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February 08, 2013


It was ordained.  Mebbe just duty.

I like my previous tag.

Jim Eagle

I see this war taking a nasty turn by the Obama administration including looking into tax exmept status, Pedophalia and child pornography investigations, etc. I don't think Doland Chaput and Tim Dolan understand what a thuggish administration this is and it will try like hell to destroy the Church and its leaders in the most heinious ways.


I agree with you, however this fight can bring more harm to Obama and the dems than they realize. I believe it cost him many votes in 2012. Dems that support this law will lose in 2014 because his continuing to go after the Catholic Church instead of fixing this isn't going to sit well with most catholics.It's a loser stategy. Sibelius as a catholic should know better. Maybe Barry is the stubborn one, insisting on keeping the law in place.

She chose to sell her soul, though.

Sebelius, as the daughter of an Ohio Democrat, should know better.


I also feel that the pedophalia investigations have been resolved over time. Tax exempt arguments could come back and bite them in the a-- if Planned Parenthood still gets a pass. No, going down that road will further dinminish dem chances. Kind of like this fruitless attempt to take our guns.
Obama's new agenda is a joke. He's not going to get what he wants. Immigration will be resolved in spite of him. he won't get tax increases. He's a lame duck already, one month in.

Rob Crawford

I think the campaign to force everyone to pay for abortions is as dangerous as the push for gun control. Both are flash-points, both are tampering with some of our essential rights.


The Bishops are doing the only they can do. The Obamaniacs--- they wind up backing down to the religious Catholics and other Christians, b/c JEF's approval is dropping because of payroll taxes coming back, and will worsen when the debt bomb recession hits, and of course Obamacare itself will be disliked even more as working class Obama supporters lose insurance, or worse have hours cut. You know Obama's polls are dropping b/c he's already back to 'focusing on jobs.' What a useless F%&+ he is.


The problem is that cafeteria Catholics are cafeteria Catholics. They believe what they want to believe and ignore the rest.

The Dems can provide birth control, condone late term abortion, same sex marriage, and female priests and these nominal Catholics will follow along like lambs to the slaughter all the while proclaiming their theological purity.

The repeated scandals are basically re-hashes of the same scandals over and over. Some more documents get released and the Left bashes the Church and so it goes.

There is a War on Faith in this country that is accelerating.

Cecil Turner (on mini-pad)

You don't have to believe in any particular tenet of the Catholic faith in order to support the right of those who do to practice.

This is a loser (both politically and as a court case).


Love Chaput. He might be Pope one day.

Rob Crawford
You don't have to believe in any particular tenet of the Catholic faith in order to support the right of those who do to practice.


Neither do you need to expect the church hierarchy to be angels.


Agree. This shouldn't be a Catholic issue or even a religious issue. It's a First Amendment issue, damn it.


It's a First Amendment issue, damn it.

Or Second Amendment. ;-)

[JK! - John Kerry]

Doc Tiller the late baby killer.

Sebellius as a the recipient of late term abortion campaign cash should know better.


maryrose, I hope you are right but not sure that Zero is dropping in popularity polls now.


rse, if you are in the neighborhood:

Michael Barber’s Oxfam 2006 Curriculum for Global Citizenship made unsubstantiated assertions as to essential values and attitudes: Sense of identity and self-esteem, Empathy and sense of common humanity, Commitment to social justice and equity, Value and respect for diversity, Commitment to sustainable environment, and Belief that people can make a difference.

rse, do you have any pointers that explain they arrive at those?

And do they document how they propose to convince others instructionally, other than by indoctrination?

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Peggy Noonan nails Steve Kroft to the wall excellently. Unfortunately she does it without any sense of irony after her own shameful, embarrassing Barryphile columns of the past.


A poll worker caught voting twice in Cincinnati. Proudly voted twice for Obama. Was in charge of registering new voters at the polls. Total of 19 double voters under investigation -- tip of the iceberg. Can we have our Voter ID yet?

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--maryrose, I hope you are right but not sure that Zero is dropping in popularity polls now.

Posted by: peter | February 08, 2013 at 01:12 PM--

Quinnipiac says he is and is almost back to his July 2012 lows.

