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January 14, 2013



It's hard to tell the honest, well-meaning fools from the cynical conniving schemers in some cases.


Big Data? leftist loons flocking to the polls? The MSM? Youth? Women?

Well they all played their part, no doubt.

But really it is about institutionalized voter fraud--and fraud that was cleverly focused and strategic.

This is almost impossible to beat. You can expect the GOP to lose the House in '14.

This is why the Dems are so outrageously and stridently out in the open with their communist agenda now.

We have really moved beyond politics now as traditionally understood. We are in completely new territory for America. It is not new territory for the world at large. Not at all. Indeed, it is the history of the 20the century. It will be no different for us.

The hope for a political reversal is rather a forlorn one--their is certainly no historical precedent. One does not even have to look at the history of communism: have a gander at California. Do you think that the CA voter will "get fed up" and "turn it around"?

Low information voters? You act like they are some sort of manageable, educable minority. They are not these things. More to the point, even if you could peel them off, the Democrats would just manufacture more votes. The very fact that the American people cannot figure out this simple and mundane fact of systematic and institutionalized voter fraud tells us all we need know about the future of political life in this nation.

In truth only a small minority understand that we are in the middle of a historic coup--probably less than 30% of the electorate. Even fewer really understand it in an historical, intellectual or cultural sense. This communist usurpation goes far beyond that of the New Deal. Even Wallace recanted his views in time. These Democrats of today are hard-nosed Marxist-leninists. They are playing for keeps. They know exactly what they are doing.

The national decline right at the moment is greater than one would have thought that the America people would have accepted even 4 years ago. No manned space program? Open collisions with Unions such as GM? The VPOTUS openly assaulting the 2nd amendment? Gays in the USMC? The SCOTUS Obamacare ruling? The "Arab Spring" and all that goes with it? The debacle in Libya alone would have brought down any other president in any other time.

The tipping point has been reached.Truth is that the rot settled in long ago. There are not enough Americans to understand or care.

The generation of old line "Reagan Democrats", the Cold War, the poltical immaturity of the Boomers and the Reagan boom years kept this coup at bay for a time. The Reagan Democrats are mostly gone now. They have been replaced by the narcissistic, arrogant boomers.

A "turn around" is most likely impossible now.

This the Democrats know. This is why they have been so outrageous and provocative.

The GOP Establishment understands it too. This is why they are so submissive, cowardly and irresponsible.

It is doubtful the Repbulic will survive the next 4 years.

Who would have thought that America could destroyed so easily and by such pathetic human beings?

For America to have fought so bravely for so many years to be taken down by the likes of Obama, Soros, the Clintons, the Hollywood gang--the whole mediocre and mendacious Nomenklatura of the Left--is too shameful to bear. It is as if Patton was crushed by a gang of used car dealers.

The truth is that Americans are not up to their great legacy. They are shamed by it. It is beyond what they can contribute or even comprehend. Their outrageous narcissism and egoism cannot countenance what has gone before: they despise it, mock and wish to irradiate it. Then they may not have to face what pathetic and ludicrous decadents they actually are.

What fools we are. What clowns. How history will mock us.

Captain Hate

Later his wife informed me that they "loved me anyway despite my being wrong."

There's a special place in Hell for spouses of wacademics who cop a snotty attitude through osmosis or some metaphorical equivalent. One told me that al-Jizz was an "independent" news source. I told her that if by "independent" she meant "owned by Qatar" that she was correct by some odd definition. She insisted I was wrong and I told her if the light ever came on she could communicate her admission of being ill informed through my wife.

Needless to say, a mea culpa was not communicated to me.


Squaredance, I somehow feel vindicated. The LEFT went the FULL COMMIE, when that's all that they had left. And Obama was the perfect pick for them, because, the more stupid among them, really wanted to beleve in the chocolate ONE/WON.
Capn. Academics are never QUESTIONED. They are experts and either teach and require their students to bow, or they write and bow to themselves.

Frau Hartnaeckig

rse: From the front page today -
Against the law for communists to be teachers in CA.

