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January 06, 2013



Sounds just like what I am gradually doing with the Christmas decorations.

I am having a hard time with the tree though. We had it up for 6 weeks now. That is probably a new record.

Captain Hate

Jim Jordan is destroying the smarmy Chris Van Hollen on FNS. Why does Maryland keep sending this lying piece of garbage to litter the Senate. He's claiming the JEF has put in place 1.5 trillion in "cuts" while Jordan is pointing out that not one dime in real cuts has occurred.


Van Hollen jist: Don't mess with the talking points we were fed.

Captain Hate

I see that Jane and narc have already weighed in on this lowlife.

Captain Hate

Van Hollen on gun control: It may not solve everything BUT WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!!111!

Well done, Maryland. Idiots.

Melinda Romanoff on Kindle

He reminds me of Durbin, with a dash of Rahm.

Captain Hate

Ted Cruz says NFW to Chuck Hagel.


But he has all the proper credentials, Swarthmore (like Dukakis) Harvard MPA (in national security studies) and GeorgeTown Law,
so his words have import or something,

Jane - Mock the Media!

George will just called Robert Reich hostile to arithmetic.

Love it.


Did anyone watch Meet the Press? Our new Senator was a guest.I was busy cleaning the bathrooms. : )

Captain Hate

Brit Hume and Kristol are destroying Hagel.


I hope the GOP is already working on their talking points for when the WH nominates the really outrageous candidates for the SC. By then, the administration and the media (but I repeat myself) narrative will be "look, we are reasonable adults here - we conceded to the GOP and agreed to pull Susan Rice and Hagel, but clearly they just are more interested in partisan politics and grid lock than doing what is right for the country. It's time for them to back down and consent to Gordon Liu " (or worse) blah blah blah.

It's a slow-motion rope-a-dope. Get ready.

Jane - Mock the Media!

He's on now Marlene - on the panel.


Hey he had only been arrested for three times, and high on meth, but gun laws would have stopped him, sarc



*Goodwin Liu* (oops)

Cecil Turner

A bit of good news in yesterday's Times, highlighting the upcoming sentencing of John Kiriakou for actually divulging covert intelligence identities as part of a politically-motivated leak (Ex-Officer Is First From C.I.A. to Face Prison for a Leak) :

On Jan. 25, Mr. Kiriakou is scheduled to be sentenced to 30 months in prison as part of a plea deal in which he admitted violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act by e-mailing the name of a covert C.I.A. officer to a freelance reporter, who did not publish it.
One might recall he was a bit player in the Plame case (called by the defense but not testifying), and deeply disingenuous about it. Seems a bit ironic, now.

Equally amusing is the Times's attempt to make a hero of this guy, since of course he's a left-leaning leaker with a pure heart. (H/T: Drudge.)


Well it's Scott Shane, and he was the prime recipient of Kirikaou's leaks, his boss Grenier,
is an even bigger weasel, who helped backstab
Libby, he was the one in the Seth Jones review,
who couldn't decide where to target AQ


Ah, Truthout, that was the publication that Robert Scheer created because the LA Times wasn't far out enough, it often features the work of serial fantasist Jason Leopold, and like with Crooks and Liars, it's self descriptive'


It was a Leopold piece, so how does that square with the mention of Zubeydah in the Aug 6, 2001 PDB, by that time, we knew from Woodward, that the Iraqi operations manager was Saul, one of my paisans btw,

Danube of Thought iPad

Wasn't Leopold the guy who gave us "24 business hours?"

Cecil Turner

serial fantasist Jason Leopold

Are you kidding? This is the guy who coined "24 business hours" . . . surely that contribution more than compensates for any petty concerns about accuracy.

Seriously, that link was provided to remind folks that he was involved . . . not to pretend anything therein was factual. I presume anyone who might follow it from here would immediately spot most of the obvious reality challenges (both from Kiriakou's "testimony" and Leopold's general derangement).


Shameless really. Could you honestly say you'd keep writing and being published if you'd pulled that 24 business hours stunt?


From the self serving Scott Shane piece, another one of the cognoscenti, miss the point;

“To me, the irony of this whole thing is, very simply, that he’s going to be the only C.I.A. officer to go to jail over torture,” even though he publicly denounced torture, Mr. Riedel said. “It’s deeply ironic under the Democratic president who ended torture.”

Danube of Thought iPad

"It’s deeply ironic under the Democratic president who ended torture.”

If by torture he means waterboarding, that would be President Bush, who is a Republican.

And isn't it deeply ironic that the only guy who went to jail over the Plame leak had nothing to do with the leak?


This fellow Riedel, in collaboration with that known Pashtun expert, 'Maulana Joe' Biden, drew up our Afghan policy,

Danube of Thought iPad

President Bush's Executive Order of Jult 20, 2007, which put and to (among other things) waterboarding is at the LUN.


And as Thiessen pointed out in 'Courting Disaster' that was an ill considered decision;



Much like that banker that fooled Glen Carle;



Isn't it interesting that Wilson's college bud and frequent dinner guest, Marc Grossman was present at that June 10th meeting, a month before Armitage leaked Plames name to Novak?


So, Kirikaou was the note taker at that meeting,
he wouldn't have reason to misrepresent it, would he,

Captain Hate

the Democratic president who ended torture.

Every time he speaks it's torture


Like Vogon poetry,



take a bow, Hillary, no seriously;



There you go, give them a chance to pull a Bali;



You're really not helping here,



Very nice to have a Clarice's pieces to read this Sunday, although I did not get around to it until the late afternoon.


Lets highlight the past three months of republican accomplishment

1.) Mr. 47% received 47% of the popular vote
2.) Lost popular vote in house elections by over a million votes.
3.) Plan to hold US Economy hostage to very unpopular cuts. (which they refuse to specify)
4.) Weren't able to even pass republican pass on fiscal cliff, let alone articulate any republican solution. (Boehner plan)
5.) Refused to ratify symbolic UN treaty on people with disabilities due to Wing-Nut fraction of party
6.) Support Gun-men in elementary schools (NRA solution)
7.) Going ape-shit crazy over Hagel nomination (former republican senator, top foreign policy) --- this is being driven by the geniuses that gave us the Iraq war.
8.) Allowed violence against women act to expire because of wing-nut fraction of party
9.) Wing-nuts who received previous hurricane aide delayed, then voted against hurricane aide for the northeast.

Your party is a joke and in complete disarray. Not able to manage a McDonalds. And its because you guys live in a bubble and refuse to let FACTS into your lives.

Prepare to become a regional party. You've lost popular vote in 5/6 elections. And in the house elections this year.

After the brilliant govt. shutdown plan on 2013, prepare to be vanished to the dustbin. And its all because you morons refuse to rein in the crazies while at the same time excommunicating moderates. (Crist, Christie, Hagel, etc.).


Thomas Collins

See LUN (via Instapundit) for another progress report by CHACO on the results after 9 weeks of his 13 week lifestyle adjustment experiment. CHACO also brings attention to a friend making a commitment to a lifestyle regime of change for the better.


Oh yea -- I forgot -- opposing means to contain medicare costs (IPAB), while continuously complaining about deficit, without specifying any cuts whatsoever.

When you guys are ready to come to reality let me know, I can help get you there!

Right after getting shocked by the election because you guys live in a reality-denying bubble ---- you went right back to your bubble. GOOD JOB!.


Pleased to have the ChaCo update. Cheering him on from a distance.


Why I am not surprised,


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