Rob Crawford

henry -- read further in the story and you see that her niece did the same thing, PLUS she got complaints from the other poll worker.

But she'll fight the charges, "for Obama's right to be President".


Rob, I suspect the entire neighborhood did the same thing.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Can we have our Voter ID yet?--

Of course not.
Dem voters may be smart enough to vote twice but how could they ever hope to pass a drivers test or apply for an ID card?
Come on!


Hi sbw. Just have come on site.

Remember this is now a student centered group oriented classroom devoted to Fostering a Community of Learners. FCL by the way came out of yet another Soviet trip during Cold War. Courtney Cazden screwed up and mentioned she and others had gone on the trip and one of the others was the FCL creator. I have all that now. I have put the 2001 Secondary School doc in the LUN.

Also I have responded to people this morning with several more links to the extent of this Global Citizenship push in US. I also now have Pearson's docs on what they are really assessing and what the supposed support is for it. Busy morning.

Because the affective orientation etc is hidden in the poorly understood definitions of Student Achievement or Student Growth and because most parents will not complain as long as grades are fine this is hard to see unless kid complains. Or like me you are tracking through names and theories and locating expressed intentions.

Remember Barber is also the one along with Phillips who wanted to force the behavior on the teachers instead of winning hearts and minds and let the change in practices change beliefs. I have seen comprable assertions for kids. Have them engage enough in the practices and they will come to believe.

Most of my UK readers were unaware of this. I knew about it but not how graphic it was. Now it has been called to my attention that in Scotland this was called the Curriculum of Excellence.


sbw-it sounds silly to say it always tracks back to the UN but it does. Even without looking.

I had to explain something about the assault on private schools in India and mentioned the accreditation link. There was the statement about "should equip all people, women and men, to be fully participating members of their communities and also citizens of the world." They mean it. Floor and ceiling.


One final thing it is grounded in something called social cognitive theory. Remember my quote from Anthony Giddens that CAGW does not have to be true because it's a useful theory to get desired changes? Same is true in spades with ed theories because everyone passes through these institutions during their most sensitive years. Nothing to stop the social engineering except making enough people aware.


rse, thank you for all of your edifying work. You remind me of Stanley Kurtz in your doggedness and willingness to find the dots to connect.


The Catholics in my parish, in an uber-blue city, they are lectured to from the pulpit regularly about this, but they still go out an vote Democrat. There was, refreshingly, some really honest and forthright messages coming out of hierarchy sent right now to the parish level in the run up to last Nov. I almost thought i was in a time warp to hear such sentiments in a Church. I do not believe it made any difference at all in terms of votes. Sadly, there is a large portion of Catholics that are almost always going to vote Democrat, and there is a substantial minority progressives in the Church. I would say that a substantial plurality of the American Clergy are within these groups, perhaps even a majority. The old Catholic Reagan Democrats are mostly gone now.

They will only be moved by a most strident and pointed campaign from the Church, and the Church will have to move mountains to accomplish this.

The Catholic Church, at least in America, is much diminished as a moral force.

Obama and Co., of course will go after the Church, that is why they are doing this in the first place. It is intentionally built in to almost everything they do. Its role in taking down communism cannot be exaggerated. They must destroy it. Remember that they are no less ambitious than Lenin or Mao.

All of the decent institutions of this nation and our civilization are under the most ferocious attack by the Left, and it is steered by America's own government. The Constitution, the institutions of government, military, the courts, the schools, business, and especially Christian institutions.

The only 2 real difference between what is going on in America and the Bolshevik and Maoist revolutions is that now rate of speed is slower and the violence is less. These differences are merely a matter of momentary necessity.

Wait until they get control of the house and the SCOTUS. Wait until the dollar tanks. You ain't seen nothing yet.

Of course they will try to destroy the church, or what is left of it. They cannot do otherwise.


sbw-and now I have Ehrlich. That's what I went off to check and the links just kept coming up and with Spencer F funding that gets ldh too as she is on their board.

And I have a 30 page paper for carpool line.

Kim-you should be ecstatic. This is a big deal.


