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January 15, 2013



I will respond later

Mark Folkestad


Mark Folkestad

Dang, Paul beat me by seconds. I was going to share something profound, but I think that I'll put it off for a while.


TomM-- John Tierney is indeed a savant-- thanks for linking him. From his New York scene columns 15 years ago about Guiliani's crack down on street thugs helping the working poor the most, to Fat Rosie O'D's (and similar Gulfstream Liberals) hypocrisy on the 'homeless', to the then suffocating omnipresence of the McCourt brothers- his fantastic columns are legion. And once again he is absolutely right about procrastination; not only a virtue, but it has its own rewards. Tierney is the one-- and I mean the single solitary -- reason to read the NYT. Why you read anything else in the NYT is beyond me. Vive le difference!, I guess.


PaulV-- heh!


Well I keep my allotment, to the 10 pieces, and TM's selections show me the wisdom of said strategy, my fishwrap is on a 'more selective' audience plan, though.


'I'm shocked, shocked, yadda, yadda;



More later. Or never.


Why put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after?


Reading a great book in a similar vein "A Perfect Mess"


I know people who live their entire lives this way.Manana, manana, manana.


Always loved that cartoon, Janet. Just wish I had the gumption to try it out in real life.

Mark Folkestad

My company has been struggling for more than two years to complete a deal with a South American government that they came to us about. It was supposed to be done in a few weeks. That's what has delayed the implementation of the Flawed Mark's Island alternative to St. Jane's Island. Phooey.

Watch Phone

Fat Rosie O'D's hypocrisy on the 'homeless', to the then imprisoning omnipresence of the McCourt brothers his amazing content are hord.

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