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January 30, 2013


Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Blue Hells run a bit higher.--

Does over three times as much count as "a bit"? :)

Our family still has three on it with an $8,000 deductible at $850 per month.

Four of us at a $5,000 deductible would be over three times the KS rate.


So it seems they put Homer Simpson, in charge of the design team again,

Rick Ballard


Perhaps, but the unlettered buffoons in Kansas have never felt the pleasure of paying for elective addadictomies as part of their coverage.

Who could ever quantify the value of that experience?

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

-Who could ever quantify the value of that experience?--

Kathleen Sebelius's penis czar?


Vogue magazine camera crew at White House today, and apparently someone from Vogue was on the AF-1 trip to Las Vegas.

Guess we will be seeing BO or MO or both on the cover in the supermarket soon.


Now he may be lying or merely clueless


Jack is Back! (On his iPad)

Janet's 6:33pm link to Henson Ong' s testimony is a pass it along smack down of the gun grabbers. Funny ho it takes a legal Cinese immigrant to remind the overly emotional, knee jerk hand wringers of the value of our constitution. He can have my back any day.


Favorable mention was made by some of Liz Cheney this morning. She just tweeted this:

Liz Cheney ‏@Liz_Cheney

On @seanhannity tonight - I'll be discussing Chuck Hagel's performance today. Is the bar really low enough for him to be confirmed? Tune in.

Exactly right - the bar is pretty damned low, indeed - actually seems to just be laying there on the floor for Hagel to step over.


I saw the Puffington Host was on needles and pins, about that, central,


Porch: they didn't teach the kids how to hold it, which is actually a rather difficult thing to teach

In 3rd grade Mrs. Brown would stalk the aisles as we wrote the first graf of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address in cursive, randomly pulling the pencils from our scribbling hands, chiding the children whose pencils did not easily release from the fingers.

We learned. Not so tough to teach.


The Vogue portrait I mean, they were fully verklempt about the affrontery of the other,


Parts of the health law are subtle
addadictomies are now no trouble
There is a provision
That makes no incision
Huma and Hil call it a "double"

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Harry Reid says the GOP needs to stop badmouthing the GDP and magnificent recovery
one day after the 4th quarter contraction is reported.

GDP as measured is really a statist's dream. The government jacks up its spending, which of course is a drag on the real economy, and growth magically ratchets up, and conversely, putting a few of the leeches and goldbricks back off the dole registers as a drop in output.

In a veritable hall of fame of mendacious mental midgets Harry Reid really stands out as low man on the totem pole.


Wow, Janet - watched your Henson Ong video at your FB page. Very powerful.


I cannot stop laughing over this!!!!

David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog

With Hagel and Kerry, Obama's cabinet meetings will have more plastic Easter Island heads than an airport tiki bar.

Jack is Back! (On his iPad)

Big explosion at Pemex Tower in Mexico City. Dozens dead. Pemex is state oil company. Breaking.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

When placing an order at Brownell's (one of the two biggest custom gun parts and gunsmith supply companies) just now I was met with the message "Due to extreme order volumes shipments may be delayed."

The Dems continue to be the gun industry's best friends.


Yes, that seems strange;




The Wall Street Journal said its computer systems had been infiltrated by Chinese hackers for the apparent purpose of monitoring the newspaper's China coverage.

The infiltration at the Journal, along with reports of computer network breaches at the New York Times and other news outlets, indicate that Chinese spying on U.S. media has become a widespread phenomenon.


Curious, how this conflicts with the narrative;



Maybe they didn'r get the memo, or the Court decision;


Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

From narc's link;

The EPA estimated that the industry would produce and make available for purchase 8.7 million gallons of cellulosic biofuels in 2012, but the industry only actually produced less than 21,000 gallons...

How screwed up does the EPA have to be to not even get the "we'll make it up on volume" joke right?


He fell for the heckling hoax, but he's occasionally useful



What xould possibly go wrong;



Next time a Libtard goes on a gun control rant, ask him earnestly to explain exactly how a gun free zone is supposed to work.


