barack is out of town. It’s not what you think: Bo is the name of the first family’s Portuguese water dog.

3. Michelle didn’t just skip a science class here and there — she skipped the entire second grade.

4. The self-proclaimed health freak with the healthy eating “Let’s Move” campaign admitted that she once ate a fried Twinkie in Iowa. The hypocrisy is astounding.

5. Michelle didn’t make any mention of loving her husband, but she did admit that she “loves” sports.

I was not "Shocked."

Can I sue?



Can I sue?

According to my high-school civics class, you can sue anyone at any time for anything. Whether you win is another matter.



Jim Eagle

Looks like Mandela has stopping speaking and his condition is deteriorating.


Pre-Dogwalk OT:

"Strange Bedfollows", American History version.

Doris Kearnes Goodwin (Team Of Rivals) sez that in 1848, the first time Honest Abe and Governor Seward met, was in a Hotel room in Worcester Massachusetts (Cheers!)

"The next night, Seward and Lincoln shared the same room in a Worcester Hotel. "We spent the greater part of the night talking," Seward remembered years later, "I insisting that the time had come for sharp definition of opinion and boldness of utterance." Listening with "a thoughtful air," Lincoln said: "I reckon you are right. We have got to deal with this slavery question, and got to give much more attention to it hereafter than we have been doing."...As the convention drew to a close and the two men went to sleep side by side, they must have presented a comical image---the one nearly a foot longer and a decade younger, Seward's disorderly mass of straw-colored hair on the pillow beside Lincoln's wiry shock of black hair."

That reminded me of Ben Franklin's stint under the covers with John Adam's:

John Adam's Diary: Monday September 9, 1776.:

At [New] Brunswick, but one bed could be procured for Dr. Franklin and me, in a little Chamber little larger than the bed, without a Chimney and with only one small Window. The Window was open, and I, who was an invalid and afraid of the Air in the night, shut it close.

Oh! says Franklin dont shut the Window. We shall be suffocated.

I answered I was afraid of the Evening Air.

Dr. Franklin replied, the Air within this Chamber will soon be, and indeed is now worse than that without Doors: come! open the Window and come to bed, and I will convince you: I believe you are not acquainted with my Theory of Colds.

Opening the Window and leaping into Bed, I said I had read his Letters to Dr. [Samuel] Cooper in which he had advanced, that Nobody ever got cold by going into a cold Church, or any other cold Air: but the Theory was so little consistent with my experience, that I thought it a Paradox: However I had so much curiosity to hear his reasons, that I would run the risque of a cold.

The Doctor then began an harrangue, upon Air and cold and Respiration and Perspiration, with which I was so much amused that I soon fell asleep, and left him and his Philosophy together: but I believe they were equally sound and insensible, within a few minutes after me, for the last Words I heard were pronounced as if he was more than half asleep. . . ."

I do recall that after the Battle Of Monmouth New Jersey, General Nathaniel Greene (I think it was him) went to consult with the exhausted General, but decided not to disturb him after seeing Washington and Lafayette asleep on the ground: "they slept together under one cloak among the dead."

Not that there's anything wrong with that of course, but can anyone think of any other instances of our famous American Leaders racking out together?



daddy, I learn so much from your voracious reading.

If I may say so, and no slight to your insights . . .

If they didn't get it on, so what. And if they did get it on, so what. So many look at history through their own prudish lenses. Did I ever tell you that the right and the left can be tiring?


Ah, Us magazine of the 'notorious' tanning machine expose, part of Jann Wenner's in kind contribution to the Obama campaign, this is
the nature of zombie journalism in the 21st generation,

In other news, Chavez is turning over to his vp, Nicolas Maduro, because he needs to undergo further treatment,


Here is the obligatory puff piece;



And in other South of the border news;


Certain north american parallels come to mind,

Danube of Thought on IPad

Any savings from reduced withholding becomes due and payable the next April 15. Did none of the "experts and lawmakers" point this out?

What percentage of people making over $250K are W-2 employees with paychecks subject to deduction?


How is Tiburon, Danube, I'm sure they've figured it all out, we're in the hands of Top Men'

Ralph L

can anyone think of any other instances of our famous American Leaders racking out together?
Thank goodness for central heating, or they'd still be bundling up together.

Old Lurker

Iggy has dibs on bundling with Nancy Pelosi.


