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January 01, 2013



Democrats love their liars. When they find someone who can lie and get away with it, it turns them on. Clinton had them on their knees. If Hillary gets away with this, she'll have their nomination sewed up. They love this stuff!

Why? Because they know their leaders have to lie about their motives, and that only good liars can advance their lefty goals. They instinctively know this, and they reward their successful liars. They love them.


Nothing like being on the mend. Best wishes, Sue!

Manuel Transmission

Damn, daddy, we wuz on the mainland this afternoon. Cudda bought ya a beer somewhere.

BTW, any chance of you being in Oahu in the next 8 wks or so? We haven't started negociating with (A)B yet on exactly when, but another JOM group meet would be great.

Jane - Mock the Media!

LOL CC - I think what happened is I replied to all, and Daddy never got your original email. Then again, we all do look alike.


Rob Crawford

Suddenly top heavy? Like you think the plastic surgeon was working right by the railing? LOL


So what's the probability of dying in a school shooting as compared to the probability of dying when your car hits a deer? Because if you grab all the guns in Illinois the deer population WILL explode. Not to mention all of those cute bambis that will starve to death when they totally overrun any food supply.

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