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January 16, 2013



On the fake girlfriend of the Notre Dame college kid from Hawaii...

Hmmm, fake girlfriend...Hawaiian kid... where have we heard that before?

Also worth noting that once the story breaks the media is able to immediately run checks for her SSN, her obituary, and her funeral announcements; is able to run checks on her through her college newspapers back editions, able to check out police records for auto accident reports, to search for her Birth Records in Newspapers, etc.

Amazing to see how hard our Press gumshoes can gumshoe when they actually care about gumshoeing.

Rick Ballard


Many of BOzo's slobbering followers believe his signature appears below so let it be written, so let it be done on every piece of flim flam he has signed.

As political theater goes, this show is closing in New Haven.


Bruno Mars, he seems a little schizophrenic about his girlfriends, sarc.


As political theater goes, this show is closing in New Haven.

Yes Rick, But will it play in Peoria?

Melinda Romanoff

VZ, S, and T are about to get in a bunch of trouble, FYI.

Plan accordingly.

Melinda Romanoff

And don't plan for this in your garage, ever.


Fascism is back in fashion among the eliterati.

That's a word I just made up, mashing together "elite" and "literati". I could just say "over educated east coast snobs without any life experience who want to govern all of us according to progressive dictates", but I decided to try to be less geographically specific. After all, the President isn't from the east coast.

Danube of Thought iPad

KK's authority is the victim's brother. Very persuasive. But of course the VaTech rampage involved not a single "military-style assault weapon."

I myself have no problem with background checks at retail outlets, which is where madmen get their weapons (when they don't steal them, or kill for them). I do object to interposing them between private buyers and sellers, whose transactions are at free market value and have not put weapons into the hands of murderers.

Altogether today's events were a delightful raising of the white flag of surrender by these simpletons. No wonder this one was. Given to the clown Biden.

Danube of Thought iPad

*this one was given*

Danube of Thought iPad

May I be forgiven here for suggesting that Downton Abbey is a bit...overdrawn?


Was it Matthew, a WWI vet, not being able to find the courage to open the letter that seemed a bit over the top, DOT? Or the events at the church?
It's a soap. And a communal experience. Even my twenty something sons and their friends watch it.
Enjoy the scenery, enjoy the beautiful clothing, the cars, the flowers---whatever you like--and suspend belief.

You can do what we do, and predict the next line of dialogue for fun.

ed in texas

Quibble points from a gun nut...
The Ruger tactical pictured doesn't have a folding stock. It has an adjustable for length stock (you squeeze the tab on the bottom of the stock and it slides on the tube). If you want to see modified tactical 'tricked out' Ruger Mini-14's (the generic type), look up the old 'A-Team' show, ala George Peppard & Mr T. They have folders on theirs.
The AR-15 / M-16 family of rifles aren't capable of mounting a folding stock, just a slider, due to the way the bolt and buffer system is set up in the rifle.
Kalashnikovs can mount any or no stock and still function.
The point that attracts the BATF in these cases isn't actually the stock as long as it's rigid -it's the pistol grip.
Just some odd info from a builder.


ed -

Because we all know that a pistol grip turns a sporting rifle into one of those vewwy, vewwy, scaewwy so-called "assault rifles", right ?
Thanks for the other info, too !


What is the difference between an Executive Order & an Executive Action? Those 23 points were called an Executive Action.


Your 10:43 post is great, daddy. Sketchy, bs narratives catch up with only some people.

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