The Catholic Church has survived much worse than Obama. Believe me we will still be here long after he is gone from the WH.
As to voter fraud, we have to beat them big time in order to stop the fraud from costing us the win. I feel badly about losing Florida by 79,000 votes. Somehow we must get our conservatives out. This latest accounting by conservatives on Rove is a good thing. We have to get back to the basics. Liberty and freedom and conservative principles. Gay marriage though a strong motivator in the past , just doesn't work anymore.

Rob Crawford

Well, this just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy:

A man who was hoping to start a civil war in the United States with a terrorist attack in the Bay Area was arrested early Friday after trying to detonate what he thought was a car bomb at a Bank of America branch in Oakland, federal prosecutors said.




What is amazing is that said putative terrorist though that blowing up a minor BofA branch (on Hegenberger, for goodness sake!) would do anything at all. For those who don't know Oakland, Hegenberger Rd. runs to the airport, and is an industrial area, other than a few cheesy airport hotels.

Rob Crawford

DrJ -- what he thought would cause something is making the claim of responsibility in the name of a right-wing group.

The left would buy it.

Hell, they're probably already raising funds for his lawyer and screaming about "COINTELPRO!!!!"



I don't think that busted terrorist has an IQ that exceeds his shoe size. Sure the Bay Area folks would buy it, but the story would have no legs.

Rob Crawford

He doesn't have to be stupid -- the press just would have to sell it.

And how wonderful a diversion from LA would it have been for them?


rse, I do appreciate your spadework and I'm glad you have a chance to add it to the threads.

I am putting together four essays:
- NY Reform putting students last
- Not teaching what matters
- Ahistorical Common Core 2nd grade sample text
- Out of context Common Core readings grades 6-12

Your background helps..


The problem is that if Obama does back down (and this whole thing is a pretty bizarre windmill-tilt for them) everyone needs to understand that the Church is 100% in favor of every other vicious, evil (though mostly unintended) consequence of the rest of Obamacare.

They truly believe that it is just terrible that poor people who can't afford expensive treatments must ask for charity and/or go bankrupt to pay for the treatments. So they are overjoyed that insurance companies will be forced to give out their premium money to people who didn't pay the premiums. They will then rail impotently against the "evil insurance companies" for simply disappearing as people figure out that paying premiums is for chumps. Because an insurance company is merely a corporate container for managing the premium payer's money, and once the premiums dry up the companies disappear too.

So the scapegoat dissolves like so much smoke. And now there's no way to pay for future innovation, so the drug companies and device companies "redeploy". The tiny fraction of survivors moves into baldness and impotence cures, where they can get paid.

The bishops are squealing about the contraception mandate, but the next mandate is going to be that ALL drugs must all be provided "free" with no co-pay for the cheap generics OR the expensive in-patents. The bishops will all think that this is wonderful! What that will mean is that instead of people who do just as well on the generics using them because the co-pay is lower, they will all switch to the expensive stuff, because: a) it's FREE! and b) everyone thinks that they are "special" and deserve the "special" drugs. If the no-pre-existing-condition hasn't already bankrupted the insurance companies, this will finish them off. Which means that there will be no money to pay for the in-patents (for the people who really do need them.) Which means that the drug companies will have no way to pay for research. Which means that we will have the current state of technology forever.

If you have or get a disease which is treated/cured by technology that exists now, you'll get that technology for cheap, since it was already paid for by previous generations of drug/device buyers who paid the in-patent price.

If in 10 years you (or a bishop) get a disease that would have been cured by research done in the next 5 years, well, you are screwed. But the bishop will sigh sadly, and tell you that getting an incurable disease is an "act of God." So we'll get bad health-care policy advice AND bad theology from those bishops -- God, of course, knows which diseases would have been cured if health insurance still existed.

So, anyway, don't hitch your wagon to the bishops' health care train. They very firmly believe that health care is a right that people have and anyone who questions that is evil. They take no responsibility at all for the inevitable result that when all health care is "free" there will be no health care.

Jim Eagle


Could not disagree with you than I can.

It is a pretty simple objection. Don't tread on me or my rights. Period. You can make all kind of peripheral issues out of it but it is still pretty basic to me - a practicing and resolved Catholic - leave me alone.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Nothing more to said than cathy just did, IMO.