"It's a remnant of the Cold War era and should have long been dropped from the Educational Code," said Juan Lopez, the California chairman for the Communist Party USA.

Communists aren't a registered political party in California, but they're still around, and in good numbers, he said.

"We have more teachers that have joined the Communist Party than any other professions," he said.

"More than anything, we laugh about it," said Luis Rivas, a member of the Southern California Young Communists League."

Rivas ends by saying, "Whoever controls the minds of the next generation, basically controls the future." Howard Zinn did not point out to Rivas that Onkel Adolf believed the same thing.


Mitt didn't close the deal. If Barry doesn't deliver they're willing to look for somebody different.

Agreed. They'll look for an even more committed communist than the current WH occupant.


Frau!! Want to have some fun?? Look up the list of public school teachers in your community, and find them on FACEBOOK.
Better yet, look up the school board members FACEBOOK entries or their WEBPAGE bios.

Captain Hate

Capn. Academics are never QUESTIONED. They are experts and either teach and require their students to bow, or they write and bow to themselves.

But that was his dumbass wife. To his credit he kind of looked down because I think he knew his spouse was wrong but there'd be hell to pay if he told her that in front of me.


Yes Capn' His wife is probably his best student. She reaps the bennies of his career too.


It would be interesting to make a list of blocs of voters who can never be turned around besides those who could be.
To the list of the former I'd add women in their 60's and 70's who firmly believe that the Republicans will make abortions--and maybe even contraception--illegal and blacks and hispanics who believe conservatives are racist .

Frau Hartnaeckig

"Who would have thought that America could destroyed so easily and by such pathetic human beings?"

Billy the Bomber and Hillary! both said the country would have to be changed from within. Most of us adults were busy working, and the vaunted free press kept quiet.


You she was crazy but correct in the 1st season, now she's just crazy and gullible this season



Clarice, going the FULL COMMIE involves demonizing anyone and anything that gets in the way of the TAKEOVER. Obama took another Alynski step today, claiming REPUBLICANS are SUSPICIOUS of FEEDING CHILDREN. Obama has 50 million people on FOOD STAMPS.........right NOW!!! Clearly OBAMA is trying to crash the economy and is attempting to create a welfare state that CANNOT EXIST.


CH-we were at my place at the beach. The one being serial entrepreneurs paid for. Did they have any interest in creating real business value in a down economy? No.

It's like when Red understands she has to work because we think it's good to learn about people and work and taxes etc. And her cousins act like no one will ever have to support themselves. Except they will.

The thing wa I knew the examples to explain the misconception easily but he is in his 50 and I decided to let it go. But having them feel sorry I was misguided was the Bridge too Far. Plus they were obnoxious about a very successful man who was talking to me about buying as an investment. He had numerous homes in such locations. They complained about NO ONE needing five homes.

I said they are hard investments and he can handle cash flow gap. As Red said you forget about who your neighbors are in real life until you see one on the front row on the Country Music Awards.


Frau....the "PRESS" is completely liberal. It will take THEIR RIGHTS being purged to get their attention, and THAT is coming too.

Danube of Thought iPad

"I agree completely with James D"

Me too.


Clarice, you need to drop that age to women in their 50s to capture my low information cousin, who told me she was voting for Obama "for social reasons."


Academics are academics because they loathe reality. It is only since WW2 that we thought Academics played some sort of major role in shaping and managing society and culture.

It is true that there were academics 18th and 19th century that played important roles, but these were mostly in the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering. in the natural sciences. Gauss or even Tesla (in his early years) come to mind. But mostly they are, like Newton, exceptions.

The modern academic is one of the most preposterous figures of the current age. One has to go back to the Scholastics to find the sort of clerisy we have now. But it is unfair to compare the, to our current frauds). One actually has to go further back, back to Classical pagan temple priests and temple schools to find such detached charlatans or a society that would sustain such creatures.

They are a sort of pallid simulation of the Acien regime minor gentry, out there dabbling in this or that, but with much greater power, of course.

As ludicrous a figure as the modern academic cuts, we will not be free of him soon. He is part and parcel of the bizarre and fake dream world and demimonde of the Left.
Without this fake world the so-called technocrat has not validity at all, not even in their own eyes.

