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February 05, 2013



It's always amusing when media types jump out in front labeling something as racist or sexist or whatever, only to find themselves hung out to dry as the public (including the alleged victims) have a good laugh.

General rule: The more funny or clever something is, the more it can get away with. Examples: Blazing Saddles, Cage aux Folles. (I remember an early reviewer of CaF blasting it for being "homophobic." Problem was, the gays loved it. Oops.)

Larry David, despite being a lefty himself, is very clever about poking fun at this sort of thing.


JimmyK-- you must see this in the young people you interact with--any "racial" or "ethnic" speech or thought of any kind is branded by the young as"racist"-- no matter the context or purpose (except for rappers using the word we are all prohibited from uttering.) This has been one of the triumphs of the education establishment brainwashers RSE opines about. tragic.

Cecil Turner

I liked it too . . . but I don't see how it's going to sell many Volkswagens.

Thomas Collins

My vote for best:

1. Farmer.

2. M&Ms (I know it was hokey, but I think hokey humor is just fine).

3. GoDaddy beauty and the geek beast lip synching (for reasons I articulated in a prior thread).

Worst ad was Doritos cross dressing. Although I must say Doritos wins the award for making a cross dressing ad thoroughly boring.


I really liked the Farmer ad, but it doesn't erase the fact that Dodge is now Obamamotors.

hit and run

Best ad by far was Announcer-B-Gone. It was subtle, but it happened shortly after the start of the second half.


While I would have traded places with the nerd in the GoDaddy/Bar Rafaeli ad in a heartbeat (and used up 60+ takes, too! LOL), I have to admit it was uncomfortable watching this with my 9YO son in the room.

My favorite was the Bud Clydesdale colt commercial.

Jim Eagle

You can walk like an Egyptian but if you're going to talk like a Jamaican then first start with the letter A.

Jim Eagle

I just wish instead of Paul Harvey's "Farmer" some one like Sheldon Adelson or Donald Trump would have paid for "If I Was The Devil" and shown it during the 1st half.


Sticky bun come soon.

It was funny, but it is difficult to say why someone driving in an economy car built in Mexico with rear windows that do not roll down would become so happy after a short drive.


The thing that didn't work with the farmer ad was any connection to the product. If you blinked at the wrong moment (the end) you wouldn't even know what the ad is for. And of course there's the irony of this image of the tough, self-reliant farmer clashing with a guvmo vehicle. But I did always enjoy those Paul Harvey "Rest of the Story" bits, and didn't find him a blowhard, but can't say I had that much exposure to him.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--And of course there's the irony of this image of the tough, self-reliant farmer clashing with a guvmo vehicle.--

Considering most farmers, outside beef cattle ranchers, are govfa's courtesy of our wonderful perennial farm bills (and even beef cattle ranchers have access to cheap, government guaranteed farm credit) I'm not sure the irony is all that great.



The apogee of football season is upon us.


I'd say that's just additional irony, iggy. Or unintended comedy.


Andrea Tantaros has had a "glow" for about a week now.

I think she is preggers.


Do we really have to write "off topic" anymore?



Thomas Collins

If the apogee of the football season is upon us, lyle, I'd say the perigree (Thanksgiving Day games) is only nine months away.

I realize that other NFL astronomers may have a different view of Planet NFL's orbit, and may view the perigree as occurring at a different time.

I'd say the perigree is not the playoffs or Super Bowl, but that more heat emanates from Planet NFL at that time (subject to quick freezing cold spells such as the Doritos ad).

Thomas Collins

For me, TK, it's never off topic. The issues involving Obama's birth certificate (far more interesting than his birth in Hawaii), social security and draft status, who wrote his books (not unusual at all for someone to write a pol's books, but still an air of mystery surrounds Obama's books), Obama's marketing himself at one point as having been born in Kenya, parentage, funding of his education and other aspects of the man would make a great detective story. I just don't think (as you know we must agreeably disagree on this) any of it has anything to do with his qualifications to be POTUS. But I still enjoy your posts on these matters.


If we don't have to say "off topic," this seems like good news:


I couldn't parse some of the legal language, but if it translates to "NY Times gets its head handed to itself," it's got to be good.


TK, OT should mean on topic.


For months, I thought "OT" referred to "Old Timer", and that (s)he must really be expertly informed and interested in zillions of disparate subjects.


OT -
I finished painting my living room today. So 2 rooms done. I went with a light green like schools used to use. With that green & some of my father-in-laws furniture, I've got a whole 'granny's house' vibe going.
The rest of the house is cottagey...but that front room is really old lookin' now. I need some Vicks scented candles....


Eh, that's a Fiat Hemi.

Slam in Iggy.

Lamborghini has a new tractor that can plow mountainsides.

Thomas Collins

Looks as if Kaepernick's 2013-2014 NFL season is about to begin. See LUN.

I guess Kaepernick didn't get the memo that in today's Post-Modern Therapy State, everybody gets a gold star. Kaepernick is taking the approach that his team lost, and he needs to work harder. What a novel approach!


OT but I was just reading how Panetta traveled back and forth from DC to his farm every weekend, at a cost of $32,000 per trip

my God, how they love their trough

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Eh, That's an Audi tractor...er, a Volkswagen tractor...er, a Porsche tractor. It's some kraut tractor, anyway. :)


Janet, I answered some of your abortion medical questions on the other thread.


I see on Drudge (there is no story link) that Fox News did not renew its contract with Dick Morris.

Like that news.



Andrew Kaczynski ‏@BuzzFeedAndrew

You can not make this up, the CNN show Dick Morris will appear on tomorrow is…..@PiersMorgan.


For my nightly Ace of Spades link:

Guess That Celebrity Seducer!