I was a bit surprised at the latest "concession" by the Obama Administration. It doesn't look much different from the second one last fall: these religiously affiliated, etc. groups could have policies that didn't cover contraception and abortion, but their insurance companies would have to offer their policy holders free coverage in the form of another policy or something. This, of course, ignored the reality that nothing is free in life, and that the only way that the insurance companies could afford to do this would be to increase the basic policy costs to the insured companies, which means, of course, that they end up paying for the coverage, just not directly, just through fairly blatant slight of hand. It wasn't palatable last fall, and isn't any better now.


Cathyf--you are 100% correct, as usual. It seems to me that the Obama administration's insistence on forcing religious institutions to pay the rather trivial sums required to fund contraception is based on pure ideology---"If we let 'religion' get in the way of what we are trying to accomplish we will not accomplish the total reorganization of society that is the only way to save us." Hence the unwillingness to simply co-opt the church with a "waiver."


maryrose, It is not a question of the survival of the Church at large under Obama and his co-coreligionists in the EU. It is a question of whether or not it can be a force for traditional values, and a bulwark against this onslaught of collectivist tyranny, immorality and destruction in the West.

I would not be so sanguine about the survival of the Church's moral authority in the West were i you. If you have been to Europe in the last 25 year and are a Catholic, or any sort of Christian for that matter, one of the most striking sights to observe in the paltry level of attendance on days of worship almost across all of Western Europe.

60 years of Prog assaults has severely weaken traditional spiritual life in Europe and has in particular damaged the Catholic Church in Europe. This is difficult for many American to comprehend, but it is nonetheless true.

The future for the Church appears to lie outside of the West. This is frightening for the simple reason that the very essence of our Civilization is Christianity. We cannot hope to restore our civilization without restoring our Faith and core beliefs. The bizarre and barren "secular heresies" of Marxism and the attendant Scientism--both of which surely must be seen as a bastard children of Western Christianity--cannot possibly sustain our civilization. When they fail, as they surely must, they may leave nothing but destruction and ruin behind. There is no guarantee that we can then restore what was lost.

So it is true that Obama can do great harm to the church in America and thus do great harm to America itself.

Yes, it is certainly true that the Church itself will survive Obama, and could even survive the end of America. As an American, this should give you little comfort.

The risk of destroying it as a meaningful moral force in America is quite real.


cathy-I agree as well.

sbw-You know it is more than that but those essays strike me as a good way to get people to start to recognize something bad is going on.

Because I get it and have documented it both broad and deep we can always collaborate on just what level you think your audience is ready to hear.

What I linked to you above actually describes a great deal of the how as well. If you remember the XO on Positive School Climate you will see that there is a mandate to be a community. Dissenters not allowed once a consensus is reached. I will also tell you if you were to delve very deep the meaning of anything, as I believe Rick's grandchild learned on a museum trip, is to be negotiated by consensus.


I read through the Josephine Tey book on Richard 111, and it is striking how the template it describes is not unlike what Machiavelli did around that time, with Shakespeare having followed what Sir Thomas More portrayed, and the recollections of John Morton, among others,

Mad Jack



More was a child at the time of Richard's accession, Morton, was a retainer of the Tudors, and he and Stillington shaped the narrative,

Mad Jack

Yikes. If I actually want to comment nothing goes through. I guess that's a hint but I'm just the guy not to take it!


Hey, Jack--I hope that you have the hatches well battened down! Looks like the Cape is ground zero.

A putsch.  Perhaps @ the Gates of Moscow.

My usual state, rse, but thanks, this seems big. I can't keep up with climate let alone you, but the interlockings are complex and fundamental.


Yes, that looks like a pretty severe blizzard up there,

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Matt 16:18
And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.


Ted Nugent On Obama: Gangsters In The White House; Communist Obama Most Anti-American President




the theory on which they are basing the classrooms and the assessments, when you track through all the definitions and docs rarely seen that I have, is a psych prof who has been joining hands with Ehrlich for decades in his hyping. To the point of being on numerous thank you pages.

And it's not a theory of teaching. It is undeniably a political theory of well known ancestry that gets to classroom by claiming to be pedagogy.

It's the How Ehrlich said he had when he spoke of MAHB.