No, we will have to put up with him for quite some time.


rse, No ONE 'NEEDS' 5 homes. Why? Why not?
Does the fact that I own 25+ guitars, diminish anyone in any way?? If I owned a LEAR JET, someone would service it and make the leather seats. The entire problem with Marxism and Class warfare, is that it is predicated on the RICH being greedy and bad.
So what? If they are greedy, how does that harm ANYONE??

Danube of Thought iPad

Quin Hillyer:

"Jennifer Rubin does a nice take-down here of the increasingly despicable Colin Powell, who smeared his former party on Meet the Press by accusing Republicans of a 'dark vein of intolerance.' Thus says the first black Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, the first black Secretary of State, the sometime mentor of the first black woman to serve as Secretary of State… all under Republican sponsorship. 

"Thus says the back-stabbing lout who deliberately let the innocent Scooter Libby twist in the wind, and then get convicted, when one word from Powell would have ended the investigation. Thus says the man who was afforded credit he didn’t deserve for conduct of a Gulf War (1991) he more or less opposed, the man who denounced his own testimony to the United Nations while blaming others for its substance, the man who claimed to be a Republican moderate but who endorsed the most radical leftist Democrat ever to serve in the presidency over a Republican moderate (John McCain) who had repeatedly befriended him and praised him throughout his career."


Bravo for Quinn--it's exactly on the mark.

TheBush's made the Powells rich and powerful.

Captain Hate

rse, I have to admit that your couple trumps mine by a large margin. It's one thing to be clueless; but to badmouth acquaintances who are the type of people who make their pampered existence possible, whether they want to admit it or not, is indeed a bridge too far.



rse's treatment was mild. I've had a famous berkeley professor go so absolutely nuts when he heard I was a Republican who didn't believe in AGW by hosts, also a professor and his wife vowed to never have him in their house again.


Capn, it's career nacissism. Univerisities are bastions of pampered overpaid "thinker".
Oh! And only one type of THOUGHT is approved.

Captain Hate

Good for Jennifer Rubin as well. I'm glad to be finally saying that. Good to know that we can all get along on a classless bum like Powell.


On another occasion as a guest of some seemingly charming people the host asked at the end of the meal what I thought of GW. I said I loved him and he jumped up from the table red faced screaming how could I be so "close minded".


Frau Hartnaeckig

Hooray for Quinn!
Will Powell ever be asked where his loyalty lay when President Bush asked his administration for information about the alleged leak in l'affaire Plame?

Captain Hate

Clarice, I didn't know you knew the trolls here in "real life". Some of them sound like they make the Bard of Pitzer seem normal.


Captain Hate. My brother had a couple occasions in which he had to "deal" with Colin Powell, in his duties State Dept Diplomatic Security. This was after Powell had stepped down. My brother said Powell as an a-hole. Unfortunately, he had already named his son Colin. No kidding.


What bums me is that I meet more and more young guys in my business who are very well paid, have a super easy and fun job, get to see the planet first hand, yet still voted for this guy. Some of them are military veterans, and the ones who live locally are owners of firearms.

What I notice is that besides not knowing history to any degree and being primarily fiction readers, when they do state their reasons for picking Obama instead of for Romney, it is that Obama cares more about ordinary people and that Romney is out of touch. It is as if instead of being repulsed by the constant blather of CNN in our hotel rooms, they drink it up.

If these guys, who have the finest opportunity on the planet to educate themselves can't and don't, then I have no real solution except to hope that things turn out so bad they are forced to see the idiocy of their choices for the country. I think they are so brainwashed or intimidated by what is supposed to be the current PC conventional wisdom, that they have almost unconsciously adopted those opinions so as not to have to deal with the effort required to truly educate themselves.

Dog walk time.

Captain Hate

Gus, just have him pronounce it "Collin".

Only when his lips are moving: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tom-blumer/2013/01/14/bill-clinton-whopper-half-all-mass-killings-us-have-occurred-assault-wea

districts with congress criters who vote against are SPECIFICALLY targetted. All federal spending in those districts should go to ZERO
Just don't see that happening. What is forgotten is that the House ultimately controls the budget, the Republicans control the House, and the Tea Party to a good extent controls the caucus. Since the Dems in the Senate do not want to go on record with any sort of budget, the country has been running on continuing resolutions for three years now.