"How screwed up does the EPA have to be to not even get the "we'll make it up on volume" joke right?"



The EPA doing what it can to insure the nation is overrun by rats.


Professional courtesy with the rats, pagar,



I had never heard of this until I was reading about today's hagel hearing.

It struck a chord as I have been following up on all the manipulative SEL programs now to be green lighted as the solution for no more SH. Breaks my heart and it's already feeling bruised.

Following one of these so-called SEL programs today led me to the Paxis Institute. I know how much of systems thinking was invented during the Cold War to make nuclear disarmament happen now by spreading empathy that we are all one.

Reading bo's quote at the link while tracking everything else is putting me in a foul mood.

Beverage break.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Professional courtesy with the rats, pagar--

LOL, narc.


Ok I see that Cameron and Obama are foolish enough, but what's in it for Medvedev, or Singh for that matter.


Question on FB -

Breitbart - One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened
I have wondered for awhile...

We have our RINOs.

Do Democrats have DINOs?

Or are their DINOs our RINOs?


No, I Rino is Lisa Murkowski, or Scott Brown, a DINO is Zell Miller or (I can't think of another one in elective office)


Typical, there are no facts permitted;


Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Do Democrats have DINOs?--

Occasionally, but the purges and show trials soon clear the ranks of backsliders and hooligans.


Apparently, we lack discipline.

Jack is Back! (On his iPad)

Artur Davis was a DINO,

Night All.


Yes, he was, but it's not easy to bring to mind.


Grillzntats update

Captain Hate

Well narc, we eliminated two long-term pests from POI tonight. Btw I'm down to the last 2 episodes of Season 4 of Breaking Bad and it's gone from kind of boring to extremely intense. After that, it's on to season 3 of Burn Notice. How am I gonna listen to all the CDs I got at the end of the year to put together my Best Of 2012 list with all these DVDs demanding my attention?

Captain Hate

a DINO is Zell Miller or (I can't think of another one in elective office)

The Kostards used to stick Lieberman with that title ignoring that other than the war he was as lib as it gets.


I think you are going the wrong direction. A DINO would be to the left of a Democrat.


No, they wouldn't, the dINO is what used to call a Boll Weevil, many became Republicans.



That's interesting stuff.

Captain Hate

The EPA estimated that the industry would produce and make available for purchase 8.7 million gallons of cellulosic biofuels in 2012, but the industry only actually produced less than 21,000 gallons...

I think Stalin's five year plans were more accurate than these dumbbells.

Rick Ballard

The Blue Dogs were peddled as Faux DINOs to get elected in '06 and '08, prior to their sacrifice on the altar of BOzocare.The Blue Dog eradication program run by the Tea Party in '10 finished off most of them.

Jim Miller

Those who actually watched the Hagel hearing may want to correct me, but I thought that the Republican lawyers on the panel did especially well with their questions.

Republicans In Name Only? There is one absolutely clear case in the last congress -- Ron Paul. In fact, as some of you remember, he tried to defeat the Republican presidential candidate in 1988, running on another party's ticket. If he could have won his House seat as a Libertarian, he would have run with that label.

Off hand, I can't think of any examples of him helping another Republican, not one.

Captain Hate

narc, how would Governor Scott rate in the RINO hierarchy; or was his meddling/getting steamrolled/cowardice in the Saint Trayvon case an outlying point?


They were only off by 2300%, more or less,

Rick Ballard


I keep wondering if the Fed, EPA and SkyDragon peddlers all bought their modeling programs at a USSR 'going out of business' sale.


Yes, I remember when he filled the slot of otherwise occupied lefty fruitcake on Morton Downey's around that time,

Captain Hate

Rick, that would make sense since the obdurate commies always yammer on about how it just hasn't been executed correctly; ignoring the irony of that phrasing. I'd expect Smart Communism to be as efficacious as Smart Diplomacy; just look at those GDP numbers.


