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January 17, 2013



LOLOLOLOL!!! The NY emergency-rushed-anti-gun-legislation fails to exempt law enforcement from the magazine limits. (via Instapundit)


It's not the quantities that are a problem . I but mist if my meat in bulk and cur it up and freeze it . it's all the other stuff they have that I find I suddenly can't do without cause the price point is just. too. good. to pass up . stuff I wouldn't have gotten had I been in Kroger or Publix .

They opened several Harris Teeters here and for the most part they didn't go over well . Most have closed and been replaced by Asian Farmers markets .


I buy my .

geez . I hate the the autocorrect on the kindle. my iPhone knows enough to capitalize after periods, too .

Clarice, I get my steaks and stuff at a few local butchers . Prime sometimes if the cost is right. The Meat Man . real name of the store . seriously

Jane on Ipad

I love to make my own peanut butter at Whole Foods. Sadly the closest one is 50 miles away.

Life in Naples is fascinating and suddenly cold. But thing have gone really well so I,m not complaining. 5 down, 2 To go.

Jane on Ipad

So do you guys think that ND guy is stupid or pulling everyone's chain? Why would he need this lie?


Why would he need this lie?

According to my son, some of the speculation has been that he is gay. Young stud guy needed a girlfriend. Mormon family.
Anyway, that's what some of the kids are guessing.

Jane on Ipad

Oh that's interesting Janet, and understandable and also sad.


I'm willing to believe he just got taken in by someone online. It's not unheard of, though usually some money changes hands, or at least there's an attempt. The "girlfriend" just needs a loan to pay her last tuition bill, yada yada. At some point he starts putting pressure on to meet in person, so she develops cancer and "dies." Makes him out to be a gullible dupe, but not evil.

clarice feldman

It is cold here, Jane, but it's set to warm up.

Captain Hate

Makes him out to be a gullible dupe, but not evil.

I don't think he's a bad person but he was definitely complicit in setting up this story for some reason or another; and then it just got out of control which is a good way to describe the MFM's infatuation with Notre Dame. I feel bad for him because he's a national laughingstock and I'd rather the JEF have that "honor". Life's not fair.

(A) nuther Bub

So do you guys think that ND guy is stupid or pulling everyone's chain? Why would he need this lie?

Hey, Jane. He's a Punahou graduate. As you know, they don't lie.

He's either utterly stupid, which I doubt is the case, or he's lying. I suspect it was something that began as a small, embellished fantasy that he never expected would become a nationwide cause celebre. Once that happened he likely felt he couldn't escape all the publicity, and had to build on it. It's sad in so many ways, but to try to get out of it by claiming a hoax means the price he eventually pays will hurt him more than coming clean. But it may be too late for that now.


Here's the Deadspin article again.

"Te'o and Tuiasosopo definitely know each other. In May 2012, Te'o was retweeting Tuiasosopo, who had mentioned going to Hawaii. Wrote Te'o, "sole"—"bro," in Samoan—"u gotta come down." In June, Te'o wished Tuiasosopo a happy birthday...."

Danube of Thought iPad

It seems impossible that he was not to some degree complicit, although he may have been duped af the start. Evidence is surfacing that his parents are a bit wacko, and left some very bad impressions in Provo when Te'o was being recruited by BYU.

Te'o himself described having gazed at the girl with "soulful eyes." And his parents gave an interview in which they described meeting her and her family.

All part of a push for the Heisman Trophy? Remember, Joe Theisman changed the pronunciation of his name from "Theesman" to "Thighsman" so the Notre Dame PR apparatus could bombard the world with "Thighsman--rhymes with Heisman." (It didn't work.)

And bear in mind constantly that all Papists are of course liars.

Captain Hate

One thing my friend daddy omitted from his summary of KC Johnson's most recent postings on Durham in Wonderland is a mention of the delusional nature of a significant portion of the Penn State alumni and administration who are in complete denial of the complicity of the school and the football program in the decade long sexual abuse of minors. Until the school puts some distance between themselves and the cult, it will be a continual object of derision and shunned by anybody who has a functioning set of ethics and morals. That members of the cult view themselves as "victims" in this are some of the worst cases of misplaced emotions that I've ever witnessed. I think they're some of the worst people in the world.

Early Childhood Education Mumbai

One of those unintended repercussions, of the limited journal regulations, will be to have gun totting individuals use more deadly rounds.

Manuel Transmission

OK, this last post is not mine, but it showed up with the same bogus NIC that mine did in the earlier thread. Is this Typhus running amok?


MT, it's a particular kind of spamming. They want to post in blogs because strangers can include links in posts, and so then increase link counts in search engines. It used to be that nobody paid any attention to old blog posts, and so they'd go post there. That's why typepad now closes comments after seven days. So now they have to post in active threads, so they will simply quote somebody else's text so that they blend in a bit.

You know those advertisements for work-from-home-on-the-internet? The ones that are closest to actual jobs are these link spammers. Of course you'd have to work 100 hours per week to make any money at it...

International Schools Mumbai

I specially like H Mart and some of the Oriental farm owners market places that have jumped up for generate and some foods.

Manuel Transmission

cathyf, that makes sense for just copying a previous post, but in my case on the other thread, it was actually a post of mine that disappeared when I hit the post button (as seems fairly frequent around here judging by others comments). Makes me wonder if there is some kind of phishing mechanism that can intercept a 'transaction' like posting on a blog.
(I doubt that I have virus on my machine, but who knows?)


I'd actually think more likely a typepad bug than malware (except to the extent that typepad is malware!)

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