The problem for Obama here is that if he makes it personal with Republicans in the House over this, they can easily retaliate, for example refusing to vote for anything that doesn't cut funding for White House operations, his security, etc. No travel or security for Michelle, no funding for living anywhere except for the White House and Camp David. All they need to do really is make sure that the continuing resolution contains full funding for SS, Medicare, and maybe the military. And, then let the Dems shut down the government when they refuse to vote for it.

Frau Blumenkohl macht Spass

OT - for caro. Alice Waters eats this like popcorn.

Roasted sliced cauliflower

1 head cauliflower

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 teaspoon sea salt or to taste

½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper or to taste

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Trim the leaves and the thickest part of the core from the cauliflower and wash well.

Cut crosswise across the whole head into - 206-140- -inch-thick slices. Pieces will crumble off -- don't worry. Lay the slices and bits in a single layer on a baking sheet.

Brush the cauliflower with oil and season with salt and pepper. Roast until tender and starting to brown, about 30 minutes.

Adapted from The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters

Nutrition facts per serving: 95 calories, 7 g fat, 0 g saturated fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 5 g carbohydrates, 4 g protein, 551 mg sodium, 5 g fiber


Captain. IN FACT, we doooo pronounce it thus.


Do you really think they--the Repubs--would actually do that, Bruce?

Thomas Collins

My entry in the "discussing politics with friends" subthread stems from a New Year's Eve dinner in a restaurant. My wife and I were with two other couples. The two men were discussing something animatedly, but I couldn't hear what they were saying. Suddenly they stopped and started speaking with the rest of us. I didn't think much of it. After dinner, my wife told me that the wives of the other two men kicked them under the table so that they would stop talking about gun control. Apparently the other wives were concerned I would overhear the discussion and join in. Apparently my views on climate science and public policy, which I discussed at a prior New Year's Eve gathering, gave them their fill of TC policy talk.


It took a few years after Stalin took power for the disaffection to set in. Even then, true believers lasted a while longer.

It was only when the whole thing went full police state and people started being dragged out of their homes in the middle of the night with long bread lines that the masses lost faith.

The war may have saved Stalin's ass because he then had a ready made propaganda vehicle for the next 10 years. By 1939 he had wiped out the officer class and alienated and subjugated the Politburo. The fascists were on the move globally.

It will only be when the idiocracy are really hurting until they realize it's all bee bullshit. "You don't know what you've got till it's gone".

Remember, a high percentage of Obama voters are simply morons in the middle who have been heavily propagandized.


he jumped up from the table red faced screaming how could I be so "close minded".

In these situations, I imagine that most of us are quietly polite and let these loons vent. But should we? They think they have it all figured out, yet they're not only fools but really enemies by any logical definition.

I've had friends of almost thirty years who somewhere along the line became strident leftists, think that Jon Stewart is a sage, etc. I studiously avoided any temptation to engage in political conversations with them for years, but the past few times I've met them for dinner I've dispensed with the deference and gave them a blurt or two when they went too far.

We don't see them much anymore, but, sadly, in a way I think that's best.


Gus-my mother showed me a family Bible from the 19th century that had been at least her grandmother's. Mom is the youngest at 5 year intervals that caused much mirth among the cousins. Anyway, I glanced at it and realized my mom had been misspelling her recorded name all these years. Dropping the last letter at some point early enough she was not really aware of it. Until I pointed it out.

So adding a letter is really no biggie.


Bruce, hilarious...stop it, you are killin' me.

The GOP controls the budget...too funny.
You should take that act on the road.

Captain Hate

The war may have saved Stalin's ass because he then had a ready made propaganda vehicle for the next 10 years

It worked in the short term but not so much for the long. Even though the front line troops were treated like garbage when they came home, if not put in the Gulag, even with the practice of rotating them home before they saw too much of the West, the bombed out areas of Germany were still nicer than what they were accustomed to at home. Those memories didn't go away.