That was Ron Paul, I was referring to, answering your question, his splungey behavior does weigh the scale down,


Like Dr. Strangelove, some things never change;



I don't understand this from the grillzntats link:

The state is within "the letter of the law" in the way it's handling the release of cellphone records and information about the young Miami woman, O'Mara wrote

If there's anything exculpatory they have to turn it over to the defense. But there's no obligation to do so in a timely fashion? It seems like the prosecution is more interested in CYA than in actually getting at the truth. I know, big surprise.

Captain Hate

I can't wait for the usual crew of dumbasses to make excuses for Pat. I'll be listening to Andrea Tanteros to hear if she mentions this. What an embarrassment. And *shocking* that Pat's for Hagel.


'Unexpected' Captain, glad I was watching PoI,


So, was this,



Can we compile a list of organizations that conservatives can join to promote women and men that counter those who seek to ever-expand government in the name of protecting women. Like many here, I think joining the NRA and possibly owning a gun and practicing is a good thing.

I just heard of this organization today:


Let's make a list and contribute if you can. We also need to use twitter and Facebook.

We have to quit letting them define us. All I hear about is the Sierra Club and NOW. Can't we come up with something to counter that like ,"you want women in combat" fine. If women are so equal, let them join the NFL!

Love you guys.



Rick, that one had me laughing out loud.
I think we're reliving the Marie Antoinette period. Our favorite retailer, Williams Sonoma is selling fancy hand crafted chicken coops for about $1300 plus tax and $65 shipping. Think of how much you'll save on eggs


To all the Palin fans, that have to put up with the numerous awards given to Tina Fey and Julianne Moore for their poor portrayal of the real Sarah Palin, I give you an opinion, just last Sunday of one of them:


Worst Dress 2013!


Hey, Ann, how have you been, I must have missed that one, or totally blocked it from memory, she looks just slightly less 'weaned on a pickle' then in whatI have dubbed 'Julianne's Bender, The absurd is stronger then most days, as this LUN shows


Yes, I did block it out in retrospect, don't they have fashion advisers or something;

Soylent Red

And *shocking* that Pat's for Hagel.

They carpool to Aryan Nation meetings.


'I'd like to buy a vowel' or a clue:


Captain Hate

Trandrea getting tripped up by those pesky homonyms: http://twitchy.com/2013/01/31/andrea-mitchell-calls-al-gore-a-prophet-gore-swoons-over-al-jazeera/


Sad news this morning . . .

Ed Koch, former NYC mayor, passed away overnight.

A good man, a true mensch, who although a devout partisan, never forgot that he was a public servant first, before he was anything else.
May we remember him fondly as his family and loved ones say Kaddish for him.


Agree Pat4 - sad news this morning about Ed Koch. He was always interesting and pleasant to listen to on news shows, unlike so many other Dems.

Agree with Ann, too. The dress is as awful as she is.

Plus, woke up to news of another Embassy attack in Turkey?


The local paper is doubling down on hyping the need for gun control now that there was a shooting yesterday in a very bad part of town anyway. And they linked it to a shooting in Chicago without pointing out how often that happens in Chicago.

Then they ran a story on how over 300 college presidents have signed a letter urging a national gun registry. There is a desperation to use the Newtown tragedy to justify what they hoped to do via back doors and window access anyway.

Also probably not coincidental to hype before that chorus appearance. Which will be covered unlike all the other pregame acts.


Pew reports today that Americans of both parties are sick of their political
class. There's hope.


Interesting, rse, they left out an 'inconvenient' fact, out of that piece, that a security guard stopped the assailant. They've been cooking up this broth, for lo 15-16 years now, Joyce, Soros (Sara Diamond) grant, and even the odd one from the Smith Richardson foundation,


Here's that story that Melinda brought up yesterday;



So, this puts Draghi, in a position similar to Geithner, sans the tax avoidance problem?