And dutifully I note on pg 333 of the soft cover adition of Mayer's 'the Dark Side, Mayer notes the conscious stricken cries of Slahi's counsel,
Couch, maybe he didn't know his client was the link man to the Jarrah-Atta cell, who was aware of Al Kuwaiti, as was Mohammed Quahtani,

Danube of Thought on IPad

We're on our way home Narc but rest assured the Tiburon community is still giddy about the election.

Having read Charlie's account I assume Fox News will be on Yahoo like white on Rice.


So, that's what happened to the Gerber baby, sorry couldn't resist.


♪ ♫ I trouble, I trouble,
Everyone thinking bout #1
Me, Myself, & I trouble...
What's there to be done? ♪ ♫

I'm overdosing on liberal pontificating this evening. Trapped in the land of big experts. No questions, just droning on & on & on & on & on.... UGH. I had to sneak off upstairs to the computer for awhile.


DoT I did my best to bring t the FNC's attention--their published email link is apparently no longer valid.


This will end well, no it won't;



Al Bundy does it again,



Things they were aware of, yet it didn't matter;


Spending cuts first!--jimmyk

can anyone think of any other instances of our famous American Leaders racking out together?

I suspect most of them did back in the day. Rooms were scarce and probably expensive and no one thought twice about it. I know Lincoln regularly shared a bed with his fellow lawyers as they went around Illinois in the circuit court system. And much as the queer studies activists would like to claim otherwise, it doesn't seem that there was any hanky-panky.


It is the tyranny of presentism, I brought up around the time, that daddy brought up 'Team of Rivals' that David Donald essay, about Lincoln's press coverage being extraordinarily negative, until the day he died at Ford's Theatre, rather unlike Kennedy's treatment a century before.



Ah, really, that is a pressing issue, for you;



Meet the press, is a famously known for brain slug attachment, why else would he say this;


I could have used the Huffington Post link, but that was one step too far in the absurd direction,


In other news:

Chinese-owned auto-parts company Wanxiang America Corp. won the bidding for A123 Systems Inc., the government-backed battery maker that has yet to turn a profit, at a bankruptcy auction that ended early Saturday according to a person familiar with the matter.

Wanxiang's winning bid, which the person estimated at between $250 million and $260 million, topped a combined offer from Milwaukee-based auto-parts manufacturer Johnson Controls Inc. and electronics maker NEC Corp. of Japan. The German electronics giant Siemens AG also submitted a qualified bid at the auction, which kicked off Thursday at the Chicago office of Latham & Watkins, the law firm representing A123 in its Chapter 11 case.

I'm surprised -- I figured Johnson Controls would win this. So much for the peanut gallery!


You would think she would know what she was doing;


Jane on IPad

Wow Dr. j,

I'm surprised too. Obama funds another Chinese company with money we borrowed from China. At least his buddies got rich!


Kodak death watch details:

Apple and Google are indeed teaming up to make a bigger offer to buy Kodak's digital imaging patents, according to sources speaking to Bloomberg. The companies reportedly joined their two independent consortiums [sic] — which had been competing against each other for the portfolio earlier this year—in order to collectively put together more than $500 million in order to win the ~1,100 patents.


But now, the two teams teamed up together so they can pool their money to buy the patents once and for all. The entire group goes beyond just Apple and Google—it reportedly includes other companies like Microsoft, Intellectual Ventures (the mysterious parent-seeming company of Lodsys, the firm suing independent app developers), another patent holding firm named RPX Corp., and "Asian makers of Google’s Android phones," according to the sources.

From arstechnica. Business arrangements can lead to strange bedfellows.


How did they let Kodak get away, in other news, 'what's the first rule of fight club'


Rick Ballard


Business or politics? I don't find JVs between Matrix builders any more exciting than watching the success of FaceBorg.


Vlad Tepes, had the right answer for these intrepid SkyDragon netmakers,

Jim Miller

Today's Seahawks game lacked, I must admit, a dramatic ending.

(Not only did they play better than the Cardinals, they got most of the bounces this afternoon.)


LOL, Jim M, why did the Cardinals bother to show up today, 58-0,


a Carson like host on a cable station, has this refrain 'you don't say'



I was reminded of these passages in the last volume of Churchill bio;




Deloris from the Malibu Club Taipei (in the red striped shirt) had a fun little math trick for me the other night. Requires a calculator, and I'll change up the dialogue just a tad.