Matt, take a look at what OBAMA said just TODAY. The MARXIST mf'r, is just laying it on thicker and thicker. THE BIG LIE.
It's NEVER refuted. He LIES and LIES and LIES and it's swallowed like pablum.


It's hard to tell the honest, well-meaning fools from the cynical conniving schemers in some cases.

Yes, and my earlier post in no way meant that there aren't plenty of the latter around, including our President.

There's no doubt it also includes the academics like Krugman who, similar to the AGWists, at the very least know that the case is much more dicey than they make it out to be. I'm willing to believe that some of the earnest policy wonks might be in the former group.


Jimmy, that is where the FULL COMMIE comes in. Those "well meaning" libtard fools and idiots, just move on down the track. If it's not FREE CONTRACEPTIVES and blaming the GOP for a WAR ON WOMEN, it's REPUBLICANS BEING "SUSPICIOUS" of FEEDING THE POOR CHILDREN.

Get it??


EX-I was dealing with sil and bil so I went for the correct choice I believe. That's what advil is for in the morning. But it permanently estranged relationship. Not because of differing opinions. I find that fun. But the attitude of indulging me on a matter of hard facts they were simply unaware of. And he trains future business people with no real interest of how it works.

I think one problem lawyers have is that law school is all about class rank. If someone did well and does not share your beliefs on the Left, they cannot chalk it up to not knowing better.

I usually say I know too much history to think it will work when challenged. Anyone who has seen me reading tomes by the surf has to give me that one.


Well Gus, that is just the point. An reasonable, decent adult of even average intelligence should be able to figure out that he is lying, and yet he gets away with it. What does that tell you about America?

Oh and "honest policy wonks"? There is no such thing.


Hillary to finally testify on January 23rd. Migraines and halitosis be damned!

East Bay Jay

Somewhat OT (related to POTUS gun control), I'm reading 'Bloodlands - Europe between Hitler and Stalin' at a good time. While Piers Morgan was mocking the idea of a tyrannical government focusing it's evil on its citizens I was reading about intentional famine in the Ukraine that took millions. The peasants, alas, were armed with just farm tools against the guns of the Communist party.

Over the last 100 years there's been much more too. If you only count governments that killed a million or more of their own citizens, in addition to the Soviet driven Ukraine famine you can add the Cultural Revolution in China and Pol Pot's Cambodian killing. There's also a few right around a million deaths - the Gulag and the Armenian genocide. And I haven't even mentioned the Holocaust. Morgan needs to read a book or two on the 20th century.


Squaredance. My theory of the FULL COMMIE, is that ONCE and SINCE it has become OBVIOUS to any sane individual, that our FINANCES are IN BANKRUPTCY MODE, and the MARIXSTS, tripe and quadruple down. The are not being HONEST.
I don't play NICE with lying COMMIES.


IMO we were all quiet & polite for too long. Conservatives are kinda "live & let live" by nature. I speak up now. Asking questions is a great way to make them shut up. They love to hear themselves talk, but if they don't know the answers to your questions they change the subject themselves.

What is the correct global temperature?
Who decided?
Do you support Planned Parenthood with your own money?
Have you ever voluntarily sent in more of your income to the feds? Why not? You know you can do that.
What ever happened to Cindy Sheehan?
Is Gitmo still open?


Rodham to testify, just prior to her resignation, and just after Obama's re-incarnation.


East Bay Jay -

Pat Dollard excerpts the following from Town Hall:

Here’s a little history lesson regarding gun-grabbing and the carnage that ensued: In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th century because of gun control: 56 million.


Janet!! That is all OLD NEWS. Gore is very FAT and VERY WEALTHY, and it is freeeeezing in SAN DIEGO.

Move on.

Captain Hate

Bloodlands is a great book; one of the best I've read in the last decade. narc has read it too and maybe others here.

Wait until you read about the partisan underground groups in Poland who couldn't trust anybody. Amazing stuff.

