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January 28, 2013



Seen this one,TM?

The 8-Hour Diet Cheat Sheet This at-a-glance guide shows how easy it will be to change your body—and your life!

Duration: 8 hours a day, during which you can, and should, eat whatever
and whenever you want. The genesis of this plan has been groundbreaking
research at the Salk Institute in LaJolla, California, where scientists have
discovered that the timing of when you eat may be more important than what
you eat in determining whether you’ll be slim or plump. Just pick your 8
hours—for example, breakfast at 10AM, dinner between 5PM and 6PM, and no
restrictions in-between—and start losing.

Days/week: We’re dividing up our trial groups into three categories: 7 days
a week, 5 days, and 3 days. (Check your welcome email for the group you’ve
been assigned to.) We hope you’ll do your best to stick with your program
we’ve placed you in, so we’ll know what works best. Seven-day fasters are
likely to make the most progress in the quickest time, so—you’re welcome!

Meals: As many as you want, whenever you want—as long as they fall within
your 8-hour eating time.
Foods: This plan is all about timing, not food restriction, so if you simply
stick to the eating schedule, it will work wonders around your waistline. But if
you’re eager to build on those results, we have some menu tweaks to propose.
At each meal or snack, try to include two of the eight Powerfoods below—one
Fat Buster and one Health Booster. Every day, you’ll want to be able to say, “I
ate my 8!”


Sorry about spacing


I bring up Redleiner's past up, because he made it possible in his own way, for a full assault force to show up in Little Havana, and terrorize
a six year old boy with an MP-5, in order to render him back as 'state property' to be come a good 'Young Pioneer, and Holder was behind that
exercise in tyranny,

Rick Ballard


As DoT noted, it's the rate per 100K man years. The disparity in rates between races suggests applying racial demographics to any analysis of a particular area would provide information of a higher utility than simple aggregates. That would be especially true if you happen to be black and considering a move to a predominantly black area.

I'd really like to see the splits for the urban Irish from 1850-1890 and Sicilian/Calabrese from 1905-1935. The lead head effect appears to have had a very strong impact on those groups during those periods.


Janet, that letter would never be published today.


that letter would never be published today

. . . particularly since it includes the non-PC word fallacious.


"Nine Mile Bridge"

Written by Helen Hamlin, a very close relative of mine.


This guy is not so happy about it.



Wow, boris, all roads really do lead to JOM. :)

Frau Regierungsmacht

Today on TV: Nassim Taleb distrusts the government!


boris,do you have a Maine connection?


Well, used to spend summers there as a kid.

Spent most of one summer canoeing and fishing up and down the Allagash with Helen and her husband.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--In the case of single motherhood, government actually subsidized it quite lavishly, with the readily predictable result.--

Thanks to Barry it still does and subsidizes all poverty quite lavishly as well. Never so much as to ever let anyone out of poverty of course.

Government intervention nearly always leads to perverse incentives.
It can be argued quite persuasively that government drug laws "subsidize" the criminal gangs which sell them through the market distortions which raise the price exorbitantly just as Prohibition "subsidized" Al Capone.

Workers and taxpayers are compelled to contribute to unemployment benefits which subsidize indolence. Somehow just as that 99th week approaches innumerable people seem to find a job that eluded them for nearly two years. Must be magic.

Danube of Thought iPad

Would someone refresh me as the the "contrdictions" that showed up in Sara's story? I've been assuming she just took a hike because Romney lost, and there went her will to live.


One less publicized aspect of disaster preparedness - medical care - is addressed by The Patriot Nurse. She travels around giving a 9 hr class to train anyone on "...the diseases and conditions most likely to strike in a long-term disaster scenario and in everyday life, too. ... Skills sessions will include physical assessment, taking blood pressure, post-mortem care, drug calculation, austere rehydration (when you don’t have IV fluids), and much more!"

Oh - she also did a terrific youtube exposition on Why Gun Control is BS

Rick Ballard


One day Harvey escaped, and even though he was a six foot rabbit, he was never seen again. is a completely satisfactory explanation to me.

Beasts of England

Ig@11:47 - Well said...


Mark Levin's take on morality and the law, which I agree with 100%




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