Trying to cash in on skydragon netting;



So the story, out of Ankara, reminds me of this,



We have to quit letting them define us. All I hear about is the Sierra Club and NOW. Can't we come up with something to counter that...

*NOW membership (from their site) - 500,000 contributing members
*Family Research Council (from Right Wing watch site) - 455,000 members
*Sierra Club (from Sierra Club) - approx. 800,000
*NRA (from Wiki) - 4,300,000 members in 2010

We have organizations...they just aren't amplified like the leftist organizations in the MFM.
Like Code Pink...all I could find (at their site) is that they have an emailing list of 150,000. How did they merit being in the newspapers almost every day during the Bush years?

The media controls what guests come on to put forth their agenda...they almost always have leftists on....so the left side gets amplified.
I agree with supporting "our" organizations though. Like Extraneus & Project Veritas...they don't wait to be invited on the MFM...they make news. They force the MFM to cover them. Pro-life groups (Live Action) are good at that too, but their huge exposed stories get ignored.

The MFM own the stage & our groups aren't allowed on the stage.



Just landed at Newark from Paris. Because of some Government idiocy I've previously mentioned, the US Customs guy comes on board and takes our Passports from us, then leaves the premises, and then after we drag our bags thru screening we get in a cab that takes us the 3 miles to his office to get our Passports back. So we go thru screening and get in the cab, and the cabbie can't speak English, but nods his head about Customs, then drives down the highway oblivious of wherever Newark Customs is. So now we have to stop this guy and try to get him to understand about Customs, but none of us know where it's located. So we finally get him to turnaround and get us back to screening, then after numerous phonecalls we get somebody to show up who knows where Customs is located. We get in his cab and do that 10 minute cab-ride, and get a nasty lecture from the Customs guy demanding to know where we were. Then this second driver takes us back to screening, and we get in the first guys cab all over again and get to head to downtown Manhattan in rush hour traffic. That was about an extra 2 hours following a 9 flight. The lunacy of dealing with Government bureaucracy is beyond belief.

Anyhow just about to go to sleep, and I find out Ed Koch is dead, but I am a brand new Grand Uncle. Yippee!

If anyone in Manhattan wants to hit Keeley's Pub or anywhere else later this evening, I am game, and will check the JOM threads when I wake up later. G'nite.

hit and run

I am a brand new Grand Uncle.

Woot! Niece or nephew?


hit-that Smith Richardson grant is not unusual to me. Tom Ross took over as Pres and radicalized that foundation and then moved on to be Pres of Davidson where he did the same. Only stayed three years before moving on to head the UNC system in the era of Common Core and the P-16 vision.

Those nontaxed assets exist to fund a social science revolution don't you know? Against the currently productive segment of the economy.


Congrats Grand Uncle daddy.

In other news, the poobahs of the Grand Old Party start getting a clue or two:

Byron York ‏@ByronYork

After bloody battles in '12 primaries, GOP wants fewer debates, starting later, different moderators. http://ow.ly/hkreS


L'il boy I am told. Standing by for more details, and am told they will be out living in our basement floor in May trying to relocate to Alaska for the dad's job. Yay! I get to read "Hop on Pop" and "Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You?" and all the other classics all over again. Hope they like dogs.


That was me, rse, I guess it's not so surprising after all.


NYT op-ed on your town.
(DC or Washington?)



If anyone in Manhattan wants to hit Keeley's Pub or anywhere else later this evening, I am game, and will check the JOM threads when I wake up later.

Daddy, I'm available late afternoon, but have to be elsewhere by 6. NK? Any other NYers?


And congrats on the new niece or nephew.

hit and run

Harry Reid says the GOP needs to stop badmouthing the GDP and magnificent recovery

I put together a comment with all the links, but typepad didn't like it, so I'll skinny it down.

No one ever went broke betting that when Harry Reid is accusing Republicans of something, that something is something he himself has engaged in, and in a much worse fashion.