Danube of Thought iPad

There is no limit to his fundamental dishonesty. Today his line is "I have to spend this money because congress passes laws requiring it." of. Course, those laws were passed by long-past congresses who are no longer accountable to anyone. The current congress wants to change those laws, and he refuses even to discuss it.

I really hate him.


By the way, that difficulty distinguishing the "honest, well-meaning fools from the cynical conniving schemers" seems to apply across the board: gun control, Israel, energy, minimum wages, you name it. But when they clearly lie, or cherry-pick facts, or you know they are smart enough to know better, put them in the second category.

I read somewhere that once people are past a certain age, probably 40-something, it is very difficult to change the way they see things, other than something really big like 9/11. Everything gets kind of set in stone. Anyway, that's what I believe and no evidence will convince me otherwise.

Mad Jack

Janet: I agree with your approach. Ask those type questions and they soon stop making general pronouncements about "what everyone is supposed to believe without question or dissent"(at least when you are in hearing distance). Alternatively, if you act genuinely curious you can lead them down the path to their eventual public humilation. Works great at cocktail parties but tends to result in a frosty car ride home with the spouse. Worth the price more times than not.


Everything gets kind of set in stone. Anyway, that's what I believe and no evidence will convince me otherwise.



I changed my views after I was 40..most of the friends I had did not. to be sure, I was moving in that direction on a number of things and had , in fact, voted for Bush before 9/11, but 9/11 and the way the left treated Bush so unfairly got my spine up.

Melinda Romanoff


I was already "against everything establishment" at age 40, but started to see "politics" more accurately as "protection of cash flows", here in Chicago. Needless to say, I had a mild epiphany when applying it nationally. The individual's right to choose should be paramount in any economic and political discussion.


Obama's secret out regarding the debt limit:
Waste, Fraud and Abuse

The answer has always been there.

Ralph L

The Chrysler boss says the new Jeeps being built in China couldn't be built in the US
China has a hefty tax on imported cars. So much for the WTO.

Manuel Transmission

Jody gossip! Just came back from dinner next door where the Jody speech came up in the course of the evening. Turns out her first ex spent Thanksgiving at our neighbors (we were off to Denver). Apparently they were together for 15 years and had two kids together. So the second one is apparently an ex after five years. Jody is still friends with the first and they holiday together with the kids.

/gossip (definitely outside my comfort zone.)

Manuel Transmission

jimmyk, I read somewhere that once people are past a certain age, probably 40-something, it is very difficult to change the way they see things, other than something really big like 9/11. Everything gets kind of set in stone. Anyway, that's what I believe and no evidence will convince me otherwise.

Just started a class in strategic thinking. 20 some hours over six weeks. The gal teaching it is doing it as giving back through her church. She's done it for pay for several decades. So far, I'm impressed.

Do you really think they--the Repubs--would actually do that, Bruce?
If it becomes personal. If Obama cuts spending in Rep. Congressional districts and not in Dem. districts, or in districts of those who vote against him on the debt limit, then I do expect some tit-for-tat here.
The GOP controls the budget...too funny. You should take that act on the road.
First, from a Constitutional point of view, the House has to initiate all spending bills. Of course, that has recently been slid around by the Senate taking a House bill, gutting it, and then inserting what they want. Still, spending is supposed to start in the House.

Still, I probably misspoke. The House (and therefore the Republicans in the House) are legally supposed to control spending. They haven't because they have blinked, and then caved, every time the Dem controlled Senate has forced them into a last minute continuing resolution, which has effectively forced them to sustain the spending levels of the last Dem controlled House. And, I don't see this as changing as long as the Dems, along with their MSM allies and the White House Bully Pulpit helping out, can force the House Republicans to accept a continuing resolution, enshrining the spending status quo.

I just sense that there are a lot of Tea Party Republicans in the House just itching to call the Dems bluff on the budget, and all they would maybe need to stampede their caucus would be some blatant overreach by the Dems, and Obama turning the debate personal, and targeting Republican districts would be just the thing to trigger this.

So, I should have said that the Republicans in the House have the Constitutional power over the budget, but haven't been able utilize it over the last couple years due to being out maneuvered by the Dems, and esp. the White House. The question is if and when will they use this power.

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