She handed me a calculator and with her not looking at it, she told me to type in my birth year. For this example I will assume I am Abraham Lincoln.

Deloris: Abe, punch in your birthday: 1809

Now times 4
Add 10
Times 25
Subtract 250
Add the number of your Birth Month (in Abe's case February ie 2)
Times 5
Add 6
Times 4
Add 9
Times 5
Add the day of your birth (in Abe's case the 12th)
Subtract 165

And there on the calculator screen was 18090212.

And Deloris was now delighted to know my Birthday.

Sadly tho' the Malibu still has not found a new location, and the building is currently scheduled for demolition to make way for a new Mainland China investors new Condominium Block. Fingers crossed.

The formula in simpler form: Year x 4 + 10 x 25 - 250 + Month x 5 + 6 x 4 + 9 x 5 + Day - 165.

That BTW is Pon, Angel, Deloris and Peggy.


Question for our Tax and Legal guys here.

From my earlier link to Geitner being able to arbitrarily order how much is automatically withheld from any individuals paycheck:

Experts and lawmakers alike agree that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has the power to adjust how much is withheld from paychecks for tax purposes — for all taxpayers or just for some.

My question. If he has such an amazing power, why then could he not order 50 or 60 or 80 or whatever percent withholding of everybody making over such and such an amount (ie) Say $200,000 for instance), under the same nutty, arbitrary "pay no attention to the Law" rule.

I can see opponents to this argument saying he cannot withhold more than the current maximum Tax amount. That sounds logical in a sane world, but since in this world he does not have to stay in accord with the law in regard to whatever the current required amount happens to be, it seems to me he is already essentially acting outside the Law, and since our Supreme Court is currently unable to recognize what the hell is a Tax and what ain't, I think he'd have a good chance of mandating whatever withholding he wanted regardless, and a decent chance of winning if and when that decision got to the bozo's we currently have acting as Supreme's.

Plus, as Harry Reid has already told us, Paying Income Tax in America is Voluntary.

Agent J

daddy I have taken the liberty of C&P your latest math formula, an forwarded it to my niece who teaches 5th grade in a Religious school somewhere in Virgina..

She has stated in the past about how the kids now ask her if Uncle J has sent any new ones..She introduces the formula, then they try to find out how it works..

Thanks, who knows what this will do to some young mind.


Re: Narciso's 08:14, to a PJ Media guy properly irate about our US Public schools booting out some Classic American Lit in favor of Govt issued manuals about housing insulation and plants.

Just how is it going to help students to develop an ability to write if they have never read the achingly beautiful prose of Melville, the spare but rich dialogue of Hemmingway, the storytelling of Hawthorne? It is impossible to learn how to write well unless you can recognize what is good writing and what is schlock. I guarantee you’re not going to be able to discern what is good art by reading an EPA manual.

Brings to mind Mark Twain's famous quote: "A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read."

I would simply modify that to: "A person who doesn't read anything decent has no advantage over one who can't read anything decent."

(Actually the guy who doesn't have to go to school to read EPA manuals on home insulation probably has an advantage over the poor bastard who does have to read it--at least in terms of less stultifying brain drudgery and less brainwashing.)

Remember Jefferson's impassioned comments that about every generation or 2 a revolution needed to occur to keep the system honest? I wonder if he would have already called for an armed insurrection.


Thank Deloris, Agent J.

She really is a wonderful nice gal, and when not pouring me a cold one or joking about math or whatever she is reading, she is e-mailing many of her hundreds of beloved customers pithy little stories and sayings to buttress her strong Christian Faith. There are a surprising number of Christians in Taipei, and she's about as good a one as you'll ever find.

She will be excited to hear that it is being passed on. Many thanks for that.

Captain Hate

My Christmas present arrived early with a negative MRI for RG3.


"I wonder if [Jefferson] would have already called for an armed insurrection"

A member of the Tea Party at least ...


This is the passage, you were referring to;


the translation through the years has lost something, but the essence wills out,


Well one hopes it doesn't come to that, they figured out that the Gramscian path is more cost effective, Dohrn, Ayers, Rudd, Klonsky, like like minded figures in Western Europe and South America,


Thanks for the Jefferson quote link Narciso.

