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December 20, 2012


Danube of Thought on IPad

They're beyond parody.


But Krugman is married to a paper bag African American! that gives them street cred!!!!


Atta Boy Bill!! I forwarded one of Bill Jacobson's posts about Ann Coulter at Fordham (NOT!) to Fordham President Father McShane (SJ), and asked that he either (1) rebut the facts as reported by Jacobson, or (2)publicly apologize to the Student Republican Club and pay for a speaker of their choice, or (3)never solicit a donation from my family ever again. A flunky responded saying that Father McShane could not respond "at this time"-- I took that to mean or at any other time. Jacobson is THE MAN!


PS: I forwarded my email to McShane to my lovely daughter a soph at Fordham. She responded-- "OK- please don't get me expelled'.


Hey, not fair. Some of those people on the NYT editorial board might be 1/64th Cherokee Indian. Who knows?...who CAN know?


.. who cares?.. oh.. Pinch does.


I'm just thinking 'out of the box' when the Dems had an opportunity to select an African American
like Carl McCall, to succeed Hillary, they flaked, an picked Gillenbrand. Massachussetts's they seem to aiming to those of pallor as likely choices to succeed Kerr, Burris was the exception, but he won the bid,


I've noticed that very few claim to be Karankawa Indians...they were cannibals & covered themselves with dung to avoid mosquitoes.

This is funny at a link about the Karankawa Indians - "One false myth is that they were cannibals. Yes, they sometimes ate the captured enemy warriors and leaders after a battle or war."

Hahahaaahaha! THey weren't cannibals...they just ate captured warriors & leaders. I guess that would make them....CANNIBALS!


Looking at the photos I can see quite a few with high cheekbones. Probably American Indians and they just don't know it.


WDid he learn nothing from November, you cannot be to the left of the Dems enough;



"Probably American Indians and they just don't know it."
Ask their grandmothers...


Insulting a black republican makes you morally superior, donchaknow?


Well they weren't 'cannibal, cannibal, Janet, they just ate people, every once in a while,


In all seriousness-- african-american conservatives are a deadly threat to Liberals. First of all they disprove the narative, so Liberal orthodoxy is threatened and the Jihad against the conservative automatically results. Second, if african americans as a group ever stop voting 95% for Dems, it's game over. Black conservatives are a mortal political threat to Libs.


The WaPo stumbles on this recent "trend (?)"...

Over that span, the percentage of households with guns dropped from more than half in 1977 to just more than 30 percent in 2010. Gallup, meanwhile, shows a similar drop — though it found 41 percent of households still had guns as of 2010.
But then something happened in 2011. Gun ownership spiked to its highest level since 1994 — 47 percent.
The people who suddenly had more guns? Not the white males, the Southerners, and the Republicans most associated with guns. Instead they were mostly Democrats, women, and people in every region but the South.
The irony .. oh, the irony of it all.


Carlos Slim's dancing chimps, 'winning' all the way;



Neo-- but do they own .223 Bushmasters? (hmm... just dawned on me that is an unfortunate name for women gun owners).


It's transmitted by the tse tse fly, I think;



Narc-- it's long been apparent to me that liberals fail to grasp that they almost invariably associate exclusively with other liberals and leftists, and that they (consciously or unconsciously) exclude conservatives from their social circles. Their failure to grasp this selection and weeding out process is further proof of the mental illnes that is modern liberalism.

Danube of Thought

I've been following the Texas trooper body-cavity search story, and am delighted to see that at least one of the troopers has been suspended. The matter is being presented to a grand jury, and the two women have sued. The male trooper who originally made the stop was particularly obnoxious, and I hope his life is made miserable for quite some time.

Jane:  Mock the Media

The NY Times is racist.


The subtext is always that a black conservative isn't really black, or is stupid or a traitor or both. Because the white elites at the Times know what's best for blacks and everyone else.


What's interesting to me, as most of my old acquaintances and friends have remained "liberals" is how angry they are at me for switching. I don't try to proselytize them and in fact I'm perfectly happy to discuss other topics unless they raise politics first, but they find my departure from the fold an outrage they cannot tolerate.


Well it's a full 'carnival of dunces' approach, first they deny this makes Scott the only Black Senator, the great diversity experts couldn't find one minority figure, then they attack Scott's views, It's typical for Reed.


See an earlier offering in 2000,



Clarice-- I referred to that in the prior thread. You threaten their narative by leaving their orthodoxy. Hence, they focus their hatred at you-- you become a Goldstein to them. It is not rational, and Orwell could not even predict this sort of voluntary indoctrination when he wrote 1984.