"I believe ... that this war is lost, and this surge is not accomplishing anything"
--stuff Harry Reid said, Thursday, April 19, 2007

Upon being asked his reaction when General Petreaus was going to testify about the progress in Iraq...

"No. I won't believe him because it isn't happening."
--stuff Harry Reid said, Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why was Harry Reid so invested in badmouthing Iraq?

"We're going to pick up Senate seats as a result of this war. Senator Schumer has shown me numbers that are compelling and astounding."
--stuff Harry Reid said, Friday, April 13, 2007

Or how about something more directly related to the economy...

"A major insurance company -- one with a name that everyone knows -- that's on the verge of going bankrupt,"
--stuff Harry Reid said, Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"But with investors already on high alert after the Federal Reserve's rescue of insurance titan American International Group Inc. on Sept. 16, and with the credit crunch still making funding difficult for even the largest U.S. financial companies, Reid's comments were the equivalent of pouring gasoline on a grease fire."

Yeah, badmouthing really isn't the right term for it. A better word for his efforts to lose a war and tank the economy for electoral gain would be sabotage.


Congrats, daddy, well baby steps Central, you would think anybody who has at least on page
worth of mentions on Newsbusters, would be someone to 'kick off the island,' but no, they
keep running for the football.

hit and run

This could be interesting...

On 2016 watch, [Rand] Paul will be delivering a “major foreign policy speech” on Feb. 6 at the Heritage Foundation here in Washington.

According to his office, “Sen. Paul’s speech, ‘Restoring the Founders’ Vision of Foreign Policy,’ will discuss his vision of a foreign policy that respects the plain language of our Constitution, the legal powers of Congress and the proper duties of the Commander-in-Chief, as well as outline a platform for which America can better avoid never-ending conflict and protracted commitments.”


Now you see, why Tony Spilotro (Joe Pesci's character) once tried to blow him up,


But people who think Al Queda had a point, perfectly reasonable,



Congrats, Daddy!
Looks like Menendez troubles are piling up. Even the NYT is getting in on the act



News I can't use, now:

"The media controls what guests come on to put forth their agenda...they almost always have leftists on....so the left side gets amplified." So someone tell me again why buying CBS would be so stupid.

"After bloody battles in '12 primaries, GOP wants fewer debates, starting later, different moderators." How I will miss the purportedly fortifying internecine bloodletting.


They won't sell, that's why they had to create Fox, and then subsequently forget the reason why it was done.


We learned. Not so tough to teach.

I should have clarified, sbw. Tough for *me* to teach. ;)

Congratulations, daddy!

Captain Hate

Then they ran a story on how over 300 college presidents have signed a letter urging a national gun registry

Since colleges generally run roughshod over the rights of the accused on campus, it's not exactly shocking news that 300 top men have no regard for the Second Amendment.

Jim Eagle

Jen Rubin says Chuckles Shumer has a "Kick Me" sign stapled to his back and Obama is obliging.

Very telling analysis.

Chuck Shumer meets the Chicago Way:)


Here is a great example of why the MFM dare not have our side on their stages very often. Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation on MSNBC. He is SO good. (some good video footage of the March for Life). Good-looking, strong, articulate, young, pro-life.

When Akin & every Republican politician were being grilled on what Akin said...why wasn't Ryan invited on to give his POV? His mother was raped & chose to carry him & then put him up for adoption. THAT would have been relevant.

Or how bout this article - NAACP: National Association for the Abortion of Colored People

The MFM dare not let these organizations get stage time.

Melinda Romanoff on Kindle


Check out the termination of the long standing relationship of CES and CNet and the reasons behind it. CNet, as a brand, is being destroyed by the ego of just one person, Mr. Julie Chen.

So the slowly building self-correction is not yet cresting, but I can see the chicane from my front porch.

Jim Eagle

Ah, gee, Barney-the-first dog has died. RIP you little mutt.

Laura and W devastated.

Beasts of England

TK@7:52 - Well played!

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