America could use a guy like Jefferson.

Agent J. You just made Deloris's day. She is quite happy:)


In the spirit of holiday math, here's one from the archives. Don't know if it'll translate to Taipei, but here goes:

There's nothing foreordained about the decimal number system we're used to. We can write a number like '1809' and know what each digit means - 1 thousand, 8 hundred, (0 tens), 9 - just because that's the number system that's most common. There are others.

There's binary, for instance, where instead of having digits represent powers of ten (like ones, tens, hundreds, etc) they represent powers of two.

101 in binary means 1 four, 0 twos, and 1. If you want to convert from some number system to decimal, just add up the digits and indicate the base number somehow.

101(BIN) = 1*4+0*2+1*1 = 5(DEC).

You can do the same thing with the octal system, where each digit represents a power of 8.

31(OCT) = 3*8+1*1 = 25(DEC).

So mathematically speaking Halloween is Christmas.

Danube of Thought on IPad

Daddy, as I understand it the level of withholding, or not withholding, becomes moot at the end of the year, when the account must be settled. Back when I was subject to withholding it was perfectly lawful to direct that your withholding be calculated as if you had, say, 17 dependents. But when you filed your return, you had to declare the actual number of dependents, with the result that you owed a lot of money. So I don't see why this "power," assuming the Secretary has it, affects anyone at all when the dust settles.



For Clarice:)

Mark Twain: (as reported in the Hartford Courant, May 13, 1875)

"I don't see any use in having a uniform and arbitrary way of spelling words. We might as well make all clothes alike and cook all dishes alike. Sameness is tiresome; variety is pleasing. I have a correspondent whose letters are always a refreshment to me, there is such a breezy unfettered originality about his orthography. He always spells "Kow" with a large "K." Now that is just as good as to spell it with a small one. It is better. It gives the imagination a broader field, a wider scope. It suggests to the mind a grand, vague, impressive new kind of a cow."


Thanks DoT,

Explained logically and understandably, so obviously you have zero chance of ever being Senate Majority Leader or nominated to the Supreme Court. Not enuff "umbra's".


31(OCT) = 3*8+1*1 = 25(DEC).

That must make Bertrand Russell Santa Claus.


Hi Elliott.

Bertrand Russell is not Santa Claus, he is the Pope!

According to my recent read on Math funnies, Mathematical Apocrypha---pg 37):

"The following story is told about Bertrand Russell (1872-1970). The subject once claimed that, given 1 + 1 = 1, he could prove any other statement. One day some wise guy said to him, "OK. Prove that you are the Pope." The great sage thought for a while and then proclaimed, "I am one. The Pope is one. Therefore the Pope and I are one."


There has been a historic shift in the UN climate talks in Qatar, with the prospect of rich nations having to compensate poor nations for losses due to climate change.

... but if you look at the Copenhagen Accords, it was more than compensation for damage from climate change.
The Copenhagen Accords are an international industrial policy statement. The compensation is really a payoff to the Third world not to develop and challenge the First and Second World’s position. To prove this point, look at who doesn’t want to sign aboard .. China and India.
The problem is that there will never be enough money to keep the Third World as the Third World .. to keep them undeveloped.
Doha has proven this point.


Anyone here own their own home?

If so, then according to this Breitbart story, The Fed's consider that "a Tax Loophole."

Let's say you own a home and your mortgage is $1,000 a month. If, however, you instead rented the home from a landlord your rent, let's say, would be $2,000 a month. To the mandarins at the IRS, you are "earning" an implied $1,000 a month because you own and not rent, and that "value" should be added to your taxable income. If you own your home out-right and don't have a mortgage at all, you would be "earning" $2,000 a month which the IRS thinks should be added to your taxable income.

Details on this insanity here: THE MOST ABSURD 'LOOPHOLE' IN THE TAX CODE


Of course Daddy. It is a logical consequence of "you didn't build that!" The government owns everything, we are serfs, and we should just shut up and let our elite tell us what to do. Time to invest in "activated" lead.


That's fascinating and horrifying daddy. It gets at one of the ways the frugal productive types are planning to ride out the economic storm.

henry-my mom, who was never much of a student and found Western Civ to be challenging, did not get the name of the blog originally. Now she is all excited when she hears references to serfs.

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