I met a celebrity through my volunteer work, and we have flirted ever since we met. I’m young, unattached, and enjoy the occasional one night stand. This man has made it clear he wants to wine and dine me and then take me back to his place, and I’d take him up on the offer—I’m wildly attracted to his intensity and his passion for this cause—except for his tumultuous past. You can’t believe everything you read, but he has a pretty dodgy reputation, and his outbursts have sent him to jail before.... it’s also difficult to ignore how poorly he’s treated women in the past.

But I can manage to ignore it for a night, apparently.



I can't find it, anonamom. Which thread?


How ambitious, one percent of the total ANWR;



Sorry 1/10th of one percent, of available lands, yah, Morgan and Morris, that's like Iran and Iraq, right?


How's that line go, looking like an idiot, priceless



They go rabid and it works, even get perspective Senate candidates, like Mike Castle to go along with Impeachment motions;



So Rauf is Arabic for Bialystok?


Frau Auf der Alm da gibts koa Suend'

The Puch Haflinger was already climbing the mountains long ago but not as a Taktor, er, tractor.

Frau Verleumdung

Were you there when they crucified John Yoo?

Kathleen O’Leary, Presiding Judge of the 4th District Court of Appeal reinstated the Appeal Taitz v Obama et al filed by the candidate for the U.S. Senate Attorney Orly Taitz

Appeal at hand involves Senator Diane Feinstein and Barack Obama as a candidate for the U.S. Presidency.

The case at hand was filed in July 2012. It involves evidence of one and a half million invalid voter registrations in the state of California. Additionally appeal involves lack of legitimacy of Barack Obama to the U.S. Presidency due to his of forged IDs, stolen CT Social Security number, last name not legally his and fraudulent claim to be the U.S. citizen. Evidence in the case involves a certified copy of the passport records of Obama’s mother, S. Ann Dunham, which shows her son’s legal last name to be Soebarkah, not Obama, it involves Obama’s school records from Indonesia showing his citizenship to be Indonesian, sworn affidavits of top law enforcement experts and investigators showing Obama’s birth certificate and Selective service certificate to be forged and Social Security number used by Barack Obama in his 2009 tax returns and posted on WhiteHouse.gov to be fraudulently used and failing both E-Verify and SSNVS.


Free State Paul

I think VW paid off some "critics" to complain about its "racist" ad in order to gin up some pre-game publicity.

Captain Hate

Andrea Tantaros has had a "glow" for about a week now.

I really like listening to her more than Laura Ingraham (whom some of the stations have gone back to and others have gone with Andrea). She really pounded Rove yesterday, almost as well as Bruce and Levin did. Btw, did Rush lay into him today?


Federal Court Rules that Failure to Castrate Bank Robber is Cruel and Unusual Punishment

yep....you read that right.


This story bothers me too - High School Football Coach Suspended For Saying Michelle Obama Has ‘Fat Butt,’ Gays ‘Abomination Against God’

Long ago, I would have thought this teacher was inappropriate...but after 8 years of Bush bashing, sitting at a back-to-school night & having a teacher show us a poster of Bush compared to monkeys, having Obama come to our local high school & campaign (not just give a speech, but actually campaign & bash Republicans), having gay rights organizations give presentations at the school at assemblies...I don't see why a teacher can't voice an opposing opinion.

Melinda Romanoff


I would bet that only the inside lid, held to the face, of a Vick's Vap-o-Rub jar has the right potency to clear the air over some small glass trays at your house.

But then again, I might have smoked and knowed this stuff, myself.

Melinda Romanoff

Twitter feed saying dogs are getting worked up in anticipation for a California based quake.


What is Go Daddy's business model, I thought they had stuck to those risque commercials the last few years.


Mel, what???

Melinda Romanoff


Tsunami warning for the Solomons. Twitter feed just making notice of dogs acting unusually in So. Cal., use your windows as an indicator or call friends who have dogs or cats and ask if they're acting up a lot.


We're talking 6,000 miles away, and not in a straight line either,


Wonderful Sultan Knish today - Springtime for Islam

"The film Groundhog Day showed us a man who was doomed to repeat the same day over and over again until he learned to use his time to become a better person. Islam has been stuck in its own form of that cycle, repeating the same few decades over and over again, moving from religious ecstasy to holy war, seeking redemption through religious tyranny and Jihad, and finding that there was no escaping the internal decay and instability in the veins of the religion."

The whole post is really good.


It has begun-- the OPM has run out, budget cuts start in 3 weeks, no immigration, no 30 round magazine legislation no nothing until the Senate passes a budget-- so Barry is going hat in hand with pissant "temporary" spending/tax suggestions. Good for Toomey and Cantor telling him F$&*K that-- where's the full budget-- where are the spending cuts? this is reality, and good politics for the repubs/conservative-- Oh and the debt ceiling comes into play soon again to add to the grief of the spenders -- the coup de gras unfortunately doesn't come until the debt bomb goes off and the markets crash-- but that's just part of the process of educating the muddle-- From Lefty reuters--http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/05/us-usa-fiscal-obama-idUSBRE9140RV20130205

Jim Eagle

Don't know about GoDaddy's business model but they provide hosting for my website and everytime I have an issue I get prompt, courteous and knowledgeable tech support. I had bought 4 domain tags and some other enhancements that I never needed and when I said I didn't need all that they refunded my money, no questions asked.

Their webiste builder templates are not that easy to use and it is hard to transition from my iWeb build to a new GoDaddy template. But they are always there trying to help you work through the problem at no extra cost. As far as I am concerned they are top notch on the customer service front.


Good to know JiB,

Manuel Transmission

I thought the best commercial wrt actually selling the company's product was the MB ad with Willam Dafoe brilliantly playing the devil. There's been no buzz, but it perfectly set up a story line that led to the 'hero' buying a MB.

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