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January 17, 2013



The NRA said "armed guards in school" and now they are the new birthers:



In the LUN, from the last thread, another inconvenient detail;

Melinda Romanoff

I'm so reieved that iBama thought of this before anyone else.


The NRA is pissed when their proposals are ignored and they're pissed when they're adopted. They make a living being pissed and victimized because that taps into how their white, male members feel in the new progressive world.

And considering their recent ad lambasting the President's two little girls for receiving armed protection (and in doing so intentionally throwing down a gauntlet to every nut with a gun to rectify that glaring hypocrisy) I'd say the Times assessement of Lapierre's mental health still holds true.

The President's little girls....really......the NRA went after the President's little girls??????

Danube of Thought

I just love the euphemism: "resource officers." The White House just can't bring itself to say "armed guards."


Well that was the original designation between 1999-2003, at least at the federal level,


Just as I guessed beyond an excuse for more spending to captive trade groups, the mental health push is being targeted to the Positive School Climate and Positive School Climate juggernaut.

We do have a serious mental health problem in this country. But forcing all schoolchildren to undergo a psychosocial classroom experience instead of content knowledge sure is not the answer. It is my belief that is just asking to make the problem worse as we continue to try to fracture the mental patterns (with their accompanying brain physiology) and values brought from home.

Captain Hate

The President's little girls....really......the NRA went after the President's little girls??????

Oh the humanity


I am not sure if the NRA piece was challenging the use of Secret Service officers at the kids school. Protection of the First Family is a requirement, not an option.

If Sidwell Friends has other security, that would be the thrust of the argument.

Lots and lots of schools already have either armed guards or police. Lots of urban schools have metal detectors.

Still, I see polite nods towards the real issue, mental health, but nothing serious.


That second point should be Positive Psychology. It will pull in not only Mihaly Csiksentmihalyi's work but also Richard Layard's Happiness research that the UN and UK have been pushing.


From the WH document:

We need to make our schools safer, not only by enhancing their physical security and making sure they are prepared to respond to emergencies like a mass shooting, but also by creating safer and more nurturing school climates that help prevent school violence. Each school is different and should have the flexibility to address its most pressing needs. Some schools will want trained and armed police; others may prefer increased counseling services. Either way, each district should be able to choose what is best to protect its own students.

And how exactly does this differ from the status quo? Why do we need the President to proclaim that school districts have varying needs that they can address in different ways? What next, a proclamation that supermarket shoppers have varying tastes, some like skim milk, some like whole milk, and each "should have the flexibility to address its most pressing [grocery] needs"?

This is just pablum. Obama is a small time community organizer. He's become President Pothole. He can't be bothered to deal with the actual duties of the office, stuff like budgets and foreign policy, so he starts meddling in local affairs.


Wake up and smell the coffee. Ibama is Neutered here because he is wrong on the issue and the 2nd Amendment.We have our guns and we are keeping them
THe Kingly one brought up his daughters first by saying he doesn';t want them punished with a baby for having pre-marital sex. He put children in his presser as shields for his holier than thou stance on For the chjildren. Hypocrite is too nice a word. His girls are protected, I want other students protected as well. If he got his head out of his posterior ling enough we would have had police protection years ago. The scool I worked at had it in 1992 when he was a lowly state senator.You guys on the Left need to get with the program.


should be school.

Danube of Thought

If Sidwell Friends has other security

It does.


"resource officer" = NEA Union payscale;

Armed Guards at Sidley an issue?-- Damn right that's now an issue DD-- the richest people in the richest (part anyway) City-- DC-- have their little princlings at Sidley protected by Big Men with Big GUNZ-- the rest of us have the same right. After Columbine, one of the ways the Left got beat down on gun overreach was fat Lesbo Rosie O'D shooting her mouth off that her so-called kids need guards with 9mms, but the rest of us parents should suck eggs. That sick hypocrisy shut down debate quickly. Now the the superrich aren't just celebrities, but also DC political hacks and cronies, we can shut down overreach now by attacking the hypocrisy of the Politicians. Keep it up Wayne L., now that the Kenyan has surrounded himself with the little darling children, go after him by saying the only thing we need to do is protect all children the same way we protect his little princesses. He is a disgusting hypocrit, we all need to be reminded.


Sidley = Sidwell School; apologies

Jim Eagle


Too much irony: Sidwell Friends is a Quaker school and they do have their own independent armed security. Most private schools in DC have armed security and pretty sophisticated security and property access systems.

Read somewhere, maybe here that there were over 100K incidents of kids bringing guns to school in 2011.

Danube of Thought

This whole episode is extremely high comedy. From the moment Obama unleashed his proposals, I just sat back and waited for the left to wake up to the fact that it doesn't amount to jack shit. Now they are slowly doing just that, and you can hear the air leaving the balloon.

I'm ordinarily a modest man, but I would like to point out that within two days of the school shooting, when the wave of gun-control hysteria broke out, I proclaimed "they're going to lose." They have lost.

Just wonderful.


Sidwell = own armed school security
Sidwell = srmed Secret service for US gov't official children
Sidwell-- I BET = armed bodyguards on campus for Saudi princlings and ChiCom and Russian gangster darling children.


The blog is back. Today, I pick on some Freshmen Republicans, as they attempt to explain why the fight on the debt limit is so important:


The problem, in a nutshell, is the GOP can't explain why threatening to stiff our lenders will help to reduce spending, or improve our credit rating.


Will they be doing these mental health checks at the Times, did that year at Cairo U, influence him that much;


Old Lurker

Yes, Sidwell had armed guards before Obama blessed DC with his daughters. So the NRA ad was fair but should have made it clear that the SS was not the target of their charge.

