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January 24, 2013



Before the national book is closed on Benghazi with the heroic chapter on Secretary Hillary!, called from her bed of pain by cruel Republicans, the staff, editor and advertising manager of Deathless Dialog (that'd be me) takes on the issue -- Did Secretary Clinton actually answer any of the unanswered questions of Benghazi, and did the GOP Senators actually make use of their limited time to ask them?



It is so frustrating for the media that there are adults who still know their history and the Constitution. And that everything going on including the unprecedented Organizing for Action are not working wonders to make the spectre of tyrannical overreach seem remote. Nor is all the stories and facts that matter in domestic and foreign policy reality that are simply not covered.

Today I take on politics, CAGW, and education all using examples from the creators of the theories being used. My point being we are with rule altering initiatives hear designed for fundamental transformations. It is insane to track down the intentions of the Creators of these theories and then pretend we are dealing with legitimate discussions of the facts.


I think this is part of getting politically wiser. When someone says they are going after the jugular, we cannot forget that or pretend the intentions are something else. Even when the intentions quit being mentioned or are unknown to whomever is pushing the ideas.

Kim-you really want to read this one. And I got a great, probably would like to take back, Anthony Giddens, quote.


Very good, Appalled. I wish you could have been there to ask some questions.

Danube of Thought

Donald Trump will not purchase the Times. But he will get lots of attention for a while.

Captain Hate

Dot, you were prescient as always: The only discouraging word on Reporting for Doody came from Code Stink. The Repubs rolled over like compliant lapdogs.


I like Insty's sentence (I bolded it) behind his link to this story today from the Hill:

THE HILL: House Democrats propose opening gun makers to civil liability. I’d respond with an amendment making people who maintain gun-free zones liable for any violence on their premises.


I’d respond with an amendment making people who maintain gun-free zones liable for any violence on their premises.

I would agree, however cases like Castle Rock v Gonzales and Warren v DC would be cited and that would be that. If the Police have No Duty to Provide Personal Protection for Any Person even if they have a Personal Protection/Restraining Order, how could a Property Holder be held to such a responsibility???

In reality, a Magical No Firearm Zone has the opposite effect and is a magnet to madmen/madwomen hell-bent on causing harm to others with Firearms, especially those who are not able to defend themselves.

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