Keepin' mum, too.

Heh, cf, I particularly like 'God, of course, knows which diseases would have been cured if health insurance still existed.'

Mad Jack

Yeah. Wind and snow in howling mode. Given that Bolivia has a more consistant power grid I expect to be in the dark very soon. As you might of guessed I've insured that I won't die of thirst.

Thomas Collins

Re the cathyf/JiB exchange: My view is the there are too many religious authorities, including Roman Catholic priests and nuns, who bring prog values into their pronouncements on the Almighty. However, in a constitutional republic, one often is aligned with a group on a particular issue, even though one may be against the position of that group on another issue. Roman Catholics are in the forefront of the current resistance to the progs' ongoing attempts to crush buffers between the individual and the all-powerful state. I hope on this issue they receive the enthusiastic support of any of the God fearing and any raving atheist who understands the necessity of resistance to the destruction of these buffers. If a Roman Catholic or the adherent of any other religion brings the liberation theology nonsense into play on an issue, it is appropriate to vigorously point out their naivete on how things work in the City of Man.

As to the flock, I have found most Roman Catholics with whom I grew up refreshingly immune to liberation theology hustle.

The spirit of Gore visits Russia, then the Northeast US.

I'll take Zhukov or Kutosov.

Well, someone spoke of the British sneaking the tea secret from the Chinee.

Did you ever get around to childhood's end?

I left this somewhere this week.

The face of Evil
Grins at utopic progress.
Darjeeling tea leaves.


MAHB, the whole thing reeks of insufferable arrogance,


A man who was hoping to start a civil war in the United States with a terrorist attack in the Bay Area was arrested early Friday after trying to detonate what he thought was a car bomb at a Bank of America branch in Oakland, federal prosecutors said.

LOL - In Oakland CA? Go figure.

Jane - snowed in

Heh MadJack - according to Dark Sky 9:16 is going to be the moment of truth around here. I too am shocked that I still have power. (knocking on wood)

Mad Jack

Hi Jane: Did you catch Devalue's press conference yesterday? My bride and I were watching it on the news last night and it was comic gold. The interpreter for the deaf was going nuts and Andrea Cabral was behind Devalue working a black Lady of Spain fan like it was 200 degrees in the room. I mentioned to my wife that all that was missing was juggler. Little did I realize that everyone in state was watching in amazement. Much commented upon at the courthouse today with the universal comment being WTF was that! The party of stupid needs to save that footage for future use against mini-me

Mad Jack

"a juggler"

Rick Ballard


If you keep pulling on the thread I believe you'll find "consensus" to be derived from the successful abuse of statistics in economics to be foundational in the UN attempt to create the SkyDragon "consensus" in climate ""science"".

The Commie Core nonsense is a drive for accepting rule by a gaggle of credentialed morons working strictly from models with a 95% confidence level and no error bars - the Fed on steroids.

Thomas Collins

Mad Jack and Jane, is this anything other than an old fashioned New England blizzard in your areas? There's nothing special going on in Needham. Just typical blizzard wind and snow. It's no doubt worse for those who have lost power.

Mad Jack

FYI: Andrea Cabral weighs in at about 300+ and is two feet taller than Devalue. Great TV.

Jane on Ipad

Bummer MadJack, I missed it. I never watch local news. He is such a tool!

Mad Jack

Nothing epic so far TC. Very windy but it's going to have to snow a hell of a lot more to meet the hype. I'll be very happy to have this be a dud as I have yet to get 18 holes in for Feb!

Thomas Collins

See LUN for Twitchy's collection of comments on the Fan Lady.

Thomas Collins

A few pics of Fan Lady at LUN.

Mad Jack

Thanks for the link. Very funny stuff, TC.

Dave (in MA)

I didn't even notice Cabral at first. I was focused on the spastic sign language lady trying to make Mini-Me's words more dramatic.

Thomas Collins

I hope you get in your February round, Mad Jack. Is one of the LUNed pics of winter golfers you?

Mad Jack

DAve: I think she locked the real sign language lady in a closet and pulled a "Naked Gun" umpire move. Leslie Neilson inspired!

(A) nuther Bub

Roman Catholics are in the forefront of the current resistance to the progs' ongoing attempts to crush buffers between the individual and the all-powerful state.