I was on the board down the street at the other big wig DC private school when we hotly debated eliminating our own armed guards a few years back. In the end we kept them in place and ramped up their training. It was a debate worth having but the outcome was a no brainer. The WH counsel was on our board at the time too.


Drudge: FAA Proposal: Pilots Can't Use Phones, Laptops, iPads In Cockpit...

Noooooo! Daddy, you might have to go back to reading . . . a book!


Got any info on what the Freshman Dems have planned for the debt ceiling?



It's ironic, but I don't find it very funny that we as a culture must now treat schools, the cradles of ideas, as fortresses. Just one more symptom of a sick society.

A mile from here, the local school looks more like a low security prison. Heavy duty security fencing; concrete barriers. They are ready for an Armageddon level lockdown.

Pederasty, incompetent teachers who are unaccountable; The threat of student, much less external violence, and random gang violence.

A number of years ago the first murder of the year in the city where I work was 10 yards from our plant. A 15 year old walking to the high school was gunned down in a gang shooting on the first day back from Christmas vacation.

We build ever more intricate means of coercion and control in the name of public safety, but we still refuse to deal with the real issues. Shit happens when touchy feely meets reality, and their only answer is to fence in the sheeple further every time.


Yes you were right and Obama and his cronies on the Left are the big losers in this.
NRA emerges stronger than ever and a net result is more people bought guns.

Rob Crawford
If Sidwell Friends has other security, that would be the thrust of the argument.

It does.

Which strikes me as odd. A Quaker school that's an "armed camp"?


If the President's proposals don't go far enough then after the next shooting rampage he needs to be strongly criticized for weak leadership.

Then he needs to make sweeping reforms that DO GO FAR ENOUGH.

Heh heh heh...even when we lose we win.

Rob Crawford
The problem, in a nutshell, is the GOP can't explain why threatening to stiff our lenders will help to reduce spending, or improve our credit rating.

Not raising the debt limit --> not allowed to spend more, Constitutionally required to repay debts --> reduced NEW spending, not reduced debt service --> improved credit rating.

Apparently if it's not spelled out in simple words some people can't figure it out. I think it's more willful ignorance than the lack of explanation.


As Friends schools go, be careful of the labels. Sidwell is mostly "Quaker" in its founding rather than anything that happens there today. That is increasingly common.


For those of us with adult children,do you remember the days when a classroom had a room mother? Or a very active parent teacher organization? Living in a small community,it was almost mandatory to be involved.Some teachers thought the moms were a PITA,but the parents at the daughter's elementary school were a committed group,in the classrooms,in the cafeteria,in the library and on the playground. I was third grade room mother and the teacher was probably the daughter's least favorite,so I kept my eye on daughter and teacher.
Frau and maryrose,as former teachers,what did you think about parent volunteers? A small town locally has a parent initiated petition for school safety options and that is probably happening across the nation.

Captain Hate

Amazing with how fast the JEF and his minions, including chinless Stedman, were able to move on this compared to Fast and Furious and Benghazi.

Rob Crawford
FAA Proposal: Pilots Can't Use Phones, Laptops, iPads In Cockpit...

That won't (heh) fly. I've heard from a few pilots that having their charts loaded onto an iPad is one of the most convenient things they've ever done. Less crap to carry, less crap to lose.


When you've lost Stewart Smalley, you wonder why you bothered in the first place;



Now looking up the 'mastermind' of this operation, he had a Pakistani passport but had lived in no fewer then three countries in Europe,



This is what I was referring to;


Danube of Thought iPad

"...but we still refuse to deal with the real issues"

None of which is "assault weapons" or high-capacity magazines.

Jane on Ipad

Hey Dudu,

I thought you'd been shot.


Apparently we've had Armed Police "School Resource Officers" up her in Anchorage for quite a while:

Ensuring the Safety of our Schools.


I would like to point out that within two days of the school shooting, when the wave of gun-control hysteria broke out, I proclaimed "they're going to lose." They have lost.

They won in NY.

Manuel Transmission

Regarding the iPads in the cockpit, there was initially a big deal about specially certified versions, etc. I think Alaska Airlines was the first to play. A few months ago the FAA finally approved standard units being used as a primary source of navigation. (Equivalent to paper charts.)

Some of the newer apps would allow you to essentially Velcro the Pad to your panel and fly entirely from that display. (Not recommended, but think about your basic Piper Cub and what little info resides on its panel.)

On a side note, this whole thing is roughly the same level of bureaucratic nonsense (phones in the airplane) that goes to the ultimate decision for every pol or bureaucrat:

If the choice is to do nothing or do something that is wrong, that will always chose to do something (wrong).

Manuel Transmission

Oops, that = they


I don't feel badly about New York. I empathize with Upstate New York but those city people keep electing Cuomo and Bloomers, so they get the doofusses they voted for in the election

I say bring back Patacki. What happened to all the repub leaders in New York State?


I love how DUDU is forced to admit that Obama failed in his attempt to overturn the second amendment. Because Obama isn't a student of history he doesn't realize that like SS it is the third rail of politics. I bet he feels like a real dope now after the repubs and the NRA schooled him on the Law of the Land.


You actually have dudu the dope hoping for another mass shooting.I know-don't respond to trolls.It's lose'lose for Obama sherlock.


So Obama is proposing adding security staff to approx. 1% of the public schools in the U.S. Apparently they have data that can designate the schools most likely to be targeted by insane mass murderers.

Danube of Thought iPad

"They won in NY."

Not yet.

But my principal focus of attention is on the federal level. Several states have been testing the limits of the 2nd Amendment for a long time now.


Caught a few bits of Laura Ingrahm on Greta last evening and I believe she was saying that the Barry I EO's yesterday are going to cost a ton of money to enforce/implement.

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