I prefer the pukka, anthropophagi.

Captain Hate

Clarice, you apostate!! Most of my lib friends know better than to pull that crap with me and keep the discussions civil if not somewhat guarded. Then again, they know I can be a tad critical at times.

Melinda Romanoff


It's that herd thing, a la Trotter.


Clarice-- PS-- and if your Lib friends are anything like the ones I associate with if you ever-- EVER- dare point out certain particularly sensitive facts (e.g. the only black US Senator is a conservative Repub, appointed by a woman Conservative Repub of Indian Ancestry OR that Ct's highly restrictive gun laws didn't prevent Lanza) they'kll give you the full Two Minutes of Hate.

Jane:  Mock the Media

What's interesting to me, as most of my old acquaintances and friends have remained "liberals" is how angry they are at me for switching.

Same thing here. I made a full blown conversion in 1999. At that point a close friend was in the MA legislature and pretty much was unwilling to have anything to do with me. So I confused her and sent her a $1000 donation when she ran for Congress. And boy was she confused. She just couldn't figure it out.

I can promise you if I were to run for COngress there is no way she would return the favor.


I don't even know how they will play this;


Will they tell Lautenberg to step aside.


I read the Times Op Ed and wish someone could tell me why black interests are different than mine.
Also is not equality something individuals need to claim for themselves? I mean if someone has to give you equality aren't you by definition unequal?


Narc-- yes, the Scott appointment makes that a lock. Christie stays in an executive position... I'm sure he'll be happy there.


Some person's records, commend themselves to higher office, like Booker, despite his faults,
Scott, Col. West, Other's like Obama. did nothing of consequence, that he could speak off, (CAC, Joyce foundation, the Born Alive veto)to be charitable,


In the past week I have been informed by leftist friends, for I do not use the word liberal anymore that: we should outlaw all automatic firearms and that Buddhism is not a religion.

While technically the latter has been to be so, it is in fact practiced as a religion through most of the world.

The hobo was stating that irreligious nations were much more successful than those with religion and I made the mistake of saying which one?


Booker's a good man-- if he ran as a 'moderate repub' I'd support him. His participation in the ganster ofganization known as the DC Dems disqulifies him for me.


Does he think Aristotle was Belgian, too, that's some serious category error,


I know I spend too much time on line. But it makes me feel good to know that when I read a post that contains the words, "Carlos Slims' dancing chimps" I know what that means without having to look it up. Happy Winter Solstice Eve, everybody.


You're welcome Peter,


Clarice-you are undermining the stereotype that bright people all see things a certain way or believe certain things.

NK-good move on the Fordham action. I just wrote a response with particulars on troubling policies to the Gypsy Super having the local paper publish a letter about the Newtown tragedy and all the security precautions they are taking. This is the guy pushing cutting edge transformation on this unsuspecting suburb and misrepresenting what he is up to. And now trying to cover that up with how much he cares.

I ended with "If you are playing with fire, douse the flames. Do not describe all the firefighters you have on standby." It was a long detailed letter on security precautions.

Gag. Ranks up there with bo tying it into the fiscal cliff yesterday in his presser.

Rick Ballard

"Clarice-you are undermining confirming the stereotype that bright people sufficiently indoctrinated progbots all see things a certain way react with emotion rather than intellect or believe feel certain things.


Progbot conditioning is your subject - all we are seeing is successful conditioning at a level which would bring tears of joy to the eyes of Pavlov and Skinner. To describe a Skinner conditioned progbot as "intelligent" does a disservice to the obvious efficacy of his methods. "Conservative" elicits the same drooling peck as "gun" or "SUV" - there ain't no thought involved.


Well put Rick.

That is what I am lining up right now.

And Carl Rogers and Kurt Lewin ought to make your list too. That's who UNESCO cited.

Those precious children and that valiant principal and her staff deserve better than the amoeba brain brigade continuing to push these tragic ideas until they get their social transformation.

Mushbrains for all is what is meant.


ZAP-squared-- Wild Bill Jacobson strikes again!!-- he posts photos of the Univ of Penn PoliSci faculty-- you know the faculty which includes the african-american prof who slandered Tim Scott as a 'token'-- and indeed, the good professor ought to know tokenism when he sees it. I do admit he is a very well dressed token: http://legalinsurrection.com/2012/12/i-would-never-be-so-insulting-as-to-accuse-the-u-penn-political-science-department-of-tokenism/


I guess if you're from the Karankawan tribe it is hard to share the old family recipes in Pow Wow Chow. :(

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I prefer the pukka, anthropophagi.--


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