If only. Catholics voted overwhelmingly to re-elect Obama.

Thanks, cathyf, for your insightful post. Couldn't have been said better or more accurately.

Kudos to you too, squaredance. I think we may be related.

Thomas Collins

I hope that sign language lady is used whenever Ed Markey campaigns. It's tough to listen to Markey without a distraction.

Mad Jack

No southpaws other than Mickelson so the photographer must have missed me ;-)

Jane on Ipad

The wind is pretty intense here TC. You can't escape it. No visibility at all.

Mad Jack

Correction TC. It's impossible to listen to Markey under any circumstances.

Jane on Ipad

Markey is in the running for the dumbest man in DC. This state is so stupid.

Dave (in MA)

Markey's a savant compared to Sheila "Flag on Mars" Jackson Lee and Hank "Guam" Johnson.


rse, we have to keep repeating that whenever they say consensus they mean "four legs good; two legs bad.“

And four legs is good, not because they can explain why, but only because they are the ones who deem themselves privileged to decide.


Tried to send you an email but I may have a wrong adress

Thomas Collins

Dave (in MA), I'll console myself with your thought at 9:49 PM as I contemplate senior Senator Warren and junior Senator Markey.



Try info at sonatabio dot com. Thanks, and an early welcome to the NorCal JOM list!

Thomas Collins

Have Rocco or DGS checked in with a weather report?

Mad Jack

My multi-paragraph screeds on the actual topic keep getting eaten by Typepad so I'll stick with the weather. Suffice it say they are not complimentary to my church's history of no opposition to prog initiatives and the solons who support those initatives.

Melinda Romanoff on Kindle


Great links, tonight. Those are tools I can use.

Dave (in MA)

TC, yikes.


((.... My view is the there are too many religious authorities, including Roman Catholic priests and nuns, who bring prog values into their pronouncements on the Almighty.))

the good news of these times for Christians is that we think more of God being the source of all good and that He removes evil, (on condtion of faith), as opposed to causes it. The bad news is that there are now two totally opposite notions of what "good" is.

Melinda Romanoff on Kindle

Sorry, had to clean up my LUN.

If anyone uses non-mainstream insurance, please ask your agent for their financial statements. You need to look for "Other" in the asset base and ask about derivative exposure nowadays. TBTF found a new victim pool.


Sweet Mother of Gawd. What about GWEN "Hit the road Scott Walker" MOORE.

Dumb, thy name is Gwen.

Melinda Romanoff on Kindle

Oh, I thought that was trademarked for Gwen Ifill.

My bad.


Obama and the current group of Democrats haven't experienced a game of "chicken" with the Catolic Church. The Church leadership have virtually no room to negotiate .. they have to go all the way. To yield means they might as well close up.
Just as Obama has no plan to deal with the sequester, he had no plan except his standard bullying tactics to deal with the Catholics. His perception from the "Catholics" around him is that they will bend when pushed.
Reality is that Obama is giving the Catholic Church leadership a chance to score big. If this goes to the SCOTUS, Obama will not only lose, but he will leave behind a precedent that will stop those behind him. It's never good for your legacy to be on the wrong side of a major precedent.


Oh dear, Gwen Ifill is indeed a earful, Mel, Gwen Moore is damaged goods. Fo Shizzel.


Btw. I know His Excellency Timothy M Dolan.


Melinda Romanoff on Kindle


Been burning some Crusaders and early Chicago.

I also found the most expensive cd ever, $360 for just 1 disc. Awesome band, though. Sousafunk!


do the bishops need permission from higher up in the hierarchy to go ahead with something like this, or can they act on their own as they see fit?


Mel, when I went to Wrigley in April. (You remember, you gave me Chicago dog advice). The METRO THEATER on CLARK ST was a KODAK MOMENT. It's SIGN is a CHEAP TRICK ALBUM COVER!!!



AND, early Chicago rocks. Before Terry died.

Melinda Romanoff on Kindle



One of their first shows outside of Rockford would have been there. No question. And it wouldnhave put them in front of the trio at JAM Productions, for the first time. FYI, JAM is the mash up of the three founders first names.

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